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The first five BTD6 Boss Bloons, as represented in the Boss Challenge icon

Boss Bloons are bloons exclusive to Boss Battle events. All boss bloons are MOAB-class and have variable number of hits depending on their level. Their level rises depending on the number of times the player has defeated them during a specific event during a specific period of time. Each boss bloon appears in a distinct track, each with variable amounts of land, water, unplaceable land, and variable path length.

In BMC Bosses change in weekly rotation over the course of entire month, Starting from: Dreadbloon -> Bloonarius -> Vortex -> Blastapopoulos.

In an update in May 2016, it is possible to play Boss Battles in BTD5 Mobile in a similar style to what is done in Bloons Monkey City. They appear first on beginner maps, and after being defeated a certain number of times will move to intermediate maps. Whether they move to advanced or expert maps and whether it follows a cycle or is random is not yet known.

The addition of Boss Bloons to BTD6 was teased on 22 July 2021, in this tweet. Later, Boss Bloons have been released in Bloons TD 6, starting with Bloonarius. The second Boss Bloon to be released in BTD6 was teased on 28 September 2021 here. Its name was later revealed to be Gravelord Lych[1]. Subsequent Boss Bloons have made new introductions and returning appearances.

List of Boss Bloons[]

For a list of Boss Minions, see Boss Minions#List of Boss Minions.
BMC, BMC Mobile, BTD5 Mobile
BSM2 Mobile
Bloons Pop!


In general, Boss Bloons can only be encountered when available on Boss Bloon Events.

BMC (Encountering)[]

Starting from the time when Blastapopolous debuted, Boss Bloons swap by a week-by-week basis and are always available on all 7 days of a week on every Wednesday 8:00pm NZST. This also applies to BMC Mobile, where all Bosses debuted together.

BTD5 Mobile (Encountering)[]

Bosses will appear randomly and can be located on any tracks randomly (tracks that are on Beginner and Intermediate). You have 4 hours left to defeat the bosses and claim your rewards before the current boss leaves. After the current boss is defeated, the next one is currently in hiding on the track select screen and you need to come back to the game every 4 hours to face them.

BTD6 (Encountering)[]

In standard gameplay, Bosses can only be encountered on Boss Bloon Events. The boss fought each week usually rotates from week to week in the following order: Bloonarius, Lych, Vortex, Dreadbloon and Phayze; a newly introduced boss will typically appear for four consecutive weeks after its introduction. Boss Bloon Events usually begin on Saturdays at 8:00pm NZST, and run until 3:00pm NZST the following Thursday. They can also appear on Contested Territory in the "Boss" ruleset, but only up to Normal Tier 1 to 2. They can also be played via the "Boss Challenge" menu.

Bloons Pop! (Encountering)[]

Only available on events that enable Boss Bloons, which runs for 7 days at max. They are accessed on the Adventure game mode, accessable on the Social menu. Reaching the Boss requires previous levels to be beaten.


BTD5 generation games[]

Vortex releasing shockwave

Vortex releasing shockwave after a "skull" is activated

All boss bloons are MOAB-class and increase in health depending on the level being played. Each boss has a different starting health, increase in health, speed, and physical properties, but they all have these in common:

  • They are immune to slowing or stunning by normal towers, except Absolute Zero on BMC Mobile.
  • They all move incredibly slowly similar to ZOMG (With exception of Vortex).
  • They have three phases represented by "skulls" which makes its boss activate its amplified ability. Effect in question varies for each boss. Each phase activates everytime Boss Bloon loses 25% of its health.
  • They are vulnerable to Boss Abilities, which include Boss Chill, which is only way to slow & stun, Boss Bane; only way to stall Boss Blast and Boss Weaken. However, they cost BloonstoneIcon30 each and have long cooldown before they can be used again.
  • Like ZOMG they are immune to many "Instakill" abilities (such as Monkey Pirates, First Strike Capability), but they cannot be stalled or stunned (Absolute & Ground Zero, Sabotage, Pop & Awe, Super Wide Funnel) aswell, and are resistant to MOAB Assassin Ability doing only 375 damage (1/2 it does to ZOMG).
  • They all have to be defeated within one hour of summoning them with the Bloon Beacon, which otherwise would make them return to full health and come into hiding again.
  • If they leak, the player will lose. Fortunately, the player may decide to fight against the boss again with its decreased health, but it costs City Cash to re-fight. Subsequent attempts can be calucuated by this formula: 100 * level * (attempts-1) ^ 2.


Boss Bloons in Bloons TD 6 move much slower than most bloons and possess enormous amounts of health. Because they are both considered MOAB-class bloons and Boss Bloons, Boss Bloons are vulnerable to both extra blimp damage and extra boss damage. Boss Bloons also possess multiple health stages; triggering their "skull health" will cause them to invoke an extreme retaliation that directly threatens the monkey defense, usually by sending deadly waves of bloons. Certain bosses may have different properties and gimmicks that change its overall offense and defense, but they all do share common features with each other.

BTD6 Boss Bloons have the following features in common:

Boss Bloons can be affected by speed modifiers, including standard game modifiers (Easy, Medium, Hard), and MOAB-Class speed and Boss speed modifiers. Additionally, Boss Bloons can have their health modified by both a combination of MOAB-Class health and Boss health modifiers.

Bloons Pop![]

In Bloons Pop!, Boss Bloons are simply blimps that are stronger than MOAB. They always consume the bottom of the screen and prevents projectiles from escaping from the bottom. All of them pack immense amounts of health.

Boss Battle gameplay[]

Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile[]

In the first release in Flash, Boss Bloons may appear only on certain weeks. Since November 2015, when all Boss Bloons were released, each Boss Bloon was available to beat for a week every week. In Mobile, when it was released a lot later, Boss Bloons always were available every week.

During the first time the boss is available, the boss, which always starts off at Level 1, can be played for free with no Bloon Beacon required. After defeating the Level 1 Boss Bloon, the Boss Bloon will come into hiding until it is summoned by the Bloon Beacon. Once summoned, the Boss Bloon will appear for one hour before it comes back into hiding, unless it is beaten within that time in which it will be defeated and you'd be rewarded some City Cash and Bloonstones (always City CashLevel*150 and BloonstoneIcon5). The Boss Bloon subsequently becomes one level stronger every time it gets beaten, unless Boss Bloon week has expired since it will go back to Level 1 after the next Boss Bloon appears.

BTD5 Mobile[]

Boss events may appear on any random day for the player to have a chance to defeat a Boss Bloon in one go.

The game starts with $2000 by default on Round 25 with apopalypse mode style rounds. Rounds don't stop until the Boss Bloon is defeated or the game is lost.

If you lose, either due to running out of lives from the normal bloons or the boss leaking, the boss restarts with full health. There is no Monkey Money cost for retrying.


Main article: Boss Bloon Event (BTD6)
Fighting phayze t1

Fighting off Tier 1 Phayze in the Boss ruleset

Rounds start from Rounds 1 to Rounds 140 max. Every 20 rounds starting from Round 40 summons the specified Boss Bloon, up to Round 120, and the Boss improves in strength every tier. The starting round can begin as soon as Round 1 to as late as Round 39.

They can also appear on Boss tiles of Contested Territory with the same gameplay, in the Boss ruleset, but only normal ones and includes only Bloonarius, Lych, and Vortex. On Boss tiles, the player must defeat the first or the first two tiers of boss with available monkeys. Rounds normally begin on Round 5 or less, and end once the final tier of Boss is beaten.

Bloons Pop![]

Upon reaching the final level on Adventure (Level 16 for BFB, Level 12 for ZOMG), the player encounters a giant MOAB-class bloon at the bottom of the screen. There is a health bar indicating the rough percentage of health left. The Boss must be defeated with a limited number of shots in order to win the level, which is done by dealing enough damage to it to reduce its health bar to zero. The level is completed once the boss becomes defeated, causing it to leave the scene severely injured.


Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile[]

Defeating any boss at a specific level will give the following rewards below. It resets after every Boss Battle week is over. These rewards only apply to Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile. Rewards of City Cash and Bloonstones are given every single time the boss is beaten, being equal to (150xlevel) City Cash and BloonstoneIcon5, however, beating the boss a certain number of times rewards the following:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 4 Round 6 Round 9 Round 12 Round 16 Round 20
City Cash500 City Cash500 City Cash1000 City Cash1000 City Cash1000 City Cash3000 City Cash5000 City Cash10000
HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1 Supply Crate2 BloonstoneIcon5 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal4 Monkey Boosts3 BloonstoneIcon10 BloonstoneIcon10 BloonstoneIcon10
- Red Hot Spikes2 Monkey Boosts1 - Red Hot Spikes3 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6 Supply Crate3 Monkey Boosts5
- - - - HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6 HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal8 Red Hot Spikes5
- - - - - - HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal2 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal15
- - - - - - - HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal5

BTD5 Mobile[]

The rewards vary depending on event. Monkey Money, Special Agents, or Tokens are rewarded for defeating the boss. Unlike Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, the boss must be defeated in one single attempt; otherwise the boss fight has to be restarted and the boss will return to full health.

Below are some of the potential rewards for beating the boss:

  • Monkey Dollar 75
  • One Monkey Farmer
  • One Tribal Turtle
  • Token 2


Main article: Boss Bloon Event (BTD6)

Rewards are given for beating Boss Bloons depending on the type of event. During an active event, beating Bosses at each successive tier give increasingly higher rewards upon beating each new tier. In Contested Territory, the reward is based on the tile involved.

Typical rewards are the following:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
BloonjaminsIcon50 BloonjaminsIcon50 BloonjaminsIcon75
1 MOAB Mine
1 Banana Farmer
1 T2 Insta-Monkey
1 Tech Bot
1 T3 Insta-Monkey
35 CE Currency (if active)
Respective boss's badge
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
BloonjaminsIcon100 BloonjaminsIcon100 BloonjaminsIcon150
1 Cash Drop
1 Super Monkey Storm
1 T3 Insta-Monkey
1 Monkey Boost
1 T4 Insta-Monkey
70 CE Currency (if active)
Respective boss's elite badge

Bloons Pop![]

The reward for beating the boss depends from event to event. This typically includes Monkey Money, Bloontonium, and Powers.


Main article: Boss Bloon/Strategies


When a Boss Bloon is defeated in BTD5/BMC:


BMC Mobile[]

BTD5 Mobile[]


Refer to these pages for each boss:

Collections of multiple bosses in general are listed here.

Bloons Pop![]

Refer to these pages for each boss:


  • In Bloons TD 5 Generation games, all bosses have more-or-less the same death animation. Such animation involves the boss making grumbling pain remarks, self-destruction of the boss with a series of explosions, and the other bloons being stunned and popped (disappearing on mobile).
  • Bloonarius in BTD5 generation games with 10% speed of red bloon is second-slowest bloon in Bloons TD franchise before the release of the Bloons TD 6 Generation, and the slowest bloon in the BTD5 Generation. Bloonarius in BTD6, however, reigns the slowest possible, at 5% the speed of a Red at slowest.
  • The BTD5 Pre-Round Comment for Round 70 states that Bloons in general cannot speak. However, the Boss Bloons absolutely can speak, as evident by their death quotes in BMC.
  • If a hero destroys a Boss Bloon with one of their hits, they will say their domination quote as if the Boss Bloon was any other MOAB-class bloon.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 8th July 2022 blog, Ninja Kiwi expresses interest to bring back all BMC Bosses.
  • The MOAB HP and MOAB Speed stat modifiers actually affect Boss Bloons too, considering that all Boss Bloons are considered MOAB-class bloons.