Boss Bloons are bloons exclusive to Boss Battle events. All boss bloons are MOAB-class and have variable number of hits depending on their level. Their level rises depending on the number of times the player has defeated them during a specific event during a specific period of time. Each boss bloon appears in a distinct track, each with variable amounts of land, water, unplaceable land, and variable path length.

In an update in May 2016, it is possible to play Boss Battles in BTD5 Mobile in a similar style to what is done in Bloons Monkey City. They appear first on beginner maps, and after being defeated a certain number of times will move to intermediate maps. Whether they move to advanced or expert maps and whether it follows a cycle or is random is not yet known.


Vortex releasing shockwave

Vortex releasing shockwave after a "skull" is activated

All boss bloons are MOAB-class and increase in health depending on the level being played. Each boss has a different starting health, increase in health, speed, and physical properties, but they all have these in common:

  • They are immune to slowing or stunning by normal towers, excepting Absolute Zero on BMC Mobile.
  • They all move very slowly.
  • They have three "skulls", which make the given boss activate its strengthened ability. For Bloonarius, it will release a bloon ranging from Lead to ZOMG. If Vortex degrades partially, it will unleash a pulse of energy that stuns all towers around it. After every time Dreadbloon degrades, it will shield itself with yellow rocks. During each degrade of Blastapopoulos it will throw more fireballs, increasing in effectiveness depending on the number of "skulls". Each "skull" is activated when the boss reaches 3/4 health, 1/2 health and 1/4 health.
  • They are vulnerable to Boss Abilities, which include Boss Chill, Boss Bane, Boss Blast and Boss Weaken. However, they cost BloonstoneIcon30.
  • Some Anti-MOAB abilities are not as effective or is ineffective against any boss bloon. This includes Monkey Pirates and Super Wide Funnel not being effective, Ground Zero doing only 350 damage, First Strike Capability only partially reducing the boss's health, Pop and Awe and Sabotage Supply Lines not having any disability effect, etc.
    • However, Absolute Zero and Pop and Awe effects do work in the Mobile version, with Pop and Awe stunning Boss Bloons for about half a second.
  • They all have more-or-less the same death animation. Such animation involves the boss making grumbling pain remarks, self-destruction of the boss with a series of explosions, and the other bloons being stunned and popped (disappearing on mobile).
  • They all have to be defeated within one hour of summoning them with the Bloon Beacon, which otherwise would make them return to full health and come into hiding again.
  • If they leak, the player will lose. Fortunately, the player may decide to fight against the boss again with its decreased health, but it costs City Cash to re-fight. The second attempt for any level costs $ 100 \times \text{level number} $ dollars, and every one after is $ 4 \times $ the price of the previous (so at level 1, $100, then $400, then $1600, etc.). Thus the cost in City Cash for any attempt can be calculated using $ 4^{\text{attempt number} - 1} \times 100 \times \text{level number} $.

Boss Battle gameplayEdit

Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City MobileEdit

In the first release in Flash, Boss Bloons may appear only on certain weeks. Since November 2015, when all Boss Bloons were released, each Boss Bloon was available to beat for a week every week. In Mobile, when it was released a lot later, Boss Bloons always were available every week.

During the first time the boss is available, the boss, which always starts off at Level 1, can be played for free with no Bloon Beacon required. After defeating the Level 1 Boss Bloon, the Boss Bloon will come into hiding until it is summoned by the Bloon Beacon. Once summoned, the Boss Bloon will appear for one hour before it comes back into hiding, unless it is beaten within that time in which it will be defeated and you'd be rewarded some City Cash and Bloonstones (always City cashLevel*100 and BloonstoneIcon5). The Boss Bloon subsequently becomes one level stronger every time it gets beaten, unless Boss Bloon week has expired since it will go back to Level 1 after the next Boss Bloon appears.

BTD5 MobileEdit

Boss events may appear on any random day for the player to have a chance to defeat a Boss Bloon in one go.

The game starts with $2000 by default on Round 25. Rounds don't stop until the Boss Bloon is defeated or the game is lost.

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Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City MobileEdit

Defeating any boss at a specific level will give the following rewards below. It resets after every Boss Battle week is over. These rewards only apply to Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile. Rewards of City Cash and Bloonstones are given every single time the boss is beaten, being equal to (100x + 150) City Cash and BloonstoneIcon5, however, beating the boss a certain number of times rewards the following:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 4 Round 6 Round 9 Round 12 Round 16 Round 20
City cash500 City cash500 City cash1000 City cash1000 City cash1000 City cash3000 City cash5000 City cash10000
HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1 Supply crate icon2 BloonstoneIcon5 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal4 Monkey boost icon3 BloonstoneIcon10 BloonstoneIcon10 BloonstoneIcon10
- Red hot spikes icon2 Monkey boost icon1 - Red hot spikes icon3 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6 Supply crate icon3 Monkey boost icon5
- - - - HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6 HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal8 Red hot spikes icon5
- - - - - - HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal2 HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal15
- - - - - - - HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal5

BTD5 MobileEdit

The rewards vary depending on event. Monkey Money, Special Agents, or Tokens are rewarded for defeating the boss. Unlike Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, the boss must be defeated in one single attempt; otherwise the boss fight has to be restarted and the boss will return to full health.

Below are some of the potential rewards for beating the boss:

  • Monkey Dollar 75
  • One Monkey Farmer
  • One Tribal Turtle
  • Token 2

Bloonarius the InflatorEdit


This is a boss blimp introduced in Bloons Monkey City. It only appears in certain events. It is the slowest bloon in existence, with a relative speed of 0.1. Its health changes depending on the level of the boss - from 2,000 at level 1 to hundreds of thousands at level 25. When its health reaches 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4, it will spawn a random bloon - this ranges from lead to ZOMG. The higher the stage, the stronger bloon it will summon every degrade. When it passes the exit, IF it passes the exit, the player will get an instant game over. However, the player may decide to attack again with City Cash, in which case the boss will have the same health as when it leaked the last time. If it goes back into hiding, however, when the player fights it next, it will have full health.

This boss has been available to fight on BTD5 Mobile since May 2016. The initial boss map is Monkey Lane.

Vortex: Deadly Master of AirEdit


It is the second boss bloon introduced in Bloons Monkey City. It appears in an event similarly to Bloonarius. It moves slightly faster than a ZOMG, at a relative speed of 0.2. The boss fight is similar to the Bloonarius battle and both have levels. However, Vortex does not summon bloons each time it gets degraded. Instead, it leaves a trail of smoke that stuns towers for a short time. The higher its level, the more health it has. It has less health at a given level than Bloonarius does. Vortex also has a special ability to stun all the nearby towers. Like Bloonarius, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit. On BMC Mobile, Vortex will periodically emit bursts of energy, slowing the attack rate of nearby towers.

Just like Bloonarius, Vortex can be fought on BTD5 Mobile, being available to fight since May 2016. The initial boss map is Skull Peak.

Dreadbloon: Armored BehemothEdit


It is the third boss blimp to be added in Bloons Monkey City. Like the other bosses, it appears in a limited time event and get stronger as it levels up. It moves at a relative speed of 0.15. The main difference between it and its predecessors is that it has properties of a lead Bloon, meaning it cannot be damaged by sharp objects, and shields itself with yellow rocks. It is weaker than both Bloonarius and Vortex. Dreadbloon looks a little bit like a ZOMG in terms of bodily color patterns; it has a nearly-black body with yellow parts in it. Like Bloonarius and Vortex, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit.

Dreadbloon can be fought on BTD5 Mobile since May 2016. The initial boss map is Lobby.

Blastapopoulos: Demon of the CoreEdit


Originally named as Blastopopoulos, it is the fourth boss blimp to be added in Bloons Monkey City. Just as with all of the other bosses, it appears in a limited time event and get stronger as it levels up. It moves at a relative speed of 0.18, which is as fast as a ZOMG. Though it is vulnerable to most anti-MOAB towers and upgrades, this boss has the ability to throw a fireball at the most expensive (determined by total cost, including placement and upgrades) tower on screen which stuns the targetted tower. Later on they can permanantly stun towers and/or shoot more fireballs. Blastapopoulos appears to have a red ZOMG blimp base plus added hot-red eyes, extra fins, and some lava around it. Just as with all other bosses, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit.

Blastapopoulos can be fought on BTD5 Mobile since May 2016. The initial boss map is Park Path.


The table below lists all of their healths up to level 25 for comparison of how much damage needs to be dealt to kill them. Dreadbloon appears much weaker than the others because it does not include the shield layer. On YouTube, some videos show these boss bloons at level 26+, but it isn't shown because we are not sure what is the statistics of levels higher than level 25.

Level Bloonarius Vortex Dreadbloon Blastapopoulos
1 2000 900 100 2000
2 4000 1800 200 4000
3 6000 2700 400 6000
4 8000 3600 800 8000
5 10000 4500 1600 10000
6 14000 6300 3200 14000
7 18000 8100 4500 18000
8 22000 9900 5500 22000
9 28000 12600 7000 28000
10 36000 16200 9000 36000
11 48000 21600 12000 48000
12 64000 28800 16000 64000
13 84000 37800 21000 84000
14 108000 48600 27000 108000
15 136000 61200 34000 136000
16 170000 76500 42500 170000
17 210000 94500 52500 210000
18 256000 115200 64000 256000
19 308000 138600 77000 308000
20 366000 164700 91500 366000
21 432000 194400 108000 432000
22 506000 227700 126500 506000
23 588000 264600 147000 588000
24 678000 305100 169500 678000
25 776000 349200 194000 776000

The table below lists their health multiplied by their relative speed up to level 25 for comparison of how fast damage needs to be dealt to kill them.

Level Bloonarius (0.1) Vortex (0.2) Dreadbloon (0.15) Blastapopoulos (0.25)
1 200 180 15 500
2 400 360 30 1000
3 600 540 60 1500
4 800 720 120 2000
5 1000 900 240 2500
6 1400 1260 480 3500
7 1800 1620 675 4500
8 2200 1980 825 5500
9 2800 2520 1050 7000
10 3600 3240 1350 9000
11 4800 4320 1800 12000
12 6400 5760 2400 16000
13 8400 7560 3150 21000
14 10800 9720 4050 27000
15 13600 12240 5100 34000
16 17000 15300 6375 42500
17 21000 18900 7875 52500
18 25600 23040 9600 64000
19 30800 27720 11550 77000
20 36600 32940 13725 91500
21 43200 38880 16200 108000
22 50600 45540 18975 126500
23 58800 59200 22050 147000
24 67800 61020 25425 169500
25 77600 69840 29100 194000

Differences between BMC Flash and BMC MobileEdit

Boss Bloons are available in BMC Flash when it comes to Flash versions of the BTD5 generation games. But Boss Bloons are also available in BMC Mobile and BTD5 Mobile.


Buff Absolute Zero can now slow Boss Bloons

Buff Stun and Awe ability can now stun Boss Bloons briefly.




Buff Vortex is now larger, allowing more hit area.






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BTD5 MobileEdit

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