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Got it on the first try!
~ Boomerang Monkey's quote

Boomerang Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Instead of an individual boomerang, the Boomerang Monkey shoots two boomerangs every time the Boomerang Monkey bounces against anything. It can throw up to 5 times before disappearing. Boomerangs have a very high pierce (approximately 30 per boomerang) and pop up to 1 layer each but cannot pop Leads or invisible Camo Bloons. Boomerang Monkey is unlocked at Level 2.


Boomerang Monkey is an effective option in basin-like bloon formations. Every time the monkey collides with a bloon, it will shoot twin boomerangs below. It packs with incredible pierce but boomerangs will not bounce. Utilize these to dig into bloons, especially in situations where bouncing projectiles are not viable.

Merging two Boomerang Monkeys forms a Mega Boomerang Monkey. Mega Boomerang Monkey is much more powerful compared to two separate Boomerang Monkeys, especially effective against very densely clumped bloons and can inflict massive widespread damage. Using a Mega Boomer consumes only one move when using a Mega Boomer when compared to using two separate Boomers.


  • Try using a Boomerang Monkey to dig into a few spaced bloons. Every time it bounces it will summon two boomerangs downwards, so try taking this into account when using the Boomerang Monkey.


When Boomerang Monkey throws boomerangs:


  • Boomerang Monkey's quote is the same as one of two BTD6 Striker Jones' domination quotes when a MOAB-class bloon is destroyed.