For the Bloons Games bloon, see Boomerang Bloon.
Throws a boomerang in an arc back round to the monkey. Each boomerang can pop 3 bloons.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 5 Description
Hurls a boomerang that follows a curved path. Good range and pierce.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 6 description

Boomerang Monkey is a tower that made its debut in BTD2. It is called Boomerang in BTD2 and BTD3, and the Boomerang Thrower in BTD4, BTD5, BTD Battles, and Bloons Monkey City, including the mobile and steam versions. In BTD6, it was renamed as the Boomerang Monkey, consistent with most other monkey-based towers. The Boomerang Monkey fires a boomerang that moves in a circle in front of the tower before returning. It throws a boomerang every 1.33 seconds and can pop up to 4 bloons before returning (2 in BTD2 and BTD3, 3 in BTD4 and BTD5). It also made an appearance in the Bloons series.

Bloons seriesEdit

In Bloons (and all subsequent games) the Dart Monkey will turn into Boomerang Monkey if it pops a Boomerang Bloon.

The Boomerang Monkey and the boomerang in the Bloons series stay roughly the same, with some slight tweaks in each game. In Bloons, the Boomerang Thrower is just a Dart Monkey with a large boomerang. In Bloons 2, the Monkey gets its iconic yellow outfit, and the size of the Boomerang is reduced, but it also moves faster. In Bloons 2 Spring Fling, the boomerang has flowers on it, and in Bloons 2 Christmas Pack the boomerang is either painted like a candy cane or is a candy cane.

Bloons TD 2 and Bloons TD 3Edit

BTD2 Easy BTD2 Medium BTD2 Hard BTD3 Easy BTD3 Medium BTD3 Hard iOS Easy iOS Medium iOS Hard
Tower Cost 475 535 545 440 525 555 395 465 485
Multi Target 270 305 310 230 275 290 230 270 285
Glaive Thrower N/A N/A N/A 240 285 300 180 210 220
Sonic Boom 135 155 155 130 155 160 130 150 160
Thermite N/A N/A N/A 100 120 130 100 120 125
Total Sell Amount 704 796 808 912 1088 1148 828 972 1020
Total Cost 880 995 1010 1140 1360 1435 1035 1215 1275
Boomerang Thrower 2

The icon in Bloons TD 2.

Bloons TD 4Edit

Throws a boomerang that follows a curved path back to the tower. Can pop multiple bloons at once.

Hotkey: R

Cost: 340/400/430


Multi TargetEdit

Cost: 215/250/270

Boomerangs will hit up to 7 bloons at once.

Sonic BoomEdit

Cost: 85/100/110

Sonic boomerangs smash through frozen bloons.

Glaive ThrowerEdit

Cost: 240/280/300

Glaives slice through up to 12 bloons at once!

Lightsaber ThrowerEdit

Cost: 1575/1850/2000

Lightsaber slices through everything and anything - up to 70 bloons at once! (Also pops lead bloons)

(Total Selling Price: 1996/2304/2488)

(Total Cost: 2495/2880/3110)

Bloons TD 5Edit

Boomerang Thrower

Unlocked at: Rank 4

Cost: $325 (Easy), $380 (Medium), $410 (Hard)

Path 1Edit


Path 1 upgrades for BTD5

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Boomerangs can now pop 7 bloons each.

$210 $250 $270 $300
Glaive Thrower

Throws glaives instead of boomerangs - they're sharper and faster (can pop 12 bloons each).

$240 $280 $300 $335
Glaive Ricochet

The glaives from this tower will automatically bounce from bloon to bloon as long as there is one close by.

$1,190 $1,400 $1,510 $1,680
Glaive Lord

Creates two permanent glaives that orbit round the tower, shredding almost anything that touches them. Glaive Lord can attack Camo Bloons.

$7,650 $9,000 $9,720 $10,800
Total Sell Amount $7,776 $9,144 $9,872 $10,972 ($11,212 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $9,615 $11,310 $12,210 $13,175 ($13,475 with path 2 upgrades)

Path 2Edit


Path 2 upgrades for BTD5

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Sonic Boom

Sonic boomerangs can smash through frozen bloons.

$85 $100 $110 $120
Red Hot 'Rangs

Red hot boomerangs can melt through lead bloons.

$125 $150 $160 $180
Bionic Boomer

This tower replaces its arm with a super strong bionic arm. The Bionic Boomer throws boomerangs twice as fast. (This upgrade can be combined with Glaive Thrower to make it throw glaives instead of boomerangs at an even faster rate.)

$1,360 $1,600 $1,730 $1,920
Turbo Charge

Turbo Charge Ability: Increases attack speed to hypersonic for 10 seconds.

$2,550 $3,000 $3,240 $3,600
Total Sell Amount $3,572 $4,200 $4,536 $5,040 ($5,548 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $4,445 $5,320 $5,650 $6,300 ($6,935 with path 1 upgrades)

Premium UpgradesEdit

Double RangaEdit

Cost: 20 Ninja Kiwi Coins

Description: The new Double Ranga technique allows all of your boomerang throwers to hurl 2 boomerangs instead of 1!

Differences between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 MobileEdit

Buff Glaive Ricochet can spawn multiple glaives when under the influence of a Monkey Village with the Monkey Fort upgrade or the M.I.B. Call to Arms ability.

Nerf Glaive Lord doesn't deal as much damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons.

Nerf Base cost of the Boomerang Thrower is more expensive ($380 → $400).

Nerf Glaive Lord's orbiting glaives cannot pop Frozen and Lead Bloons unless you upgrade the tower to Sonic Boom and Red Hot Rangs, respectively.

Change balloon Turbo Charge no longer plays a sound when the ability is activated.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit

Boomerang Thrower is often used for its anti-Regrow capabilities and as a fair early-game starting tower (somewhat expensive to get up but can defend pretty much everything up to round 8 by itself). Its slight flexibility also allows it to be useful for dealing with many types of bloons. It is often paired with the Ninja Monkey or another Camo-popping tower for combating camos.

With its buffs, it is now more suitable for early-game and early-mid-game. This is especially true for Turbo Charge and Glaive Lord as both can be used in emergencies against camo bloons, especially against Camo Leads and camo bloon rushes. Popular loadouts include Buccaneer Farm Boomerang, Heli Farm Boomerang, and Ninja Farm Boomerang. Boomerang Farm Spike Factory has also seen some use, though it's more of a "fun" loadout rather then a serious one. Boomerang COBRA Village used to be a popular loadout in normal arenas but it eventually fell out of use (mainly due to the COBRA nerfs).


Buff Glaive Ricochet price decreased ($1400 → $1300).

Buff Glaive Lord price decreased ($9000 → $4500).

Buff Bionic Boomer price decreased ($1600 → $1400).


Buff Sonic Boom price decreased ($100 → $50).

Buff Multi-Shot price decreased ($250 → $175).

Buff Turbo Charge ability now grants camo detection to the tower while the ability is active.


Nerf Glaive Ricochet no longer spawns multiple glaives when under the influence of a Monkey Village with the Monkey Fort upgrade; only one Glaive is thrown at a time per tower.


Nerf Turbo Charge ability duration decreased (10s → 8s).

Bloons Tower Defense 6Edit

The Boomerang Thrower makes a return to the game as the Boomerang Monkey. Just like the Dart Monkey, the base tower has been significantly buffed, popping up to 4 bloons per boomerang instead of 3 in the previous games. Like the Dart Monkey, the upgrades in the Boomerang Monkey are now not necessarily aligned with the upgrades that they had in BTD5.

Path 1 generally contains upgrades leading towards the throwing of glaives, with each upgrade increasing the power of the boomerangs themselves into sharp deadly glaives.

Path 2 generally deals with speed, providing the Boomerang Monkey with faster attacks on bloons.

Path 3 generally deals with the element of throwing tough Kylie boomerangs that are thrown further, leading from simply throwing further to hot boomerangs that pop bloons of any type to actual Kylie boomerangs that can be upgraded to deal even more damaging effects to the bloons, particularly MOAB-class on higher upgrades.

As with all towers in BTD6, only two paths may be selected for a tower at one time, and only one of the selected paths may be upgraded to third tier and beyond.

Path 1Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Improved Rangs
Can pop up to 8 Bloons per throw.

$170 $200 $215 $240 100

Throws sharper and faster glaives instead of boomerangs.

$240 $280 $300 $335 520

Glaive Ricochet
Glaives will bounce from Bloon to Bloon automatically and aggressively.

$1,105 $1,300 $1,405 $1,560 2,500

M.O.A.R Glaives
Mulitple Object Advanced Ricochet greatly enhances the already extraordinary powers of the Glaive Ricochet Monkey.

$2,550 $3,000 $3,240 $3,600 8,500

Glaive Lord
Glaive Lord surrounds itself in 3 special glaives that shred anything that comes near.

$34,000 $40,000 $43,200 $48,000 37,500
Total Sell Amount Tier 4:


Tier 5: $26,838

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $31,574

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $34,097

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $37,888

Total Cost Tier 4:


Tier 5: $38,340

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $45,105

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $48,710

Tier 4:


Tier 5: $54,125


Path 2Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Faster Throwing
Throws 25% faster.

$150 $175 $190 $210 120

Faster Rangs
Boomerangs travel around faster & attacks an aditional 25% faster

$210 $250 $270 $300 550

Bionic Boomerang
Replaces arm with a strong bionic arm that can throw boomerangs extremely fast.

$1,360 $1,600 $1,730 $1,920 2,500

Turbo Charge
Turbo Charge Ability: Makes this Monkey attack incredibly fast for 10 seconds.

$3,400 $4,000 $4,320 $4,800 9,000

Perma Charge
Perma Charge has a permanent super fast attack speed. Ability increases the lethality even more.

$29,750 $35,000 $37,800 $42,000 32,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Total Cost

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 5:


Path 3Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Long Range Rangs
Can throw boomerangs further than normal.

$85 $100 $110 $120 110

Red Hot Rangs
Allows boomerangs to pop Frozen and Lead Bloons. Also pops 2 layers.

$255 $300 $325 $360 490

Kylie Boomerang
Throws heavy Kylie boomerangs that follow a straight path instead of curved.

$1,105 $1,300 $1,405 $1,560 3,000

MOAB Press
Heavy Kylie boomerang hits MOAB-Class Bloons multiple times per throw and sometimes knocks them back a short way along the path.

$1,530 $1,800 $1,945 $2,160 9,500

MOAB Domination
Special knockback kylies trigger more often and do lots of extra damage.

$51,000 $60,000 $64,800 $72,000 28,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $2,275

Tier 5: $37,975

Tier 4: $2,678

Tier 5: $44,678

Tier 4: $2,895

Tier 5: $48,255

Tier 4: $3,213

Tier 5: $53,613

Total Cost

Tier 4: $3,205

Tier 5: $54,250

Tier 4: $3,825

Tier 5: $63,825

Tier 4: $4,135

Tier 5: $68,935

Tier 4: $4,590

Tier 5: $76,590


Version History (BTD6)Edit

Initial (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Boomerang Monkey pops four bloons instead of three.
  • Buff Improved Rangs (former Multi-Target) pops more (7 --> 8)
  • Buff Improved Rangs (former Multi-Target) costs less ($250 --> $200)
  • Nerf Glaive Ricochet pops less (100 --> 50)
  • Buff Glaive Ricochet cost reduced ($1500 --> $1300)
  • Nerf Turbo Charge now has an initial cooldown of a quarter of the cooldown.
  • Nerf Turbo Charge cost increased ($3000 --> $4000)
  • Change balloon Glaive Lord's rotating glaives can now pop all Bloon types including Camo, has unlimited pierce, and rips through Bloons with a fast attack speed, but cost is increased to $40,000 instead of $9000.
  • Nerf Only one Glaive Lord can be placed on the map as it is now a Tier 5 upgrade.
  • Change balloon Several changes in path placement of the upgrades; some upgrades are moved to different paths.

Balance ChangesEdit

NOTE: Top path upgrades (Glaive Ricochet, MOAR Glaives and Glaive Lord) may have inconsistent results with seeking across versions despite not being documented in patch notes. As such, not all such changes can be documented here.

  • Buff x5x Perma Charge deals much more damage during its ability (4 --> 8)
  • Nerf xx4 MOAB Press' special MOAB attack no longer has infinite range and will not knock back higher tier MOABs as much.
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination has increased attack speed and damage.
  • Nerf xx5 MOAB Domination cost increased ($50,000 --> $75,000)
  • Nerf xx5 MOAB Domination has a longer cooldown for its special MOAB attack.
  • Buff 5xx Glaive Lord's Orbital Glaives' damage increased from 2 to 7.
  • Buff x1x Faster Throwing increases attack speed by 25% instead of 20%.
  • Buff x2x Faster Rangs now adds an additional 25% attack speed (Bionic Boomerang attack speed unchanged)
  • Nerf Faster Rangs cost increased ($120 --> $250)
  • Buff xx1 Red Hot Rangs now pops 2 layers (Kylie Boomerang damage unchanged)
  • Nerf xx1 Red Hot Rangs cost increased ($150 --> $300)
  • Buff xx3 Kylie Boomerang cost decreased ($1,400 --> $1,300)
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination main kylie damage increased from 7 to 12.
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination cost reduced ($75,000 --> $60,000)
  • Nerf xx5 MOAB Domination special attack range reduced from Unlimited to 100.
  • Buff x3x Bionic Boomerang damage to MOAB-class increased by +1
    • This change was bugged and only applied to normal MOABs instead of MOAB class, but was fixed in Version 8.1 (see Bug fixes and other changes)
  • Buff x5x Perma Charge ability cooldown reduced from 45s to 40s.
  • Buff x4x Turbo Charge ability speed multiplier increased from x5 to x7 while charged
  • Buff x5x Perma Charge also gains this bonus
  • Buff x5x Perma Charge base damage increased from 2 to 4
  • Buff xx4 MOAB Press special MOAB attack will now crosspath. Also affects MOAB Domination.
  • Buff 052 Red Hot Rangs bonus to Permacharge increased from +1 to +4. This increases the base 052 Boomerang damage from 5 to 8.
  • Buff 3xx Glaive Bounce pattern improved
  • Buff 5xx Glaive Lord main ricochet now leaves fragments in the first Bloon hit which slowly slash it apart dealing 150 damage over 15 seconds. This can stack multiple times on a single bloon.
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination applies a brief stun of 0.25s on the MOAB Glaive before knocking back
  • Buff 204 MOAB Press knockback power increased by 50%.
  • Nerf xx4 MOAB Press price increased from $1,800 to $2,000
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination can now target but not Stun or Knockback BADs
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination’s secondary boomerang will now explode instead of returning, with impact damage of 100, and burn application of 50 damage per second for 4 seconds.
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination explosion radius of 50 increased to 75 when crosspathing 205.
  • Buff xx5 MOAB Domination explosion pierce of 20 increased to 30 when crosspathing 205.

Bug fixes and other changesEdit

  • Buff The +1 damage to MOABs for Bionic Boomerang now (correctly) applies to all MOAB-class bloons
  • Buff x52 Red Hot Rangs now correctly increases damage
  • Buff 250 Perma Charge should (correctly) no longer lose its bonus +1 damage to MOABs

Bloons Adventure Time TDEdit

Boomerang Monkeys appear in Bloons Adventure Time TD as one of the game's many Allies. They behave the same way as they do in the other BTD games, but they only have two upgrades this time around: Multi-Target and Red Hot Rangs.


  • Multi-Target $300: Boomerangs can now pop 7 bloons each
  • Red Hot Rangs $440: Red hot boomerangs can melt through frozen and Lead Bloons


  • Halloween-themed Boomerang
  • A Boomerang Thrower in BTD2
  • A Boomerang Thrower's upgrade appearances in BTD3
  • A Boomerang Thrower's upgrade appearances in BTD4
  • A Boomerang Thrower's upgrade appearances in BTD5
  • A Boomerang Thrower's upgrade appearances in BTD4 iOS Christmas
  • A Boomerang Thrower's upgrade appearances in BTD4 iOS Halloween
  • Boomerang Bloon from Bloons 2
  • Double Ranga Premium Upgrade for the Boomerang Thrower in BTD5.
  • The glitch
  • Knowledge Book in BMC + Artwork
  • Boomerang Monkey's upgrades in BATTD.
  • A Boomerang Monkey in-game in BATTD.
  • Boomerang Thrower Ninja Kiwi avatar
  • The reason why the lightsaber thrower upgrade didn't return to BTD5 is because NinjaKiwi said it was infringing copyright of Star Wars.
  • In BTD4 and BTD4 Expansion, the boomerangs, glaives, or lightsabers disappear about 2/3 of the way back if the game is on Fast Forward. This is because, oddly enough, the boomerangs themselves do not move faster on Fast Forward. And even if Fast Forward is off, they will not pop any bloons from where they should disappear in Fast Forward. This does not happen on the iPhone/iPod touch version.
  • The Boomerang Thrower is the only tower with a purple outline in BTD4.
  • Testing shows that contrary to what the description says, the Bionic Boomer will throw boomerangs 3.5x faster and glaives 4.9x faster. The Turbo Charge Ability causes the Bionic Boomer to attack a further five times faster.
  • The Glaive Ricochet has been nerfed to have 101 pops per glaive in the May 27th update.
    • Also, in the May 27th update, the base price of the boomerang has been decreased from $400 to $380
  • It is one of the towers that doesn't have an upgrade that increases its range in BTD5, the others being the Spike Factory, Glue Gunner, Sniper Monkey, Mortar Tower, Monkey Apprentice, Dartling Gun, Monkey Sub, Banana Farm,Heli Pilot, and the Monkey Ace (This is no longer true in Bloons Tower Defense 6 with an upgrade called Long Range Rangs).
  • With three Glaive Lords and one Glue Hose, it is possible to beat the M.O.A.B. Madness challenge.
    • Later, this strategy doesn't work anymore.
  • In BTD5, when there are multiple pages of something (such as the tracks), the arrows look like boomerangs.
  • In BTD5 when the Boomerang Thrower has not thrown any Boomerangs or Glaives yet or after upgrade, the Boomerang Thrower take it on his right hand.
    • Bionic Boomers always have a Glaive or Boomerang in his hand even after he has thrown a Boomerang or Glaive.
    • When players upgrade a Boomerang thrower, the arm moves slightly to the right (not with right path tier 3 or 4). After the first attack, the arm returns to normal. This also occurs with the Dart Monkey.
  • In BTD5 Deluxe, the arm for the Turbo Charge Ability is white, whilst in BTD5 and the mobile version it keeps Bionic Boomer's.
  • In BTD3, so long as a Boomerang Thrower is holding its boomerang, any bloon that runs into the held boomerang will be popped, essentially giving the Boomerang Thrower a "melee" attack.
  • Glaive Lord's permanent glaives can pop Lead Bloons even without Red Hot 'Rangs upgrade, although this does not apply to BTD5 mobile.
  • Glaive Lord's rang has infinite pop cap, as long as it still have bloons nearby.
  • A few Bionic Boomers, especially with the Monkey Village's Jungle Drums upgrade, can easily shred a M.O.A.B to pieces.
  • In BTD5, it is the tower with the most different ways it appears with 12 different looks (13 in BTD5D) shown in the 4th picture below.
  • The Glaive Ricochet and Bionic Boomer upgrades are not nerfed in BTD5D, they cost $1100 and $1200 respectively.
  • In BTD4 and all previous games, the Boomerang Thrower only aims the boomerang in a certain way, and so it usually misses some bloons. This can be prevented by buying the Lightsabre Thrower upgrade in BTD4.
  • In BTD5, a Glaive Lord wears the same cloak as a Bloonjitsu, a Viral Frost and a Super Monkey Fan Club, but with the Super Monkey Fan Club it is bigger and recolored.
  • In BTD2, there is an error in the Boomerang's description, showing Sonic booom instead of Sonic boom.
  • In BTD5, on Halloween, the Boomerang looks like a bat.
  • In BMC, while a Glaive Thrower with Red Hot Rangs is holding the glaive it will not appear red.
  • In BTD5, when the tier 3 and 4 upgrades of path 2 and tier 4 of path 1, the Boomerang Thrower loses the jumpsuit.
  • In the upgrade picture for Sonic Boom, it actually shows what the Boomerang Thrower would look like if you have both Multi-Target and Sonic Boom.
    • In BMC though, it still shows 0/1 Boomerang Thrower preview.
  • In BTD5 Mobile, if players upgrade a Boomerang Thrower to 0-3 its boomerang turns brown again. However, getting the 0-4 upgrade fixes this.
  • Boomerang Monkeys (in BTD6) third path gives it an Australian look, seeing as boomerangs are most popular in Australia
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