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Boomerang Dojo

Boomerang Dojo is a Specialty Building for the Boomerang Thrower. It costs Monkey Dollar750 to purchase it and increases the cost of Dart Monkeys and its upgrades by 5%.


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  • Quite effective for regular Glaive Throwers and Bionic Boomers, when as the boomerang is doing its second loop, another is thrown making it 2 boomerangs always be making a loop at some given times.
  • As it increases Dart Monkey prices it can be a hinderence in early rounds if one relies heavily on Dart Monkeys in the early game or is a relatively new player.
    • However this may be the most useful of all of these buildings because of the fact that it only increases the cost of Dart Monkeys.
  • If the Boomerang or Glaive leaves the screen and goes too far out, it won't do the second loop even if it doesn't reach its maximum pop count.
  • Using it with the Double-Ranga (PC) or 4 upgrade of the Boomerang Dojo (Mobile) can make a Bionic Boomer around 4x as powerful
  • You can see cracked blue and red bloons next to the building.