The Boomerang Bloon is a Bloon that, once popped, gives the Dart Monkey a Boomerang, turning it into a Boomerang Thrower. The Boomerang will go in a straight line, then eventually loop back to the monkey. However, similarly to normal darts, the boomerang can be impeded by any regular obstacle like a wall.

This most likely inspired the Boomerang Thrower that appears in the series Bloons Tower Defense.


  • If it and the Triple Shot Bloon get popped with one projectile (Dart or Boomerang), then the next shot uses 2 darts and 1 boomerang.
  • Boomerangs have been present in every bloons game as of Bloons Monkey City.
  • When the boomerang returns to the monkey, it will sometimes destroy multiple Ceramic Blocks and stop, or sometimes it will destroys all Ceramic Block in its way.
  • Boomerangs from this bloons does not destroy Perished Rubber Blocks.


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