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Bonus Income is an "attack" behavior characterized by providing an extrapolative cash gain. It is part of the damage types family. All "attacks" with Bonus Income guaranteed to be of Passive Passive Type (no attack) type. Bonus income was introduced in Bloons TD 4, with the Banana Farm, which traditionally is always the main source of this "attack" property.

Bonus Income is represented on Bloons Wiki as Generates Bonus Income (generates in-game currency per round, often in-game cash), the upgrade artwork for Increased Production in Bloons TD 6, a Banana Farm upgrade that grants even more bonus income via extra bananas. There is a subset of this called Bonus Income Per Pop Generates Bonus Income Per Pop, represented as the upgrade icon for the Monkey Town in Bloons TD 6. Bonus Income is distinguished by Discount Discount (unspecified "discount" description) and its subsets because Bonus Income provides an extrapolative gain of bonus cash, unlike the aforementioned which only provides a set, non-extrapolative cash gain/save. This is especially the case because Bonus Income is banned on CHIMPS Mode.

The most typical example of Bonus Income is the Banana Farm, where all its upgrades have this in some way shape or form. Other examples of Bonus Income include Merchantman, Jungle's Bounty, Supply Drop, and Monkey City (as a tower buff). Examples of Bonus Income Per Pop include Monkey Town, Rubber to Gold, and Lead to Gold.

Most "attacks" require an upgrade to Bonus Income, except for Banana Farm and Benjamin which have this by default.

List of towers that do Bonus Income[]

Also includes subsets, including Bonus Income Per Pop Generates Bonus Income Per Pop.


BTD5 and Related Version[]




Monkey Knoweledge:


In Bloons Card Storm, income is generated in the form of Gold. Anything which causes the player to get more Gold besides the natural Gold generation at the start of their turn, or increases the amount of Gold generated per turn, is considered Bonus Income.

  • Banana Farm
  • Golden Bloon
  • Cash Drop
  • High Finance