Bonus Dart Bloon is a Bloon that gives 1 extra dart. When one is popped, it makes a "Ping!" sound. They first appear in Maze, in Bloons 1. In Bloons 2, the first is at Popping Fields in Level 5, Supplies.


In the original Bloons, it appears as a purple Bloon, and there is a dart symbol in the center of the star. In Bloons 2 they are magenta Bloons with gold stars on them, but without the dart symbol. In Bloons 2 Spring Fling they are the same color as Bloons 2, but they have an egg with a ribbon around it on them. In Bloons 2 Christmas Pack they remain the same color, but have a present on them instead.


  • If you only have a single dart left, it is advised to try and go for the Bonus Dart Bloon.
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