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The Bomb Tower (known as the Bomb Shooter in Bloons Monkey City) is a tower in Bloons TD 5, Bloons TD Battles, and Bloons Monkey City.

The Bomb Tower attacks by launching bombs that damage all Bloons in an area around the point of impact. It can pop Frozen Bloons and Lead Bloons, but cannot pop Black Bloons, Zebra Bloons, or (in BMC) DDTs without upgrades.

The Bomb Tower's costs vary across games. In most games, it is $650 on Medium.

Tower Costs[]

Game Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Bloons TD 5 Flash $555 $650 $700 -
Bloons TD 5 Mobile $555 $650 $700 $780
Bloons TD Battles Flash $650
Bloons TD Battles Mobile $650
Bloons Monkey City Flash $650
Bloons Monkey City Mobile $650


Path 1[]

Extra Range
COST: $170 / $200 / $215 / $240

Description: Gives tower longer attack range.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Frag Bombs
COST: $255 / $300 / $325 / $360

Description: Each explosion throws out 8 sharp fragments that pop even more bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Cluster Bombs
COST: $680 / $800 / $865 / $960

Description: Throws out secondary bombs instead of frags- causing widespread explosive poppage.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Bloon Impact
COST: $3,400 / $4,000 / $4,320 / $4,800

Description: Impacts from this tower become so violent, bloons become stunned for a short time when they are hit.
Effect: Stunts non-MOAB-class bloons for 0.5s in BTD5 Flash, and 2s in BTD5 Mobile, and allows the bomb tower to pop blacks and zebras

Path 2[]

Bigger Bombs
COST: $340 / $400 / $430 / $480

Description: Bombs hit a larger area.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Missile Launcher
COST: $340 / $400 / $430 / $480

Description: Missiles fly faster and further, popping more bloons and have higher velocity.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Bigmoabmauler mobileart
MOAB Mauler
COST: $765 / $900 / $970 / $1,080

Description: MOAB Maulers are special missiles that wreak havoc on M.O.A.B-class bloons, inflicting 10x damage.
Effect: Self-explanatory
MOAB Assassin
COST: $2,720 / $3,200 / $3455 / $3,840

Description: Special Ability: Super deadly missiles seek out and instantly destroys the nearest MOAB-Class Bloon. Does 1000 damage to ZOMGs instead of destroying them.
Effect: Self-explanatory

Bloons TD Battles[]

In Bloons TD Battles, is in the first tier of towers and is absolutely free but the four tier of upgrades costs Medallion Icon30 each. A bomb tower is very useful when leads have been unlocked but if you have the Monkey Buccaneer unlocked it might be just as good to use them. However, the Cannons have MOAB Maulers, so these might be good in late-rounds when MOABs start to appear. Be wary of Camo Bloons as Bomb Towers can't attack them (outside of the MOAB Assassin Ability).

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[]

Explosions are generally nerfed in mobile, with Bomb Towers being no exception. However, Bloon Impact is drastically more effective due to the increased stun duration, and MOAB Assassin can benefit from the Monkey Fort glitch.

  • NERF Bombs have a smaller blast radius.
  • NERF Frag Bombs frags cannot hit the same bloons the bomb hits.
  • BUFF Bloon Impact has a much longer stun duration (0.5 → 2 seconds).
  • BUFF MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin no longer decrease the range of the tower.
  • BUFF MOAB Assassin can destroy 2 B.F.B.s at once if the tower is under the influence of a x/1 Monkey Village.

Version History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]

Bomb Tower is a fairly popular tower due to its flexibility and overall usefulness, having the advantage of area damage (especially when upgraded to the Cluster Bomb and Bloon Impact upgrades) and specialized MOAB-popping power (path-2 upgrades MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin). However, like the Mortar pre 4.1 it's not as used compared to Flash due to the much smaller blast radius. It is often used when the other selected towers are weak against grouped bloons or MOAB Class Bloons. Popular loadouts include: Dart-Farm-Bomb, Heli-Farm-Bomb, and Bomb-Mortar-Chipper. Ninja-Farm-Bomb was formerly used often (especially when update 4.1 was first released), but became less popular after the Ninja got nerfed in future updates and players figuring out its weaknesses (camo bloons, especially Camo Leads).

Bomb-COBRA-Mortar has also seen some use, albeit not as much as the first 4 listed probably because a large amount of beginners and a minority of more experienced can't afford cobra.

Overall, this tower has been buffed, but not significantly.

We see the Bomb Tower in some of the lower arenas, but it's rarely spotted out-with a random roll in Ceramic Crucible and above. We're hoping that a price reduction and an increase in the Moab Mauler attack speed will see more Bombs in higher stake games!
~ "BTD Battles Update 4.1 - Big Balance Changes Incoming!"
  • BUFF Bloon Impact price decreased ($4000 → $3600).
  • BUFF Cluster Bombs price decreased ($800 → $700).
  • BUFF M.O.A.B. Mauler fire rate increased by 20% (0.83 shots per second → 1).
The MOAB Assassin ability doesn't quite feel powerful enough to be worth the cost of upgrading. We've increased its damage to help make it more valuable and effective when defending those early MOAB rushes!
~ "BTD Battles Update 4.9 Balance Changes"
  • BUFF M.O.A.B. Assassin deals more damage (700 → 1000).
  • NERF MOAB Assassin's ability no longer creates more missiles when given pierce buffs
  • BUFF Bomb Shooter base projectile speed increased (445 -> 600)
  • BUFF Cluster Bombs base projectile speed increased (480 -> 600)
  • BUFF Bloon Impact now can reapply stun effect on already stunned bloons.
  • BUFF Missile Launcher projectile speed increased (875 -> 1000)
  • BUFF MOAB Mauler projectile speed increased (445 -> 600)
  • NERF Bloon Impact no longer unintentionally permastuns MOAB-class bloons nor stun MOAB-class


Shoots a single bomb that explodes in a radius burst on impact. Good range, medium-slow fire rate. Can pop Lead bloons but not black bloons.
~ Bloons TD 5 description
Essential to most Monkey Cities, Bomb Shooters' big blasts help shut down bloon rushes and MOABs. Powerful upgrades include: Frag Bombs, Missile Launcher, Cluster Bombs, MOAB Mauler.
~ BMC Flash description



  • In BTD5, Frag Bombs and Cluster Bombs can pop 2 layers of bloon or more than 3 layers by direct hit. In the mobile versions however, this no longer the case with Frag Bombs.
  • In BTD Battles, bomb tower shoots on open area.
  • This is the only tower which has a Monkey Knowledge Book upgrade that decreases the footprint in BMC.
  • The bomb tower is more effective against Black or Zebra Bloons in BTD5, because of the variety of upgrades which allow the Bomb Tower to pop those bloons.
  • Path 1 upgrades are best for groups of non-MOAB class bloons while path 2 upgrades are best for MOAB-Class Bloons.
  • The Bomb Tower has a glitch in BTD5 Deluxe that allows it to pop black and zebra bloons even without the tier 3 Bombing Range.
  • This is the only tower from BTD1 to have different prices in every sequel so far. ($900 BTD1, $585 BTD2, $740 BTD3, $700 BTD4, $650 BTD5, $600 BTD6)
  • In BTD5 and BMC, the Frag Bombs, MOAB Mauler, and MOAB Assassin upgrades will affect the range, with the MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assassin slightly decreasing the range. However, the difference from these two upgrades is so minimal that it will rarely affect performance.
    • MOAB Mauler and MOAB Assasin does not affect range in the mobile versions of BTD5 and BMC.
  • The missile launcher upgrade adds a hazard (black and yellow) warning to the base of the tower, possibly referring to the danger it presents to bloons.
    • The color of the base of the missile launcher changes should the player purchase the Path 1 Tier 3 and 4 upgrades. The color changes to a green base if you purchase Cluster Bombs, and a black base with green highlights if you purchase Bloon Impact.