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Making Bloons go Boom since 2007.
~ Quote from Bomb Shooter

Bomb Shooter is a "monkey" that appears in Bloons Pop!. It shoots a bomb that creates explosions every time it bounces. Explosions pop all damageable bloons within each blast, dealing 2 damage per explosion. Bombs have a blast radius of 4x bigger than the bomb shooter. Bombs bounce up to four times and explodes every time it bounces around. It can pop Leads but cannot pop Black or Zebra Bloons. Bomb Shooter is unlocked at the start of the game, and is the second monkey to be revealed in the game.


Bomb Shooter's bouncy explosives make it a good choice for popping dense clumps of bloons and for breaking down bloons that are currently in a basin-like format. Bombs bounce only a few times but they are very effective against grouped bloons. The lack of black-popping power does make it unable to handle Black Bloons, however.

Merging two Bomb Shooters forms a Mega Bomb Shooter. Mega Bomb Shooter is much more powerful compared to two separate Bomb Shooters, especially effective against very densely clumped bloons and can inflict massive widespread damage. Using a Mega Bomb consumes only one move when using a Mega Bomb when compared to using two separate Bombs.

Version History[]

Bomb Shooter was dependable for clusters of low level Bloons and its overall damage stacked up with other towers, but it still felt lackluster. To keep both Bomb Shooter bombs and Mega Bombs around a bit longer, each have been given 1 extra bounce.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bomb Shooter bomb bounces increased (3 --> 4)




  • Bomb Shooter's quote is a reference to the Cannon in Bloons TD 1, its BTD1 counterpart.
  • During the game's tutorial dialogue, the Bomb Shooter uses the same sprite as its BTD6 portrait.