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Not to be confused with Black Bloon or Bomb Tower.

Bomb Bloons are bloons, that once popped, create an explosion that destroys everything around them.


Bomb Bloons are red with a bomb symbol on the center of the bloon. In Bloons 2 Spring Fling they have an egg on them; in Bloons 2 Christmas Pack they have an ornament on them.


Once popped fully, the Bomb Bloon creates an explosion.

In Bloons Festive Fun they appear as the Bauble Bloon.

In the iOS version of Hot Air Bloon, their effect is similar to the original Bloons games, where they explode, but the unique twist is that they instantly kill the player.

In Bloons Super Monkey 2, like the original Bloons series, the Bomb bloon creates an explosion that pops nearby bloons.

Bloons Pop! also has Bomb Bloons. Bomb Bloons can have any bloon type without special modifiers such as Camo or Regrow, up to Ceramic (?). Popping the full Bomb Bloon will produce an explosion that covers roughly a 3x3 range dealing 2 damage. Bomb Bloon explosions have a short delay once the original bloon pops, and the explosions from the resulting bombs cannot destroy Blacks or Zebras.

Level Appearances[]

In the iOS version of Hot Air Bloon, they appear in Level 6 Stage 1 and Level 7's Boss Stage. In the latter, they spawn after a third of the progress meter is passed by the player blimp.

They also appear in Bloons Super Monkey 2, in stages 1-4, 2-2, and 2-4.

In the mobile edition of Bloons Supermonkey 2, they appear on stages 21, 44, 52, 70, 72, 92, and 93.

Negation (Bloons)[]

The following bloons will have their effect negated if popped by a Bomb Bloon's blast:


When a Bomb Bloon in the original Bloons games explodes:

When a Bomb Bloon in the Bloons 2 series games explodes: