Blue Laser is an intermediate difficulty track in Bloons TD 4. It is a Premium Track that requires CoinsIcon.png15 to buy. The NinjaKiwi description of this track calls it "Space Age Track". The track is relatively long but the reason it isn't as easy as it looks is because bloons come from both sides. The track is almost symetrical so if you use a good strategy use it on both sides. If there was more space to place towers, this track would be quite easy. However, there isn't much space, so make the best of the space you have. It is still pretty easy, though. However, In the iOS Bloons TD 4, this track costs nothing to get. This is the second track that appears in space, the first being World Tour.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Spike-O-Pults are useful here because of the long lines of the track.
  • Place all of your powerful towers, especially Super Monkeys, in the middle as the only other places to place towers are on the sides.
  • Tack Shooters are good here because there are lots of U-turns.
  • All towers which shoot straight and can pop lots of bloons at a time are all useful for this track.

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