These special tanks safely contain the dangerous substance known as Bloontonium. Each tank can only support a limited amount. so smart monkeys build several. Fill the tanks with Bloontonium Generators, or by popping Bloons sent by other Monkey v Monkey players.
~ Bloons Monkey City Official Description
Bloontonium Storage Tank

The Bloontonium Storage Tank is a building in Bloons Monkey City. Each one costs $1000, occupies one square and stores Bloontonium Icon1000 for use in Monkey vs Monkey battles. They cost City cash1000, take 20 minutes to build and give TBA XP once construction is completed. Level 8 is required to unlock (although Level 9 is required for Monkey vs Monkey).

They cannot be upgraded, so the only way to increase your Bloontonium capacity further is to build another one. These buildings do not appear in the mobile version, as they are replaced by one single 2x2 building called the Bloon Inflation Factory.

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