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Bloontonium Generators use magic and technology to create the precious and dangerous Bloontonium needed to create bloon attacks of your own. The more generators, the faster and more powerful your attacks will be.
~ Official BMC description
Full bloontonium

a full, second level, Bloontonium Generator

Tanks full

"Tanks full" message

The Bloontonium Generator is a building in Bloons Monkey City used to generate the Bloontonium required to attack other players in Monkey v Monkey mode. Each costs $2000 to build, take 30 minutes to build and gives 1000 XP upon completion. Level 8 is required to unlock (although Level 9 is required for Monkey vs Monkey). Compared to its construction cost, it gives the greatest XP to city cash ratio in BMC.


Level Required City Level Production Capacity Build/Upgrade Cost Building Time XP
1 8 1 every 7s 500 2000 30 min 1000
2 20 1 every 3.5s 1000 12,000 4 hours 240


  • After upgrading a Bloontonium Generator, it will give you all of the Bloontonium it has before the upgrading.