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For the resource item that resembles a glowing cyan bloon, see Bloontonium.
Pop these for bonus Bloontonium
~ Short description

The Bloontonium Bloon is a bloon that first appeared in Bloons Pop!. It only appears on Golden Bloon Time levels. It has 5 HP. When popped, it rewards Bpbloontonium3.



Conventional methods for wiping out the screen on Golden Bloon Time is the best way to deal with Bloontonium Bloons. Otherwise, try focusing monkeys at Bloontonium Bloons near the surface.


  • Having spare Mega Monkeys can be helpful for popping specifically Bloontonium Bloons.
  • If Bloontonium Collectors are all full, there is no point focusing on Bloontonium Bloons. Instead, focus on wiping out the screen, or hitting Golden Bloons if wiping out the screen isn't feasible.