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For the Dartling Gun upgrade, see Depleted Bloontonium Darts.
For the Monkey Sub upgrade, see Bloontonium Reactor.
Bloontonium. The mysterious material that infuses Bloons with their power. Some would just wield it against their fellow Monkey Cities. The only viable deterrent is for you to join the arms race and build your own Bloontonium Generator.
~ "Precious Precious Bloontonium" Quest description from Bloons Monkey City
Full bloontonium

A full, second level, Bloontonium Generator

Bloontonium is a radioactive substance in the Bloons series. It is first mentioned in Bloons TD 5 and appears in Bloons TD Battles, Bloons Monkey City, Bloons TD 6, Bloons Adventure Time TD, Bloons Pop!, and Bloons TD Battles 2. Bloontonium serves a major role as a resource in Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Pop!.


Bloons Monkey City[]

It makes its real first appearance in Bloons Monkey City, and has one sole use, to send Bloons at other players in Monkey vs Monkey. Battling with other players requires use of Bloontonium to send bloons. Different versions of the game deal with Bloontonium storage and sending differently.

In Flash, Bloontonium is created from Bloontonium Generators, and stored in Bloontonium Storage Tanks. Every time the player wins a defend battle, the amount of Bloontonium acquired is the same as how many Bloons they popped in that battle. More Bloontonium used sends stronger bloon waves, up to slightly more than the maximum possible capacity relative to the offender's level. Bloontonium can also be bought with Bloonstones for BloonstoneIcon1 per Bloontonium Icon40.

In Mobile, Bloontonium works different. Sending bloons in battles is organized by the Bloon Inflation Factory, and the tank must be at least 100% full in order to make a send. When the Bloontonium tanks exceed their maximum capacity (over 100%) they will shake, and can only store up to 200%; this is only possible by collecting excess Bloontonium that was not automatically generated by the factory. Bloontonium can be bought with BloonstoneIcon1 per Bloontonium Icon2.

Bloons Pop![]

Main article: Bloontonium (Bloons Pop!)

Bloontonium reappears in Bloons Pop!, where it is a resource used to generate Bloonstones. In this game, it is depicted as a red liquid substance and is stored in cylindrical glass containers.


Depleted Bloontonium Dart unlock

Depleted Bloontonium Dart

  • Bloontonium is a play on the word Plutonium (Pu).
  • The only items that are references to Bloontonium in Bloons TD 5 are Depleted Bloontonium Darts, Bloontonium Lab, and the Bloontonium Reactor for the Monkey Sub.
  • Bloontonium is a radioactive element and so often carries the radioactive hazard symbol on its container.
  • Due to Bloontonium being able to make Bloons but also destroy them, their true purpose is unknown.
  • Due to Ground Zero and Tsar Bomba's nukes being nuclear weapons and Bloontonium being the main radioactive substance in the series, the nuclear weapons being used in the Ace's abilities may be Bloontonium bombs.
  • According to the Bloontonium Mine in Bloons TD Battles and the Bloontonium Generator in Bloons Monkey City, Bloontonium can be both mined and generated.
  • There is an exploit in Bloons Monkey City Mobile (including Steam version), where the player can speed up a 99% filled Bloon Inflation Factory for no cost at all.
  • It is possible that Power Blops and Blop Cash from the Bloons Super Monkey series are another form of Bloontonium, since they are mainly obtained from bloons and are used to enhance weapon power.
  • Bloptonite can sometimes be confused with radioactive bloontonium due to both being radioactive substances that appear green and weaken their targets.
  • Depleted Bloontonium is a commonly used material within monkey weapons, such as the Hydra Rocket Pods. This is a reference to depleted uranium, which is much less radioactive, but is favored for its high density, making it useful in armor piercing rounds.
  • The character Commander Cassie from Bloons Adventure Time TD has an upgrade called Bloontonium Tips, which just like it did for Depleted Bloontonium Darts in BTD5, makes all attacks able to pop any bloon type.
  • In the map Bloontonium Mines in Bloons TD Battles 2, Bloontonium can also appear in red crystalline forms similar to Bloonstones.

Blog posts[]

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 9th July 2021 blog, different types of Bloontonium can have different colors depending on where the Bloontonium is harvested from.
  • Accroding to Ninja Kiwi's October 8th 2021 blog, bloons and blimps are inflated with Bloontonium, and the substance itself requires high-tech laboratory standards to properly handle such a dangerous substance.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 25th March 2022 blog, Dr. Monkey is responsible for managing the formula for creating depleted bloontonium.