Bloonstones (BloonstoneIcon) are a type of currency in Bloons Monkey City and its mobile counterpoint. Their appearance is of a blue gem shard and are obtained through multiple ways, including completing a tile with no lives lost (rewards BloonstoneIcon5, BloonstoneIcon10 in Hardcore Mode, or BloonstoneIcon2 on mobile), leveling up (rewards BloonstoneIcon20 on flash or BloonstoneIcon4 on mobile), winning a Volcano Terrain tile, a cave tile, and certain Special Missions, or by watching some videos (earns a varying amount of Bloonstones, not available to everyone). On mobile, sending the first MvM attack will give BloonstoneIcon5 each GMT day and BloonstoneIcon2 after that attack. They can also be earned in the Wheel Of Fate by spinning each time you level up on Ninja Kiwi. Bloonstones in Bloons Monkey City Mobile are shaped like a bloon and are red like the red bloon.

They are also able to be bought via NK Coins in the Flash version or real life currency in the Mobile version at the Premium store. For each Ninja Kiwi coin, the player is able to purchase BloonstoneIcon5, though the more NK Coins or currency the player decides to spend, the more bonus Bloonstones they will receive.


  • Finishing a building or an upgrade of a building, or repairing a damaged building (1 minute = BloonstoneIcon1, but if it lasts more than 30 minutes, it is a bit different)
  • Buying City Cash (Ratio: City cash40 = BloonstoneIcon1)
  • Purchasing and spending extra Bloontonium (Ratio: Bloontonium Icon40 = BloonstoneIcon1 (Flash), Bloontonium Icon 2% = BloonstoneIcon1 (mobile))
  • Researching Lead Bloons and above
  • Researching 3rd tier upgrades for BloonstoneIcon20 and 4th tier upgrades for BloonstoneIcon50 (in Mobile, no bloonstones are required if there is strong Wifi connection)
  • Starting with extra cash in a battle (BloonstoneIcon10, Flash only)
  • Using a Continue (BloonstoneIcon20)
  • Adding Regrow Assault ( BloonstoneIcon15, Flash only)
  • Adding Camo Assault ( BloonstoneIcon10, Flash only)
  • Adding Extra Lead ( BloonstoneIcon10, Flash only)
  • Adding Extra MOABs ( BloonstoneIcon10 or 15, Flash only)
  • Making a MvM Attack stronger ( BloonstoneIcon10, mobile only)
  • Restarting a MvM Attack (BloonstoneIcon50, Flash only)
  • Buying a supply crate (BloonstoneIcon5, mobile only)
  • Using a bonus tower (BloonstoneIcon10, mobile only)
  • Using a Monkey Boost to double the attack speed of all units for 10 seconds (BloonstoneIcon5 on Flash, BloonstoneIcon 10 on mobile).
  • Buying one stack of Red hot spikes icon20 [to place on the track] (BloonstoneIcon5)



Bloonstone mobile

The mobile Bloonstone

  • Currently, the cumulative cost to upgrade all monkey towers is (BloonstoneIcon2520 plus cash), and (BloonstoneIcon140 plus cash) to upgrade all MvM bloons.
  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, Bloonstones look very different, as they look like a crystallized Red Bloon.
  • Occasionally, a player may accidentally press the Monkey Boost when actually trying to get a tower, especially in the case of Mobile. This may make the player waste a Monkey Boost.
  • Bloonstones are more difficult to get in the mobile version, as you only get two for completing a level with no lives lost, and there is no hardcore mode to double it.
  • Bloonstones are not needed to reseach 3rd and 4th tier upgrades in mobile, provided the player has a strong Internet connection.

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