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An administrator, or sysop (system operator), is a user who has been appointed with extra editing powers for maintenance-based tasks. Another way to think of an administrator is as a janitor, as they help keep the wiki a clean and better place by deleting/restoring pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IP editors, editing MediaWiki pages, and viewing deleted archives. Bureaucrats also have the ability give other users rollback, Content moderator, administrative, or bureaucratic rights.

Administrators still have to abide by wiki policies and may have their powers removed either by immediate intervention by a bureaucrat if needed or by standard community discussion.

To see a full list of what an administrator can do, see Special:ListGroupRights.

User Hilite

User Hilites is a feature on Bloons Wiki that turns the usernames of bureaucrats, admins, bots, content moderators, rollbackers, VSTF, Helpers, and Wikia Staff a different color in the recent changes and other parts of the website. This feature has benefits, such as identifying sysops and bureaucrats whenever they're needed.

The User access levels page goes in-depth on what users can do what.

Distinguishing users

user group color
Bots lime green
Rollbackers light purple
Content Moderators light purple
Administrators orange
Bureaucrats gold
Content Volunteers light blue
Volunteer Developers light blue
Global Discussions moderators cyan
Spam Obliteration and Prevention silver
Helpers pink
Wiki Specialists light gold
Wiki Representatives light gold
Fandom Staff light gold
These colors were intentionally chosen; look on the Hilites Scheme for more information.

List of Staff

Below is an alphabetical list of all of the users who currently have administrative rights and also a list of rollbackers who can also have some special rights. If this list of admins is not up to date, check Special:ListAdmins.

Active Administrators & Bureaucrats

Active Rollbackers & Content moderators

Inactive Administrators & Bureaucrats


Retired Administrators & Bureaucrats

Retired Rollbackers & Content moderators

Becoming a Rollbacker

If you're interested in joining the Bloons Wiki staff, please look at this blog post.

Staff History

Here is a list of users who have become Bloons Wiki staff in throughout the history of Bloons Wiki. This does not include bots or promotion tests.

This graph has been derived from Animal Crossing Wiki, who uses a Creative Commons license.