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This is a full list of announcements presented on Bloons Wiki. This feature on Bloons Wiki has been implemented since early October 2020. For the currently listed announcements, see Bloons Wiki/Announcements/Current.

December 6th 2023

Version 40.0 for Bloons TD 6 has arrived! Corvus is an epic new hero with a lot of dark magic spells ready to destroy the Bloons! Try him. And more epic content for the holidays!

December 2nd 2023

Version 3.1 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has been announced! Adora is finally announced! Make sure to read their patch notes for more balance changes and bug fixes too. And the Ninja Kiwi YouTube video.

November 21st 2023

Version 3.0 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has arrived! Clans available. You can start clan wars tomorrow.

October 11th 2023

End of Season 14 for Bloons TD Battles 2! Season break coming…

October 10th 2023

Version 39.0 for Bloons TD 6 has come out! A lot of new changes, including the all new Map Editor! Make the coolest maps, including recreations of previous maps from other games!

October 4th 2023

All of the new Dark Mode CSS for desktop on Bloons Wiki is completed, for now. Credits to User:Jouki for the new CSS!

September 26th 2023

In the past few days, Bloons Wiki has been working on improving the appearance of Dark Mode. Credits to User:Jouki for the new CSS!

September 21st 2023

Bloons Wiki has changed their logos to reflect the latest generation of games, Bloons TD 6 Generation. Credits to User:Jouki for the new logos!

July 30th 2023

Remember to play Version 38.1 for Bloons TD 6! Lots of new content available, including the all new Reality Warper Phayze!

June 20th 2023

7 days since BTD6's 5th Birthday, almost near Season 13 in BTDB2. BTD6 had Version 37.0 hosted several weeks ago and BTDB2 will be finally 2.0!

April 8th 2023

After four days since Version 36.0 came out for Bloons TD 6, a lot of new content has been added with the Beast Handler! Also additional to this is a revamp of the wiki's upgrade articles for Bloons TD 6, including reorganizing the Attack Interactions system into a neater, simplified format.

February 23rd 2023

Version 35.1, a mini-update, came out for Bloons TD 6. The main update came out earlier at February 16th 2023. First mini-update for 2023. Also released is Kaiju Pat, Middle of the Road, and Dark Dungeons.

December 14th 2022

One week ago, there is the Version 34.0 update for Bloons TD 6! Lots of new stuff, including Armored Behemoth. Tough work to beat.

November 26th 2022

Yesterday is a mini update for Version 1.7.1 in Bloons TD Battles 2, with a much bigger update a few weeks ago. Pat Fusty and his freezing good counterpart, and many more useful new features in the game.

October 14th 2022

This is a BIG update. Version 34.0 came out just two days ago for Bloons TD 6, last Wednesday, and the Goliath Doomship is finally here! Halloween event coming. Didn't announce Version 1.6.0 for Battles 2 soon enough, but never too late to mention despite many weeks late though.

August 17th 2022

Bloons TD Battles 2 has released Version 1.5.0 and Ezili! Lots of balance changes too, so get some more battles going! Magic.

August 9th 2022

Long overdue, but it has been 5 days since the release of Version 32.0 for Bloons TD 6! Contested Territory and Master Builder, plus plenty of BIG balance changes. Get going with building extra land and sentries!

July 5th 2022

In recent weeks, there is a lot of special news for Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles 2. Two new features confirmed for Version 32.0: Master Builder and Contested Territory. And BTDB2 will introduce two new battle modes: Play With Fire and Speed Battles.

June 3rd 2022

Ninja Kiwi has made a BIG blog right here!

April 13th 2022

Version 31.0 for Bloons TD 6 has come out! Geraldo, Vortex (coming soon!) and more! Also revamped Heroes page and a lot of cool stuff.

April 12th 2022

Version 1.2.0 has finally come out for Bloons TD Battles 2, releasing Benjamin plus the all-awaited Universal XP! And a lot of balance changes too.

April 8th 2022

Multiple BIG news! Version 31.0 preview notes for BTD6 have been released, and announced Geraldo and Vortex will come next update. However, today is fully confirmed that we sadly must say goodbye to Bloons TD 5 Flash's online content on April 30th 2022. :(

March 30th 2022

Yesterday, Geraldo made his first real appearance on Ninja Kiwi's Twitter page! You want him? It's yours my friend.

February 26th 2022

Version 1.1.0 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has been announced, bringing in Captain Churchill, Casual Mode, and two new maps exclusive to ZOMG Superdome and Hall of Masters! New maps are Ports and Inflection. Bring the battle on!

February 3rd 2022

Version 30.0 for Bloons TD 6 has released their patch notes yesterday! And Version 1.0.6 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has been finally incorporated today and ready to play!

December 9th 2021

Version 29.0 for Bloons TD 6 has been released! Water you waiting for? Also 1.0.4 patch notes for Bloons TD Battles 2 have been revised.

December 5th 2021

It's been five days since the release of Bloons TD Battles 2! How's the awesomest battles going for you all?

November 28th 2021

Today and yesterday, we now have got pre-release videos for Bloons TD Battles 2! Also a lot of cool teasers too beforehand! Ready to battle?

November 5th 2021

Nearly over for most of the Halloween content. Also a late update announcement for Bloons Pop! Version 3.0.

October 16th 2021

It's been two days since the release of Version 28.0, introducing Lych, Co-Op Boss Battles, and more! Excited?

October 7th 2021

Yesterday, Ninja Monkey Paragon was teased by Ninja Kiwi officially. The third Paragon! Excited?

October 1st 2021

Several days ago, a new Boss Bloon has been announced... Today, it was revealed to be Lych! What do you think Lych will be?

September 21st 2021

150K Subscribers Banner Competition winners have been announced! Not just 10, but 15. Your eyes aren't seeing it wrong. Bloons Wiki has also added compatibility for these banners as a way to style the wiki more than just "plain" banners, and also to nicely add into the recently added FandomDesktop theme.

August 14th 2021

Bloons TD Battles 2 official trailer is finally here! You excited for a refreshed player-versus-player game updated to Bloons TD 6 gameplay?

July 26th 2021

Version 27.0 for BTD6 is here! This is a BIG update. Paragons, Boss Bloon Events, Bloonarius, Co-Op rejoining, further Twitch compatibility, and among many more! Hope you have a sweet summer (or winter down in New Zealand)! And don't forget to watch the Tokyo Olympics too, which has started a few days ago...

July 12th 2021

Starting from today, the majority of Bloons Wiki will be shifting towards compatibility with the FandomDesktop theme, rather than the age-old Oasis theme that was used in Wikia/Fandom long ago. Eventually, FandomDesktop will be the default desktop theme and Oasis will be phased out.

June 15th 2021

Bloons Pop! has finally released for iOS and Android! Get ready to pop some bloons! Use the monkeys provided and let them destroy all the bloons you see!

June 4th 2021

Version 26.0 has come out today! Psi plus even more content such as Odyssey Creator and a new Expert Map Sanctuary! More balance changes including buffs and nerfs to various towers. Big nerfs for Etienne's UCAV, but shouldn't be harmed so much, and should still be viable on CHIMPS.

May 21st 2021

There is a new hero Psi coming soon to Version 26.0. Mind blown!

May 6th 2021

On May 3rd 2021, the Wikipedia page for Bloons TD 6 has been created! In addition, Bloons TD 6 celebrated Star Wars Day (May 4th) by adding in a secret new Trophy Store item! Did you get the secret item before it disappeared from the shelves?

April 27th 2021

Several days ago, Ninja Kiwi released their official Bloons TD Battles 2 Twitter page! Excited for this upcoming game?

April 19th 2021

Several days ago, Version 25.0 for BTD6 was released! More specifically, it was on April 16th. Much of the balance changes here are primarily based upon damage type reworks. Plus, there is a new Etienne skin called "ETn"! What are you waiting for? Explore the new update!

March 11th 2021

Version 24.0 for BTD6 is released! Care to make some balancing acts on the new Intermediate "Balance" map? Sauda the swordmaster is finally here too! Small balance changes across the board too, but nothing too game-defining besides for Race Events.

March 9th 2021

Several days ago, Ninja Kiwi released a teaser for Sauda, a new hero who may come in a future update. You excited for her awesomest swordmastery?

February 2nd 2021

Version 23.0 for BTD6 is released! New Expert Map "Ravine", and various balance changes across the board, especially for balancing the Dartling Gunner's weaker upgrades. Several other upgrades got a few balance changes with heavy attention to crosspathing interaction.

December 3rd 2020

Version 22.0 for BTD6 is released! Ready yourselves for the one tower almost everybody is waiting for: the Dartling Gunner! Alongside the release of the Dartling Gunner is a new Obyn Greenfoot skin, an all-new Custom Challenge system, and two new maps! Merry early Christmas to you all!

November 30th 2020

3 days ago, the Dartling Gunner is officially confirmed to be coming to Bloons TD 6! Bloons Wiki is preparing to update Dartling Gunner content as quick as possible. Make sure to share everything cool about the Dartling to the wiki as soon as possible! Discussions, screenshots, experiences, we welcome them all!

November 22nd 2020

Bloons Wiki has added support for external community resources. Go ahead and utilize these resources, and make Bloons Wiki proud!

October 28th 2020

Bloons Wiki is currently undergoing an upgrade from the old software to UCP. As such, chat is now closed, and a lot of old features may stop working, such as polls and popular pages.

October 16th 2020

Version 21.0 for BTD6 is released! Get your hands ready for the new and improved Prince of Darkness! It's much stronger now, and you can pair with Necromancer: Unpopped Army and the buffed Ezili for even more power!