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Bloons TD Battles 2

Bloons TD Battles 2 released! Available on iOS, Android, and Steam!

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Bloons Pop!

Bloons Pop! has finally arrived on iOS and Android!

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Ninja Kiwi Archive

Now you can play almost all of Ninja Kiwi's classic Flash games right on Steam!

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Bloons Adventure Time TD

Bloons Adventure Time Tower Defense is available now!

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Bloons TD Battles 2
Bloons Pop!
Ninja Kiwi Archive
Bloons Adventure Time TD

Basic Information

Bloons Wiki is a wiki for everything in the Bloons series and the Bloons TD series. Developed by New Zealand company Ninja Kiwi, the two franchises have been released for smartphones, tablets, web browsers, and computers. Bloons Wiki serves as a resource for players of these games. While there is currently major focus for optimizing Bloons TD 6 content over the years, Bloons Wiki has wide coverage for information present in all games in the series, collected over the years by new players and veterans alike. Because of the nature of online wikis, there is significant collaboration among fellow players of the entire Bloons community to improve and optimize both overall content coverage and strategy pages.
Games in the Bloons series are single-player puzzle games about a monkey that pops balloons (called bloons in all series). Many bloons have special powers. The first of the series is the original Bloons game, first released as a browser game (Flash game). The popularity of the original Bloons game (or Bloons 1) has led to sequels, spin-offs, and mobile games. The concept of Bloons Tower Defense had been born from here, spawning as an entirely new spin-off franchise with much greater popularity.

The Bloons TD series is a series of tower defense games, taking elements of the original Bloons game into a tower defense style. Throughout all games, the main goal is to pop as many bloons with towers as possible while preventing the floating bloons from reaching the exit. In these games, most of them are single-player, supported mostly by pre-determined rounds. Because of how popular this game series is, a number of additional spin-off games in the series were created.

The first game of the Bloons TD series, Bloons Tower Defense, borrows existing elements of the original Bloons games into a tower defense, starting off with relatively simple game mechanics. Every new Bloons TD sequel introduces a number of new tower types along with their upgrades, new and bigger bloons enemies, as well as new tracks. Difficulty modifiers have been added since the third game of the series, Bloons TD 3. Many additional features have been added since Bloons TD 4, with unlockable towers and upgrades, as well as new game modes and special challenges.

Starting from the release of Bloons TD 5, several spin-off games of the series were released. Online multiplayer gameplay (Bloons TD Battles and the mobile counterpart), building a monkey civilization (Bloons Monkey City and the mobile counterpart), and crossovers with Adventure Time (Bloons Adventure Time TD) are some of the various features present in some of the spin-off series.

In the latest Bloons TD games, it introduce features that aren't commonly found in other tower defense games such as:

The success of the Bloons TD franchise has allowed Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD 5 Mobile to reach among the top paid games on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. In addition, Ninja Kiwi was later bought by Modern Times Group for $186M USD as a bridge to advancing further plans of increasing the marketing potential for Ninja Kiwi's own games.

Since the success of Bloons TD 6, which debuted on June 13th 2018, the Bloons TD 6 Generation has bloomed to introduce a wide variety of family-friendly elements and characterization. Both Bloons TD 6 and Bloons Adventure Time TD were announced prior to release, and after the merge to Modern Times Group, subsequent games have been released with added twists to both original gameplay and modern mobile gaming. Bloons Pop! is a puzzle game where monkeys throw shots at bloons and win by completing pop goals. Bloons TD Battles 2, the sequel to Bloons TD Battles Mobile, implements player-versus-player gameplay in combination with elements from BTD6 and existing player-versus-player games such as Clash Royale.



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  • ...that the Sabotage Supply Lines ability does not have any aural or visual effects, other than the slow down of bloons?
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Latest News V · E · H

January 16th 2023

Updated additional CSS for the wiki's buttons (full list of changes). Credits to Jouki for the requested changes to CSS.

December 6th 2023

Version 40.0 for Bloons TD 6 has arrived! Corvus is an epic new hero with a lot of dark magic spells ready to destroy the Bloons! Try him. And more epic content for the holidays!

December 2nd 2023

Version 3.1 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has been announced! Adora is finally announced! Make sure to read their patch notes for more balance changes and bug fixes too. And the Ninja Kiwi YouTube video.

November 21st 2023

Version 3.0 for Bloons TD Battles 2 has arrived! Clans available. You can start clan wars tomorrow.

October 11th 2023

End of Season 14 for Bloons TD Battles 2! Season break coming…

October 10th 2023

Version 39.0 for Bloons TD 6 has come out! A lot of new changes, including the all new Map Editor! Make the coolest maps, including recreations of previous maps from other games!

October 4th 2023

All of the new Dark Mode CSS for desktop on Bloons Wiki is completed, for now. Credits to User:Jouki for the new CSS!

September 26th 2023

In the past few days, Bloons Wiki has been working on improving the appearance of Dark Mode. Credits to User:Jouki for the new CSS!

September 21st 2023

Bloons Wiki has changed their logos to reflect the latest generation of games, Bloons TD 6 Generation. Credits to User:Jouki for the new logos!

July 30th 2023

Remember to play Version 38.1 for Bloons TD 6! Lots of new content available, including the all new Reality Warper Phayze!

June 20th 2023

7 days since BTD6's 5th Birthday, almost near Season 13 in BTDB2. BTD6 had Version 37.0 hosted several weeks ago and BTDB2 will be finally 2.0!

April 8th 2023

After four days since Version 36.0 came out for Bloons TD 6, a lot of new content has been added with the Beast Handler! Also additional to this is a revamp of the wiki's upgrade articles for Bloons TD 6, including reorganizing the Attack Interactions system into a neater, simplified format.

February 23rd 2023

Version 35.1, a mini-update, came out for Bloons TD 6. The main update came out earlier at February 16th 2023. First mini-update for 2023. Also released is Kaiju Pat, Middle of the Road, and Dark Dungeons.

December 14th 2022

One week ago, there is the Version 34.0 update for Bloons TD 6! Lots of new stuff, including Armored Behemoth. Tough work to beat.

November 26th 2022

Yesterday is a mini update for Version 1.7.1 in Bloons TD Battles 2, with a much bigger update a few weeks ago. Pat Fusty and his freezing good counterpart, and many more useful new features in the game.

October 14th 2022

This is a BIG update. Version 34.0 came out just two days ago for Bloons TD 6, last Wednesday, and the Goliath Doomship is finally here! Halloween event coming. Didn't announce Version 1.6.0 for Battles 2 soon enough, but never too late to mention despite many weeks late though.

August 17th 2022

Bloons TD Battles 2 has released Version 1.5.0 and Ezili! Lots of balance changes too, so get some more battles going! Magic.

August 9th 2022

Long overdue, but it has been 5 days since the release of Version 32.0 for Bloons TD 6! Contested Territory and Master Builder, plus plenty of BIG balance changes. Get going with building extra land and sentries!

See Full Announcement List...

Featured Article V · E · H


Spiked Balls is the 3rd upgrade of Path 1 for the Spike Factory in Bloons TD 6. Like Spiked Ball Factory, its corresponding upgrade in BTD5, the Spiked Balls upgrade replaces standard spike piles with spiked balls. Each spiked ball pops up to 12 bloons, each spike additionally dealing 2 damage to all bloons, as well as +3 damage to Ceramics and +1 damage to all Fortified Bloons, including MOAB-class with the Fortified property.

This upgrade costs $1,955 on Easy, $2,300 on Medium, $2,485 on Hard, and $2,760 on Impoppable.


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The Road To Master Starts Here - Bloons TD Battles 2 Official Teaser

Bloons TD Battles 2 Official Teaser

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