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All of the towers with the full upgrades

Bloons Tower Defense 4 has all the towers from the previous games, (except Spike-O-Pult, which is merged to the Dart Monkey) including 8 brand new ones, one of which has been confirmed.


Note: All prices are the Medium price.

Dart Monkey[]

Shoots a single dart that pops a single Bloon. Can upgrade to a Spike-O-Pult with a level four upgrade.
~ In-game description
Dart Monkey (NP)

Dart Monkey

The Dart Monkey is the most basic tower in the Bloons Tower Defense series. It has been in every BTD game.

Hotkey: D

Cost: $200

Rank to Unlock: 1


  • Piercing Darts
    • Cost: $140
    • Darts can pop two Bloons instead of one.
  • Long Range Darts
    • Cost: $90
    • Gives the monkey more throwing distance.
  • Spike-O-Pult
    • Cost: $300
    • Gives the monkey a catapult that hurls giant spiked balls.
  • Triple Shot
    • Cost: $1,000
    • Spike-O-Pult becomes three times as deadly.
    • Rank to Unlock: 19
    • Total Selling Price: $1,384

Tack Shooter[]


Tack Shooter

Shoots a volley of tacks in eight directions. Has short range, but is good for thinning out Bloons at intersections and corners.
~ In-game description

Hotkey: T

Cost: $360

Rank to Unlock: 2


  • Faster Shooting
    • Cost: $210
    • Increases the fire rate of the Tack Shooter.
  • Extra Range
    • Cost: $100
    • Increases the attack radius of the Tack Shooter.
  • Blade Shooter
    • Cost: $280
    • Shoots razor sharp bladed discs instead of tacks!
  • Ring of Fire
    • Cost: $2,500
    • Throws out a fiery hot burst of flame that can pop anything.
    • Rank to Unlock: 22
    • Total Selling Price: $2,760

Boomerang Thrower[]


Boomerang Thrower

Throws a boomerang that follows a curved path back to the tower. Can pop multiple Bloons at once.

Hotkey: R

Cost: $400

Rank to Unlock: 3


  • Multi Target
    • Cost: $250
    • Boomerang will hit up to seven Bloons at once.
  • Sonic Boom
    • Cost: $100
    • Sonic boomerangs smash through frozen Bloons.
  • Glaive Thrower
    • Cost: $280
    • Glaives slice through up to twelve Bloons at once!
  • Lightsabre Thrower
    • Cost: $1,850
    • Lightsabre slices through anything and everything up to seventy Bloons at once!
    • Rank to Unlock: 20
    • Total Selling Price: $2,304

Bomb Tower[]


Bomb Tower

Launches a bomb that explodes on impact. Can destroy many Bloons at once.

Hotkey: B

Cost: $700

Rank to Unlock: 4


  • Bigger Bombs
    • Cost: $400
    • Big bombs affect a larger area.
  • Longer Range
    • Cost: $300
    • Can shoot bombs further than normal.
  • Missile Launcher
    • Cost: $210
    • Shoots fast missiles instead of bombs that go faster, farther, and pop more.
      • (Note: The Missile Launcher upgrade also grants a slight fire rate increase.)
  • MOAB Mauler
    • Cost: $900
    • Special missiles cause 10x damage to MOABs and BFBs.
    • Rank to Unlock: 17
    • Total Selling Price: $1928

Ice Tower[]


Ice Tower

Freezes nearby Bloons with every pulse. Frozen Bloons are immune to anything sharp.

Hotkey: I (Uppercase 'i')

Cost: $380

Rank to Unlock: 6


  • Improved Ice Tower
    • Cost: $225
    • Increased freeze time and attack radius.
  • Permafrost
    • Cost: $100
    • Slows Bloons Down even after they thaw out!
  • Snap Freeze
    • Cost: $400
    • Freezes so violently that Bloons will pop before freezing!
  • Arctic Wind
    • Cost: $6,000
    • Extreme cold slows down anything that comes near the Ice Tower.
      • (Note: When upgraded to Arctic Wind, Bloons that are in the Ice Tower's attack radius are slowed down 66%.)
    • Rank to Unlock: 24
    • Total Selling Price: $5,684

Mortar Tower[]


Mortar Tower.

Targets a specific area of ground over any distance with an explosive attack.

Hotkey: M

Cost: $825

Rank to Unlock: 7


  • Greater Accuracy
    • Cost: $200
    • Increases the mortar's accuracy.
  • Rapid Reload
    • Cost: $250
    • Increases the mortar's firing rate.
  • Bloon Buster
    • Cost: $800
    • Smashes through two layers of Bloons.
  • Mortar Battery
    • Cost: $2,000
    • Triple the pain.
    • Rank to Unlock: 23
    • Total Selling Price: $3260

Glue Gunner[]


Glue Gunner

Shoots a glob a glue at at Bloon, slowing it down. Ceramic Bloons can be glued but will not be slowed down.

Hotkey: G

Cost: $300

Rank to Unlock: 9


  • Stickier Glue
    • Cost: $120
    • Makes Glue last much longer.
  • Glue Soak
    • Cost: $200
    • Glue soaks through all layers of Bloons.
  • Corrosive Glue
    • Cost: $300
    • Glue eats through Bloons, dissolving them every two seconds.
  • Glue Splatter
    • Cost: $3000
    • Affects a large area around impact, soaking up to twenty Bloons at once.
    • Rank to Unlock: 25
    • Total Selling Price: $3,136

Monkey Beacon[]


Monkey Beacon

Increases the attack range of all towers within the beacon area. Has several useful upgrades that help out nearby towers, including its ultimate ability to call in Super Monkey Storms.

Hotkey: N

Cost: $1,000

Rank to Unlock: 10


  • Wider Influence
    • Cost: $500
    • Increases area of effect for all the beacon's abilities.
  • Jungle Drums
    • Cost: $1,500
    • Increases attack speed of all towers within the Monkey Beacon's radius.
  • Sonar Beacon
    • Cost: $280
    • Allows targeting of Camo Bloons for towers inside the radius.
  • Monkey Storm
    • Cost: $3500
    • Calls in a wave of Super Monkeys that wipes out all Bloons on screen. Unique.
      • (Note: After you purchase the Monkey Storm upgrade, a new upgrade will appear called Call Super Monkey Storm, cost $1000. Every time you buy it, every Bloon excluding MOABs and BFBs will be destroyed. But after each use you must wait approx. 65 seconds to use it again.)
    • Rank to Unlock: 18
    • Total Selling Price: $5,424

Monkey Ace[]


Monkey Ace

The only unit that moves, the Monkey Ace patrols the skies above the action, regularly strafing the area with powerful piercing darts.

Hotkey: A

Cost: $900

Rank to Unlock: 11


  • Pineapple Express
    • Cost: $200
    • Drops highly explosive pineapples.
  • Spy Plane
    • Cost: $350
    • Allows detection of Camo Bloons for all towers near the plane.
  • Rapidfire
    • Cost: $700
    • Increases attack rate.
  • Operation: Dart Storm
    • Cost: $3,000
    • Our darts will block out the sun.
      • (Note: The Operation: Dart Storm upgrade makes it so the Monkey Ace tower fires twice as many darts, twice as fast.)
    • Rank to Unlock: 27
    • Total Selling Price: $4,120

Monkey Buccaneer[]


Monkey Buccaneer

The only unit that can be placed in water - the Monkey Buccaneer has a long range and shoots a single, heavy dart.

Hotkey: U

Cost: $600

Rank to Unlock: 12


  • Grape Shot
    • Cost: $300
    • Adds a volley of deadly sharpened grapes to the attack.
  • Crow's Nest
    • Cost: $150
    • Allows detection of Camo Bloons for any towers in the radius.
  • Longer Canons
    • Cost: $180
    • Increases attack range of the ship's canons.
  • Battleship
    • Cost: $2,000
    • Total nautical domination.
      • (Note: The Battleship upgrade doubles the attack speed of the Monkey Buccaneer.)
    • Rank to Unlock: 21
    • Total Selling Price: $2,584

Monkey Apprentice[]


Monkey Apprentice

Trained in the ancient arts of monkey wizardry.Learns new spells with every upgrade. This unit is flexible and will continue randomly using his old spells with his new one.

Hotkey: W

Cost: $550

Rank to Unlock: 14


  • Intense Magic
    • Cost: $300
    • Wizard's magic orb becomes more powerful, pop up to seven Bloons at once.
  • Fireball
    • Cost: $300
    • Hurls a burning ball of flame that explodes on impact
  • Summon Whirlwind
    • Cost: $2,000
    • Whirlwind will blow Bloons away from the exit, but will thaw Bloons and remove glue
  • Tempest Tornado
    • Cost: $8,000
    • Tempest tornados pop Bloons as well as push them around. Affects up to 120 Bloons at once.
    • Rank to Unlock: 29
    • Total Selling Price: $8,920

Super Monkey[]


Super Monkey

Super Monkey shoots incredibly fast. Can upgrade to Laser Vision, then Plasma Vision. Ultimate upgrade is ultimately powerful. Find out for yourself...

Hotkey: S

Cost: $4,000

Rank to Unlock: 15


  • Super Range
    • Cost: $1,000
    • Super Range greatly increases Super Monkey attack radius.
  • Laser Vision
    • Cost: $3,500
    • Lasers can pop two Bloons at once, and can pop frozen Bloons.
  • Plasma Vision
    • Cost: $4,000
    • Plasma shoots twice as fast and vaporizes everything it touches
  • Sun God
    • Cost: $20,000
    • Legends speak of a being that fears no Bloon.
      • (Note: The Sun God upgrade shoots a little bit faster and divides into three beams.)
    • Rank to Unlock: 30
    • Total Selling Price: 26,000

Banana Farm[]


Banana Farm

Generates extra money at the end of every round, but doesn't attack anything. Can upgrade to increase money bonus.

Hotkey: F

Cost: $1,000

Rank to Unlock: 16


  • More Bananas Cost: $400 Increases money generated to one hundred twenty per round.
  • Banana Plantation Cost: $1,200 Banana Plantation generates two hundred fifty money per round.
  • Banana Republic Cost: $2,500 Banana Republic pulls in a cool five hundred money per round.
  • Banana Research Facility Cost: $10,000 High Tech banana facility earns you a staggering two thousand money per round. Rank to Unlock: 28 (Total Selling Price: $12,080)

Dartling Gun[]


Dartling Gun

Shoots Darts rapidly but a little inaccurately to wherever your mouse is. You can decide exactly where this tower will shoot by moving your mouse wherever you want!

Hotkey: None yet

Cost: $1250

Rank to Unlock: 1


  • Steady Barrels Cost: $250 Steady Barrels reduces the spread of darts fired from the gun.
  • Powerful Shots Cost: $600 Darts fly out with greater speed, popping up to 3 bloons at once.
  • Increased Barrel Spin Cost: $2,500 Makes dartling gun fire much faster.
  • Laser Cannon Cost: $15,000 Converts to a powerful cannon that shoots rapid blasts able to cause massive bloon damage. Rank to Unlock: 33

Spike Factory[]

Screen shot 2011-09-10 at 1.40

Spike Factory

Generates piles of Road Spikes and automatically drops them on the track near by. Leftover spikes disappear after each round.

Hotkey: none yet.

Cost: $700

Rank to Unlock: 1


  • Increased Production Cost: $595. Makes the factory produce spikes much faster.
  • Bigger Stacks Cost: $510. The factory makes piles of spikes instead of 5.
  • White Hot Spikes Cost: $300. White hot spikes can pop frozen and lead bloons.
  • Spike Storm Cost: $5950 Covers the whole path with spikes that go away over time. Rank to Unlock: 34

Road Items[]

Road Spikes

Road Spikes


Place these road spikes on the track to pop Bloons. Can pop 10 Bloons before wearing out. Road Spikes last only until the end of the round. Hotkey: K Cost: $30 Rank to Unlock: 5


A Pineapple in a Blue Background


Like all healthy food, Pineapples explode shortly after being placed, so don't put any down unless you want to blow up some Bloons. Hotkey: P Cost: $25 Rank to Unlock: 8

Monkey Glue

Monkey Glue on a track


Monkey Glue slows down Bloons. Each glob can glue twenty Bloons before wearing out. Monkey Glue only lasts until the end of the round. Hotkey: E Cost: $10 Rank to Unlock: 13