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The Bloons Tower Defense 1 Track is a track from the first Bloons TD game, Bloons Tower Defense. It is the only track in Bloons TD 1, and has no difficulty setting. It also makes an appearance in the game files of Bloons TD 6.


This track takes place on a dark, grassy scene with a stone path used as the path for the bloons. The grass gets darker as it goes from top left to bottom right.


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  • Ninja Kiwi has said that they have not been able to beat this track in Bloons TD 1 with only Tack Towers, although it is possible.
  • There is a glitch with the Tack Shooter that allows it to shoot out tacks as fast as a Super Monkey. To do the glitch, place the Tack Shooter, keep pressing tab until a yellow box surrounds its first upgrade, then press space 4 times (the player can do it more if they want), but the player cannot buy another tower, as the player will get negative cash. The player can continue purchasing the same upgrade, however.
    • This also works with Longer Range, however when the Tack Shooter's range becomes infinite, its tack won't increase in range, it will just detect bloons from anywhere on the screen. (This glitch works with any tower, however, it's only good on the Tack Shooter, the only tower with a "faster shooting" upgrade.
  • Monkey Lane in Bloons TD 5 has a somewhat similar appearance to this track.
  • This track was also found in Bloons TD 6's files, along with a space station map.