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Not to be confused with a different Bloons TD mobile game, or Bloons iOS.

Bloons TD is an app available to the iPhone and iPod Touch, via the iTunes App Store. An iPad version and a free "Lite" version of the game also existed. The iPhone/iPod Touch game has received a Silver Award from, with an overall review score of 76/100. Despite the name, it is actually a port of Bloons Tower Defense 3. It is 32-bit and will not run on 64-bit (iOS 11+) devices.

There is no proof for the existence of an Android version. While a Windows Phone version was originally in development, it did not actually release.[1] [2] Thus, in terms of smartphones, this was an iOS exclusive title.

The final update for Bloons TD iOS was released in November 23, 2012. There are also two very similar ports of Bloons TD 3 adjusted for other platforms: Bloons TD DSi and Bloons TD PSN.

iTunes Description[]

The Monkey is back on iPhone, as the online flash sensation Bloons TD, finally hits the App Store.

It's time, once again to achieve total Bloon popping satisfaction, this time in the form of classic TD. With an army of dart monkeys and a multitude of towers and weapons at your disposal can you pop all the bloons before they escape?

Bloons TD for iPhone / iPod touch features all of your favourite towers and upgrades, including the almight Super Monkey.

Can you battle your way through 50 challenging levels over 15 exciting tracks and unlock all the gold medals to become the TD master?

Fans of the online game and those yet to experience the Bloons TD phenomenon are sure to love this iPhone conversion.


Lite Version[]

Bloons TD Lite is the free version of Bloons TD. The Lite version only includes track 1 and freeplay mode is disabled. Bloons TD Lite was removed in around 2018 or so, likely because of new regulations for iOS. The icon used is the exact same as the normal Bloons TD iOS.

Differences between iOS and Flash[]

  • Near and Far targeting options, which are not present in the original Bloons TD 3.
  • A soundtrack, consisting of one royalty free song.
  • Two tracks in the flash version are not present. Instead, there are 9 additional tracks not present in the flash version, including three Race, Beach, and Snow themed tracks each.
  • A main menu, with precise (setting volume %) volume settings and a help menu that teaches the basics of Bloons TD.
  • FPS cap is 60 instead of 40.
  • Costs are slightly different.
  • The ability to save progress on a map, particularly useful for deep Freeplay Mode sessions.
  • Exploding Pineapples only explode once instead of three times.
  • Unlocking tracks beyond 3 tracks from the flash version of Bloons Tower Defense 3 or the Racing tracks requires beating previous maps. 3 maps beaten unlocks the Beach tracks, 6 maps unlocks the Snow tracks, 9 tracks unlocks 3 more flash tracks, labeled Classic 2. This is not the case with the PSN version.
  • Tack Shooters only have one pierce per projectile.
  • There are no invincibility frames for bloons, unlike the Flash version, where bloons could only take 1 damage per frame. Bloons can take damage from multiple damage sources in the same frame due to the difference in engine.
    • This likely causes Road Spikes to bug out against MOABs, allowing 4 road spikes to take down the outer layer of a MOAB despite it having 131 health. Reason is presumed to be road spikes lasting 3 frames (0.067s) after damaging a bloon, tripling its damage against MOABs.
  • Pop counter works like BTD4-BTD5's, where it only displays how many layers it pops instead of the total amount of damage, including damage dealt to multi-health layers, like in BTD3F/BTD6.
  • Plasma Vision attack speed is 0.033s (every 2 frames) instead of 0.025s, due to difference in maximum framerate.
  • Jungle Drums does not work at all, making it useless in Bloons TD iOS.
  • Normal Difficulty prices are the actual base cost instead of *1.02 the intended cost. This causes them to be slightly cheaper than the flash variant on that difficulty.
  • Altered in-game UI that suits iOS better.

Map Packs[]



Bloons TD for iOS has its own unique soundtrack, which is not present in the Flash version of Bloons TD 3.


  • This app is currently not playable on devices with iOS 11.0 or higher, as both versions are 32-bit apps.
  • Achievements are through Openfeint which is now defunct.


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