Unlike other Bloons Tower Defense games, your opponents in BTD Battles are eligible to change his or her strategy to counter yours. The winner, barring error, is the player most able to capitalize on the weakness of his/her opponent and most able to counter the opponent's strategy. To do this you will need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all towers. You will need to concentrate on economy/income, strengthen your strengths, and press on your opponent's weaknesses.

Some good tips around strategies include:

  • Preventing your opponent from generating an income.
  • Some players want to play the long game and others will kill you first (or second/third) opportunity. If you do not kill them first chance you get you are gambling that they won't kill you at their first opportunity.

Please note the following aspects when talking about strategies in Bloons TD Battles:

  • Using a cheat or a hack to beat your opponent is not a strategy, so don't put hacking strategies in this page. Using hacks can lead to an account ban on Ninja Kiwi and result in being sent to the hacker pool.
    • Because of the COBRA tower, it is possible to send bloons earlier than usual, so unless you have definite proof, you can't accuse someone of hacking if they just send something early with this tower.
  • You may need to improvise as some strategies require 4 towers, thus requiring luck with using the Bonus Tower.


This is a set of guidelines beginning players of BTD Battles should keep:

  1. In the beginning, the Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Ninja Monkey, Sniper Monkey, and Bomb Tower are available. The Tack Shooter is not quite as useful without access to the Ring of Fire or Blade Maelstrom and should be used slightly less than other towers until you get those fourth-tier upgrades for it. A 2/3 Tack Shooter in a good location is very safe early game defense, however.
  2. For good Camo detection, you should have several 3/2 Ninjas and 2/3 Dart Monkeys for the main popping power of Camo bloons, while you have at least 2 1/2 Snipers to only pop lead Camos.
  3. You should never plan to go into the late game because your chances of survival are low when many MOABs and BFBs show up. For MOAB class popping power, use MOAB Maulers with Frag Bombs to destroy them quickly.
  4. Since your towers are cheap and your true key to defense is quantity of towers over quality, you do not need to worry about economy as long as it is decent, (a decent income might be between $1,000-$2,500) then focus on defeating your opponents.
  5. When the time comes, when you can afford them with your income, feel confident in spamming 2/3 Ninjas and Snipers. They solidify your camo detection and even your regen and regular bloon popping power as a whole.
  6. Ninjas are utterly useless against economy bloons sent by your opponent. Use cannons to deal with the economy bloons.
  7. In Round 13, send a Regrow Rainbow (Zebra on mobile due to nerfs on the rush) rush to win easily and always win of any person you are battling against ONLY IF YOU SEE A WEAKNESS. Do not rush if you see certain things like a Ring of Fire, Bloon Impact, Burny Stuff and a good defense, etc.
  8. Never go all-out on a rush unless you're sure the opponent will not beat the rush. If you rush all-out but it does not kill your opponent, you will more likely lose the game.
  9. Never switch to a new defense (like changing from 2/3 dart monkeys to 2/3 apprentices or selling towers to focus on one tower only), especially if your opponent has COBRAs. This could weaken your defense and can make you lose if you do not manage correctly.
  10. It is possible for you and your opponent to get 0 lives and end the game on mobile. For that case, whoever loses all of their lives last will win.
  11. If playing on iOS, it is advised to turn on the "Do Not Disturb" feature on your phone until you are done playing, as a single phone call or FaceTime call can cause you to disconnect or be off the game, making you easily lose. This will easily be able to nullify any phone call attempts on your phone until it is turned off, and the caller will have to get you on VoiceMail.
  12. At round 12, you have access to camo and leads, so you can rush them with camo leads if they aren't prepared.
  13. In the mobile version, do not use all your medallions for a battle just to get bigger rewards faster unless you only have Medallion Icon5.
  14. The rushes you must watch out for are: Round 4 Spaced Pink rush (can take a lot of lives), Round 8 Regrow Yellow Rush, Round 10 Regrow Spaced Lead Rush, Round 11 Spaced Leads with Grouped Whites (can force a battle energy), Round 12 Camo Lead Rush, Round 12 Zebra/Regrow Zebra Rush, Round 13 Regrow Rainbow Rush (very deadly), and Round 15 Regrow (or Camo Regrow) Spaced Ceramics. Every other rush that follows should be MOAB class Bloons.

==Description of each tower's usefulness in BTD Battles== you must have these upgrades in order to use these strategies

  1. Dart Monkey: Surprisingly, the Dart Monkey can be a very useful tower for beginners and experts alike. One use is to act as Zebra and Black Bloon popping power for Cluster Bombs. Another use is utilizing Juggernauts and the Super Monkey Fan Club as a MOAB, BFB, and Ceramic fighting tool as a team. Surprisingly you can only use Dart Monkeys as a tower with no support if you add new ones with the right upgrades at appropriate times.
  2. Tack Shooter: A great tower for Bloon popping power for players that have fourth-tier Tack Shooters, otherwise the reliability of Tack Shooters is slightly less. A single Ring of Fire can destroy an opponent's medium-sized regrow rainbow rush, being solid bloon popping power throughout the game. The Blade Maelstrom can be a life saver if high level Bloons get past your Ring of Fire, like Ceramics, or when you not yet have a Ring Of Fire. Tack Sprayers can be also used to help destroy the ceramic layer of bloons so the Ring of Fire can clean up the rest though. This tower is useless against camos. With a X/2 Monkey Villages and a few Ring of Fires, you will have complete protection against bloons and only have to worry about MOAB-class bloons. This tower can deny round thirteen rushes that aren't camouflage with either its blade storm ability or a well placed ring of fire with a tower boost all on its own. In the mobile version, a 2/3 Tack Shooter in a good spot is a good starting tower and can defend anything before Round 8's Yellow rush.
  3. Sniper Monkey: For beginners, the Sniper can act as Camo Lead detection while other towers clean up the rest. It's fourth tier upgrade Cripple MOAB allows it to paralyze MOAB class bloons, which can have great utility late-game. In the Indoor Pools track Defend Mode (flash), a 1/0 Sniper Monkey must be used in Round 14 to get rid of Lead bloons, or you will lose in that round. This tower can deny round thirteen rushes if upgraded to 2-3 with support from other towers in the mobile version.
  4. Boomerang Thrower: Like the Tack Shooter, this tower can be used alone for bloon popping power, or in combination with other towers. It is overall, a very flexible tower with many uses. Glaive Riccochet can be used for grouped Regrows, while Bionic Boomers can act as a direct destroyer of grouped Bloon and other non-grouped Bloons in the mobile version. The Glaive Lord can be used if you can get it for camo detection and delivers a large portion of damage to MOAB-class bloons too, however this is not recommended because of the cost. Turbo Charge is similar to the Blade Maelstrom, as it can be a life saver to destroy rushes. Turbo Charge can also easily singlehandedly deny round thirteen rushes (also camo in the mobile version).
  5. Ninja Monkey: The Ninja Monkey can be incredible MOAB and bloon popping power. Bloonjitsu with Distraction can be great to stop regrowths and ceramics if you have enough of them. A common technique is to combine a 2/1 or 3/1 Ninja with a Cluster Bomb for a well-rounded defense and also prevents Mortar exploits as this tower is an automatic camo detector. Flash Bomb is the only tower that can take down camo lead group for beginners but not recommended because of the price, but it can be used as a group stunning in mid-game, although a 4/2 Bomb Tower is better. Sabotage Supply Lines can be used throughout the late game to slow the bloons down.
  6. Ice Monkey: The Ice Tower is a very effective tool against bloons and bloons with support. The Arctic Wind can slow bloons effectively enough to allow Boomerangs to clean them up. Paired with a Bloontonium Reactor Sub on water tracks, this proves to be extremely useful against all bloon types (except MOAB-class) as long as the Reactor and Arctic Wind have a large shared area of the track. The tower becomes suicidal if an opponent sends Regrow Rainbows, as this will cause, combined with a weak defense, a stalled rush. Ice Shards should be teamed with other towers that can pop frozen bloons for total effectiveness in mobile. Fourth-tier Ice Towers are not recommended. However, due to mechanics on mobile, it is as useless as the Glue Gunner on mobile. In previous versions of the game, "ice stalling" was possible, which is delaying the end of the round by freezing bloons, this was later banned. The Absolute Zero ability is excellent for late game purposes due to how it stalls even MOAB class, and also a great rush stopper in the early game thanks to how it freezes camo bloons.
  7. Glue Gunner: This tower is rarely seen in non-randomization games. In Bloons Monkey City and BTD5's Apopalypse mode, the Glue Gunner is a much more acceptable choice. Even the Glue and Ice Tower strategy fails in the end with the Glue Gunners lack of MOAB popping power (but can slow them down) and expensive cost to get Bloon Dissolver, which makes the Glue Gunner actually useful against ceramics. The Glue Striker ability is also somewhat useful in BTD Battles because it also hits camo bloons, and if upgraded to 2-4, grants the tower camo lead protection when the ability is used. The 2/3 Glue Gunner is also useful to big rushes (non-camo) in mobile, with some other support like ninjas or bomb.
  8. Bomb Tower: This is a very flexible and universally useful tower. The Cluster Bomb and its fourth-tier upgrade destroy bloons in a large radius by stalling them to allow other towers to inflict more damage. MOAB Maulers are one of the most cost efficient tools against MOABs and BFBs. The Assassins can be used as a late game ZOMG eliminator. The Assassin can be sold and rebuilt if the enemy rushes with MOABs or BFBs. With sufficient support, Bloon impact can deny round thirteen rushes.
  9. Monkey Buccaneer: If you have a considerable amount of water on the course (such as Hydro Dam, Battle Park, or Battle River), this tower can be a very efficient tool against any bloons and even against rushes. A buy and sell Monkey Pirate strategy can destroy almost infinite BFBs sent if your defense cannot deal with them. Aircraft Carrier is not recommended. Like the Ninja and Apprentice, the Buccaneer can be used to stop Mortar exploits because of its cheap camo detection upgrade. In the mobile version, a sufficient number of destroyers can manage medium sized round thirteen rushes, especially with blowback support.
  10. Monkey Ace: Not a directly wise choice at the beginning, but a great late game tower as a Ground Zero. It can be deadly to almost all bloons on screen, and also many MOABs and Ceramics. In the mobile version, a 2/3 Ace is a very good way of destroying even big Regrow Rainbow Rushes. Spectres are also good late game.
  11. Banana Farm: This tower is up to you. If you dislike the bloon economy or even like having the money used to build them stock piled for rushes, use them. It's also a life saver as you can sell them any time, in case you quickly need money to defend an eventual all-out rush from your opponent. If you like bloon economy, you may never want to use them as a additonal income source. In the mobile version, this is recommended. Do not pair with Dartlings.(Note: You can use a Banana Farmer, eliminating the need to pick up bananas so you don't redirect the aim of the darting) Place immediately on bananza for extra cash in the pre-round interrim. In Defend Mode, this tower is always recommended unless the track is Indoor Pools.
  12. Mortar: This can be disputed as the best camo detection along with the Monkey Village, which is more expensive and does not actually damage bloons itself. Burny Stuff is very useful against many bloons. If it is mainly for camo detection, get it around Round 10-11. The Artillery Battery can stall any bloon except ZOMGs if sold and re-bought quickly enough, making it a technique against rushes you cannot handle alone (WARNING: To make it efficient, you need some other towers to still do damage to the bloons, as the artillery alone will not solve your problems. Bloon Buster is a waste of money, and The Big One is only used on certain stages. Mortar stalling (0/4) is quite powerful, but beware of Mortar exploits. To prevent these, use towers with good camo detection (e.g. Ninjas, 0/2 Apprentices, 0/2 Buccaneers, etc.).
  13. Dartling Gun: The Dartling Gun is best suited for Hydro Dam where it can be placed on the top of the map where the dam ends to shoot straight down at the bloons. The Dartling Gun combines Camo detection with decent MOAB popping power. Hydra Rockets beat a Laser Cannon in its worth against grouped ceramics and MOABs. In the late game, Hydra Rocket Pods and Rays of Doom that are combined with MOAB Assassins are a efficient late game combo. Do not pair the Dartling Guns with Banana Farms, as they point to wherever you point the mouse to/tap, which isn't useful when you need to constantly pick up bananas. (Note: In BTD Battles you can use a Banana Farmer, eliminated the need to pick up bananas so you don't redirect the aim of the darting) One Laser Cannon can deny Round Thirteen rushes with good placement and a tower boost.
  14. Monkey Village: A very good support tower in the late game.A 0-2 Village can give camo detection of all towers in range which can be very useful if used with towers with no Camo detection at all (Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Ice Monkey, Super Monkey, Bloonchiper) The fourth-tier upgrade on Path 1 can maximize the MOAB Assassin's and Technological Terror's efficiency by decreasing the cooldown times for those abilities and thus, allows more uses of them.
  15. Monkey Apprentice: In the mobile version, Monkey Apprentices seem much more popular to people because of their increased efficiency compared to the Flash version. Monkey Apprentices can indeed still be used as a tower, but they are not particularly the best choice for beginners who cannot use them efficiently. Lightning is helpful for clusters of weak bloons.Fire Breath is much better than Summon Tornado as they have a powerful attack against bloons and MOAB-class bloons alike. However, tornadoes can still be used in combination to push stray ceramics back to the Fire Wizards.As for the fourth-tier upgrades, it's up to you. The x/4 ability has been buffed as of Version 4.1, so that the phoenix does extra damage to MOAB class bloons so can be a decent option. They are powerful but not at all necessary to a great defense. They do not bode well against spaced bloons. Using them against pinks will result in leakage. Apprentices aren't a great option with farms as you have to get lightning for round 4 pinks instead of investing in farms. Apprentices are also USELESS against regrow rainbow rushes unless you have at least 4 lightnings, they just make things worse as the lightning turn regen rainbows into 2 regen zebras, giving double the amount of bloons. Fourth tier Phoenix wizards can manage them with support. Also if just starting, you can spam 2-2 wizards is how you can get easy starting wins, if ceramics come, start to use other towers.
  16. Super Monkey: This tower will always be the most powerful but not the best in cost. To fully utilize this powerful tower, a strong bloon income should be built to get the Plasma Blasts and Robo Monkey upgrades to help with MOAB popping power. Sun Gods are great bloon popping power, as always, but do keep in mind its cost and the fact that Super Monkeys shoot half as fast as they do in BTD5 and Bloons Monkey City. The Technological Terror can be built as 0/4 and have the same capabilities as a 2/4. In late game go straight to the right and save several thousand. Getting TOTMGs is highly NOT recommended because it's impossible to max out a TOTMG in Bloons TD Battles. A bunch of Technological Terrors will be far better than a TOTMG in BTDB for the same reason. Super monkeys in btd battles are usually best used only really in bananza,then they are a must. Note the camo weakness without upgrading to a temple.
  17. Spike Factory: Extremely useful tower for Defense and Assault alike. They're usually best to be placed at the end of the track, to stop any bloons that might get out. MOAB Shredder Spikes can shred many MOAB class before it reaches any other towers. However, you might need a Cripple MOAB or Bloon Impact to stall nearby bloons and MOABs so that the Spike Factory can lay down its spikes quick enough. Spike Storm has been nerfed and is no longer as powerful as it was before. This tower is not recommended on tracks where natural bloons exit towards the entrance of eco bloons, and vice versa (i.e. Park, Rally, YinYang, Ice Flow, etc.), or any map with multiple exits for that matter.
  18. Monkey Engineer: Many of these, combined with sentries, are extremely effective against almost every bloon. Cleansing Foam is effective in bunches, and Bloon Traps can trap a bunch of bloons to help get you cash to build more Engineers. However, these are not recommended to be the main defense against camo. You probably want to get a Bomb Tower to pop the leads, despite Cleansing Foam doing most of that job. Bloon trap can be quite good in bananza.
  19. Bloonchipper: Despite repeated nerfs to this rather interesting tower, it remains a potent choice due to its exceptional MOAB popping power and stalling come late game. This tower is one of the most used in Mobile competitive gameplay (MKOTH) because of these reasons.
    • Bloonchippers first become useful at round 4, when spaced pinks become available to send. Not many cheap towers can successfully defend spaced pink rushes with layering without leakage, so a 0-0 chipper set to strong can turn the pinks down to yellows and even greens, making them much easier to catch. They retain this property of never missing fast bloons against stronger bloons, like zebras and rainbows.
    • By round 10, if you're using a dart monkey heavy strategy, one method of getting your lead protection is just a 2-0 chipper. This has the added advantage over juggernauts of being much more effective against single regrow leads because bloons cannot regrow while being shredded by the chipper.
    • Popular round 13 rushes such as Regrow Rainbow Rush of Doom can be stalled and weakened by an army of 0-0 chippers set to strong. Combined with a juggernaut and several triple dart monkeys, a rush of most sizes can be brought down rather easily. Keep in mind that without a certain amount of defenses to back up the chippers, they will easily multiply regrow bloons.
    • Round 15 is where ceramics are allowed to be sent, and when chippers again show their power of bloon stalling. Despite a nerf that requires Heavy Duty Suction (2-0) to suck up ceramics, these towers are still rather cheap for what they do and a 2-0 chipper can suck up to 4 ceramics and hold them, releasing them as much less dangerous rainbows several seconds later. This trait is particularly useful against AI ceramics, since they often come in larger groups than bloon sends from your opponent.
    • Round 18 is where the first MOAB can be sent. With enough triple dart monkeys and juggernauts, or a Super Monkey Fan Club, these big blimps can be stopped in their tracks, but more often than not a 4-2 chipper can do the same job much more efficiently and cheaper than a dart monkey defense. In addition, after a 4-2 chipper has shredded the MOAB enough, it can instantly suck up the ceramics spawned and turn them into something dart monkeys can handle. Remember to set them on strong so they target the MOAB and the ceramics that spawn from it.
      • Keep in mind, however, that due to a nerf the 4-2 chipper will now send MOAB class bloons farther along the track every time it releases one. This affects it little in the mid game, because they deal so much damage the bloonchipper won't need to take many attacks to defeat a MOAB class bloon.
    • As late game approaches, one easy way to outlast your opponent is through the extremely powerful 0-4 Bloonchipper. Transforming from a completely useless ability to a superpowered MOAB class stalling tower, the Supa-Vac (0-4) can be placed and activated at regular intervals to suck up and hold all bloons (expect the ZOMGs), including MOABs, for a long time.
      • For a while, just 6 0-4 bloonchippers activated every 8 seconds at a minimum could keep you going far further than round 100, even round 200 if you're careful. All you really needed was some decent popping power such as Super Monkey Fan Clubs or Spectres to limit the number of ceramics being tossed around and keep lag to a minimum. Even if your opponent was using temples (especially without the proper bomb sacrifice), it was quite easy to outlast them because of the intense speed and health increase for blimps that affects Temples, but not the Supa-Vacs.
      • Now, due to yet another nerf, you now need somewhere in the range of 20-30 to keep ZOMGs properly held continuously because of ZOMGs now being stalled for 2 seconds. It is safe, however, to activate them every 3 seconds because of the time needed for ZOMGs to return to the track after being held by a Supa-Vac. Supa-Vac stalling is still very viable, but requires more dedication and adds more variables, making it difficult to last past round 150 unless you micro accordingly.
      • In update 4.1, the Bloonchipper was nerfed yet again so that it cannot suck up ZOMGs. Though it can still pop any bloon up to BFB, other towers are recommended against ZOMGs.
  20. Heli Pilot: Effective tower in the later rounds. Razor Rotors are effective in ripping up even more bloons, and Downdraft can bring bloons back to the start. Quad Darts can take down even more bloons, and Apache Dartship is effective for taking down many bloons, excluding the mighty ZOMG. Its also good to note that the good tracks for this tower are for example Battle Park, Offside, Pumpkin Patch because there are larger empty space, the bad tracks for this towers are for example Ice Flow, Rally, Battle River because there are space to place other smaller towers but not heli-pilots or banana farms.
  21. Monkey Sub: Monkey Subs are extremely popular, not only because it's mobile exclusive, but because they are cheap and efficient in taking down bloon hordes. Advanced Intel and Airburst Darts make a great combination of upgrades, and a bunch of Ballistic Missiles should clear a MOAB and maybe a BFB. FSC should be bought later, when you have more money. Reactors can deny round thirteen rushes, especially with a boost, but are not foolproof in this alone.
  22. COBRA: An extremely powerful game changer. However, because of its high medal count, it is very expensive on it. It has many useful upgrades that are considered to be overpowered by many. Its guns pop 2 layers each. Upgrades like Bloon Adjustment and Attrition can bring down the opponent very quickly, and Wired Funds could make farming cash better. However, there is a way to overcome the COBRA. As soon as you see one, start sending out grouped rushes of yellow or pink bloons or use rushes. The COBRA is used as a support tower, and by itself has a bad popping power. If you're lucky, you may get it from the Bonus Tower.

ilikewaffles_123 Tips to Beating COBRAs

  • COBRA's Bloon Adjustment (2/0) can seem annoying at first, but assuming they buy it before round 3, they shouldn't have enough money to be able to withstand grouped reds and blues.
  • COBRA's Attrition (0/2) is super irritating in tournaments because it can make you lose when you didn't take any damage from bloons, but it can't kill you, and assuming they buy it before round 3, you can easily kill them with the grouped reds and blues.
  • On round 4, pinks should deal with up to three COBRAs.
  • On round 6, blacks should deal with up to five COBRAs and two other towers if done correctly.
  • COBRAs are weak against regen rushes like RPoDs, RRoDs, and RZoDs. They also don't have the best camo detection, so unless your opponent has towers with decent camo detection, adding camo to the regen rushes are also a good idea.
  • COBRA's Misderiction ability (0/4) only goes up to BFBs, so sending a ZOMG as soon as possible should easily kill your opponent unless they have a 3/2 and 2/3 Super (which they shouldn't have at rounds 24 and under).

General Strategy ListEdit


Strategies Requiring Battle Score Icon0

Strategies Requiring Battle Score Icon50

Strategies Requiring Battle Score Icon250

Strategies Requiring Battle Score Icon500

Strategies requiring Battle Score Icon0Edit

  • 1. Strategy 1: (Ninja, Sniper, Optional, Optional)
    • Start with a ninja.
    • Upgrade it to 2/1 as fast as possible starting with seeking shuriken.
    • Start spamming bloons in a pattern (2 grouped then 1 spreaded and repeat).
    • If your opponent sends bloons:
      • Place another ninja and upgrade it to 2/2 while upgrading the other one to 2/2 as well.
      • Place more ninjas as needed.
    • After you are done upgrading a ninja/s place a sniper and upgrade it to 1/0 and set it on strong.
    • Once you unlock regrows, start using all your money to spam regrow yellows.
      • If this attack defeats them then congratulations.
      • If this attack doesn't defeat them then move on with the strategy.
    • After your regrow yellows attack stop spamming bloons unless you the regrow yellow attack almost finished him off then spam those.
    • 1 round before you get camo, upgrade your sniper to 1/2; Keep adding towers if you need.
    • On the same round look at your opponent to see if he has camo detection or the ability to pop lead bloons.
      • If the opponent doesn't have camo detection (which is very rare to find) spam camo pinks.
      • If the opponent doesn't have lead detection then send regular lead bloons.
      • If the opponent has camo detection that cannot pop lead(such as 3-2 ninjas), spam camo leads.
      • If the opponent has both camo and lead detection then send anything just to boost your eco.
    • If you still haven't defeated your opponent then whats left to do is wait till you can send ceramics and spam them before your opponent does. If your opponent has weak camo detection (such as 1-1 ninjas), send camo ceramics.
    • If you still haven't won or got defeated what's left to do is to keep spamming bloons and wait till you get to moab to finish him off. Alternatively, you can save up money for a fast moab rush or if you want to go late game, BFBs and ZOMGs. If you do go late game, make sure that your income is above $1000.

Strategy 2:

  • Just fend off bloons till round 15 and then send a ton of camo leads. Strategy won't work if opponent has camo detection that can pop leads (such as 0-2 apprentices).

Strategy 3: (Dart, Ninja, Sniper, Bomb)

  • Start with a dart monkey and upgrade it to 2/3. Send bloons at your enemy in a pattern: 2 grouped 1 spaced.
  • Put down a Bomb tower and upgrade it to 3/2. Remember to send bloons at the enemy, You must build up income to succeed.
  • Your next tower is a ninja. Upgrade it to 3/2. After that, put down a Sniper and upgrade it to 1/2.
  • Put down another ninja and consider your enemy and their defenses. If they are a strong player with good defense, upgrade to 2/3. If not, get another 3/2.
  • After this build one more Bomb tower and upgrade it to 3/2. If you feel that there will be MOABS, upgrade it to 2/3.
  • You should have about 400 - 500 income at this point. If not then you will likely lose. Save up to 4500 or perhaps 6000 and send 3-4 MOABs or a single BFB.
  • If you win, congratulations. If you don't, build a large number of Bomb Towers and Ninjas and save up money for another attack.
  • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to choose towers.

Strategy 4: (Ninja, Bomb,Sniper)

  • Start with Ninja. Upgrade to 2/1.
  • Get more Ninjas but upgrade to 2/1 if you need to.
  • Then wait to get bomb tower and upgrade to 0/1 for grouped bloons and/or a 1/2 sniper for (camo) leads.
  • Save up money (don't send bloons), unless you have a little money left.
  • Bad Regen popping power? Send Regen Blacks.
  • No lead popping power on your opponent's side? Send a couple of leads. (Sending a total of four leads is fine.)
  • Barely any Camo popping power? Send grouped/ spaced Camo Pink bloons.
  • Use it up on round 13 for Regen Zebras or Regen Rainbow rushes, or spot you opponent's weakness and use it. (Camo and/or Regens.)

Strategy 5: Ninja-Sniper-Bomb-Optional: (Ninja, Sniper, Bomb, Optional)

  • You could still try Strategy 4 with Battle Score Icon50 requirement if there is water, if you wish.
  • Place a Ninja Monkey. Upgrade to 1/0 or 0/1, or whatever you choose.
  • Add a Bomb Tower in case of opponent rushing bloons at you. For defense mode, wait until Round 10 or so.
  • Add a Sniper Monkey anywhere, upgrade to 1/0, then 1/1, then the optional 1/2 (or just wait until camos). Mostly, here in case of Camo Leads.
  • Add some more Ninja Monkeys and upgrade at least one to 2/3. Add more of your other preference of towers.
  • Do whatever else you wish to do.

Strategies requiring Battle Score Icon50Edit

  • 1. Strategy 1: (Buccaneer, Boomerang, Optional, Optional) This strategy is for levels with water.
    • Start with a buccaneer.
    • Upgrade it to 2/0 as soon as possible.
    • Get a boomerang thrower.
    • Get the bionic boomer (0/3) before getting any upgrades on the other path (after upgrading to bionic boomer, you can do the other path.)
    • Get the destroyer upgraded on your buccaneer (3/0)
    • Buy another buccaneer, and upgrade this one to cannon ship.
    • See if your opponent has a defense against Camo Leads.
      • If they don't, send as many as possible at them.
      • If they do, use Regrow Rainbows.
    • If you still don't win, I would get more bionic boomers, but if you have a different favorite tower, then use whatever you want.
  • 2. Ninja Boomer: (Ninja, Tack Shooter, Boomerang, Optional)

You win corner is a good idea).

    • Upgrade them 3/2.
    • Get 4 boomerang monkeys.
    • Upgrade them to 3/2 and 2/3
    • Send in some ceramic bloons and fast bloons until your opponent is defeated.
  • 3. Ninja Boomer II:(Boomerang, Ninja, Optional, Optional)
    • First place a boomerang.
    • Upgrade it to 3/2
    • Wait until you have $3000 or more
    • Place another 3/2 boomerang.
    • Get some 3/2 ninja monkeys for camo detection.
    • Save up your money until round 13.
    • With the money, send regrow rainbow bloons with all your money and your opponent is defeated.
    • Note that attacks from the opponent will maybe decrease your chance a bit to be the winner.
  • 4. Buccaneer-Sniper-Bomb-Optional: (Buccaneer, Sniper, Bomb, Optional)
    • Use this strategy if there is water. Replace with Strategy 5 with Battle Score Icon0 requirements if no water.
    • Place a Buccanneer in first. Upgrade to 0/1 if you have the chance to.
    • Add a Bomb Tower in case of opponent rushing bloons at you. For defense mode, wait until Round 10 or so.
    • Add a Sniper Monkey anywhere, upgrade to 1/0, then 1/1, then the optional 1/2 (or just wait until camos). Mostly here in case of Camo Leads.
    • If you don't have camo-detecting towers, then upgrade your Buccanneers to have Crow's Nest. 2/2 recommended combination.
    • Upgrade some of your Buccanneers to 3/2. You may upgrade some to 2/3 if you wish.
    • Do whatever else you wish to do.

5. Wizard-other-other-other At round 1 place a wizard and try to get 2/0 then, once you have enough get the rest of the upgrades. Then spam more until ceramics come. When ceramics come get ready to place other towers sell if you need to.

Strategies requiring Battle Score Icon250Edit

  • 1. Camownage: (Mortar, Tack Shooter, Spike Factory, Boomerang)
    • 'Start off with a tack shooter in a corner, then get a boomerang ASAP.
    • When you can, get a mortar and a factory.
      • If the track is Cards, Temple, or Bloontonium Mine, aim the mortar at the spot where the two paths meet.
      • If not, aim the mortar at where bloons spawned by your enemy come out.
    • Upgrade the tack shooter to 3/2.
    • Upgrade the boomer to 3/2.
    • Upgrade the mortar to 2/3.
    • Upgrade the factory to 2/2.
    • Send out CLoDs, CoDs, RRoDs, and MOAB's until your opponent dies.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 2. Aqua Camownage: (Mortar, Buccaneer, Spike Factory, Boomerang) Same as Camownage, but for levels with water.
    • Follow the Camownage strategy, but use Cannon Ships instead of Tack Shooters.
    • Once the threat of Camo Leads is over, sell the cannon ships and get destroyers.
  • 3. Tack-tical Spikes: (Spike Factory, Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Optional)
    • Start off with a Tack Shooter and upgrade it 2/1
    • Repeat 3 times.
    • When you can afford a Spike Factory, place it near the end.
    • At the end of the round, sell the Tack Shooters and upgrade your Spike Factory, keep upgrading until it is 3/2.
    • Buy another Spike Factory and upgrade it to 3/2 again.
    • Buy a Bomb Tower whenever you can and upgrade until 3/2
    • Buy another Bomb Tower, but this time upgrade it to 2/3.
    • Now place as many 3/2 Spike Factories as you can.
    • On round 30-40, or when your income is at least 3000, send whatever bloon rush you think will vanquish your opponent.
  • 4. Tack-tical Spikes ALT 1: (Spike Factory, Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Optional)
    • Follow the Tack-tical Spikes strategy, except instead of tack shooters at the start, instantly put the Bomb Tower, and upgrade to 3/2, then buy the Spike Factories.
    • Continue on with the normal Tack-tical Spikes,without buying another 3/2 Bomb Tower. Continue on with normal Tack-tical spikes again, but instead of sending Rainbows, send a BFB or MOAB.
  • 5. Tack/ Cannon Destruction (Tack Shooter (Tier 4), Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower, Monkey Ace(Tier 4) This strategy works on every map except Zen Garden and Hydro Dam.
    • Open with a Bomb Tower set to close.
    • Buy a tack shooter.
    • As soon as round 2 starts, spam grouped reds at your opponent, to get lots of income.
    • Don't buy the 1/0 upgrade on the tack shooter right away, but buy it on round 3.
    • Buy the 3/0 upgrade on the tack shooter by round 4. (Keep sending reds while doing this.)
    • As round 4 hits, send grouped blues instead of grouped reds.
    • Don't buy anything until round 6, in which you get a second tack shooter, upgraded 2/0.
    • Start sending lots of grouped greens against your opponent until your income is 600.
    • Save up your money (To about 1000)
    • To make this easier, sell the 2/0 tack shooter and the cannon and upgrade the 3/0 tack shooter to 4/2.
    • Send grouped yellows to get economy up until round 10. ( Your economy should be around 750.)
    • Buy a mortar tower and upgrade it to 0/3, then 2/3, before round 12.
    • Buy a 3/0 tack shooter by round 13, ( Unless your opponent is extremly vulnerable to regrow rainbows, in which case finish him off)
    • Get another one up by round 15.
    • Send grouped pinks up until mid round 16. (You should have 800 income.)
    • Buy 2 2/3 moab maulers by round 18, to defend against any regrow moab rushes. (Put the maulers on strong).
    • Keep sending grouped pinks up until round 20. ( You should have 1000 income)
    • Get two more maulers, and save up for a 0/4 monkey ace.
    • Send grouped pinks up until round 25. (You should have 1600 income), and save up your money.
    • Unless your opponent has a ground zero,(In which case rush them with ZOMGs on round 30), rush your opponent with Fast Cooldown Regrow BFBs, and put some Fast Cooldown Camo Ceramics under them if your opponent has a mortar as full camo detection on round 30.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 6. Tact Shooter. (Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower, Optional (all Tier 4's MUST be unlocked)
    • 'Open with a 3/2 tack sprayer.
    • Start sending economy balloons.
    • When grouped blues become availible, get a bomb. Set it to target priority close.
    • Keep increasing your eco until it reaches about 420.
    • Sell the bomb tower and buy Ring of Fire (ROF).
    • Keep sending economy balloons until the very end of round 10.
    • Next, a WELL POSITIONED Mortar Tower needs to be upgraded to 2/3.
    • This step is important: buy ROF. This will counter a regrow rainbow rush.
    • To take care of ceramics, get another 2 tack sprayers, but DO NOT upgrade to ROF.
    • Keep increasing your eco until the start of round 17. When this happens, put up 2 MOAB Maulers.
    • By Round 20, you will need an Assassin.
      • If the opponent BFBs you, use the ability to pop the BFB.
      • If you need to, sell the assassin and buy another. Keep doing this until the BFB has been converted to ceramics.
    • You've got clear skies ahead of you: You can get you eco up to 1400ish, and then buy more MOAB maulers.
      • For every 7 Maulers, buy one Assassin.
      • To defense an all out FC BFB rush, upgrade your Mortar to 2/4.
        • Use the ability, sell it, buy another one, and use the ability again. This will paralize everything while your towers continue to shoot.
    • If you want to kill the opponent early, try a regrow white/yellow rush.
      • If they have a single tower to pop grouped balloons, the whites will slide past. If they have a fast shooter, the yellows will slide past. (Do not do this if they have an ROF or a Bionic Boomer and Glaive Ricochet combo.)
      • For later game, try mortar exploiting, camo leads, regrow rainbows, or a regrow BFB.
        • If none of these work, send a regrow ZOMG on round 30. (This will work because before round 30, all MOAB class balloons that you send will enter the field with half health.)
    • This will work for all tracks but Zen Garden, Cards, Ice Flow, and Hydrodam. But seriously, what does work on any of these???
  • 7. 5 Tower combo that is worth using (Ace, Boomerang, Ice, Bomb, Mortar) This strategy only works on Cards.
    • 'This is a balanced group of towers that can maximize your defense early game or late game depending on how long the game is.
    • First get an ice tower with permafrost on the curve in the path at the top of the card.
    • Get a 1-1 boomerang to actually pop the bloons the icetower stalls.
    • By round 4, it would be best to have a 2-3 boomerang to deal with any pinks that get past the ice(by the way, your boomerang should be in the right corner curve just below the ice tower).
    • After that, you should get a 3-2 boomerang when the path is two parallel lines by round 8 which will be the solution for regrow whites.
    • The next step is to have a mortar for camo detections aimed at the left corner of the path( the corner with no tower in it).
    • Get either a cluster bomb or a glaive ricochet along with some low level icetowers to deal with regrow rainbows and ceramics.
    • Get moab maulers after that for moab popping power(2-3 is good).
    • From here, your tower choices should be made on a few principles.
      • As bfbs and zomgs become unlocked, you should continue to increase your mauler amount.
      • The aces you create around round 24-32 should only be ground zeros and should only be activated when moabs and ceramics are getting past the top ice tower.
      • Just under your glaive ricochet, a artic wind is a good choice to stop ceramics in thier tracks.
      • To get a 100% camo proof defense in the late game, use artillary batteries, and even glaive lords which can be used as additional damage to blimps as well.
      • And finally, when all else fails it is best to mortar stall everything until the threat is gone.
  • 8. Explosive Results: (Bomb Tower, Mortar, Optional, Ice Tower)
    • Start off with a Mortar
    • Upgrade to 3/2.
    • Save up for another Mortar and place it next to the other Mortar.
    • Upgrade the new Mortar to 3/2
    • Repeat this process until you have 4 Mortars.
    • Buy a fifth Mortar, but this time, upgrade to 2/3.
    • Place a Bomb Tower 2/3 for MOABs.
    • Place an Ice Tower to try and cover the whole map, with atleast 1-2.
    • You should out last your enemy, also, to get more money, send bloons.
  • 9. M.I.N.C: (Mortar, Ice Tower, Ninja Monkey, Bomb Tower)

One of the best strats for long game. If used correctly, you can outlast your opponent easily.

  • Set up 3 ice towers, with one at 2/0.
  • Get economy up to 600
  • Get a 3/0 bomb tower, a 1/3 mortar and a 4/2 Ninja.
  • Get up to 900 eco
  • Create 3-5 2/3 MOAB Maulers
  • Get eco to 2K
  • Upgrade the 3/0 cannon to 4/2 and an 0/0 ice tower to 2/3
  • Eco up to 3K
  • Get a 2/4 cannon, a 3/2 ice tower and a 2/4 mortar.
  • Continue to gain eco (up to 7000)
  • Keep getting towers. (Works until up to R46.)
  • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 10. Zebra Build-up (Ninja, Farm, Apprentice, Optional)

this is an easy way to win against unexperienced players, but still works fine otherwise.

  • Get a ninja and upgrade to 2/1
  • Get another and upgrade it to 1/1
  • Get a banana farm and upgrade it to 2/0
  • Make the second ninja 2/1
  • if your opponent is sending out bloons, put down an apprentice and upgrade to 2/1
  • Keep building up money till round 13.
  • Sell the farm, and you should have 5000-8000
  • Send out as many Regrow Zebras as possible.

If that didn't kill them you will probably lose.

Strategy 11: Ninja-Glue G.-Wizard-Bonus(optional)

  • Start with Wizard, upgrade 1/2
  • Add 1 Glue G., upgrade 2/2
  • Repeat once
  • Add Ninja, upgrade 3/1
  • Repeat Then do it all over again, try to use the bonus as well ;)

#13: ilikewaffles_123's Guarenteed Victory Strategy (Apperentice, Farm, ___)

  • Place an Apperentice down in an area where its range covers most.
  • Place a Farm and upgrade it to 1/0.
  • Upgrade your Apperentice to 2/2 as soon as you can.
  • Upgrade your Farm to 2/0.
  • Place an Apperentice near the 2/2 Apprentice and upgrade it to 1/2.
  • Save up ($4950 recommended) until Round 13.
  • Spam RRoDs. Your opponent will not survive.

Strategies requiring Battle Score Icon500Edit

1. Mobile version strategy (Monkey Apprentice, Engineer, Whatever, Optional):

  • Get a 1-0 Engineer immediately.
  • Get as much eco as possible rounds 2-4.
  • Your opponent will rush you with spaced pinks, so upgrade the engineer to 2-1.
  • Continue sending more bloons for eco until you have 450-500.
  • Then, get a 2-2 monkey apprentice.
  • Save your money, but improve your defense if necessary. If your opponent spams yellows round 8, sell the Engineer and get dragon's breath or another 2-2 apprentice.
  • At round 12, if your opponent has weak or no camo detection, spam camo pinks.
  • At round 13, if your opponent's defense is weak, send regen zebras or rainbows. (Do not do this if your opponent has ring of fire, blade mealstorm, multiple lightning bolt apprentices/juggernauts, or summon whirlwind with a strong defense.)
  • If you attacked and won, good job.
  • If you attacked and failed (or chose not to attack), send pinks for eco until you have about 650. Get another 3-2 or 2-3 apprentice.
  • Save up for a round 18 ceramic or regen ceramic rush.
  • At round 18, send ceramics unless your opponent has summon whirlwind.
  • If this still fails, sell any unnecessary defense and save up for a grouped MOAB or BFB rush.
  • If this still fails, you're probably screwed.

2. Sniped (Sniper, Ninja Monkey, Monkey Apprentice, Optional):

  • First get a bunch of snipers in rounds 1-5. Do not upgrade them.
  • On rounds 2-4, get a ninja and an apprentice. In the meantime, spam the opponent.
  • Upgrade the ninja and the apprentice 2/2.
  • Get extra snipers, and set one aside as the "Special". Upgrade it 2/2, then send a lead rush.
  • If they have bomb towers, spam with camo leads. You will win eventually.

3. Long battles : (Dart monkey , Banana Farm , Super Monkey, Optional)

  • 'Start off with a banana farm 1/0 and use your track powers (glue reccomended) to pop bloons
  • Get a 3/2 dart monkey
  • Upgrade banana farm 2/0
  • Get another 3/2 dart monkey
  • Get another banana farm and upgrade it to 2/0
  • Get two dart monkeys
  • Upgrade them both to 4/2
  • Get income until you get 1000
  • Sell banana farm
  • Get robo monkey
  • Get more income

4. March 8th 2013: (Boomerang Thrower , Bomb Tower (tier 4 unlocked), Village, Super Monkey)

  • 'Start with a boomerang played bionic arm first
  • Buy Multi-Target and then Glaive Thrower (placement is extremely important!)
  • Start sending in the highest grouped bloons until around the middle of round 7. (450-700 income, but varies with map and opponent's strategy)
  • If the placement is good, then you will never have to worry about bloons escaping.
    • If you have income around 550+, get another 2/3 Boomerang Thrower, especially when you think they are prepping to rush you.
    • If not, then get a 0/2 Monkey Village.(somewhere between round 10-12) This counters Camo Bloons.
      • Then, get a second, or if you have money, get a third.
  • For some reason, a 0/1 Monkey village doubles the popping power of glaive ricocchet, allowing a 3/2 boomerang thrower to pop twice the bloons (twice damage of two glaives)
  • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.

5. Sam Wang: (Spike Factory, Boomerang, Apprentice, Banana Farm)

  • Start with a spike factory near the end
  • Upgrade it to 1/0 ASAP.
  • Place two boomerang throwers at the front, one upgraded to 3/2 and the other 2/3, with the 3/2 set to strong and 2/3 set to first.
  • Upgrade your spike factory to 2/2 and if you can purchase an apprentice or a farm, follow these instructions. If you can't do any then ignore the following.
    • Apprentice: Upgrade it to 2/2 as fast as possible, and then get more if you can.
    • Banana Farm: Upgrade it to 3/0, or possibly 4/0 if you've unlocked it. Upgrade the second path last. Get another banana farm if you can. Simply hover your mouse over the bananas to collect it.
    • Both:Get the banana farm first. Upgrade it to 1/0, then get the apprentice. The apprentice should be upgraded to 2/2 before upgrading the banana farm again.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 6. Strategy 6: (Boomerang, Apprentice, Ninja, Optional)
    • 'Get a boomerang thrower and upgrade it to 2/3.
    • Get a monkey apprentice and upgrade it to 2/2.
    • Keep sending regen whites.
    • If your opponent doesn't lose, get a ninja monkey and upgrade it to 3/2. Then sell it and send in a rainbow regen rush.
    • If your opponent survives that, next time, don't send the whites and just get a little income, sell the ninja AND the apprentice and send $7,000 (or $8,000 if your lucky) of rainbow regens.
  • 7. For players 500+ playing players 500-: (Boomerang, Apprentice, Optional, Optional)
    • 'Get 2 Glaive Riccochets and place near the end.
    • Around round 7 or 8, sell them and buy a 2/2 Monkey Apprentice.
    • Then continuously send a White Regen rush up to round 10.
    • At round 10 buy another 2/2 Apprentice.
    • When you can, stop sending white regens and send zebra regen.
    • Your enemy should die in round 12.
  • 8. Strategy 8: (Boomerang, Apprentice, Bomb Tower, Optional)
    • 'Get the Boomerang Thrower and upgrade it to 1/3.
    • Send in pink bloons (spaced) until you get 300 income change.
      • If your opponent retaliates back, put a Monkey Apprentice 1/2.
      • If your opponent didn't send bloons back at you, buy it anyway.
    • Save your money until you get Lighting strike
    • Send blacks until you unlock White Bloons, then send whites. Get about 400 income.
    • Try to save enough for a Summon Whirlwind.
    • Ignore all bloons you can send and focus on getting 2 wizards with 3/2. (You will get 2 wizards by the time round 15 is around, thats the time your opponent might send ceramics, so beware.)
    • Buy a Boomerang tower 1/3 just like the start of the match.
    • Buy 2 M.O.A.B. maulers
    • At this point, you pretty much should stack on bionic boomers, whirlwind wizards, and M.O.A.B maulers. Send in zebras as regulars for round 21. Your goal is to get a lot of income.
  • 9. Assualt mode only: (Glue Gunner, Boomerang, Bomb Tower(tier 4 unlocked), Monkey Village)
    • Start out with your boomerang thrower and sent in group reds.
    • Get a bionic boomer with glaives before they sent in blacks (pinks if you must).
    • Carry on building up your income till you get around 500.
    • Buy a glue gunner and try to have it so it catches opponents bloons and still gets normal round ones.
    • If you're too late you'll need to get monkey village by round 12 first.
    • Upgrade the monkey village so it has camo detection (makesure it covers the bionic boomer and try to cover the glue gunner).
    • Get a 3/2 boomerang thrower then a 3/2 glue gunner. Make sure your glue gunner has camo detection now.
    • Build one 2/3 bomb tower before MOAB comes.
    • Start building tonnes of bionic boomers and moab maulers.
    • Once you feel you've got enough bomb towers then focus on bionic boomers.
    • If you start to get really bored either camo regen ceramic rush your opponent or build up your income and sent in a ZOMG (if they have too good of defense then your best chance is just to keep regen rainbow rushing them).
    • If you can not defeat your opponent just focus on defenses and wait till either one of you die out.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 7. Magic Camownage: (Apprentice, Buccaneer/Tack Shooter, Spike Factory, Boomerang)
    • 'Like Camownage, but use Dragon's Breath instead of Mortars.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 8. OP Outback Village Farmers with Cannons: (Boomerang, Bomb Tower, Banana Farm, Monkey Village)
    • 'Start with boomerang somewhere mid map and upgrade 3/0 before sending red or blue bloons.
    • Keep sending bloons till you reach 270 money.
    • Now add another boomerang near the first one and upgrade to 2/0.
    • Start sending pink bloons until you reach 315 money.
    • At this point, if your opponent isn't assaulting you with pink bloons (if they DO, save to upgrade 2nd boomer to 1/3 first) save money for your first banana farm and upgrade to 1/0.
    • Now send black bloons till you're at 350 money.
    • If you're not being pressured by your opponent you can get your second banana farm 1/0...otherwise get bomb tower 2/0 near your boomers, then banana farm 1/0.
    • Now save up for Monkey Village. Place village within range of your three towers (your two boomers and bomb).
    • Upgrade your boomerangs to 3/2 and 2/3 respectively.
    • Now start sending yellows your opponent's way till you reach 400 money.
    • Upgrade your bomb tower to 3/0.
    • Now if you timed this right, you should be right at the start of round 12. IMMEDIATELY sell both banana farms and upgrade your monkey village to 0/2 so your three towers can stop camo lead, or anything else they throw at you.
    • Send the killing blow with your own camo-lead OR if they have good defence for this keep barraging with zebra bloons to build up your money to 500.
    • By then you'll hit round 15 with about 2000 cash...finish them with a combo of 4 grouped zebras and immediately follow with 4 ceramic regen bloons. By using fast grouped bloons to *hide* your high defence regens, they will slip through even with a very strong defense.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 9. Dragon's Farm: (Apprentice, Dartling Gun, Banana Plantation, Optional)
    • 'This is a strategy for maps with reasonable space for the plantations.
    • Start off with an apprentice near front lines so his line of fire can take out multiple bloons at once and upgrade him to 1/0 instantly.
    • Upgrade him to 2/0 ASAP.
    • Then if your enemy doesn't seem to be rushing with bloons get a plantation, upgrade it to 1/0, and then get a dartling.
      • If he does rush get a dartling first then get a plantation.
    • From round 4 onwards you should be spamming with the pink bloons trying to increase income. Then black, then white.
    • Only continue rushing with white bloons unless your opponent can't defend a certain bloon past it and is dying.
    • Get the plantation to 2/0 during this process and proceed to get another plantation and try to get it to the same level.
    • Once you have your farm set up, continue rushing bloons and wait til you have enough to get a 2/3 apprentice.
      • If you have trouble defending, upgrade to a 2/1 dartling before this.
    • Stop rushing at a $400 income; the plantations will take care of the rest.
    • Once you have a 2/3 apprentice simply save up for 2/3 dartling.
    • If your opponent can't stop them, just send a moab or camo ceramics and kill him. Else, continue getting 2/3 dartlings.
    • If you get to round 25, get another plantation at 2/0.
    • From this point on, you can either get a tempest (4/2) apprentice or continue getting more rocket (2/3) dartlings. I suggest the latter as it is far more effective on moabs.
  • 10. SW8573: (Boomerang Thrower, Bomb Tower, Monkey Ace, and either Mortar Tower or Monkey Village; works for all maps but Hydro Dam)
    • One element this strategy depends on is Boomerang placement, whether it can loop around the track easily or not.
    • Begin with a 0/0 Boomerang Thrower, and then a Bomb Tower as soon as the timer reaches 0:20 (slightly before Round 2 begins). Target priority can be adjusted for the Boomerang (to Last) depending on the map, while the Bomb should always be set to Close.
    • Begin sending Red Bloons as soon as Round 2 begins.
    • Without stopping the bloon-sending, slowly upgrade the Boomerang to 2/2.
    • By Round 4, slow down the bloon-sending, continue sending either Grouped Reds, or Spaced Blues.
    • Upgrade the Boomerang to 2/3; sell the Bomb Tower if necessary.
    • Once the Bionic Boomer is purchased, begin sending Grouped Blues and Greens.
    • If your income is not yet at $600, continue with Yellows until your income reaches $600.
    • However, be careful on Round 8 in case of Regen bloons; you might like to halt your income at $550 for a 3/0 Boomerang.
      • If on Rally or Yin Yang, you might like to choose a Monkey Village for Camo detection. In this case, you should hold back on sending bloons and building towers. If the opponent is not rushing you with Camo Bloons on Round 12, continue to save your money. They would usually rush you on Round 12, or 13 - with Camos or Regens respectively. If Camos, build a 0/2 Village immediately; if Regens, build another 3/0 Boomerang immediately.
      • On other maps, you would like to build a 2/3 Mortar Tower as soon as possible, usually aiming near U-shaped bends and loops.
    • If your opponent has not rushed you, nor is their defence weak enough to die from a rush, purchase a 4/0 Bomb, followed by upgrading to 4/2 as soon as possible. Your next choice of tower, if their defence is solid enough to survive rushes, should be 2 2/3 Bombs, set to "Strong". At this point, you would like to conserve on sending bloons unless you are certain it will defeat the opponent. Towers should be built accordingly, with a 0/4 Monkey Ace being the emergency tower if your opponent rushes you with strong blimps such as BFBs or ZOMGs. At late-game rounds, you should aim to upgrade that Mortar (if used) to 2/4, and to purchase more 0/4 Monkey Aces and 2/4 Bombs, using abilities as necessary. Grouped Pinks should be your choice of bloons to send for increasing late-game income.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 11: Rainbows Galore: (Boomerang Thrower, Bomb Tower, Mortar, Banana Farm, good for most maps)
    • Start off with a Boomerang and upgrade it to 3/0 (if you think your enemy will rush you with group bloons) or 2/3 (if the enemy will resort to using spaced, yet fast ones like pink).
    • This will take good care of any opponent's bloon rushes for now.
    • Once you are done, place a Banana Farm anywhere on the corners (most recommended) or available spaces of the map (if you can't put it on the corners) and start gathering money to get a Boomerang taking the other path of the first Boomerang you placed.
    • If you reach Round 6, the best advisable rush is to use a mix of Blacks and Pinks; this is highly effective as most players do not care to set their targets to ones that fit their playstyle and therefore confuses the defenses of your opponent.
    • It will have done some considerable damage after (very little to none if your opponent is quite good at strategies).
    • After that, build a Bomb Tower and upgrade it to 0/3 if your opponent has survived the previous rush, else Mortars on 2/3 (at intersection of main bloons and opponent bloon paths, else inbetween 2 paths that are close enough to any bloon at both areas) if you think the upcoming rush will defeat your opponent. The important part comes here.
    • Start slowly building up money for the upcoming rush, more is better. You can first test your opponent's defenses by sending in one pack of non-regen Rainbows as early as possible. Your rush is more effecient, but it gives you a good look at the chances of your rush ending the game. Anywhere more than 5% is enough to probably end the game, closer to the path than that means your rush will attempt to pass through (does damage, but it doesn't end the game). If they get popped before they even appear on the map, chances are your rush won't work.
    • Wait for Round 15 while building your strength up. The rush is very costly, and at the same time, very time-costing. Wait for Round 15. Once you are there, BAM! Your rush is ready for attack. Check Regen and press SHIFT+9 and SHIFT+8 one after another. How easy the rainbows are popped turn it into multiple regen bloons, which shield the ceramics. Along with the ceramic's defenses, most of the rush will go through and end the battle. Take note that while this rush works on even the best strategies, there are some which does beat this strategy. BTD 5 has shown that not even a Super Monkey (below 3rd upgrade of any path) could keep up to the rush's power. If your enemy DOES survive the attack, your chances of winning is extremely diminished unless you can build up enough money for an enhanced rush of your own, whilst still including Regen Ceramics and Regen Rainbows.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 12. A Quick and Easy Death (Sniper Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Super Monkey, Optional, Does not work for Hydro Dam or the one Swamp like track)
    • Start off with a Sniper Monkey and upgrade it to Faster Firing as soon as possible.
    • Buy a Boomerang thrower and put it near the beginning of the stage. Make sure to upgrade it with SonicBoom and Red Hot Rangs as soon as possible.
    • When round 2 starts, send either Blue or Red bloons, whichever you find better.
    • When round 3 starts, upgrade the Sniper Monkey with Full Metal Jacket, and set its target to "Strong". At this round, you will most likely have enough for the Bionic Boomer. Get that, and the Glaive upgrade. Around this point, you'll most likely be unstoppable. But if things get too rough, put out a 3/x boomerang thrower.
    • At round 8, summon several WRoDs until your opponent falls or forfeits. If neither, don't fret. Keep sending them until you get a finance of 500+.
    • Wait until you can buy the Semi-Automatic Rifle. Make sure to get the Night Vision goggles on Round 12. You'll be hard to take down at this point.
    • At this point, just keep your money building up from the finance. once you get 4000, time to put in the Super monkey, if you haven't killed your opponent already. Upgrade it to 2/3, and just send bloons after your opponent until he dies.
    • If things get rough, just place down some more 2/3 Super monkeys. No big deal.
  • 13. Tran Bach Nguyen (Apprentice(Tier 4), Banana Farm, Dartling Gun - Tier3, Supermonkey):
    • Start with a Apprentice and upgrade it to 2/2.
    • Put 3 Banana Farms and upgrade them to 1/0.
    • Put 2 more Apprentice monkeys and upgrade them to 2/2 and 3/2.
    • Upgrade all banana farms to 2/0.
    • Upgrade the 2 Apprentice monkeys to 2/3.
    • Then if you have enough money upgrade one monkey Apprentice to 2/4.
    • Put another Apprentice and upgrade it to 2/3.
    • If you want you can upgrade all to full, then you can put 2 Dartling Guns and upgrade them to 3/2 and 2/3.
    • Then do whatever you want.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 14. Could this possibly be the best Agressor strategy ever? (Apprentice, Banana Farm, Optional, Optional)
    • Start by placing a Banana farm ASAP.
    • Upgrade it to 1/0. Unless you're trying for the extra two medalions, let the bloons leak.
    • At round two, place down a 1/0 Wizard Monkey. Do not send any bloons.
    • Save up until you get 1200, then buy Lightning.
    • Upgrade your farm to 2/0, then place down another farm, preferrably right next to the last one.
    • Upgrade that farm to 2/0 as well.
    • Place down another wizard monkey. It's recommended to upgrade one of them to 2/2, so you don't get spammed with CLoDs or CPoDs.
    • After round 13, send a Non-camo RRoD storm after your opponent. They will most likely not survive the storm.
      • If they do, upgrade your Wizards to 3/2, then the banana farms to 3/0, or maybe 3/2? Save up enough money to send a BFB rush against your opponent. They will not survive it.
  • 15. Fiery Destruction. (Monkey Apprentice, Tack Shooter(Tier 4 unlocked), Ninja Monkey (Tier 4 unlocked), Optional (works on all maps except hydro dam and zen garden).
    • 'Start out with a tack shooter in a strategic spot.
    • Upgrade the tack shooter on path 1 until 4/0.
    • Upgrade it to 4/2.
    • If you did this correctly, you should have a ring of fire during round 4.
    • Start spamming grouped blues x6 until your economy goes up to 500.
    • Stop sending bloons and build a monkey apprentice and upgrade it to 2/2.
    • Build a 4/2 ninja monkey.
    • After this, build a 3/2 ninja monkey.
    • Start saving and send a regrow BFB at them around round 20. The BFB will mostly destroy your opponent.
  • 16. ROF (Tack Shooter (Tier 4), Bomb Tower (Tier 4 optional), Monkey village/Mortar, SM/Ace Will work on most maps excluding ice floes, hydro dam and zen garden).
    • Start with a tack shooter far away from the entrance, somewhere in the middle of the track.
    • Upgrade it to 1/0
    • Get a cannon
    • Send grouped reds up to 300 eco.
    • Get another 2/0 tack for round 4.
    • You can lose around five lives to blue/pink layering if you get unlucky, but no big deal.
    • Save up and buy a RoF - you can get 450 eco by round 6 on most maps. Then sell for a ROF.
    • Send eco till round 9.
    • Get up camo detect.
    • Go for more eco bloons if you have mortar.
    • Start buying MOAB maulers up near the entrance of the track after getting around 1200 eco. 4 is all you need by round 26, but it's best to buy as many as possible.
    • When you have enough Maulers, if you have bomb tier 4 buy a 4/2 bomb tower in the middle-beginning of the track.
    • Then just buy more and more maulers and your ready to rush the oppponent with whatever you want - get around 1000-2000 eco. Then send things for offensive, and you should beat you opponent.
    • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 17. The troll strategy (Random Towers)
    • 'This is fun and exciting.
  • 19. Late Game (Super Monkey, Bomb Tower, Tack Shooter, Mortar(all fourth tier). The goal of this technique is to take unprepared enemies into the late game when they have weaker towers. Be aware that this technique is not recommended for zen garden, golf course or the pool where the paths are too discrete to place these towers correctly.)
    • On round 1 place a tack sprayer at point where the path is curved or rectangular at the end of the map.
    • On rounds 2 and 3 send grouped reds until your income is 300.
    • Between 4 and 5 get a second tack sprayer near the tack sprayer, as grouped blues and some pinks will overwhelm one tack sprayer (do not panic if some pinks leak as reds or blues still).
    • Send grouped blues until yor income is blue.
    • From here you have two choices depending on the situation.
      • Option 1: keep your tack sprayers and go straight to your economy on round 6 and 7 if you know your opponent will not greens or blacks.
      • Option 2: If they send these bloons, sell your sprayer closest to the path to get a ring of fire before they harm you.
        • Option 1 will help you save money but Option 2 will save you from greens and blacks.
    • Either way send grouped greens until you have a income of 500.
    • During rounds 8 and 9, if you have not already done so, get a ring of fire and send grouped yellows until your income is 600.
    • On rounds 10 and 11 get a mortar up to signal flare and bigger blast for camo detection.
      • Place the target as best as possible to keep spaced camo pink exploits to a minimum.
    • Between 12 and 16 send unorganized streaks of grouped pinks( the groups of pinks you send each time should be enough to give you +50 income each) until your income is between 900-1100.
    • Build a ring of fire and maybe 1-2 tack sprayers when you see the regrow ceramics come(by the way when you build rings of fire, you should always add the range upgrades).
    • During round 16 and 17, build two moab maulers with frag bombs for early moab popping power. Follow the economic strategy you did for rounds 12-18 for the rest of the game.
    • At some point between rounds 21-24 get a super eyes upgraded super monkey and then a plasma vision once you have 9000 cash. Then save up for a robo monkey while following the economic technique. Be careful of a bfb/combo of bfb and moab rush.
    • Build an artillary battery and stall the blimps until the maulers and supermonkey if you have it to destroy the blimps. Then possibly add ring of fires as needed to cope with the ceramics. After you get the robo monkey save up for that 9000 cash that you have been doing to get a artillary battery if you didn't need one for a bfb rush against you to solidify camo detection when camo pinks show up later.
    • At this point keep your economy going while saving up for 25000 cash to get a technalogical terror deal with times when moabs and bfbs overwhelm you and you need its annihilation ability. Hopefully by the time you have a tech terror your income is 2500-3300 cash.
    • Keep buying tech terrors(with plasma vision as well) while boosting your income until you see the first ZOMG round. If you run into ZOMG rushes time your bloons and buy moab assasians if needed and bloon annhilation abilies to defeat them.
    • When your income is in the 8000-100000 ball park, save up for your first sun temple for pure blimp and bloon popping power.
    • Use a tech tower, blade maelstrom and 2-3 moab assasian sacrifices for your temples.
    • At this point when you reach 110000 income there is no need for more economy and micromanage your purchases of tech terrors and temples.
    • To win either hold your opponent out or devestate them with a massive ZOMG rush when your towers cover all spots.
    • Here are some tips overall for this strategy.
      • In two pathed courses, you can wait on the artillary battery as you will need two signal flares instead to provide detection for both sides of the path.
      • Place maulers in a decent spot halfway between both paths.
      • Be sure to get a ring of fire under each of the mortar's targets so both directions are covered equally.
      • If the end rentangle spot of the end of a one path and direction course is large enough, place your two early tack sprayers on top so you can place two more tack shooters later to save space.
      • Tech terrors should always start in the middle of the map for you.
      • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.
  • 20. Super banana wizard strategy (Super Monkey, Apprentice, Banana Farm, Optional)
    • Start out with an apprentice, and upgrade it so that you can use the lightning bolt and the monkey sense.
    • Spawn three banana farms (preferably closer together), and upgrade all of them with more bananas.
    • Wait until you gather 4200+ money and then upgrade the apprentice so that it could breathe fire.
    • Upgrade all three of the banana farms so that they are all banana plantations.
    • Spawn another apprentice and upgrade it so that it can use the lightning bolt and can breathe fire.
    • After you finish making these two fire breathing apprentices, spawn a super monkey and upgrade it so that it can shoot out plasma rays, and has epic range.
    • Wait until you have 4500 money then sell all of your three banana plantations, and ONE of your fire breathing apprentice, and upgrade the super monkey to the sun god.
    • Now you may sit back, relax, and do whatever you want. Usually what I do after i get a sun god is rinse and repeat the process.
    • NOTE: Do not upgrade the monkey apprentice all the way to summon pheonix, stop at dragons breath. Also, do not upgrade it towards the summon whirlwind path, this will screw everything up.
  • 21.Back to Basics (Dart Monkey(Tier 4), Tack Tower(Tier 4), Banana Farm(Tier 2).(This does NOT work on Hydro Dam.)
    • Start by placing a 0/1 Dart Monkey around the bloons spawn zone.
    • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade it to 1/0.
    • Continue by upgrading the dart monkey to 0/3, then 1/3.
    • Upgrade the Banana Farm to 2/0.
    • Place a dart monkey facing a straight track (so the catapult's ball can pop more bloons while rolling), upgrade it to 4/0, and set its target priority to Last.
    • Place a tack tower in a loop or curve, trying to get most of it. Upgrade it to 2/0, then 2/4.
    • Upgrade your dart monkey to 2/3.
    • By the time you get the Blade Maelstorm upgrade, you should be at round 12. If you encounter a rainbow rush, use your special ability to easily defend against it.
    • Now you can deal with your enemy as you wish, either let him get owned without sending him bloons, or ending it fast.
    • I usually continue by placing around 6 more 2/3 dart monkeys,another 4/0 monkey, another 2/0 banana farm,and another 2/4 tack. After that, I try to get a Super Monkey Fan Club, in case of MOAB bloons.
    • Note: Adapt to the situation. If you get yellow rushed at round 8 ( the 4/0 monkey should be there by that time) place another 0/3 monkey, and sell your farm if they can't resist. Don't forget the tower boost thats just 1 point of energy. Don't get fooled into using it if there are only 2-3 waves of bloons coming,though, as you will be vulnerable in several seconds.

22. Impompable ((Dart Monkey (Tier 4), Apprentice (any tier, 4 recommended), Banana Farm, Ninja Monkey.

  • First and foremost, place a Dart Monkey with (0,3) upgrades close to the start. Upgrade range as soon as possible.
      • Repeat. Typically four is a good standby early in the game.
      • Place an Apprentice. Typically this strategy uses a (3,2) tower towards the middle or end of the track.
      • Before Lead is available, place an Apprentice (x,x) before the Dart Monkeys placed in the first bullet.
      • Go back to Bullet 1 and repeat.
      • Note: Monkey Apprentices are excellent Anti-Lead and Dart Monkeys are outstanding anti-mob (not MOAB) towers alone. Typically players will place only 10 Dart Monkeys in total, as to get reliable effectiveness from the Super Monkey Fan Club upgrade.
      • Note: Place Juggernaut (4,x Dart Monkey) at any long portion of the track and set it to either last or first, depending on it's position relative movement of Bloons.
        • Note: Juggernaut Upgrade allows popping Lead as well, but it is not recommended to rely on this feature.
      • Note: It is recommended to 'spam' (constantly send bloons). The additional money income allows a faster closure of the holes in the user's defenses.
        • If the user is playing Defense mode, spam money income 'upgrades.
      • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers. 

23: Bloon Impact Dragon's Breath: (Cannon, Apprentice, Sniper, Optional)

  • Upgrade apprentice 2/2 ASAP to hold off
  • Get bomb to 4/2
  • Upgrade apprentice 2/3
  • Upgrade bomb to 4/2
  • Sniper 2/2
  • Get two cannons 2/3 to handle MOABs while the 4/2 holds bloons in place
  • Rinse and repeat

24. always work (ninja, cannon, tack shooter, mortar)

  • first, get a mortar (1/2) as soon as you can.
  • get ninja at end of track upgrade (0/1)
  • build eco till round 5
  • get tack shooter save until (4/0)
  • upgrade mortar before round 12 to (1/3)
  • send eco
  • if the opponent doesn't have ring of fire, ballon impact rush with rainbow
  • at round 15 you should be near 1000 eco
  • upgrade ninja to (4/2)
  • get cannons upgrade to (0/3)
  • get 3 cannons
  • get another (4/2) ninja
  • now if oppenet send MOAB you are ok BFB sell one ninja get Moab assain ZOMG sell cannons get another 2 (4/2 ninja) rush with BFB
  • buiild up eco
  • for every 3 (0/3) get one assain and one impact
  • get sabotoge
  • save and rush with ZOMG
  • Note that this strategy should not be attempted on mobile/steam as there are only 3 slots to pick towers.

Strategy #26

  1. If the map has a lot of water, skip it.
  2. Pick the Boomerang Thrower, Ice Tower, and Super Monkey. You need Tier 4 on all of them.
  3. Start off with a Boomerang Monkey. Put it where you would put a Tack Shooter since this one is going to be a future Glaive Lord.
  4. Upgrade it to 2/0.
  5. Save up for a Glaive Riccochet. Buy it when you get enough money
  6. Start sending eco. Your Glaive Riccochet should hold off for a while. If your opponent starts sending pinks, get a Bionic Boomer
  7. Send eco until round 8. If your Riccochet needs some help, get an Ice Tower where you would place a Tack Shooter. Then upgrade your Riccochet 3/1.<
  8. At round 8, save up money for a Glaive Lord to defend against round 12 camo bloons. At round 11, if you are far away from $4500, you may sell your Bionic Boomer or Ice Tower, but only if you really need to. Buy the Glaive Lord when you have enough money.
  9. If you sold something, rebuild it.
  10. Get a Bionic Boomer if you don't have one yet.
  11. Get a snap freeze Ice Tower, and make sure you Lord is 4/1, not 4/0 or else it can't pop frozen bloons.
  12. Continue sending eco until you get at least 700. Continue building up your towers.
  13. If your opponent has a weak defense, rush them with the appropriate bloons to get past their defense. If they have a strong defense, this game is going to go lategame.
  14. Once you hit 700 eco, buy a Super Monkey.
  15. Get 800 eco and get a 1/0 Super Monkey.
  16. Get 900 eco and get a 2/0 Super Monkey.
  17. Keep building up eco and non-Super Monkey defenses. Get more Snap Freeze Ice Towers, 1 more Glaive Lord, and a few Bionic Boomers.
  18. When you hit 1400 eco, save up for a Sun God.
  19. Boost more eco, get robo monkeys, more boomerangs, etc.
  20. The lategame is up to you, boost eco, go for the temple, and more. Have a good time using this strategy!

'Strategy 27: (Ninja, Sub, Heli, B'onus Tower Optional) - Late game strategy

  1. Start with a Ninja near start of track, upgrade to 2/1
  2. Place a Monkey Sub in any water, upgrade to 2/3
  3. on round 10 send RPoDs until you income is above 300
  4. save up for a Heli and upgrade to (2/2)
  5. upgrade ninja to 2/3
  6. continue placing 2/3 subs until somewhere between rounds 20-30, when you will start saving and selling your other towers to upgrade your heli to a (4/2)
  7. outlast your opponent with the combination of the 4/2 heli and 2/4 subs

Trickster strategy (Strategy 27)

(Dartling gun, Helipilot, Supermonkey, optional)

Get a dartling gunner 1/2 then spam eco till you have 500. Get a Helipilot, upgrade till you have 4/2. Sell your dartling gunner. Get up to 5 2/4 then use their ability. Then get up to 5 4/2 Helipilots.Then sell 5 of the support chinooks, and get 5 2/4 technological terror, then go get your optional get it to either 2/4 or 4/2 then spam eco till you have 2000, send a ton of Z.O.M.G then spam B.F.B then send M.O.A.B, then send more pinks, until you have 5000. Get temples until you have no more. Finally fill the rest with technological terrors.

#28: Stun and Pop (Ninja, Apprentice, Bomb)

  1. Get ninja. Place a little farther back. Upgrade 2/2 by 30 seconds, then get 3/2.
  2. After awhile, get Bloonjitzu. Then place a bomb tower right at the bloons spawnpoint. Upgrade to 3/2.
  3. Get Bloon Impact by 5 minutes. Place apprentice next to Bomb. Upgrade to 2/3.
  4. Next, get a second bomb, and place it in between your ninja and other bomb. upgrade 2/3.
  5. At the back, place a ninja and apprentice. Get that apprentice up to 3/2 first, then get the ninja up to 2/3.
  6. You should be unstoppable until about round 40, but by then the game would have ended.

#29: Anti-cobra/bloon rush (dart monkey, farm, boomerang or wizard, optional)

1. On banaza only, start with a farm

2. Get a 3/0 dart monkey along the straightest part of the map and put him on last.(3/0 because for catapults and juggernauts, dart power doesn't change anything.

3. Get at least a 1/0 farm, possibly 2 before building another 3/0 dart monkey right behind the other one.

4. Farm and upgrade building as many as you can before you need more popping power, then upgrade your 2 dart monkeys to juggernauts.

5. Try to have at least 3 2/0 farms by round 10 then build 5-7 juggernauts all in one line on last. Place a 2/3 dart monkey for spaced bloons if needed. Also, you can get a lightning wizard or glaive ricochet boomerang monkey for more grouped bloon help

6. On round 13 check and see if they can defend zebra rush. If they cant, sell your farm then rush them.

7. If they can defend zebras, farm until round 22 and send bfb's to be safe. You can risk round 18 moabs if you are certain they will win.

  • You can build as many farms as you need or want, but the 7 juggernauts + a triple dart + a glaive ricochet /lightning are a must to defend infinite bloons

#30 (Dart/Apprentice/Glue/Optional)

'Round 0': Place spikes at end, center, or choice spot depending on the track. The choice for Zen Garden and especially Indoor Pools.

Round 1: Construct a 2-3 Dart Monkey by the end of the round.

Rounds 2-3: Send red bloons.

Round 4: Send packed blue bloons. At this point your bloononomics should be around 290 cash per interval. If the opponent sends spaced pinks place another 2-3 Dart Monkey. Only boost if absolutely necessary.

Round 5: Continue to send blue bloons. By the end of the round bloononomy should be near 360 cash per interval.

Rounds 6-7: Send green bloons until you repatch around 404 cash per interval. Place 1-2 glue gunner in a corner preferably, or where strategically valuable.

Rounds 8-12: Construct a 2-2 Apprentice and perhaps a third 2-3 Dart Monkey and build cash.

Round 13: Send a regrow zebra rush, be prepared for a counterattack.

Rounds 14-18/20: Build two or three more 2-3 Dart Monkeys and another 2-2 Apprentice. If on Megaboosts spam boosted cluster ceramics on round 18. If not, send four packed MOABs on round twenty, sell Dart Monkeys if needed. Usually works. (If on Megaboosts, try and force your opponent into a 'late-game' situation, where they prepare for late game, but boost at the beginning of round 32 and wait for carnage. Little more than a Temple and some abilities can stop the rush.)

30)Banana farm, mortar tower, dart monkey, and tack shooter

first put down a 2 0-3 darts. do not worry if the opponent sends pink bloons. then put down a farm and tack. upgrade the tack to the ring of fire and get a 2-3 mortar. on round 13, sell your farm to get money for a regen rainbow rush.

#31 (Ice/Apprentice/Bomb/Optional (Village recommended))

  • Use up to 2/2 towers to defend against early bloons.
  • In a loop or curve, recommended near the end, place a 2/3 Ice Shards, followed by a 3/2 or 4/2 Apprentice. Then, place a 3/2 Arctic Wind there as well. Follow up with a 4/2 Bloon Impact, and all you have left is to spam 2/3 or 2/4 MOAB Maulers.
  • Caution: Ice Shards lags the game. Very. *******. Much.

#32: Redirected (Apprentice, Farm, Cobra)

  • Use a 2/2 Apprentice to defend against early game rushes (Rounds 2-12). Place down at least 3.
  • After round 2, place down a banana farm. Upgrade it to 2/X. Keep doing this until you have at least 4 farms.
  • If your opponent rushes via regen rainbows/zebras, boost.
  • Defend using the apprentices until round 17. Place a cobra on that round.
  • Upgrade the cobra to X/4.
  • If the opponent sends a MOAB/BFB, use the ability of the cobra.
  • If they defend the MOAB/BFB, continue placing farms and cobras.
  • On round 22, sell your farms and start rushing via ZOMGs. Your opponent should lose.

33: HIVS ( heli ice village super)

Heli start and heavy eco rush. (eco boost recommended)

As soon as you start struggling get a 2/2 heli.

As soon as it approaches round 10 get a 3/2 heli.

if you cant afford it, get a 2/X ice to do it.

continue eco rushing all game

if you get 5 3/2 helis sell 4 and get 4/2 heli.

if your opponent rushes, ice ability spam or/and call to arms ability.

then your opponent eventually dies.

#34: ilikewaffles_123's Fire-Bombing Strategy (Bomb, Apprentice, Tack)

Rounds 1-6: Place down a 0/0 Tack in a position where it would have the most use. Start with upgrading it to 0/2, then 4/2. When you get done with that, spam bloons at the opponents.

Rounds 7-14: Place down a 0/0 Apprentice next to the 4/2 Tack. Start with upgrading it 0/2, then 1/2, then 1/3, then 2/3. When you get done with that you could spam fast-cooldown pinks for eco, if your opponent has no decent lead protection then spam RLoDs, if they have no decent camo protection then spam CRPoDs (the fast-cooldown ones), or if they are aggressing on you send them RRoDs and RZoDs.

Round 15-17: Place down a 0/0 Bomb next to the 2/3 Apprentice. Start with upgrading it to 0/3, then 2/3. When you get done, send the bloons listed on the rounds 7-14 paragraph.

Round 18: Send a MOAB backed up with RZoDs (if you have a sabotage power, then I recommend you use it). Expect to be sent one back so be prepared (if they do and you have a tower power, then I recommend you use it). When you get done, spam fast-cooldown pinks to get your eco back up.

Round 19-21: Place down two more 0/0 Bombs and upgrade them in the order listed on the round 15-17 paragraph. When you get done send a BFB backed up with a MOAB (once again, if you have a sabotage power, then I recommend you use it), and then spam fast-cooldown pinks.

Round 22-26: Place down two more 0/0 Apprentices and upgrade them in the order listed on the rounds 7-14 paragraph. When you get done either buy three more 0/0 Bombs and get them to 2/3 if you are being sent MOAB-class bloons, or send a ZOMG (make sure to get your eco back up with fast-cooldown pinks).

Round 27+: Upgrade your 2/3 Bombs and Apprentices to 2/4, get more 2/4 Bombs, get a 4/2 Apprentice and more 2/4 Apprentices, and continue rushing. GOOD LUCK!

35 The temple-ninjas (Boosty Bananza): (wizard, Super, Farm)

  • When choosing a map, keep in mind that there must be a lot of space to banana farms
  • Too, dont forget to agree lategame
  • Place four wizzards
  • Upgrade two of them to 2/0, and the other two to 0/2
  • Place a banana farm, and upgrade it 1/0
  • Then place 1-2 more bana farms, and upgrade them 1/0
  • Upgrade all the banana farms 2/0
  • Place 2-3 more banana farms und upgrade them 2/0 too
  • Now place 2-3 0/1 banana farms
  • Use two tower mega boosts
  • Begin to place 3/2 super monkeys all over the map
    • if you defenses cant hold back the bloons, use your mega boosts
  • When there is no more space for super monkeys, sell the banana factories, an then later the BIAs, and place super monkeys instead
  • Now use your last tower mega boosts to get a map full of temples
  • If there's still more space, place super monkeys and upgrade them 0/4
  • If there's still more space, place wizards and upgrade them as you like
  • Good luck

Specific Strategy ListEdit


  • As this is a very long track, it is quite easy. Many strategies work well on this map.
  • 1. Superjombombo's Strategy (Cannon, Tack Shooter, Mortar, Optional):
    • Start with a 0/0 cannon. Upgrade to 2/0.
    • At the start of Round 2, send grouped reds until your economy is 300+.
    • Get 3/0 cannon by Round 4.
    • Continue with the economy, sending grouped blues now.
    • Stop with the blues at mid round 5 and build a 3/0 tack shooter in the first curve.
    • Continue with sending grouped greens.
    • At round 8, if your opponent only has a bionic boomer, send mass quantities of regrow yellows.
    • If not, sending yellows to end of Round 9.
    • Send pinks to end of Round 10.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aimed either at the first curve, or the middle of all three paths.
    • Save up until round 13.
    • If your opponent does not have sufficient RRoD defense, rush them with RRoDs. If they do, get a 4/0 tack shooter.
    • If your opponent does not have sufficient RCoD defense, rush them with the ceramics. If they do, get 2 more Tack Sprayers.
    • Build your economy to 1000, usually this happens around Round 17.
    • Build two MOAB Maulers.
    • Save up until Round 22 or 23.
    • Send lots of Fast Cooldown BFBs. If your opponent has Blade Maelstrom, send camo BFBs, as the ability does not affect camos and there are too many bloons for the Mortar to decamolize (if they have a Village there is no way the Maelstrom will affect the camo bloons).
    • You will mostly likely win, if you do not, you can attempt to rebuild your economy, though the chances of you losing is great.
  • 2. Ring of Fire OP (Tack Shooter, Mortar, Cannon, Optional)
    • Start with a 3/0 Tack Shooter.
    • Saving up for Ring of Fire.
    • At 1:12, you should have a Ring of Fire.
    • Send economy bloons all the way to the end of Round 10, unless your opponent is especially vulnerable to a rush.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aiming at the spots listed in the above strategy.
    • Get 2 more Tack Sprayers up.
    • Continue with economy unless you can finish your opponent.
    • Get up 2 MOAB Maulers by Round 18.
    • Rush your opponent with whatever you think will work.
  • 3. Glaives Galore (Boomerang Thrower, Mortar, Optional, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 boomer.
    • Save up for 0/3.
    • Get 1/3 then 2/3.
    • Start sending grouped reds and blues.
    • Keep doing this to mid round 7.
    • Get a 3/0 boomer.
    • Get economy up to 600+ by round 10.
    • Get 2/3 Mortar.
    • Upgrade boomer than 3/2 (this will stop any regrow leads exploits.)
    • Continue building eco.
    • Spam 2/3 Boomers by round 18. If your opponent rushes with MOABs, use Turbo Charge.
    • Boomers are generally not enough to defend BFBs, so rush your opponent before he rushes you. Fast Cooldown MOABs recommended as they are faster than BFBs.
  • 4. Fire and Ice (Ice Tower, Cannon, Mortar, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 Ice Tower. Upgrade to 2/0 immediately.
    • Send grouped reds until round 4.
    • Get 2 more 0/0 Ice Towers around the 2/0 Ice Towers.
    • More experienced players know this as "Ice Shredding".
    • Continue with your economy until mid round 7.
    • Build a 3/0 cannon by round 8.
    • Get deep freeze on the 2/0 Ice Tower.
    • Continue with economy unless you can finish your opponent.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • Upgrade 2/2 Ice Tower to 2/3. Add additional Ice Towers.
    • Rush your opponent if you think it wise, other build economy to 1200+.
    • Build MOAB Maulers.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Upgrade one Ice Tower to 3/2.
    • Upgrade cannon to 4/2.
    • Upgrade mortar to 2/4.
    • If the game goes that far, try ZOMG and/or extremely dense BFB rushes.
  • 5. CyclopEye's technique - Ninja monkey, Tack shooter, Super monkey and Optional
    • Place a Ninja monkey so that it nearly can see all the way to spawn (it will when you have upgraded it 1/0) on the inner side of the first part of the track.
    • Upgrade it to first 2/0, then 2/1.
    • Start sending a lot of economy bloons (grouped reds, then grouped blues, greens, yellows, and finally grouped pinks)
    • If your opponent is sending bloons on you, and you feel a little uncomfortable with that, upgrade your ninja to 2/2 and eventually 2/3.
    • If you rather want to get 3/1 and then 3/2 that is OK, but then you need to get a tack shooter in the first loop and upgrade it to ring of fire ASAP. But you will still be easy to take down with camouflaged steel bloons, so 2/3 is recommended.
    • Get a Ninja monkey with the other side upgraded (if you got 2/3 get 3/2 and the other way).
    • Continue sending economy bloons or get a tack shooter.
    • If you get a Tack shooter, get it to 0/2 and THEN upgrade the left path. You may choose if you want a Blade maelstrom or Ring of fire.
    • If you feel comfortable, send economy bloons. If not, upgrade your 3/2 to 4/2 (Bloonjitsu).
    • Send economy bloons.
    • When you have 500 - 1000 economy/income, build a super monkey as close as possibly to the middle of the map. Upgrade it to 2/2, you choose which way to start with. Then either save for a long time to get a sun god or send economy bloons. Then get a Sun god.
    • Continue placing Sun god's so that they cover the whole map and upgrade them to temples if you want to. Also place 2/3 and eventually 2/4 super monkeys in strategic positions.
    • Just get a few more Bloonjitsus for camouflaged and you are ready for the late game.
    • Remember: this technique is just some guidelines. I often throw in some Tack shooters with ring of fire and stuff, so do what is needed for that specific situation. Also remember that always continue to send economy bloons. The best economy bloon to send is grouped pinks (round ten).


  • This would probably be considered an intermediate track in BTD 5, as its path is relatively short.
  • 1. Ring Around the Rosie (Tack Shooter, Mortar, Bomb, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 Tack Shooter to 3/0.
    • Upgrade to 4/0.
    • Send economy bloons until end of Round 10.
    • Get 2/3 Mortar.
    • Get 2 more Tack Sprayers.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise, build economy.
    • Build MOAB Maulers.
    • Finish your opponent with MOAB-class bloons.
    • As an extra precaution, add a Blade Maelstrom before you rush.
  • 2. [Banana Throwers (Boomerang Thrower, Banana Farm, Mortar, Optional)
    • Note: This strategy works better for the right side.
    • Get a 0/0 boomer.
    • Upgrade to 0/3, then to 2/3.
    • Build many Farms, and upgrade some to 1/0, others to 2/0.
    • By Round 8, get a 3/0 Boomer.
    • Continue with Farms.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise, build a 2/3 and 3/2 boomer.
    • Upgrade 3/0 to 3/2.
    • You should finish your opponent at Round 18, if not sell all farms and get Turbo Charges.
    • Rush your opponent as your stand no chances against BFBs, unless you have a good last tower.

Yin YangEdit

  • Being one of the stranger maps in BTD Battles, this map does not have a good spot for Mortars or Tack Shooters. Therefore, some strategies will not work on this map. If you choose to use a Mortar, you will need other camo detection (such as ninjas or boats).
  • 1. Pirates of the Yin Yang (Monkey Buccaneer, Cannon, Mortar, Optional)
    • Start out with a 0/0 boat, upgrade it to 0/1.
    • Send grouped reds.
    • Get another 0/1 boat by Round 4.
    • Get more 0/1 boats, sending economy bloons while doing so. Stop at Round 8.
    • By Round 12, get a 3/0 Cannon and 2/3 Mortar.
    • Get a 4/2 Cannon by round 13. Sell any boats if necessary.
    • Rush your opponent if you think it will kill them.
    • Add more boats, and upgrade some to 3/2, others to 2/3.
    • If needed, get Monkey Pirates (0/4 Ability).
    • Build a Mauler army.
    • Build another 4/2 cannon.
    • Upgrade Mortar to 2/4.
    • Rush, rush, rush!
    • If this goes to round 40, get lots of Pirates and Assassins to take down the BFBs and ZOMGs.


  • One of the oldest maps in BTD Battles. It is also relatively short, making late game unlikely. Less strategies work on this map.
  • 1. Cluster Chaos (Bomb Tower, Ninja, Mortar, Optional)
    • Get a Cannon at where the two paths intersect. (set to close)
    • Upgrade it to 2/0 by the time Round 2 starts.
    • Send Reds continuously, getting a 3/0 cannon while doing so (this will happen in Round 3)
    • If your opponent is rushing you with pinks, get a ninja; if not, rush them with pinks or blues respectively.
    • Continue economy until the end of Round 5.
    • Upgrade ninja to 2/1 by Round 6, 3/2 by Round 8.
    • Send more economy bloons until MIDDLE of Round 12.
    • The reason why you do this is because Ninjas have camo detection, and Camo Leads are very slow.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aimed near the center.
    • Upgrade 3/0 cannon to 4/2.
    • Kill your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise than that, build up a Mauler army and rush them with Camo or Regrow Fast Cooldown BFBs on Round 22.
  • 2. The "Old" Strategy (Farms, Boomerang, Bomb Tower, Optional)
    • Start out with a 0/0 Farm.
    • Get a 0/0 Boomer ASAP
    • Upgrade Farm to 1/0
    • If your opponent is rushing you with reds, get a cannon, if not, save up.
    • Get a bionic boomer 0/3 by round 4.
    • Upgrade to 2/3.
    • Continue building farms, whether to upgrade to 2/0 is up to you.
    • Note: If your opponent is vulnerable to any bloons you can send, save up and rush them mass quantities of that bloon instead of building farms.
    • By Round 8, get a 3/0 boomer near where the two paths intersect.
    • By Round 12, get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • By Round 13, get another 3/2 Boomer and upgrade other boomer to 3/2.
    • By Round 15, get another 2/3 Boomer.
    • Assuming your opponent is still alive, follow the above strategy from here.
  • 3. Farm & Kill Strategy
    • Get an engineer asap and place him wherever you want.
    • Upgrade the engineer to 1/2 asap.
    • Gain about 330 economy and wait until you get 1100$
    • Buy your Banana Farm and place it in the middle.
    • Upgrade it to 2/0 or 2/1 whenever you like.
    • Send some bloons of choice to gain economy
    • Start spamming 2/1 ninjas everywhere to be immune to rushes.
    • Upgrade everything to 3/2 or 2/3 asap.
    • When MOABs come, spam 1/0 engineers.
    • Send 1 B.F.B whenever you feel like it.


  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Rally.

Bloontonium MineEdit

  1. Get 2 (3 if possible) Dart Monkey, one behind another on the long straight so that when you upgrade them to Spike-o-Pult, they can get the most of its popping tower.
  2. Get 500+ economy then build a 2/3 Boomerang Thrower near the start. Make sure you get a 2/3 mortar before round 12. Get a few 3/0 and 2/3 Boomerang Throwers. If you can, upgrade the Spike-o-Pults to Juggernauts.
  3. Then spam lots of MOAB Maulers (0/3 or 2/3 Bomb Towers) near the start and a couple of 4/2 Bomb Towers (Bloon Impact) near the middle. Also get a couple more 2/3mortars for camo detection and then start getting even higher income by sending out grouped pinks (hotkey 5) and then use your extra money to spam even more MOAB Maulers.
  4. Once you can't fit any more on the screen, upgrade tour MOAB Maulers to MOAB Assassins (2/4 Bomb Towers) and then start getting Glaive Lords (4/2 Boomerang Thrower).
  5. Your plan is to outlive your opponent.

Pyramid StepsEdit

See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Pyramid Steps.

Pumpkin PatchEdit

This is a long track with a lot of corners so tack shooters, spike factories work ultra well.

  • A 4/0 tack shooter in the second bend of the track well placed can pop any bloons up to round 11.
  • A bomb tower or a boomerang thrower as a starting tower is highly recommended. A tack shooter as a starting tower is not as good them as they are not good at popping rushes before getting RoF.
  • If your opponent is powerful and you want to get into late game, use spike factories, ninja monkey, tack/bomb/boomerang and mortar. Get buccaneer as well if enough Battle Energy.
  • Get max 2/4 spike factories for late game and max out your density of factories.
  • If you have buccaneer, spam them to kill BFBs sent by your opponent.

Battle ParkEdit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Battle Park.

(Mobile only) 1. Pick sub, bomb and supermonkey. Place a sub on the map and upgrade to 0/1. 2. Send as many reds, blues, greens until the income is 500. Upgrade sub to 0/2. If your opponent send Bloons, upgrade sub to 0/2. 3. For round 8 get a bond tower on the middle below the lake and set to close. Keep getting income to 650. 4. At round 11 get a 3/0 sub towards the point where the Bloons meet. If your opponent sends RZOD/RROD/camo/regrows to you, upgrade sub to 4/0. That demolishes the rush. Increase income. 5. Upgrade bb tower to 3/0 for round 14. Increase income to 1000 by round 18 or earlier, 2000 at round 23 or earlier unless your opponent send MOAB class Bloons. Get 2/3 bomb towers on the top of the lake to defend, or 3rd tier supermonkey. 6. Get more income, 5000 by round 30 and 8000-10000 by round 40. Stop by 15000, and build temples. Use 8 2/4 or 7 4/2 bomb towers and one 2/4 supermonkey for sacrifices. 7. You should be able to fit 8 or more temples. Add 2/4 supermonkey and some 4/2 bomb towers in the bottom. Outlast you opponent and win!!

Ice FlowEdit

Yellow BrickEdit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Yellow Brick.


1: ilikewaffles_123's Slow Slash Strategy (Dart, Glue, Apprentice)

Round 1: Get a 2/3 Dart around log

Round 2-3: Send eco bloons

Round 4-5: Get a 2/2 Glue and another 2/3 Dart around log

Round 6-8: Send eco bloons

Round 9-10: Get two 2/2 Apprentices around log

Round 11-15: Spam the pinks unlocked at round ten or do an RRoD rush

Round 16: Upgrade 2/2 Glue to 3/2

Round 17-19: Upgrade your 2/2 Apprentices to 2/3

Round 20-21: Rush you opponent with MOAB class bloons, for it is hard to survive past round 22

Round 22-26: At this point it is more likely to lose, but place three 4/2 Darts and two more 2/3 darts around the log, while trying to kill your opponent with anything you can

Round 27+: Now, it is super hard to win, so continue rushing while upgrading a 2/3 Dart to 2/4, your 2/3 Apprentices to 2/4, your 3/2 Glue to 4/2, and add a 4/2 Apprentice. GOOD LUCK!!!


Apprentice, Banana Farm, Super Monkey.

Level up to 2/3 Apprentice.

Get 2-4 3/1 Banana Farms.

Level up to 3-4/2 Apprentice.

Get 2/2 Super Monkey and possibly get 3.

Wait for them to DIE while getting whatever but NO BLOONS.

P.S. Works for most non/nature maps.

Battle RiverEdit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Battle River.

Zen Garden (Bomb, Boat, Ninja, Optional)Edit

Start with boat or bomb. If you do boat, place at the top of the map. If you do bomb, place at the middle of map.

Upgrade bomb 2-0, 3-0 before round 4, then spend $1000 on boats if opponents rush pinks

Or upgrade boat 0-1 or 1-1 spend about $1500 more at round 2, keep placing. Spend about $2000 before round 4 on 1-1 or 1-0 on boats or 3-1 or 3-0 bombs, otherwise, waste your money on bloons or on farms if you picked that.

By Round 6, you MUST have a boat at the top of the map at least upgraded 1-0, or 1-1 for safty. By then, spend $2000 more on 1-0, 1-1 boats or 3-0, 3-1 bombs. If you find yourself leaking blacks, that means that you did not have enough boats or have placed them correctly. In the case, put a ninja at the beginning and target it strong imediatly. Otherwise, waste your money on bloons or on farms if you picked that.

By Round 8, 3-0 bombs are highly recommended. Spend about $2000 more on 3-1, 3-0 bombs, 1-1, 1-0, 1-3 boats, or ninjas at below the bomb, target at least one strong. Otherwise, waste your money on bloons or on farms if you picked that.

By Round 10, 1-3 boats are reccomended, and put ninjas below the map and spend no more or less than $3000, if you don't have a 1-3 boat at the tp of the map, target the ninja strong. This time, save up and do NOT waste your money on bloons or on farms if you picked that.

By Round 12 you must to have 1-3 boats if you didn't pick mortar. If you did, you can do 1-3 boats or 0-3 mortars. You should upgrade at least half of your boats X-2 for camo detection. Spend about $2000. This time, save up and do NOT waste your money on bloons or on farms if you picked that.

At Round 13, the RRoD is avalible to send, If you have mortar, upgrade it 2-3 or 3-2. Have a ninja with 3-2 targeted strong under the bomb tower. Upgrade the bomb 3-1 or 3-2. You can get a second 3-1 or 3-0 bomb. You should spend about $4000, if you don't spend that much, then put more 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 boats. If your opponent does not have ring of fire, or RRoD detection, then rush with that, do NOT sell your farms. If you are not sure about the rush, send Regrow Zebras instead. You should spend absolutly no more than $5000 on the rush, but if you see your opponent has less than 50 lives left, but it doesn't kill him, then you may sell your farms or keep on rushing. If you oponent rushes you, and you have two 3-0 bombs, and a 3-2 ninja targeted strong and plenty of boats, you should defeat the rush. if you only have one 3-0 bomb, do NOT get another bomb, upgrade it to 4-1, or upgrade ninja 4-2.

This track is short and it's very dificult to go late game, so after round 10, do not try to build up eco. At round 15, send a couple ceremics to kill or destract your opponent.

At round 18, Send a Moab even if your opponent has 4-2 ninjas or 2-3 bombs. If you oppnent sends it, DO NOT get 2-3 bombs, but get 4-2 ninjas.

At round 20, send fast cool-down moabs, bfbs are not reccomended.

You should most likely win the game following the strategy correcly.

Hot TubEdit

1: ilikewaffles_123's Fire and Backup Strategy (Buccaneer, Apprentice, Tack)

  • Round 1: Get 3/2 Tack to the side of the only water in the map
  • Round 2-3: Save up for you should have $1500 by now
  • Round 4: By the end of the round, you should've upgraded 3/2 Tack to 4/2
  • Round 5-6: Send eco bloons
  • Round 7-9: Get a 3/2 Buccaneer
  • Round 10-11: Get a 2/3 Apprentice
  • Round 12-15: Spam the R10 pink bloons, by the end you should have an income of $350
  • Round 16-17: Get another 3/2 Buccaneer
  • Round 18-19: Get another 4/2 Tack
  • Round 20-21: Get another 2/3 Apprentice
  • Round 22-23: Save up, for you should have $2500 by now
  • Round 24: Sell a 4/2 Tack and a 2/3 Apprentice and send the ZOMG. They will 95% of the time not survive
  • Round 25-28: Quickly! Build your income back to $350 by sending R10 pinks, then place two 2/3 Apprentices and two 4/2 Tacks
  • Round 29-31: Save up, for you should have $4000 by now
  • Round 32: Sell two 4/2 Tacks and 2/3 Apprentices and send the ZOMG and two BFBs
  • Round 33: There is no chance now, just contninue rushing but they will most likely survive it

Water HazardEdit

1: ilikewaffles_123's Flaming Freezing Glaves (Boomerang, Apprentice, Ice)

  • Round 1-3: Get a 2/3 Boomerang on the curve
  • Round 4: Next to the 2/3 Boomerang, put a 2/2 Ice
  • Round 5-6: Send eco bloons
  • Round 7-9: Upgrade 2/2 Ice to 2/3
  • Round 10-12: Get a 2/2 Apprentice next to the 2/3 Ice ASAP
  • Round 13-14: Send eco bloons
  • Round 15-17: Upgrade 2/2 Apprentice to 2/3
  • Round 18-19: Near the goal, put another 2/3 Boomerang
  • Round 20-21: Rush your opponent with RRoDs and RCoDs, they will 70% of the time die to it
  • Round 22-26: Around the 2/3 Boomerang near the goal, put another 2/3 Ice and another 2/3 Apprentice.
  • Round 27+: Add 2/3 Boomerangs everywhere, and when the time is right rush them with MOAB-class bloons

Indoor Pools (Boommerang, Farm, Buccaneer)Edit

Beiguin's Strategy

Round 1.

Placements: Boat close to the black hallway

Bloon sends: None

Upgrades: None - 0-1 boat

Extra Tips: None

Round 2.

Placements: Farm, Boat close to the black hallway

Bloon sends: 3x Reds & 2x blues

Upgrades: 0-1 boat - 1-1 boat, None - 1-0 farm

Extra Tips: Try to farm as much as possible, if you want, send more reds & blues to leak your opponent's lives.

Round 4.

Placements: More boats close to the black hallway if nessesary

Bloon sends: A set of grouped reds, then blues then 3 spaced pinks

Upgrades: 1-0 farm - 2-0 farm, 0-1 boat - 1-1 boat

Extra Tips: Try to farm as much as possibe, if you want, send more pinks to leak your opponent's lives.

Round 6.

Placements: More boats close to the black hallway if nessesary, farm if the first one is upgraded 2-0.

Bloon sends: A set of grouped reds, then blues, then 3 greens or blacks

Upgrades: 1-0 farm - 2-0 farm, 0-1 boat - 1-1 boat

Extra Tips: Try to farm as much as possible, if you want, send more blacks or greens to leak your opponent's lives.

Round 8.

Placements: More boats close to the bloack hallway if nessesary, farm if the first/second one is upgraded 2-0.

Bloon sends: Boost a set of grouped reds, then blues, then greens, then as much yellows or regen whites as you can

Upgrades: 1-0 farm - 2-0 farm, 0-1 boat, 1-1 boat

Extra Tips: Try to farm as much as possible, if you want, send more yellows or regen whites to leak your opponent's

Round 10.

Placements: A boomerang in the middle between the pool/room and the bloack hallway. (Try to take advantage of the arch that the boomerangs go)

Bloon sends: If opponent has no lead detect, a set of leads, then pinks/yellows to cover the lead bloon

Upgrades: 1-0 farm - 2-0 farm, 0-1 boat, 1-1 boat, X-2 boomerang

Extra Tips: Becareful of lead bloons... "You need something not sharp to pop them"

Round 12.

Placements: None

Bloon sends, If opponent has no camo detect, spawm camo yellows or camo leads. Blacks are available

Upgrades: 1-2 boats - 1-3 boats, X-3 boomerang

Extra Tips: Becareful of regen rainbows next round, be prepared to sell your farms and buy & use a X-4 boomerang

Round 13.

Placements: None

Bloon sends, If your opponent has not RRoD detect, send Regen rainbows if you have money, Regen zebras if you don't have money

Upgrades: 0-4 boomer if opponent rushes

Extra Tips: If your opponent sends you regen rainbows, buy X-4 boomerang, if you do not have enough money, sell your farms

Round 15-XX.

Build towers, upgrade, and send stuff.

A-Game (Strat: Dart, Farm, Ace)Edit

  • First, start off with a farm.
  • After, place a 0-1 dart market on the left side of the A, and get more bananas on your banana farm.
  • After that, your opponent will probably send you grouped reds so, get a triple dart.
  • Round 4, get a second 1-0 farm if your opponent doesn't send you pinks. If they do send you pinks, get a 0-2 triple dart on the other side of the A and put it to Last/close. If they nonstop send pinks, get a second triple dart.
  • On round 6 or 5, get a 2-0 farm and.
  • On round 7, put a 0-0 dart monkey on last on the top of the A to prepare for a yellow rush.
  • On round 8, they will most likely send you yellows, so upgrade your dart monkey to a 3-0.
  • During round 8 and 10, focus on your farms and get a second plantation.
  • If they send you lead on round 10 get a juggernaut for leads.
  • During round 10 through 13 get more farms.
  • On round 13 if they send you a zebra rush, get 2 more 3-0 dart on last on the top of the A. If they send you an all-out regen rainbow rush, sell all your farms and get a fan club and put 2 more 2-2 dart monkeys. After you activate the ability, the rush should be defended and if it's a $10000 or over rush, boost.
  • From there on, farm hard and get a 0-4 banana farm.
  • At around 19 or 20 you should have a factory and send a BfB.
  • From there on, farm and start rushing your opponent.
  • (Btw, this strat can be changed by your powers.) (Spike storms, eco amplifiers, damage boosts, and etc.)

Ink BlobEdit

Get a 2/2 boat at the closest entry get dart monkeys across the entry path and you can place Cobras or if you don't have them just place tack shooters with 4/2 then when you can do a cemaric rush.

Snowy CastleEdit

JL's Strategy: Boat, Farm, Engi

Powers Required: Basic Powers (Or higher with their respective paths).

Effective against farm players, worse against eco players.

Round 1: Place down a boat

Round 2: Place a farm, upgrade to a 1/0 and send 6 sets of FC Reds and 4 sets of LC Blues, which should force a upgrade.

Round 3: Upgrade your boat to a 0/1

Round 4: Send 8 sets of FC Blues and around 10-15 sets of LC Pinks.

Round 5: Upgrade your farm to a 2/0

Round 6: Place a farm and upgrade to a 1/0

Round 7: Send 5 LC Blacks (Now at $300 Eco), place a Boat and upgrade it to a 0/1

Round 8: Upgrade a farm to a 2/0.

Round 9: Place down a engi (hidden) and upgrade to a 3/0.

Round 10: Send 2 sets of LC Leads.

Round 11: Send 15 FC Whites. Round 12: Save up for a 4/0 engi. Round 13: Sell your boats, upgrade the engi to a 4/0 and place down a boat. Then Send 1 LC Regen Lead and 5 sets of FC Zebras. Round 14: Use Bloon Boost and send 15 sets of FC Zebras Round 15: Send 1 FC Lead and 5 sets of FC Zebras ($500 Eco). Round 16: Upgrade a farm to a 3/0. Round 17: Upgrade the other farm to a 3/0. Round 18: Upgrade a boat to a 3/2. Round 19: Place a boat and upgrade it to a 2/3. Round 20: Sell the boat, a 3/0 farm, and upgrade a farm to a 4/0, then place 2 other Boats. If all goes bad and they send a rush (I.E.: Bloon boosted 2 FC Moabs and 1 LC BFB - Most likely), sell the 4/0 farm, upgrade a boat to a 3/2, upgrade a boat to a 0/4, and boat pull a moab class bloon, then place a 4/0 engi (hidden) and tower boost. Round 21: Sell that 0/4 Boat and all Engis for 4 0/0 boat, 2 0/0 Engi and 2 3/0 farms. Round 22: Upgrade a boat to a 3/2 and a engi to a 4/0. Round 23: Sell a farm for a 4/0 Farm, a 0/0 engi and 0/0 boat. Round 24: Place 2 0/0 boats. Round 25: Send a FC Zomg. Upgrade to as nescessary with the plotted out towers, its mostly likely going to end here to the oponent, and GG!

The go to strategy for this map currently (March 2018) is ice, boat, village. As you are going eco always put a tack at the start of the track so that round 2 comes as quickly as possible. This messes with farm players A LOT so it is essential. Get a boat up after the 3rd circle at the bottom left hand side and send constant reds, blues and greens up until 500-600 eco. You will have to add and upgrade another boat when needed while you eco, but try to not upgrade anything if you can and keep you eco up. after round 7 you will want to be ready for a round 8 yellow rush. All that is needed is to get up 2 1/1 boats and a 0/1 boat. If you cannot afford the third boat, just boost if the rush is large enough, otherwise just leak the lives and don't waste money. Now you want to save up and get a 0/2 village up as soon as possible. If your opponent rushes you with leads on round 10 simply get a 2/0 ice up and you defend fine. By round 13 you will want to have at least a 2/3 ice, 0/1 or preferably a 0/2 village and 2 1/1 boats. This will easily and I mean EASILY defend a round 13 all out. With this setup you can defend up until round 18 no problem, so until then just keep ecoing. You will want around 1000-1100 eco at round 18. If you are scared of a moab on round 18 simply get a few 3/1 boats up (1 or 2) and you're golden. Don't be scared to boost if the moab gets too far. If your opponent doesn't send you a moab just keep ecoing. After the moab start ecoing again. By the time round 20 comes and the opponent sends a BFB you can easily get a 0/4 boat and use its ability to defend. What good players will do though is send the BFB and then all out you with Fast Cooldown Moabs. You will need to be good with micro here. You need to micro the BFB down get up a 0/4 ice, use the ability to slow down the moabs and then spam 3/1 boats and boost to defend this rush. Unfortunately you will have to practice this defense but if you can defend this rush you won't be able to lose with this setup afterwards I'm pretty sure. After that you keep ecoing and ecoing and then ecoing some more. Get the 3/2 village up to icrease the amount of eco you get. At this point in the game your opponent will either want to all out you or try and defend late game. On this map in particular this setup beats any late game strat so just keep ecoing and get up 4/1 boats, 2/4 ice towers, 4/2 ice towers near the end of the track and 2/4 vilagges up as needed. Otherwise just keep on ecoing until you opponent rushes you and then just spam the list of towers mentioned above and defend easily and win. Remember to slow down with the ice ability as much as possible during your defense. And that's it. I hope you find this strat interesting and will give it a try. Good luck!!!

Hydro DamEdit

  • Start with a 0|0 Mortar and a 0|0 Ninja on the dam.
  • Upgrade the Ninja to 2|1 till round 4; if your opponent sends you spaced pinks, get another 0|0 ninja. Send spaced pinks yourself, if your opponent leaks.
  • Build Banana Farms, unless your opponent loses lifes, if you send them bloons.
  • Get Burny Stuff on your Mortar against grouped bloons and Double Shot on your Ninja against spaced bloons.
  • Upgrade your Mortar to Signale Flare for round 12.
  • Get a 0|3 Boomerang against Regrow Rainbows.
  • Upgrade your Ninja to 4|2 to defend Ceramcis.
  • Against MOABs get another 4|2 Ninja.
  • Use Sabotage Supply Lines and Turbo Charge to Defend FC MOABs or BFBs. Sell farms if necessary.
  • Rush your opponent with MOABs or BFBs (Fast Cooldown) by selling Farms, if they can't defend it. It's very hard to defend larger rushes on this map.


1: ilikewaffles_123's Dart World Strategy (Dart, Village, Farm)

  • Start with a 2/3 Dart above the entrance
  • On the gap below and between the bridges (the one closest to the exit) place a 0/0 Farm (Farmer recommended)
  • Send economy bloons until round 8, then place a 4/2 Dart on the other side of the path your 2/3 Dart is on
  • Place a 2/1 Village on the other side of the trail where the bloons will go down where your 4/2 Dart is on
  • Add a second 2/3 Dart above the entrance
  • Send economy bloons until round 13, then upgrade your 0/0 Farm to 3/2
  • Send economy bloons until round 16, then get 3 more 4/2 Darts around the one you already have
  • Send economy bloons until round 18, then spam 2/3 Darts in a horizontal line above the entrance all the way to the other side of the map
  • By round 22, you should start rushing your opponent with anything that would kill them
  • If your opponent is not dead by round 26, you are most likely going to lose, but try more 2/3 Darts covering the map or upgrade one to 2/4

Concrete AllyEdit

1: ilikewaffles_123's Melting Wall Strategy (Glue, Tack, Spike)

NOTE: Anytime your opponent is sending a lot, you could always get 2/2 Spikes instead of sending eco bloons, as it is your only camo protection

  • Round 1: Place a 0/0 Spike near the end
  • Round 2-5: Get a 4/2 Tack past the first curve at a point wher it can hit all sides around it
  • Round 6: Send black bloons
  • Round 7-11: Get a 3/2 Glue on first curve
  • Round 12-14: Upgrade 0/0 Spike to 2/2
  • Round 15-17: Get another 2/2 Spike in the middle of the track so it spits them in the 4/2 Tack's range
  • Round 18-19: Send R10 pink bloons or do RRoD rushes
  • Round 20-22: Get more 2/2 Spikes, and upgrade some to 2/3
  • Round 23-25: Send R10 pink bloons or do RRoD/RCoD rushes
  • Round 26+: Upgrade all 2/2 Spikes to 2/3, upgrade some to 2/4,continue sending R10 pinks, rush opponent with RRoD/RCoDs, send opponent MOAB-class bloons (only if you know you will win), upgrade 3/2 Glue to 4/2, get more 4/2 Tacks, or get 2/4 Tacks because it depends on what you feel like doing

Mobile strategies (Don't try these on flash!)Edit

1. The New Tournament Strategy (Dart, Farm, Bomb)

As a replacement for the now useless Dart Farm Chipper strat, Dart Farm Bomb is your next best bet for winning your BTDB Mobile games.

  • This strategy works on every map apart from Ice Flow, Zen Garden, Indoor Pools, and Hydro Dam. If you follow the strategy correctly, you will be able to defend every rush before round 32.
  • Round 1: As much of an oxymoron as this sounds, do NOT buy a tower. Instead, save up $1100, then buy a banana farm. After that, THEN you can place your first tower. Buy a dart monkey and upgrade it to 0/1 to pop the reds that may have slipped by, then buy your 1/0 farm upgrade.
  • Rounds 2-3: The most important thing to keep in mind is that you ALWAYS focus on your money income. Buy as little defense as you possibly can. If your opponent sends a few spaced blues or grouped spaced reds, in most cases you can get away with upgrading your dart monkey to 0/2 and then buying a second 1/0 farm, sacrificing lives if you need to. If your opponent sends a lot of reds, you can buy the 0/3 dart monkey upgrade.
  • Rounds 4-5: Send blues and/or pinks at your opponent, depending on whether they are weak to grouped bloons (faster firing, but not good for crowds, such as ninjas and darts) or spaced bloons (AOE attacks but inaccurate and slow speed, such as bombs and mortars). If your opponent sends either blues or pinks at you, buy a 0/2 dart monkey in addition to your 0/3. Avoid getting a second 0/3 dart monkey, as you will instead want to buy a 2/0 farm. Use spikes and/or boost if you have to.
  • Rounds 6-7: Buy more 2/0 farms. You will probably get greens and/or blacks sent your way, so upgrade your second dart monkey to 0/3. If you get sent a lot of greens, buy a 0/0 cannon close to the middle of the track and set the targeting to Close. (This will ensure that it doesn't miss.) If your opponent lacks grouped popping power, send greens mixed with pinks to cause damage.
  • Rounds 8-9: Before round 8, save at least $1000 in case your opponent rushes with yellows round 8. If he/she does, upgrade your cannon to 3/0. You should not have to use the battle energy. If your opponent sends regrow blacks or whites, buy a third 0/3 dart monkey. Once the rushes are over, either build more farms or send regrow whites/yellows back at your opponent.
  • Rounds 10-12: Send one group of regrow leads if your opponent does not have any lead popping power. To defend leads yourself, buy your 3/0 cannon if you haven't already. Buy a couple more 0/3 dart monkeys if you need to in order to defend grouped (regrow) pink/white sends. Do NOT use your battle energy against these, as this will leave you open for round 13. Upgrade at least one dart monkey to 2/3 for camos, and send camo whites/pinks if your opponent has little or no popping power. Around this point you should have around 4 2/0 banana farms. Do not upgrade any to the 3rd tier left side or any upgrades on the right side just yet.
    • Round 13 is coming up, so you want to prepare for sending a regrow rainbow rush that will defeat your opponent. On round 11, if your opponent doesn't have much grouped popping power, send about 6 groups of whites and follow up with as many pinks as you can until your opponent boosts. This is called "energy baiting." Due to the cooldown required before a player can boost again, your opponent will be vulnerable against a bloon-boosted round 13 rush without a tower boost.
  • Rounds 13-14: This is arguably the most crucial point of the game, as regrow rainbows can be sent on this round. If your opponent does not have enough defenses and you've successfully baited energy out of your opponent, sell a 2/0 banana farm and bloon boost a massive amount of regrow rainbows. Otherwise, send some regrow zebras without bloon energy until your opponent boosts. Wait for the energy to wear off, and then sell your farm and bloon boost regrow rainbows at your opponent. 99% of the time your opponent will die to these. To pop regrow zebras (and camo leads), buy a 4/0 dart monkey, the juggernaut. Place it at the end of a straight line for maximum popping power. For all-out zebras or rainbows, sell all your farms and buy as many cluster bombs as you can. Camos can be a problem, as bombs have no camo detection, so instead buy another juggernaut or two. You could also consider buying the 2/4 dart monkey ability, the Super Monkey Fan Club, and using that (along with several 0/2 and 0/3 dart monkeys) to destroy the rush. Sell some of your towers that you no longer need when the rushes are over and then counter the rush with your own regrow rainbow sends.
    • It is important to know when to rush and when not to. As a general rule of thumb, if you see any of the following towers on your opponent's side, you should not rush on round 13. If your opponent does not have any of these towers yet but have farms available to sell, you are free to send rushes that are not all-out at your opponent in order to bait either energy or a tower upgrade. Don't all-out them, though, as they will simply sell their farms, buy whatever tower they need, and defeat your rush.:
      • A Big One (4/x mortar).
      • A reactor (4/x sub).
      • A dart storm (x/3 monkey ace).
      • A glaive lord (4/x boomerang), or a bionic boomer because it can be easily upgrade to the turbo charge that can eliminate the rush.
      • A laser cannon (3/x dartling). This especially applies in Card Battles, but that's a little off-topic.
      • A bloon impact (4/x bomb). If you see this, send camo regrows instead.
      • A tack shooter, especially if it is upgraded to blade maelstrom (the x/4 tack ability). Blade maelstrom will instantly eliminate your rush. If your opponent has tack shooters, send camo regrows instead.
      • A bunch of juggernauts or a fan club.
  • Rounds 15-17: Regrow leads and ceramics are pretty deadly against most players. A powerful rush in most cases is several groups of regrow leads (add camo if your opponent is slightly lacking in camo defense), then a few groups of regrow zebras, a group of regrow whites, a couple groups of regrow rainbows, and then a regrow ceramic or two. All the bloons will layer on top of each other, creating a regrow mess that will be very difficult to destroy. Try this against your opponent if you see an opportunity. If regrow leads and/or ceramics come your way, upgrade a cannon to 4/2 and/or buy one or two more juggernauts, boosting if you really have to. (You can defend a secondary all-out using the methods above.) You should have around 5 2/0 farms by round 18.
  • Rounds 18-21: Buy a mauler or two for MOABs and several more for BFBs. This, along with your 2/3 dart monkeys and 3/0 (or 4/2) cannons, should destroy them no problem. Around this point you should have 6 2/0 farms. Upgrade one to 3/0, then when you have around $5000, sell 4 farms and upgrade to 4/0, the banana factory. (Save one planation for emergencies.) Collect more money and then upgrade to 4/2. Round 20 is a good goal to set for the factory.
    • If you ever have issues with rushes after you buy your factory, such as MOABs or BFBs, sell your spare plantation and some random towers laying around to get Super Monkey Fan Club and defend. DO NOT SELL YOUR FACTORY.
    • Remember to rush your opponent with MOABs and/or BFBs as well. A common rush against people who get too greedy with their farms is to send a MOAB with boost, then a bunch of regrow leads. The leads will prevent other towers from attacking the MOAB, causing it to run through mostly undamaged until it gets too far to destroy all the ceramic children. If you get your opponent to sell their factory then you did something right.
  • Rounds 22-24: ZOMG time! You'll need a bunch of 2/3 bomb towers for any ZOMGs that may come your way. Set some to Strong, and others to First. Use maulers for the outer layer, then pop the innards by spamming 4/1 and 4/2 bombs. Some need to be 4/1 and others 4/2 so that they fire at different times, thus stunning them more. Keep SMFC running the whole time, selling and rebuying the ability if needed. Obviously, send ZOMGs at your opponent if your opponent can't pop them (but don't sell your farms to do it unless they've just all-out rushed you and you're certain your rush will prevail).
  • Rounds 25-31: If neither of you have succeeded in killing each other yet, it's time to prepare for the long haul. Keep amassing 4/2 farms (you'll probably have 5 or 6 by round 32) while maintaining a good defense in the form of MOAB Maulers, Bloon Impact cannons, Juggernauts, and Super Monkey Fan Club.
  • Round 32: Round 32 is the upper limit for the match, as this is the point when all-outs become deadly. If you didn't know, health and speed ramping for blimps begins on this round. All blimps get a +20% speed and +40% health buff starting round 32. Just before round 32, sell all your farms except for one factory. The MOMENT round 32 begins, hit the bloon boost and send all-out ZOMGs, then BFBs, and then MOABs at your opponent (all fast-cooldown of course). Use the money from your remaining factory to defend the ZOMGs that your opponent just sent at you. Boost immediately, then do the best you can with buying Maulers (try selling/rebuying Assassin if you're daring), maintaining SMFC, and building enough 4/2 cannons. Use your tower boosts right when they cool down. If all goes well, your opponent will die first and you'll win! WARNING: Please do not do this because now it is possible to defend r32 rush.

1.5. The Tournament Strategy (Dart, Farm, Chipper)

  • This strategy works on every map apart from Ice Flow, Snowy Castle, Zen Garden, Indoor Pools, and Hydro Dam. If you follow the strategy correctly, you will be able to defend every possible rush.
  • Round 1: As much of an oxymoron as this sounds, do NOT buy a tower. Instead, save up for $1100, then buy a banana farm. Get a dart monkey to 0/1, then upgrade your banana farm to 1/0. Make sure you do it right at the 0:30 mark. You will get the same amount of bananas if you decide to upgrade it before or after getting your dart monkey.
  • Rounds 2-3: The most important thing to keep in mind is that you ALWAYS focus on your money income. Buy as little defense as you possibly can. If your opponent sends a few spaced blues or grouped reds, in most cases you can get away with upgrading your dart monkey to 0/1 and then buying a second 1/0 banana farm, sacrificing lives if you need to. If your opponent sends a lot of reds, you can buy the 0/3 dart monkey upgrade.
  • Rounds 4-5: Send pink bloons at your opponent. If your opponent sends pink bloons at you, buy a 0/0 bloonchipper and set it to Strong. If your opponent sends grouped blues, buy another 0/3 dart monkey instead. Once your opponent stops rushing you, sell your bloonchipper or second 0/3 dart monkey and upgrade one of your farms to 2/0. Your opponent will probably start rushing again. That's okay. Just buy back your tower. The important thing is that you're ahead in the game with your farms.
  • Rounds 6-7: Buy more 2/0 banana farms. If you get blacks coming your way, buy another 0/3 dart monkey. If your opponent instead sends greens, sell your bloonchipper and buy 2 more 0/3 dart monkeys for a total of 3 of them. If your opponent lacks grouped popping power, rush your opponent with greens mixed with pinks to cause damage.
  • Rounds 8-9: Before round 8, save up about $1000 in cash in case your opponent rushes with yellows round 8. If he/she does, buy one more 0/3 dart monkey. If the rush is very large, sell a farm and buy as many more as you can. Do your best not to use the battle energy. If it is a bloon boosted rush, you may use your monkey boost. Once your opponent stops sending yellows, sell all your dart monkeys except for 2 and either counter-rush with your own yellows, or buy more farm upgrades. Whites are no different from blacks, so you can survive with your black defense if your opponent sends those. Regrow whites require an extra 0/3 dart monkey.
  • Rounds 10-12: Send leads if your opponent does not have any lead popping power. To defend leads yourself, buy a 2/0 bloonchipper set to Strong. Buy several more 0/3 dart monkeys if your opponent sends grouped pinks or whites, or both. Do NOT use your battle energy against these, as this will leave you open for round 13. Upgrade your dart monkeys to 2/3 for camos, and send camo pinks if your opponent has no camo popping power. Around this point you should have 5 2/0 banana farms. Do not upgrade any to the 3rd tier on the left side or anything on the right side until you have 5 2/0 farms.
    • Round 13 is coming up, so you want to prepare for sending a regrow zebra rush that will defeat your opponent. On round 11, send about 6 groups of whites and follow up with as many pinks as you can until your opponent boosts. This is called "energy baiting." Due to the cooldown required before a player can boost again, your opponent will be vulnerable against a bloon-boosted round 13 rush without a tower boost.
  • Rounds 13-14: This is arguably the most crucial point of the game, as regrow zebras can be sent on this round. If your opponent does not have enough defenses and you've successfully baited energy out of your opponent, sell 2 banana farms and bloon boost a massive amount of regrow zebras. Otherwise, send some regrow zebras without bloon energy until your opponent boosts. Wait for the energy to wear off, and then sell your farms and bloon boost regrow zebras at your opponent. 99% of the time your opponent will die to these. To pop regrow zebras (and camo leads), buy a 4/0 dart monkey, the juggernaut. Place it at the end of a straight line for maximum popping power. For all-out zebras or rainbows, sell all your farms and buy as many juggernauts as you can, or if you have enough money, buy a Super Monkey Fan Club (2/4 dart monkey) and use the ability, placing more 0/0 dart monkeys if needed. Counter the rush with your own regrow zebra sends.
    • It is important to know when to rush and when not to. As a general rule of thumb, if you see any of the following towers on your opponent's side, you should not rush on round 13:
      • A bunch of juggernauts or a fan club.
      • A reactor (4/x sub).
      • A dart storm (x/3 monkey ace).
      • A glaive lord (4/x boomerang).
      • A laser cannon (3/x dartling). This especially applies in Card Battles, but that's a little off-topic.
      • A bloon impact (4/x bomb). If you see this, send camo regrow zebras instead.
      • A tack shooter, especially if it is upgraded to blade maelstrom (the x/4 tack ability). Blade maelstrom will instantly eliminate your rush. If your opponent has tack shooters, send camo regrow zebras instead.
  • Rounds 15-17: Regrow leads and ceramics are pretty deadly against most players. Get a second juggernaut for these if you get sent them. As for farms: Once you have 5 2/0 farms, upgrade one to 3/0. Wait until you have $5000, then sell your four 2/0 farms and buy a 4/0. Upgrade to 4/2 ASAP. It's recommended to save a little more money than $5000 in case your opponent rushes you and you have to sell your factory again, wasting your money. Perhaps wait until you have $6000-$7000.
  • Rounds 18-21: The money being generated by your factory will be enough to get you a 2/4 dart monkey, the Super Monkey Fan Club, if your opponent MOAB or BFB rushes you. Sell one of your juggernauts or some of your triple darts to afford the Fan Club if you have to. If your opponent lacks in MOAB or BFB popping power, send one. An opponent that has wizard is a good indicator that you should send a BFB.
  • Rounds 22-24: Continue buying 4/2 farms in the same way you bought your first one. At this point you can send ZOMGs, so send one (without selling farms) if your opponent's defense is lacking. Your opponent can send ZOMGs too, so be ready to defend them!
    • Defeating all-out ZOMG rushes is difficult, but possible. You can counter rush, but if you want to defend SMFC is not enough to defend grouped BFBs and ZOMGs, so you will need to sell your farms and buy the Super Wide Funnel 4/0 chipper for ZOMGs, and the Supa-Vac 0/4 chipper ability for grouped BFBs and the BFBs that come out of the ZOMGs. Use SMFC at the same time as this is happening. Sell your Super Wide Funnel chipper once the actual ZOMG layers are gone. Sell/rebuy your Supa-Vac once the bloons stop being stalled by the ability. and sell/rebuy your SMFC once the super monkeys turn back into normal ones. Boost if you need to. If all goes well, you can defeat grouped BFBs and ZOMGs on rounds 22-24.
  • Rounds 25+: Buy as many 4/2 banana farms as you can. Once you have 6 of them, send nonstop ZOMGs until your opponent dies. If you are somehow unable to kill your opponent, it's time to prepare for late game. Start sending grouped pink bloons for eco. Then fill every nook and cranny in the map with 4/2 bloonchippers. Save some room for exactly 10 dart monkeys upgraded to 2/4, 10 or so juggernauts, and 30 or so Supa-Vacs. Once you've filled the map, sell your farms and place bloonchippers in the remaining spaces. Use the Fan Club ability every 15 seconds, and the Supa-Vac every 2-3 seconds. Eventually you should be able to outlast your opponent in late game.

1.6. Another Tournament Strategy (Ninja, Glue (yes, really), Farm)

  • Round 1: Do NOT buy a tower. Save up for $1100, and get your first Banana Farm, and upgrade to 1-0.
  • Round 2: If your opponent rushes you, buy a Ninja Monkey, and upgrade to 2-1. Otherwise, tank it and get a second banana farm. Upgrade it to 1-0. ALWAYS focus on your Banana Farms. This strategy will NOT work without proper income.
  • Rounds 3-4: If you haven't already, get a Ninja Monkey, upgrade it to 2-1. By Round 4, you should have two 1-0 farms or one 2-0 farm (2-0's are the slightest bit more effective, you will get ~$10 extra). If your opponent rushes with pinks, upgrade the Ninja Monkey to 3-1.
  • Rounds 5-8: Focus on your Banana Farms. Try to have at least 2 2-0 farms by the end of Round 8. If your opponent rushes, upgrade your ninja to 3-1.
  • Round 9: Get one more Banana Farm, and upgrade to 2-0. Also get a 2-0 glue gunner.
  • Round 10: If your opponent has on lead popping power, rush with leads. Otherwise, upgrade your glue gunner to 2-2, in case your opponent rushes you with leads.
  • Round 11: Towards the end of Round 11, rush with some Regen Whites. If your opponent uses their battle energy, it will wear out right at the beginning of Round 13.
  • Round 12: If your opponent rushes with Camo Leads, sell your 3-1 and get a 2-3 instead. Towards the end of Round 12, sell a farm.
  • Round 13: Wait until your opponent's battle energy wears out. Then start rushing with Regen Zebras/Rainbows. If your opponent doesn't die, you're done for.

2. Defensive Water Strats (Monkey Sub, Monkey Apprentice, Banana Farm) (Requires a water map, but does not work on Indoor Pools)

  • Get a Sub and upgrade to 1/1
  • If your opponent is spamming you with bloons, get Airburst Darts.
  • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
  • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
  • Get yet another Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
  • Put an Apprentice at the start of the map, and get Advanced Intel (for the Sub)
  • Upgrade all Banana Farms to 2/0
  • Get another Banana Farm and Upgrade to 2/0
  • Get another Sub and upgrade to 2/2
  • Upgrade Apprentice to 2/2
  • (Optional) Get all Banana Farms to 3/0
  • Get (about) 2 more Subs and upgrade them to 2/2 (again)
  • Upgrade Banana Farms all you want :D (Its possible to get four 4/0 Banana Farms before round 35)
  • Upgrade Apprentice to Dragon's Breath
  • Get an Apprentice and place it somewhere near the end, get it to 2/3.
  • Keep on stockpiling on 3/2 or 2/3 Apprentices, and 2/3 Subs, and it's possible to make it round 45+

3. Easy Wins. (Monkey Apprentice, Ninja Monkey, Dart Monkey(Optional) Place a Ninja Monkey and upgrade to 3/2

  • If opponent spamming get more Ninja Monkeys
  • If opponent spamming leads get Apprentice
  • Wait for round 13
  • Have at least 4000 cash and spam Regen Rainbows/Zebras
    • You can also spend a 1000 cash rush to force your opponent on Battle Energy for Monkey Boost or to test if the opponent defense can survive Regen Rainbows/Zebras. If you opponent uses Battle Energy on Monkey Boost, wait for it to expire then rush the remaining 3000 cash to your opponent that now no longer have Monkey Boost.
  • If your opponent survives, you've more likely lost because you just spent 4000 money on nothing.
  • Most likely you will win, and there's a win for you!

4. Engineer/Apprentice Duo (Monkey Engineer, Monkey Apprentice, Banana Farm)

  • Start with a Monkey Apprentice. Upgrade it to 2/0.
  • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
  • Get a Monkey Engineer. Upgrade the Monkey Engineer to 2/0.
  • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
  • Upgrade the Monkey Apprentice to 3/2 and the Monkey Engineer to 3/0.
  • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
  • Upgrade the Monkey Engineer to 4/2.
  • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
  • Continue to put 2/3 Monkey apprentice and 4/2 Engineers througout the map for the rest of the game.
  • Once in a while, send out M.O.A.Bs, B.F.Bs, ceramics, and maybe a Z.O.M.G.

5. Engineer and Farm-free (Boomerang Thrower, Ninja Monkey, Monkey Apprentice): (Does not work on maps with mostly water):

  • Note: This strategy is meant for regular Assault Games and should not be used in Defend Mode or Battle Arenas.
  • Start with a ninja. Upgrade it to 2/2.
  • Spam reds till your income is $275.
  • Get a boomerang thrower and upgrade it to 2/3.
  • Get another boomerang thrower and upgrade it to 2/3 as well.
  • Send bloons and stop at level 16 or until you reach $500 income.
  • Beware CLoD or huge camo rushes!
  • You should be able to destroy a rainbow or zebra run if your boomerangs are placed correctly.
  • Use a monkey boost if nessesary.
  • On level 16 get a apprentice and upgrade it to 1/2.
  • If you did not reach $500 income send bloons to make it there.
  • Buy a boomerang and a ninja.
  • Upgrade the boomerang to 2/3 and the ninja to 2/2.
  • Upgrade the first ninja to 3/2. Upgrade the apprentice to 2/2.
  • Get another apprentice and upgrade it to 2/2.
  • Build a boomerang and upgrade it to 2/3.
  • Upgrade your 3/2 ninja to 4/2 and your 2/2 ninja to 2/3.
  • Upgrade both apprentices to 3/2.
  • Be ready for round 27, 3 MOABs are going to come!
  • Get another boomerang and upgrade it to 2/3.
  • For the rest of the game add 3/2 boomerangs, 4/2 or 2/3 ninjas, or 3/2 or 2/4 apprentices. Increase your eco at the same time.
  • Upgrade any towers if needed and try to send some MOAB-class bloons.
  • Beware a BFB on level 20 and a ZOMG on level 22! If your opponent sends a BFB, try to counter rush him with Fast-Cooldown MOABs unless the opponent has good MOAB defense in which you send a BFB instead. Your opponent should have a bad defense as he/she saved the money just to send that rush. If your opponent did a string of MOABs, use Turbo Boost and Monkey Boost to defend it.
  • This can survive up till the 40s on rounds, or sometimes longer.
  • You should beat a CLoD-free agressor.

6. Strategy 6. (Engineer, Apprentice, Supermonkey, Optional).

  • 1. Start with 2 engineers. Depending on map place one at the bloon entrance and one at the end. (Not too close to the entrance/exit, but close enough to attack them as they come out).
  • Upgrade both with sentry guns only! (1/0) you should have $100, spend this to spam 4 red ballons. If they send bloons green or above you MAY need to get the '9 inch nails' (x/1) upgrade if you are in trouble. But dont go further than this, use energy if you have to, early game is the hardest.
  • Spam the Grouped Red bloons until lvl 4, then spam the grouped blue bloons. (Hint: only ever send the bloons on the top, these are the spammable bloons which are released quickly, incresing you income.) Spam Grouped greens and yellows until you reach $500 income. DO NOT GO FURTHER! You can finish sending bloons with leftover money, so you have something like $515, but do NOT go to $600.
  • Once there place a mage in a good, central position with lots of access to bloons, prefferably on a corner or repating loop. Upgrade to 2/2.
  • Now for the engineer who is upfront, upgrade to 4/1 increased range is not needed as you want your traps as close to the entance as possible (for income). Empty bloon trap as often as possible!
  • Save up till you have $4000, Buy a super monkey and place it in the center of the map, good position (his range is great but dont upgrade it yet).
  • If you are having trouble with camo bloons upgrade the mage to a dragon's breath, 2/3. Summon tornado, 3/2, is not recommended!
  • After this, save and upgrade your Super monkey to 1/0.
  • Ugrade your Engineer to 4/1. You can make a new Engineer at the start and upgrade him instead, this will increase income because you will have 2 traps being used at the start.
  • Upgrade your Super Monkey to Plasma, 2/0, then simply wait until you can get 3/0 (Sun God). Once you get this, you can send Grouped Black ($150) bloons at them until you have $1000 income. If you are having trouble you can get super and epic range (0/1 and 0/2), but this will kill the bloons before they get to you traps, reducing you income. Get another Super Monkey, this time make him 2/3 (the Robo Monkey). This should give you everything you need to take on the MOAB waves which will come at around lvl 27. If you are stuggling, use an energy on large groups of BFBs.
  • This may sound crazy, but then save up until you have $100,000 for the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade (4/x), once you get this, you are unlikely to be beaten. If you like you can send more Grouped Black bloons ($150) to increase income to $2000. Once you have temple, you can make your income as large as you want and fill the map with Robo Monkeys and Technological terrors until there is no space to place anything. Have fun!
  • Notes: Weaknesses are any camo that the mage/engineers foam cant handle. Your mage will not have the fire uprage by lvl 12, so a really long, fast wave of camo pinks may kill you if you dont use an energy, if this happens consistently, upgrade your mage to fire before bloon trap, but then bloon trap asap after this. Only other weaknesses are level 13 rainbow rush and a level 18 moab rush. If your opponent decides to be an annoyance and sends a rainbow regrow rush or blue moab, you super will not be upgraded/built and you may/will have a hard time. Use energy when it gets in range of your super and flamemage. If he or she constantly moab rushes, then upgrade your super monkey before your second bloon trap. In most cases, your chances of surviving a rainbow regrow rush in this strategy is low.

7. Assault Strategy (Tack Shooter, Monkey Apprentice, Heli Pilot, Optional)

  • Start with a tack shooter, at 18 seconds you can get a tack sprayer.
  • Send income to get 500 or so, and get a 0/1 mage if you start getting overwhelmed.
  • Shortly after, get your mage to lightning and (perhaps after more income boosts) get your 3/0 tack up to 4/0.
  • Return to increasing your Income.
  • By round 15, you should have approx. 1000 income (use pinks or blacks for best results).
  • At that point, buy a Heli Pilot and try to get it to 3/2, on Lock in place near the start, then get 16000-ish money (more eco on the way if you feel safe enough) sell your Wizard and get Apache Dartship, put on Pursuit.
  • NOTE: if you don't have a 3/1-at-least pilot on round 18 then buy a few more tack shooters, up to 0-2/3. At 22, if you have not successfully killed your opponent, buy more Dartships.

8. Round 13 win ( monkey apprentice, engineer, banana farm)

PLEASE NOTE! This loadout is best used on short maps like Indoor Pools and Zen Garden only. The loadout fails on medium or long maps because Engineer and Wizard are both unreliable against mid-game rushes on round 13 and 15, and even more so against BFBs and ZOMGs.

 Start with an engineer and get it to 2/1
   Save for banana farm (should get it by beginning to middle of round 4)
   Get it to 2/0
 Get a monkey apprentice by round 7 and get it to 2/2
 Save until round thirteen 
 Make sure you have 3800 cash at least

Regen rainbow ballons for the win If he survives which hardly happens you can do three things

 1. Go long term and get another banana farm or get first one to 3/0
 2. Get another monkey apprentice to 2/0 and blimp him to death
 3. If you know he will survive that  you can get engineer to 4/1 and then live off monkey engineers

9. Noob Banana money strategy (only works on places that hold 3+ farms) (Banana Farm, Apprentice, Super Monkey, Optional)

  • Place a Mage and upgrade it to 2/0
  • Collect $1000 to buy a farm and make it 1/0
  • Make your Mage 2/1
  • Upgrade your banana farm to 2/0
  • Save for another 2/0 Mage then make your old one 2/2
  • Collect money for new farm 2/1
  • Make your new Mage 2/2
  • Make another banana farm 2/0 then another third one 2/0
  • If you made it in time, you can make another banana farm 2/0, otherwise collect 3500 and make a super monkey.
  • Collect 2500 by income and bananas then make your supermonkey shoot lasers (2/0) then collect 4000
  • Sell the left banana farms and make 2/3
  • You'rs almost unbeaten, try to send strong bloons or keep making money and even make your lineup stronger
  • HAVE FUN!!!

10. Offence and Defense (Monkey Engineer,Wizard,Sub or Heli Pilot) Does not work well in place many ice burg

Wait your money to get $900

Put sub first 1/1

Upgrade sub 2/2

Put Wizard

If reached Level 4 or 8, send Pink Bloons or Yellow Bloons and being so aggressive.

Upgrade Wizard 1/2

Put Engineer

Upgrade 2/0

Upgrade the wizard 2/2

Upgrade sub 2/3

Wait for Dragons Breath or put engineer for sentries or Wizards for camos

Send Bloons

Be aggressive too much

When reach 360+ income charge send MOAB

When you lose 60 income charge, send Yellow Bloon

Add more sentries and Wizards

When Reach 500 income charge, give a BFB

and the rest if not effective keep make your income charge into 3000 and buy ZOMG

11. Income strategy (Monkey Apprentice T3, Monkey Engineer T4, Monkey Sub T3, Optional)

  1. Place a Sub and upgrade it 2/2.
  2. Spam bloons until you reach about 400 income.
  3. If your Sub can't cope during that time, place an Engineer and upgrade it 2/0.
  4. Place an Apprentice and upgrade it 2/3.
  5. If you want to, you can upgrade Ballistic Missile on your Sub.
  6. Place an Engineer and upgrade it 4/2. (If you followed step 3 then upgrade your existing Engineer)
  7. Place an Apprentice near the end of the track and upgrade it 3/2.
  8. You can now play offensive or defensive, it's your choice.

12. COBRAs (COBRA unlocked, Assault Mode only)

  1. Start out with any defense that works. Send income bloons occasionally.
  2. Once you have a sufficient defense, start massing 1/2 COBRAs. They will drastically add to your income for extra defense AND steal lives. Try to kill your opponent by Round 18.
  3. If your opponent survives Round 18~20ish, you have several choices. You should make it as early as possible as things can get too late:
  • Choice 1: Keep spamming 1/2 COBRAs. Only do this if your defenses are sufficient and if your opponent has lost many lives, as sooner or later your opponent may try something like Regrow BFBs.
  • Choice 2: Quit COBRA spam and get a normal defense. Hold out till you win.
  • Choice 3: Get one of your COBRAs 1/4. This should prevent your opponent from sending BFBs and under and stall the game for a bit. If your opponent is (let's be honest) stupid enough to send in a Regrow BFB at your defenses, you just won. In that case activate Misdirection immediately and wait for it to leak. If your opponent does not, use it on Round 33 and let your opponent deal with three BFBs instead of two.
  • Choice 4: If all else fails and your opponent sends a ZOMG or you reach Round 43 (equivalent to 85 in BTD5) and you don't have proper defenses, try to stall it down as much as possible with SSLs and whatnot so your COBRAs get to win (ZOMGs are slow enough). If even that fails, go nuts and try FSC or surrender.

13. COBRA Dart Strike (Dart Monkey, COBRA, Banana Farm) (best used on land tracks)

  • Get a 0,1 dart monkey and ASAP get a banana farm 0,0
  • As soon as you have the cash, get your dart monkey to 0,3, then your farm to 2,0, getting more dart monkeys if things leak
  • Get some 3,0 dart monkeys and another farm, being prepared to get 2 juggernauts for fending off a rainbow rush
  • While getting the juggernauts and farms (up to personal choice when during this) start getting COBRAs, making the first 2,2, and then continue to spam 0,2 COBRAs, keeping your defence strong
  • When you have the cash, get the best placed COBRA to x,4, as misdirection essentially covers you for MOAB protection, sending anything up to a BFB away from you at your opponent
  • Just keep going with the COBRAs, keeping your defence strong with juggernauts and 2,3 darts; your opponent will slowly have their life drained while you sit back and laugh ;)
  • Note: Be prepared for a yellow spam earlier on (around round 8). It is best to try and get 2 3,0 darts for this stage, since the COBRA and 0,3 dart are both weak at dealing with larger groups of bloons in one go

14. Cheap'n reliable (Dart MonkeyT4,Monkey SubT3,optional)

  • Get a 1,0 sub to start,and get it up to 1,1
  • Get a 2,3 dart monkey when possible.Spam red blows(or blue) for income
  • Get your 1,1 sub to 1,2.It should be about round 4-5,PRoD if you want to.
  • Get a 4,0 dart monkey for leads and camo leads.
  • Get the 1,2 sub to 2,3.
  • Now,you have a few options:
  1. Massing 2,3 dart monkeys for defending ceramics.
  2. Massing 2,3 subs for (some) MOAB popping power.
  • Late game,you can either ZOMG rush,or build a 2,4 dart monkey to (try to)defend a ZOMG rush.

15. ADE: Monkey Apprentice, Dart Monkey, Monkey Engineer (defensive strategy)

  • 1-Get 2 2/3 Darts
  • 2-Get a 2/2 Apprentice
  • 3- Get more 3 2/3 Darts
  • 4-Get one more Aprentice 2/2
  • 5-Get a Engineer 4/2 (It may take a while)
  • Now with the money gattered with the Engineer upgrade the Apprentices to 3/2 (make the ceramics away)
  • Now get some more 2/3 darts and send bloons to the enemy until you win

16. Water Hazard Strategy (Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, Banana Farm (random tower is optional but recommended for late game)):

  • First, get a 0/0 Sub on the very bottom of the big pit near the end.
  • Get a 1/0 Farm on the land.
  • Upgrade the Sub to 1/0.
    • If your opponent is spamming grouped bloons, use a Monkey Boost. DO NOT UPGRADE TO ANY TIER 2 UPGRADE FOR THE SUB!
  • Upgrade the Farm to 2/0.
  • Upgrade the sub to 1/1 and get a 2/2 Buccaneer in a good area. Build another 2/0 Farm as soon as possible.
  • You now have two things you can do.
    • Get another Sub and upgrade the sub and the other prebuilt one to 2/2. Then make another 2/0 Farm and spam 3 0/1 or 0/2 Buccaneers.
    • Do the same as above but build the farm first and then the sub.
      • If your opponent is sending a RZRoD or RRoD, use a Monkey Boost.
      • If your opponent is sending camo leads, get a boat to x/3.
  • Now before round 20, try to make some more farms, upgrade the 2/2 boat to 2/3, upgrade some boats to 3/2 or 2/2, and get one of your subs to 4/2 and the other to 2/3.
    • If your opponent sent a BFB, get a 2/4 boat and use the Monkey Pirate's ability to instantly kill it. Your opponent should probably have 0 bloon economy and won't get money anymore.
    • If your opponent is sending tons of MOABs, Monkey Boost it.
  • Now, upgrade some farms to 3/0, or if possible, get at least one to 4/2!
  • Now start going for 3/2 or 2/4 boat and 4/2 or 2/4 sub spam. If you can upgrade some farms to 4/2.
  • If you have a bonus tower, try spamming the best upgrades for it as well.
  • If you plan to, try to BFB or ZOMG spam your opponent. Your bloon economy is now useless with farms.

17. Money for Flight (Banana Farm, Heli-Pilot, Dart Monkey)(Bonus tower is optional)

This is one strategy for those who would like to do late games.

  • Get a 2-3 Dart Monkey
  • Get 4 2-0 Banana Farm
    • Upgrade at least 1 Banana Farm to 2-0 first before putting more 2-3 Dart Monkeys in case your opponent sends you bloons and cannot defend it
  • Buy and put at least 3 or 4 3-0 Dart Monkeys on a space that makes the towers useful
    • Upgrade them to 4-0 in case of camo leads and it is much safer that way.
  • Upgrade all your banana farms to 3-0
  • There are 2 ways to do this step:
    1. Buy a 2-2 or 3-2 Heli Pilot and wait more time before you could upgrade all of your banana farms to 4-2
    2. Sell the amount of banana farms needed to upgrade one of your banana farms to 4-0, and get some more cash to upgrade it to 4-2, then buy another banan farm, 4-2 upgrade, and another, until you get how many farms you like to buy, then buy a 4-2 heli pilot.
    3. In case your oppenent rushes you, you could sell your banana farms enough to buy a 4-2 Heli Pilot that could defeat the rush
  • Keep buying 4-2 banana farms, 4-2 heli pilots and 4-2 dart monkeys, and you could have much money to try rushes to your opponent.

Strategy 18. Battle Arena Classic (Dart Monkey, COBRA, Banana Farm, Bonus Tower recommended)

  • On the tower selection screen, check the map. This strategy does not work well if the map is on Iceburg. Use a skip if the map is on Hydro Dam or A Game.
  • If you opponent is not ready, they might ambush you to switch the map. Select these towers just in case the ambush you.
  • Try to get as a bonus tower a Monkey Engineer, Monkey Sub, or Bloonchipper.
  • Now, lets get to the game.
  • Place down your 3 free hot road spikes on a good area.
  • Place down a farm and upgrade it to 1/0.
  • Get a dart monkey to a good position and upgrade it to 0/2. If your opponent is spamming bloons, go for a 0/3.
  • Upgrade your farm to 2/0 and dart monkey to 2/3.
  • If your opponent is spamming pinks or blacks, get another 2/3 dart monkey.
  • ONLY if you see a weakness, rush pinks or blacks with your opponent.
  • Get another farm and upgrade it to 2/0 along with a 3/0 dart monkey. Place the 3/0 dart monkey near a straight line. YOU WILL NEED THIS TO DEFEND RYoD, LoD, RZRoD and RRoD.
  • Get another 3/0 dart monkey before round 8.
  • Get another farm to 2/0. At the same time, upgrade your 3/0 dart monkeys to 4/0. Get ready for round 13. If your opponent is going for a RZRoD or RRoD, monkey boost it to destroy it.
    • If that happens and your opponent went all out, you've just won. RZRoD your opponent (camo it if necessary) and watch it kill your opponent.
  • Try to make sure you have at least 4 2/0 farms by round 18. Alongside, try to get at least 5 2/3 dart monkeys.
  • Go for 1/0 COBRA spam. Alongside, get another 4/0 dart monkey.
    • If your opponent is spamming COBRAs 0/2, try to upgrade some of your COBRAs to 2/0.
  • If your opponent did a MOAB spam or BFB, either Misdirection it or use SMFC.
  • Upgrade your COBRAs to 2/2. This should make your opponents defense wear out very easily. For late game, use 2/4 dart monkeys, 2/4 COBRAs, and the best upgrades for your random tower.
  • Get some farms to 3/0, or even to 4/2!
  • Your opponent will more likely have their lives down to 1 by Attritions and the adjusted bloons should finish it off. Even if your opponent goes for COBRA spam, you should have a better defense for adjusted bloons

19. The Anti-COBRA strategy, or Death of RRoDs for Battle Arena (Dart Monkey T4, Banana Farm T2-4, Monkey Ace T3)

-Place all your spikes to stop natural bloons, then place a banana farm and then a 0/3 dart monkey, if they go bloon eco build 2 or more 0/3 Dart monkeys.

-Build up some more farms, on round 8 place a dart monkey in a reasonable position for a Juggernaut and start saving for a 4/0, if you fail to get a Juggernaut by round 10 you will easily die to a RLoD.

-Around round 11-12 you should have 3 or more 1/0 farms maybe better.

-Now save up and place a Monkey Ace down and change his positioning to one that will allow better popping power.

-You MUST get a 0/3 Monkey Ace by round 13 or you will die to a RZoD!

-Most players using the COBRA strategy will by now be starting to get up 2/0 COBRAs, keep calm and place more 0/3 Monkey Aces, upgrade them to 2/x if you want.

-Any RRoDs will easily be destroyed by at least a 0/3 Ace. Garunteed if you boost.

-The COBRA strategy will become ineffective soon because the enemy will start panicking and getting 2/2 COBRAs and a better defense.

-Be very careful battling someone who RRoDs you, they usually don't have MOAB popping power so feel free to fast cooldown BFB rush.

-Try not to get to round 27 or above due to MOAB popping power is terrible with this strategy, any aggressive player might even go for a round 22 MOAB!

NOTE: To successfully use this strategy you MUST no matter what stay CALM, that way you can easily stop the panic from getting a bunch of camo regrow ceramics at round 18

Strategy 20: When you do arena this is a ineffective strategy on Yellow Stadium that defeats beginners and probably won't work with better players.

  • First put down a Engineer and upgrade it to Bloon Trap.
  • (Optional)Send bloons to get eco.
  • If you don't send bloons then you should get bloon trap by the end of round 7 or the beginning of round 8.
  • Then at round 13 rush him with the second zebra with Regen ONLY if you see a weakness.
  • Sometimes this strategy doesnt work if they have banana farms because they can get their defences up quicker.

Strategy 21. N.E.W. (Noob's Easy Win) Normal Edition - This strategy is exceptionally common and really isn't a "noob" strategy as its used by everyone. (Dart Monkey T4, Banana Farm T2-4, Optional, Optional)

-Build 0/3 dart monkey in a reasonable position and save up for a Banana Farm, then place it and upgrade to 1/0.

-Keep building and upgrading your farms until round 8.

-On round 8 start saving up for a Juggernaut or 4/0 Dart Monkey. That way a RLoD can't kill you, or CLoD.

-Now start saving up and getting more farms and upgrading them. If the other person seems ready to RZoD then get ready to counter them earlier.

-If you save up you won't have to sell farms for your Round 15 RRoDs that you need to send.

-If they live then get up a better defense using your extra tower choice, preferrably Ninja of Cannon for MOABs.

-Your last chance is a Mega Fast Cooldown BFB rush.

Strategy 22: Easy non-COBRA aggressor strategy (Monkey Apprentice, Boomerang Thrower (At least Tier 3), Banana Farm, Optional)

  • NOTE: This strategy only works on areas with large room for farming. So don't try it on Hydro Dam or Swamp.
  • NOTE 2: This only works well on Mobile due to how the Monkey Apprentice and Banana Farm work. It won't do as well on PC.
  • Start off with a farm, and upgrade it to 1/0. If you're on Arena, put down your spikes.
  • Place down a Monkey Apprentice. If your opponent rushes you with red bloons, upgrade it to 0/1.
  • Save up until you can get a 2/0 or 2/1 Monkey Apprentice.
  • Place down another farm and build another 1/0 farm.
  • Get another app and upgrade it to 2/0.
  • If you get rushed with Pinks, don't worry about it too much. They'll rarely kill you before you get your next app up.
  • Keep placing farms and upgrading them to 1/0 until round 12.
  • Upgrade your apps to 2/2 to deal with camos.
  • Once 13 hits, sell your farms, and get 2 3/0 Boomerang Throwers.
  • Rush your opponent with regen Zebras.
  • More likely than not, this will kill your opponent.

Strategy 23: Official COBRA strategy (COBRA, Boomerang Thrower, Village, Bonus Tower recommended)

  • NOTE: This may not work if your opponent uses a 4/0 Submarine to counter your attacks.
  • NOTE 2: You need 4th tier on every listed tower for this to work.
  • NOTE 3: Use this strategy on area that have large room for land towers and the Village. Do not use this on Hydro Dam, Swamp, or Iceberg.
  • NOTE 4: This also works in the Bananza and Mega Boosts Club Game, allowing you to spam more affected bloons. Do not use this in Speed Battles. Using this in Playing with Fire is not recommended. If you do this in Mega Boosts, use farm instead of village.
  • Start off with 2 1/0 COBRAs. Place down spikes if you're in Free Power-ups or Club Game. In Mega Boosts, place down a farm and upgrade it to 1/0.
  • Place down a 2/0 boomerang near your COBRAs to defend any bloons your opponent might send. On Mega Boosts, try to get the farm to 2/0.
  • Now, place down as many COBRAs until about round 8.
  • Upgrade the boomer to 3/2 to survive RYoD, LoD, RZRoD, and RRoD. Use monkey boost in Mega Boosts.
  • Now get a 0/2 village for camos. Get more farms instead in Mega Boosts and try for 4/0 farms.
  • Do not rush with RZRoD or RRoD unless you see your opponent defense's being weak. Beware - it could be an ambush that allows your opponent to get an upgrade and destroy it.
    • If your opponent did a RZRoD or RRoD, use Monkey Boost to destroy it.
  • On Mega Boosts, spam 4/0 COBRAs. On round 13 or so, sell your farms rush with Bloon Boost with Fast Cooldown MOABS or BFBs. Unless your opponent hack (which is unlikely), you pretty much won.
  • Spam COBRAs and try to get a 2/3 boomerang for the ceramics.
  • Once you have 15-25 COBRAs, upgrade them all to 2/0.
    • If your opponent did a BFB, upgrade a COBRA to x/4 in order to Misdirection it to your opponent.
    • If your opponent did grouped MOABs, upgrade your 2/3 boomerang to 2/4 and use the ability on top of Monkey Boost to destroy it. Do it fast, or you will lose to ceramics.
  • The bloons should overrun the opponent and kill the opponent.
  • Beware a ZOMG. If your opponent sent a ZOMG, try to rush back, or you could easily lose.

Strategy 24: Dartprentice (Dart Monkey, Monkey Apprentice, Optional, Bonus Tower optional)

  • Start by putting two 0/3 Dart Monkeys at the end of the track.
  • Start spamming grouped Reds, then Blues, and then Greens until you reach $500 income.
  • Put three 2/2 Monkey Apprentices at the beginning of track.
  • Until Wave 17/18, start putting more Dart Monkeys, then upgrading them to 2/3, and then upgrading the existing ones to 2/3
  • Starting from Wave 17/18, start saving your money.
  • On Wave 20, if you have more than 5000 money, send two BFB's and you should be done.
    • If not, start producing small income for more Dart Monkeys and eventually putting more Monkey Apprentices aswell.
    • If enemy endured an attack, it's mostly up to your luck if whether you or your opponent lose first.

Strategy 25:

DISCLAIMER: This strategy works well from round 1-18, so consider crushing your opponent early game.

Use Dart Monkeys(Tier 4), Banana Farm, Apprentice ,Optional

Step 1: Place a Dart Monkey on a stragetic spot and try to get 0/3

Step 2: Build Two 1/0 Banana Farms. If you are lazy, get two 1/1 Banana Farms

(If the opponent spams, get more 0/3 Dart Monkeys)

Step 3: Spam reds to show you are trying to get eco but not thwarting them, as thwarting them increases the chance for them to send bloons to you.

Step 4: By round 11, get at least 3-5 Dart Monkeys 2/3. Also, get a 2/2 Apprentice for leads and AoE damage.

Step 5: Get at least 2 Juggernauts for ceramics, and make sure the spots are long strips of bloon incoming lines, for maximum popping. If you are struggling at this point, you MUST try to get more apprentices. Their 3/2 is good for damage, while 2/3 are good for stalling and sending them back for more damage. It is totally up to you if you want to upgrade any monkeys to their fourth upgrade.

Step 6: Get as much eco as you want by sending zebras or rainbow bloons. If the enemy has not been defeated by then, get your banana farms 2/1.

Step 7: Send whatever bloons you think is best for attacking(Black is immune to explosives, White is immune to Freeze, Zebra to both. Consider sending Ceramics(Rainbow if need eco)

If you have TONS of eco and money and the enemy is not destroyed yet, consider turning in some eco for MOAB classed bloons.

Strategy 27:

Get a Spike Factory, Apprentice(And or Buccaneer if water), and Boomerang thrower, with random tower.

Step 1: Get two boomerang towers and get them to 3/2 and 2/3 as soon as possible. Don't worry about deffending now, it should hold off.

Step 2: Place 3 Spike Factories in the middle or beggining part of the Bloons Lane, and get 2/3,2/3,3,2.

Step 3: Farm enough eco to get around 500-1000Eco.

Upgrade your towers to max from here on now.

Step 4: Get 4Apprentices, 2 In the middle of the bloon lane, 2 In the middle end section.

Upgrade the middle apprentices to 2/4 or 2/3, and last two to 4/2 or 3/2. This is to implement more damage and defence.

Now, this should be enough to fend off until round 25ish. If you are troubled by MOAB Classed Bloons, get more 2/3 or 2/4 spike factories. If not, get more Apprentices. Keep earning eco in the meanwhile, and try to crush your enemy as this is not as efficient as other things late game(ex. Round 40+)

Eco Farming Strategies:

Early Game, Red Bloons are good to show no aggression and yet get eco.

Mid-Game, Yellows and Greens are good for spamming, and are the best way to get the most eco fast.

Warning: Because of green and yellow are able to spam, if you have 250-600Eco, chances are you will constantly lose money, yet earn eco. This is dangerous if you are waiting to upgrade.

Starting from Round 11, the best ways to get eco without spamming are zebra bloons, as they cost 125, are slow, and give 5 eco

Strategy 28:( dart monkey , farm, bloonchipper)

  1. Get a farm
  2. Dart Monkey
  3. farm 1-0
  4. dart 0-3 ( if there is pink rush, get bloonchipper next to darts set strong
  5. another farm 2-0, make both 2-0
  6. If you have a good regrow defense random, get it up
  7. Have 1 4-0 dart monkey and 3 2-3 darts by r.12
  8. If you think you can kill opponent r13, sell your chipper and farms
  10. If doesn't kill, try to recover by selling some of your defense and send bloon eco. If you didn't send, try Grouped Regen Ceramics on r18.
  11. If you didnt rush on either r13 or r18, get 10 dart monkeys 2-3 and upgrade one to SMFC. (remember to upgrade farms!)
  12. Buy a 4-2 chipper by r22.
  13. Keep adding defense until r23. You should have 1200 eco/ 2 4-2 farms
  14. Sell all farms and send Fast Cooldown ZOMGS and kill.
  15. If that doesn't kill surrender because you pretty much got no chance.

Btw i have used this strategy for 3 months in Ceramic Crucible and still have 89% win ratio.

Strategy 29 - Card Battles - Rushing - For Newcomers

(For more card battle strategies, go to

The first thing you need is the default Card layout. That way, this strategy is most effective.

Start by going into a lobby, when you've found someone say Late Game! and after that Get Ready! and after that the Confident In You emoji. Now press ready,

Start by placing a tower, (The towers you can afford in the middle of round one) then add another tower. Now put cards that you don't need early game in the trash until you reach Triple Dart Monkey, sacrifice both of your towers and replace them with the Triple Dart. Now save up for a moderatly expensive card (600$ - 900$) and place it down next to it but to not use as much money place a 1-1 Apprentice. Now analyse the enemy's layout, you dont want to send bloons too strong but enough to get halfway through his defense. If you send the bloons too strong then say Sorry! and try not to bother him again by sending strong bloons. Keep sending those bloons until you reach 300$ income, now buy your third and fourth and fifth tower. Make sure they are useful in a way. Now save up for a Thunderbolt apprentice. Place it near the front and get your income to 480$. You probably should be in round 13-15. Now put cards in the recycle bin until you reach Summon Whirlwind. Save up 3000$ and when you are on round 19 send out that BFB! Also make it faster if you think his defence is strong. Now you have a win!

Also, you can make them upset if they are rushers by doing the angry face. Then send out the BFB and tada! You've teached them a lesson.

Strategy 30 - MOAB Pit strategy

1) Dart Monkey 2-3

2) 2 Farms 0-0

3) Dart Monkey 2-3

4) Upgrade Farms to 2-0

5)Wizard x-2 (desirable 2-2)

6)If an opponent sends bloons, extra dart monkeys 2-3

7)On level 13 sell Farms and send RRoDs

8)If the opponent has such towers as 4-x Tack Shooter, 4-x Bomb Tower, 4-x Mortar, it is better not to send Regen Rainbow Rush. Spend money on Super Monkey Fan Club

9)If the opponent is focused on the MOAB-class blimps or RRoDs, but forgot about camouflage bloons, send Camo Pink Bloons.

10)With a strong attack of an opponent use Super Monkey Fan Club. Send MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs

11)When you go to a late game, buy more Fanclubs. This strategy is not very good for late games, yet you can send an opponent ZOMGs

Strategy 31: Wizard, Tack, Farm.Edit

1. Buy a 1-0 farm, throughout the game keep buying farms, you should have 3 2-0 farms by round 10

2. Buy a 0-3 tack

3. Send bloons at your opponent to force them to buy defence, if their dfense defends, stop sending, you'll want to do this from round 2-6. Look at your opponent's defence to decide top bloon or bottom bloon

4. On round 4 upgrade your tack to 2-3

5. On round 6 buy a 2-0 tack

6. On round 8 upgrade second tack to 2-3

7. On round 10 buy a wizard for lead bloons, set on strong, if nessesary upgrade to 2-0

8. On round 12 upgrade wizard to 2-3

9. Round 13 time! regular regrow rushes are easy peasy to blade maelstorm, for camo rushes either buy a summon pheonix, or another 2-3 wizard and boost

10. You may go for bank or factory.

Bank: buy 5 plantations and 1 more bananas. Upgrade more bananas to Valuble Bananas. Sell 4 plantations and buy the bank.

Factory: Buy 6 plantaions, upgrade 1 to republic, save up 4000 cash, sell 4 plantations for factory.

ALWAYS keep one plantaion to sell for emergencies.

11. round 15 is simular to round 13

12. To defend a MOAB on round 18, set a 0-3 wizard on strong, when it pops, use blade maelstrom

13. To defend a BFB followed by MOABs on round 20, set multiple 0-3 wizards on strong, when the BFB pops, wait until the MOABs are right over your tacks then activate 2-3 blade maestroms

14. Last rush on 22, ZOMG followed by BFBs. Buy multiple summon phoenixes and activate, use 2 blade maelstroms each time to kill MOABs, and 1 to kill cramics

15. If you make it to round 22 just rush your opponent repeatedly, they'll die eventually.

Strategy 32: Boomer Farm Heli: The Rainbow Ruins Strategy

Before I get into the strategy, you must have all 4th tier upgrades unlocked and this strategy requires A LOT of micro, and can suffer late game unless you get a strong random. Also buy a few monkey farmers to help out.

1. Once you have enough money, buy a Banana Farm and upgrade it to 1/0. Use a set of spikes at the back if you need. Be fast with the Farm placement, as step 2 is pretty important.

2. Before 30 seconds passes, send 2 sets of reds. This will give you a slight income boost and leave you with just enough money to buy a Heli Pilot at 42 seconds.

3. Upgrade your Farm to 2/0. If your opponent sends you a bunch of grouped blues, upgrade your Heli Pilot to 1/0.

4. Buy another Farm and upgrade it to 2/0. If you haven't already, uphrade your Heli Pilot to 1/0, because blacks and greens can overwhelm the Heli Pilot easily.

5. Prepare for round 8 rushes by buying a Boomerang. Do not upgrade it, instead wait until round 8. If your opponent rushes you, upgrade your Boomerang to 3/0. This should destroy the yellow and green layers if placed correctly. If your opponent doesn't rush you, buy another Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.

6. If you haven't yet, buy another Farm and upgrade it to 2/0. Get your boomerang up to 0/2 if your opponent did not rush you. Also upgrade your Heli Pilot to 3/2 for camo detection and preparation for Round 13-20.

7. Round 13-16. Its rush zone. If your opponent sends camos, upgrade your boomerang to 4/2. Glaive Lords are dangerous against camo rushes and your opponent will have wasted a lot of money. If your opponent sends regular regrow rainbows, upgrade your Boomerang to 2/4 and use the ability. If he keeps sending, sell and rebuy another Turbocharge and use the ability OR get up a glaive lord, depending on the map and how much money you have. If you successfully defend, counterrush your opponent if their defense is weak, or keep farming. If your opponent did not rush you, upgrade all of your Farms to 3/0.

8. Buy a second Heli Pilot and upgrade it to 3/0. If camos are still a problem, upgrade it to 3/2. Make sure both are on Follow Mouse/Follow Touch.

9. Send a MOAB unless their defense is too strong. If they send one at you, move your Heli Pilots ON TOP of the MOAB to deal extra damage with the Razor Rotors.

10. Send a BFB if you know your opponent cannot defend. If they send a BFB or Fast Cooldown MOABs at you, sell Farms until you can afford an Apache Dartship. If they send both, buy turbo charges to deal with the bloons inside the MOAB and BFB layer. If you successfully defend their rush, they may be done for because they wasted a lot of money.

11. Send a ZOMG. Even though it may kill your income, you should have one or two Farms still up. Your opponent should die to this. Otherwise hold out into the late game or go all out, depending on their loadout. Get 4/2 Farms if you still have some or if you decided not to rush.

BFB (Boat, farm, Boomer / Monkey buccaneer, Banana farm, Boomerang Thrower)Edit

(best on shorter maps like ink blot, indoor pools etc.) round 1: get the farm at 18 seconds, possibly use your track power to not leak lives and / or get the farmer(continue getting farms for most of the rest of the game).

round 2: get the boat (if possible get on round 1).

round 2-7: if the opponent sends bloons, get the faster shooting, grape shot and/or more boats.

round 8-9: if the opponent sends regular/regen yellows, get up the faster shooting, grape shot and/or more boats OR the 2-3 boomerang.

round 10: if the opponent sends leads, get up the 2-3 boomerang

round 12: if the opponent sends camo leads, get up a 2-3 buccaneer.

other rounds: get up better towers to defend and sell farms (unless you have 3000 dollars) to turbo charge (the 0-4 boomerang ability) to defend a rush. after sell it and get a 2-3 boomerang and spend the rest on farms.

Playing the "Aggressor" - A Guide to Bloon-SpamEdit

What is the "Aggressor"?

  • The Aggressor is a player who aims to eliminate the opponent as soon as possible, and have them be crippled by sending as many bloons as possible in order to try and get more bloons to leak and increase profit. Because of this, the Aggressor often sends out the bottom row of bloons to send, like spaced blues, pinks, blacks, etc., to gradually wear down a bad defense.
    • Or, if the Aggressor knows the opponent's four towers or knows the opponent's weakness later on, he/she will stockpile income quickly by sending out the top row of bloons to send, like grouped reds, blues, greens, yellows, etc., then stop sending bloons suddenly. This allows the Aggressor to build up a very large amount of income and money in such a short amount of time. After getting an adequate defense, the Aggressor will send out a giant all-out attack, which will usually knock off all of the opponent's 150 lives.
      • But if the Aggressor is not sending bloons, he/she will go Banana Farms. Throughout the game, the Aggressor will keep getting a defense that's just strong enough to withstand the bloons that are being send, by computer or by player. While the Aggressor is doing this, he/she will also upgrade their Banana Farms, and maybe send out the bottom row of bloons to send to overpower the opponent's defense if it's not strong enough. At rounds when the desired bloon sends become available, (Often infamous bloon rushes on rounds 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, etc.) the Aggressor will sell his/hers Banana Farms, wether it be one or two of them or all of them. Then the Aggressor will send out a giant rush of all the infamous rushes we know now. (See a later section)

The Basics of playing the AggressorEdit

  • Starting out as the aggressor requires a tower which can take down compacted groups of bloons in a short amount of time, or a fast tower. A Boomerang Monkey of 3/2 or 2/3 is appropriate and both can be used for further effect. An x/2 Monkey Villiage is the most obvious way in order for the boomerangs to detect Camo-Leads, which will be covered in a further section, or any tower which can penetrate leads and detect camo bloons to do the same job, such as Cannon Ships or Flash Bomb Ninjas. As soon as bloons are available (Round 2), begin sending them, bottom row or top row depending on your playstyle, as this is an important part of being an aggressor. As the rounds progress, you unlock more bloons, which you should send those which increase your income even more. This will be vital in order to increase your income to a disired amount.

Compounding your IncomeEdit

  • Compounding Income is a cycle which makes the Aggressor effective. You may notice that as you send more bloons, there is an "Income-Change" which is listed alongside the Bloon-Details. You will get the amount of money you have in your "Income Box" every 6 seconds. Once you send a bloon, your income will change accordingly. By sending bloons, this allows you to be able to get more money from your income, and allows you to send bloons, which allows you to have even more of an income increase, and thus the cycle continues. By Round 20, because of the cycle your original income may have quadrupled.
  • I made a chart
    Bloons cost chart (fixed)
    showing the bloon cost, income change, and break even time (iOS version). The break even time for most bloons is 2m 30s, so don't worry about more economy if you are getting ready to send a rush intended to kill. Formula for break even time: (cost*6)/income change/60. Dire Storm (talk) 18:17, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

GRoDs, PRoDs, BRoDs, RYoDs, CLoDs, RZRoDs, RRoDs, CoDs, etc.: Your Best Friends and Worst EnemiesEdit

If your opponent has a defence capable of holding off these bloons easily, it is best not to waste money on them. As with every opponent, they will learn from their mistakes if they do get defeated by one of these rushes and improve over time.

  • Round 2: GRoD (Grouped Reds of Doom): Sending masses of Grouped Reds will cause towers with low popping power to simply slide past. They will be able to slip through anything from a Dart Monkey to a 2/2 Ninja Monkey as well as earning extra income change for you. Also, this will force your opponents to use money and invest on defense. They are especially more damaging when sent in with blues as the cover of reds will shield the blues within.
  • Round 4: PRoD (Pink Rush of Doom): At the start of the game, abusing Pink Bloons can be devastating if your opponent has a bad defense, especially on short tracks like Hydro Dam and maybe Cards. Though if your opponent can hold off the pinks, try to mix the grouped blue bloons with the spaced pinks. A 3/0 Tack Shooter or a 2/1 Ninjawill usually have the pinks just fly right through the entire track unscathed due to the limited popping power being wasted on all the blue bloons.
  • Round 6: BRoD (Black Rush of Doom): This rush involves spaced Black Bloons at the first opportunity. Depending on the track, blacks will either be a total devastation (Hydro Dam) or a circumstantial bloon at best. (Bloontonium Mine, Rally, etc.) Bomb Towers are a popular tower, and these black bloons will easily overrun them if they are alone with no other towers.. Like the PRoD, you can mix the blue bloons with the blacks to inflict massive damage if your opponent has the above mentioned towers, not greens as blacks move at the same speed as greens.
    • Don't do so if the opponent has a tower with lots of popping power combined with black popping power, such as a 3/0 Tack Shooter and a 3/0 Bomb Tower, or a 3/0 Bomb Tower and a correctly positioned x/2 Mortar Tower. These can also gradually damage badly-placed 2/3 boomerangs.
  • Round 8: RYoDs (Regrow Yellows of Doom), RBoDs (Regrow Blacks of Doom), and RWoDs (Regrow Whites of Doom) are available on this round. As you can tell, this is the first round with real rushes as now regrow bloons are unlocked and grouped yellows as well as spaced white bloons.
    • RYoDs are sent to quickly run through towers with low popping power. A 2/3 Boomerang Thrower by itself, regardless of placement, will get overrun by these. A single 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a single 3/2 Ninja Monkey will also get overrun. A 3/0 Tack Shooter will also get overrun, though do be wary as some opponents upgrade the Tack Shooter to the Ring of Fire, which will pretty much decimate the rush as well as some later bloon rushes.
    • RBoDs are sent to overrun towers that are bunched up together. If your opponent has all of their towers on the upper half of the Temple Map, or if they have all of their towers at where the enterance and exit are on the Yin-Yang Map, these Regrow Blacks will soon regrow, and if your opponent has a weak defense, leak and cause great damage. Though don't do this if said towers are too powerful.
      • If your opponent has a black-popping tower, but the tower that pops grouped bloons (One 3/0 Bomb Tower, one 2/3 Boomerang, etc.) is too far away from the black-popping tower, then the blacks will regrow in between, putting more strain on the tower that pops grouped bloons.
      • A single 3/0 Boomerang Thrower will also get overrun by the regrow blacks, and to increase the potency of the attack, space them out (Send one group, send another group 2.5 seconds later, send one more 2.5 seconds later, and so on.).
      • Much like Rounds 4 and 6, you can mix the regrow blacks with regrow yellows, causing massive damage to your opponent if their defense is not sufficient.
      • A common killer is sending out a few groups of regrow blacks, then sending out many grouped yellows. What will happen is that the yellows will overlap the blacks, causing low-popping power towers to not be able to pop all the blacks, and if said tower is the only black-popping tower, then some of the regrow blacks, which may or may not have regrown, will go through the entire track unscathed.
    • Regrow Whites are very similar to Regrow Blacks: They are send to overrun a defense that has towers bunched up together. Except that Regrow Whites can be sent out four at a time unlike the regrow black's three, the White Bloons have a lower "cost per bloon", White Bloons are slightly faster than Black Bloons, and obviously they are immune to freezing, but vulnerable to explosions.
      • See everything the Regrow Blacks can overrun. The Regrow Whites and regrow Blacks are so alike the same towers mentioned above will get overrun. Except that Bomb Towers can already pop white bloons, so the 3/0 Tack Shooter and 3/0 Bomb Tower combination will not get overrun by the Regrow Whites.
  • Round 10: RPoDs (Regrow Pinks of Doom) and RLoDs (Regrow Leads of Doom). Regrow (Grouped) Pinks are just like Regrow Yellows, except that they are unlocked later, faster than yellows, and can overrun more towers, such as a single 2/1 Dartling Gun. Although usually Regrow Yellows get the job done just fine, a player can resort to the RPoD if they do not have enough money at the time Regrow Yellows are unlocked (Round 8).
    • Regrow Leads can overrun similar towers that can be overrun by Regrow Blacks (See above), except that Bomb Towers are at a lot more risk. Sharp objects can't pop the lead layer, and the Bomb Tower can't pop the black layer. Therefore, if the opponent has a Bomb Tower near the enterance where you send bloons and black-popping power in the very back, the Regrow Leads can easily overwhelm the opponent's defense. Remember that you can also send out regular lead bloons if your opponent does not have enough lead popping power, like a 0/0 Bomb Tower that could whiff.
  • Round 12: CLoDs (Camo-Leads of Doom) and RCoDs (Regrow Camos of Doom): Round 12 is a devastating round among players much like Round 8. You and your opponent will need to have full camo detection to survive these rushes that are unlocked on this round.
    • Camo-Leads are particularly devastating bloons which are available for you to send at this round. They are one of the hardest bloons to take down due to the relatively few towers that can pop both camo and lead bloons by themselves, and can be either a major threat to your enemy, or yourself if the enemy retaliates. Newer players are susceptible to falling victim to the Camo-Leads due to a lack of Camo-Detecting towers which can pop leads, and will lose quite slowly due to the lead bloon's slow speed. Each Camo Lead when leaked not popped at will will drop 23 lives off either side.
    • Regrow-Camos are also particuarly devastating, though they are less popular. You should send out these types of bloons for an all-out attack: Regrow-Camo Spaced Rainbows, Regrow-Camo Spaced Zebras, Regrow-Camo Grouped Blacks and Regrow-Camo Grouped Whites. Any of these bloons will overrun the opponent if they have bad camo detection. One 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a 4/x Dart Monkey is not enough to fend off these rushes by themselves, and either of these towers will easily get overwhelmed due to the Regrow-Camos constantly regrowing. Although don't send these out if you opponent has a 0/2 Monkey Village or 2/3 Mortar Tower, and instead send out regular, non-camo regrows.
    • These may not be mentioned, but sending out lots of camo grouped greens, yellows, and pinks (Not regrow) can slide past certain towers. For example, a 2/2 or a 2/3 / 1/3 Sniper Monkey can't keep up with the constant stream of camo bloons by themselves. A Spike Factory, from any upgrade from 0/0 to 3/3, also can't keep up with the lots and lots of grouped camo bloons, espcecially when all the bloons are "layered". A low-upgraded Ninja Monkey (2/2 or less) can't do much at all to defend all the grouped camo pinks by himself, and lastly, a 2/3 Mortar Tower that's not well-placed will not be able to de-camoize all the camo pinks.
      • "Layering" bloons is defined as sending out slower bloons first (In above example, grouped camo greens/yellows), then sending out faster bloons (In above ex., grouped camo yellows/pinks). Because the faster bloons will catch up to the slower bloons, all of the bloons will stacked on top of each other, which makes a great killer for towers that can't handle grouped bloons well.
  • Round 13: RRoD (Rainbow Rush of Doom) and RZRoDs (Regrow Zebra Rush of Doom): At the infamous Round 13, you may want to send out as many grouped regrow zebras/rainbows to either obliterate your opponent or waste a lot of money due to the opponent's strong defense.
    • If your opponent is lagging very badly, even if they have a Sun God, Robo Monkey, or another very strong tower (which they normally shouldn't have by round 13), it may not keep up with a constant spammage of these bloons due to the massive lag.
    • Obviously, if the opponent has a supercomputer or doesn't lag, the tower will pop the bloons just fine. Whole rainbows take 47 lives away. A cheaper alternative is to use the less effective regrow zebras, although much, much more regrow zebras can be sent out due to their low, $300 dollar cost, compared to Regrow (grouped) Rainbows' hefty $675 apiece. Some people may even send in a bunch of camo-regrow rainbows to opponents who have towers who can detect camo so badly that they will keep regrowing.
      • On mobile, because rainbow prizes were buffed, the RZRoD is used as a cheaper substitute, and is recommended if you want to send more problems to your opponent. Also, on mobile, the Zebras are buffed and give 6 eco instead of the normal 3.
    • If your opponent have 2 2/2 monkey apprentice only or with some other low popping power towers, send 4 groups of regen rainbows at a cost of $2700 ($4080 on mobile) will overrun them. Tons of them can also overwhelm a single 4/x Sub, but not more than one 4/x Sub if there are other good popping-power towers.
  • Round 15: RLRoD (Regrow Lead Rush of Doom) and CoDs (Ceramic [Bloon] of Doom): If your opponent didn't die after all of the above mentioned rushes, regrow leads or ceramics may get the job done. If your opponent has slow-shooting towers, such as 3/x Bomb Towers or 3/x Boomerang Throwers, then the ceramics will either continue to the end with it's shell still intact (and drop 104 lives off your opponent each), or the ceramic's children will keep regrowing from the slow-shooting towers and most likely kill the opponent. Camo ceramics (Or camo regen ceramics) are also quite deadly if your opponent has bad camo detection, such as a single 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a single 2/3 Monkey Buccaneer. Regrow leads can also provide more problems similar to the round 10 regrow lead rush, and can even overwhelm up to three 4/x Dart Monkeys, a single 2/2 Monkey Apprentice, a single 2/3 Monkey Buccaneer, or up to five 2/3 Ninja Monkey. Unless using Juggernauts, using Monkey Boost with these towers to defend regrow leads are useless.
  • On rounds 18 and after, MOAB-Class bloons can be game-enders, although also Fast-Cooldown (FC) Ceramics.
    • FC Ceramics, when sent out in a ~$8,000 rush, can easily catch an opponent off guard, especially when they are preparing for MOABs. One, maybe two 2/3 Boomerangs with Two 3/0 or 3/2 Boomerangs can get overrun by these.
    • Specifically an early MOAB sent out right at the beginning of Round 18 against an unprepared opponent without 2/3 Bomb Towers, Super Monkeys, etc. If a weak MOAB defense is present, check regrow to give the ceramic-popping towers a harder time.
    • Round 20 unlocks the deadly BFB. This is what usually kills most opponents, specifically those who spend a lot of money to try to get two MOAB Maulers up by Round 18. A regrow BFB is even harder to defend, considering all the ceramics inside. Any sort of weak MOAB defense, one that can barely hold off one MOAB, will get easily overrun. Any setup without x/4 Bomb Towers, 3/x or x/3 or higher Super Monkeys, x/4 Monkey Aces, x/3+ Spike Factories, etc. will have a very hard time combating this.
    • Round 20 is a round that allows for a FCMOABoD, or a Fast Cooldown MOAB of Doom which catches an opponent off-guard, or settle an formidable FCMOABRoD, basically the rush version.
    • Round 22 can allow for a FCBFBMRoD, a seemingly long acronym for a simple rush, a bunch of Fast Cooldown BFBs. Or Fast Cooldown BFB Mega Rush of Doom.
    • Say your opponent has an anti-MOAB defense, such as MOAB mauler spam (About five or more). While a BFB costs less than four MOABs, it moves fairly slowly, and it gives your opponent much more time to react, save up money, micro-manage stuff such as selling-and-rebuying abilities, etc. To unleash a much more surprising and quick attack, consider sending Fast-Cooldown MOABs, which are also unlocked at round 20, in a group of at least five. If your opponent does happen to have five or more MOAB Maulers, then that means that most likely, there will be miniscule "bloon-popping" towers, like 2/3 Boomers and 3/x Bomb towers. The MOABs get popped and the ceramics will rush through, giving your opponent much less time to set up an x/4 Ace or an x/4 Tack Shooter. Though don't send these out if there is many bloon-popping towers on the opponent's side, as the ceramics will easily get popped.
    • Keep in mind that MOAB-Class Bloons will practically stop you from earning money as sending them all drain income (unless you use farms to gain income, which in that case 0 income change doesn't matter) and the B.F.B and the Z.O.M.G. are slow compared to M.O.A.Bs, giving the opponent an ample amount of time to set up a last-minute defense, such as a Ground Zero or an arsenal of MOAB Assassins. M.O.A.Bs are the weakest (and cheapest) MOAB-Class bloon though, so at the very least make the M.O.A.B. a regrow M.O.A.B. Regrow BFBs and ZOMGs are also quite deadly due to the mass amounts of regrow ceramics that come out of them.
    • A very evil rush is a ZOMGSRoD (ZOMG Stacked Rush of Doom). The rush consists of you sending 1 ZOMG and then sending endless waves of FC-BFBs. No one can survive it unless you were planning a late game battle. Or had more than a few 2/3 Super Monkeys, and maybe a 2/4...
    • Exclusive to mobile, Round 24 unlocks the Fast-Cooldown ZOMG. An even more evil rush, named the SZOMGSRoD (Super ZOMG Stacked Rush of Doom), consists of an endless wave of Fast-Cooldown ZOMGs. At a hefty $10,000 per single Fast-Cooldown ZOMG, it is not recommended to rush with Fast-Cooldown ZOMGs until you have enough non-eco income (such as using Path 1 Banana Farms) and cash, because if your attack fails then you will slowly lose. Unless the opponent has a terrible defense against masses of ZOMGs, and that you have over $200,000 cash plus good non-eco income, it is not recommended to send SZOMGSRoDs.

Defending yourself against the AggressorEdit

Don't be Intimidated:

  • If the opponent sends out as many red or blue bloons that can be sent, or buys a particular tower in mass quantities, look at the opponents defense as a whole and concentrate on how to beat the opponent (Camo, Lead, Regrow Camo, MOABs, etc.). Also, if the opponent has the bloon decals, keep in mind that it does not affect the bloons he/she sends by any means besides a decoration.
  • (The following does not work anymore as the new update fixes this.) You can also use the Ice Tower to stall the "natural" bloons that automatically come out each round, thus elongating the rounds and getting more income per round This allows you to have a very developed field by the time each round starts. In addition, this counters the banana farms the agressor might use because each farm generates money based on the round, not its legnth, thus, benefitting income change and hindering farms.
    • You can also put all your towers at the very front of the track when you have Banana Farms. What happens is that because your towers are popping the bloons so quickly, the rounds go by quicker, since the game only proceeds to the next rounds when all the "natural" bloons on one player's side are popped. When the rounds are going by so fast, your farms make bananas faster, since farms generate a set amount of money during each round. Thus, when you pop all your bloons quickly, you are helping your farms. This is known as "antistalling"
      • Adversely, this "antistalling" tactic hurts players who rely on income change for money. Recall that income change gives you money after six seconds. Also remember that rounds can be sped up by antistalling. For instance, say that in a regular game, it is round 10 after four minutes. However, when up against an "antistaller" on the same track, the game may shift to round 10 after only three and a half minutes, or even three! This means that when you antistall, your opponent, assuming he/she has no farms, gets less money from his/her income in the same amount of rounds.

GRoD, PRoDs, WRoDs, CLoDs, RRoDs, CoDs and MoDs: Defend YourselfEdit

  • GRoD: There is a simple solution against reds: explosives. They will be able to take out grouped reds (and also anything underneath). Also, a 1/x Apprentice, 2/x Ice Tower, or 3/x or 2/3 Dart Monkey will suffice due to high popping power.
  • PRoD: Pinks are very easy to defend against: Fast towers are recommended. Be careful when choosing, as only four towers are allowed and each tower counts. Boomerang Monkeys are particularly popular, more specifically Bionic Boomer and Glaive Riccochet. Also the 3-2 ninja can be good aswell because of how it seeks the pinks and damages them bringing them down to a slower bloon that can be cleaned up by something else such as a ice tower or cluster bomb.
  • WRoDs: Regrow whites can look quite daunting, but all that is needed is a better defense. Lots of upgraded Dart Monkeys and maybe a powerful Bomb Tower can dispatch these. Once again, Boomerang Monkeys are used quite often to fend off these rushes, such as another Bionic Boomer/Glaive Riccochet.
  • CLoDs: These are harder to defend against. The most effective against this strategy is sufficient Camo detection, such as a 0/2 Village. A 1/2 Sniper Monkey is the Cheapest option to pop Camo Leads, and can be and is used by new and old users. The 1/2 Sniper will need extra towers to pop the Camo Lead's children however. Also, towers like 2/3 Ninjas and 2/2 Monkey Apprintices are fair, but the opponent can also mass a bunch of camo-pinks or camo-regrow rainbows to overrun them. The 2/3 mortar provides some camo detection, but it won't de-camoize all the bloons, and a (grouped) camo-pink rush will have many camo-pinks slide pass the mortar. An x/3 Bucaneer will also do well.
  • RZRoD & RRoD: 2-3 Glaive Riccochets or/and a Bionic Boomer might just be able to beat a zebra or rainbow rush. Blade Maelstroms, 4/2 Bomb Towers and 3/x Ice Towers work just as well. On mobile/Battle Arena, a cheap strategy that will even defend these camo rushes are 2 goodly-placed 4/x Dart Monkeys along with a Monkey Boost. While 4/x Subs can pop grouped bloons, it will not pop it without another group popping tower, even with Monkey Boost.
  • CoDs: Juggernauts are good for lower level players as it deals extra damage to the Ceramic Bloon. If not, any tower that attacks fast will easily pop the ceramics. 4/2 Bomb Towers combined with a couple Boomerangs will also work. As for camo ceramics, a 2/3 mortar will not get every single camo ceramic de-camoized, but getting an additional 2/3 Mortar will fix that, or a 0/2 Village. Using 0/0 ninja spam is a common cheap strategy most people uses to survive these attacks.
  • MoDs: Do whatever you'd do to defeat this in BTD5, for example MOAB maulers. Remember that MOAB-Class Bloons are unlocked quite quickly, one after another, so if you have enough income, consider some Technological Terrors or Ground Zeros, selling and quickly rebuying, using the ability each time. If you are playing on mobile and the rush is not too big, using the x/4 COBRA Misdirection ability will put the MOAB-Class Bloon to the opponent and if the opponent doesn't act fast, you may win. If that fails, you can use Super Monkey Fan Club (use as many Dart Monkeys to increase your chances of defending it) and a Monkey Boost or a First Strike Capability.

UnBreakable (Sniper,BananaFarm, SuperMonkey :Ninja) -By NickredaceEdit

  • The Ninja monkey is optional use it if you get it as a random if not stay with the Others.
  • Start by letting the first few balloons go then place a banana farm, once possible place a Sniper(Or ninja if you have it) as basic defense. Upgrade to X/2 as soon as possible.
  • Keep build farms until you have around 3-4 farms, keep placing Snipers and upgrading them as you go(Even if you have Ninjas keep them only around 3-4 prioritize the Sniper) Once you have a good defense start upgrading the banana farms until you are getting a good flow of income.
  • This is the main Defense Step, place your first super monkey, then place an addition farm (Can be placed anywhere as it'll be turned into a bank) Once upgraded to the superbank thingy... Start replacing your old snipers with 4/2 snipers.
  • At this stage you can start phasing back your Ninjas to only 3 at most and upgrade them to 2/4.(So They can slow down Balloons) At this time just fill in the stage with about half and half Snipers 4/2 and Super monkeys x/4.
  • At this point your pretty much impregnable, the snipers constantly freeze MOABs and with super monkeys damage output all but the most powerful ZOMG Rush can't break it (But at this point, if they start, just send yours too, more likely then not they won't have snipers and your balloons will reach them before theirs reach you(Especially so if you also have 2/4 Ninjas and are using their abilities).

If the enemy is trying to rush you, don't worry they aren't building a bananafarm thus your earning more income then them, asap build a super monkey to destroy the rush, More Snipers x/3 to destroy camo rushes.

If the enemy is focusing Eco try to keep up with them (Keep only 4-5 farms atmost) and remember the bank, as most players don't use it, during the extended game you will gain a huge eco advantage with it.

Remember to have half your snipers on strong and the other half on first, this way The ZOMGs and the MOABs are held down. Otherwise you could get rushed by fast moving MOABs.

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