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This article is about a group of games related to Bloons TD 6. Click here for more information about BTD6 specifically.

Quincy, a familiar presence to most players due to his early reveal in the BTD6 Era.

The Bloons TD 6 Era or BTD6 Generation (sometimes inaccurately shortened to BTD6) refers to games that use the same primary gameplay elements as Bloons Tower Defense 6. This mainly includes Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles 2, as they share the same basic graphics, tower lineup, upgrades, and gameplay structure. Some consider Bloons Adventure Time TD and Bloons Pop! to be part of it too. Even though both games deviate significantly from the core gameplay of BTD6, many of the characters, enemies, and projectiles are directly based off of BTD6.

Compared to previous generations, the Bloons TD 6 generation was not marked by a sheer increase in content volume, but rather a focus on deepening existing gameplay elements, such as an additional path for upgrades with new crosspathing rules to encourage more strategy, Line of Sight to emphasize placement, higher upgrade tiers, and frequent balance changes. Visually, Bloons TD 6 also debuts a 3D graphics space, allowing for more lively shading, depth perception, and tower animations.

The Bloons TD 6 Era began in June 2018 with the release of Bloons TD 6, the current flagship title of Ninja Kiwi, and is still ongoing. This generation has the bulk of player base attention and development focus, and will continue to do so until a new generation is released. As of now, Ninja Kiwi has announced no such plans.

To learn more about each game, their variants, as well as the major gameplay differences, click on the following links.

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Bloons TD Battles 2