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The epic battle of Monkeys vs. Bloons continues in this top-rated strategy game.

Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular tower defense series in history.

~ Ninja Kiwi's description on Google Play

Bloons TD 5 Mobile is the mobile version of the game Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. It was released on November 15th, 2012 and is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and Amazon App Store. On November 19th, 2014, the game was ported to Steam with the same features. New content is available across all platforms following updates, but there is no cross-compatability function between different platforms.

This game comes with even more features compared to Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, including:

BTD 5 Mobile has been ported to Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac, but they are not cross-platform compatible with BTD 5 Mobile.Verify


Tower Description Cost
Dart Monkey Icon.png

Dart Monkey

Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. A good, cheap tower suitable for early rounds and a little above. $170 / $200 / $215 / $240
Tack Shooter Icon.png

Tack Shooter

Shoots 8 tacks spread in all directions, each tack can pop 1 bloon. Has short range and medium-slow fire rate. $305 / $360 / $390 / $430
Sniper Monkey Icon.png

Sniper Monkey

Armed with a high-tech long range rifle, pops 2 layers of bloons with unlimited range. $300 / $350 / $380 / $420
Boomerang Thrower Icon.pngBoomerang Thrower Throws a single boomerang in an arc back round to the monkey. Each boomerang can pop 3 bloons. $340 / $400 / $430 / $480
Ninja Monkey Icon.png

Ninja Monkey

Stealthy tower that can see Camo Bloons and throw sharp shurikens rapidly. $425 / $500 / $540 / $600
Bomb Tower Icon.png

Bomb Tower

Shoots a single bomb that explodes in a radius burst on impact. Good range, medium-slow fire rate. Can pop every bloons but not black or zebra bloons. $555 / $650 / $700 / $780
Ice Tower Icon.png

Ice Tower

Freezes bloons in its burst radius for a short time. Frozen bloons are immune to sharp objects. $255 / $300 / $325 / $360
Glue Gunner Icon.png

Glue Gunner

Shoots a glob of monkey glue at a single bloon. Glued bloons move more slowly than normal. $230 / $270 / $290 / $325
Monkey Buccaneer Icon.png

Monkey Buccaneer

Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed in the water. Shoots a single, heavy dart that can pop up to 5 bloons each. $445 / $525 / $565 / $630
Monkey Ace Icon.png

Monkey Ace

Patrols the skies above the action, regularly strafing the area with powerful darts in 8 directions. $785 / $925 / $1000 / $1110
Super Monkey Icon.png

Super Monkey

Throws darts incredibily fast. Has long range and lots of insanely powerful upgrades. Immense Penetrating Power. $2975 / $3500 / $3780 / $4200
Monkey Apprentice Icon.png

Monkey Apprentice

Trained in the arts of monkey magic, the Monkey Apprentice weaves magical bolts of power that pop bloons. Each shot can pop 2 bloons. Can upgrade to cast additional spells. $470 / $550 / $595 / $660
Monkey Village Icon.png

Monkey Village

Monkey Village does not attack, but instead lowers the cost of all towers and upgrades in radius by 10%. Has many useful upgrades that help nearby towers. $1360 / $1600 / $1730 / $1920
Banana Farm Icon.png

Banana Farm

Banana Farms grow bananas that you can collect to turn into cash. When your farm produces some bananas, collect them by moving your mouse over them. Don't leave them too long however, or they will spoil! $850 / $1000 / $1080 / $1200
Mortar Tower Icon.png

Mortar Tower

Targets a specific bit of ground anywhere on the screen. Launches explosive mortar shells to that spot. Useful for placing far away from the track to make room for other towers. $640 / $750 / $810 / $900
Dartling Gun Icon.png

Dartling Gun

Shoots darts like a mini gun, super fast but not very accurate. The Dartling Gun shoots towards wherever your mouse is, so you control how effective it is! $810 / $950 / $1025 / $1140
Spike Factory Icon.png

Spike Factory

Generates piles of road spikes on bits of nearby track. Each pile can pop 5 bloons, and unused spikes disappear at the end of each round. $640 / $750 / $810 / $900
Heli Pilot Icon.png

Heli Pilot

Powerful attack helicopter armed with twin dart shooters and multiple patrol options. $1275 / $1500 / $1620 / $1800
Monkey Engineer Icon.png

Monkey Engineer

Automatically creates sentry guns and deploys them on the ground nearby. Sentries shoot pins at the bloons but only last a short time. $385 / $450 / $485 / $540
Bloonchipper Icon.pngBloonchipper Rapidly sucks up and shreds bloons, spitting what's left out the back. $640 / $750 / $810 / $900
Monkey Sub Icon.png

Monkey Sub

Water based tower that shoots homing darts. Can upgrade to shoot at Bloons in the radius of any other tower. Can also upgrade to submerge and become a support tower. $300 / $350 / $380 / $420
See also: Tower and upgrade stats table BTD 5 Mobile also features Tower skins. They can be bought in the premium store for monkey money. For more information visit Tower skins.

Special Agents[]

Special Agent + link to article Description Cost in Monkey Money
Portable lake

Portable Lake Icon.png

Nowhere to float your boat? Smart Monkeys know they can place a Portable Lake on land, allowing any water unit to be deployed within its waters. 40

Pontoon icon.png

Place almost any land tower on water with the Pontoon! Deploy the Pontoon on water, then place your land tower on top 40
Tribal Turtle

Tribal Turtle Icon.png

Tribal Turtle can live on land or water. Throws spears and coconuts, coconuts do extra damage to ceramic bloons, and can pop lead or frozen bloons 85
Bloonsday Device
Bloonsday Device icon.png

The apex of monkey tech, the otherworldly Bloonsday Device gives you temporary control of their orbital strike satellite, whose beam destroys all bloons and does big damage to MOAB - class bloons 250
Meerkat Spy
Meerkat Spy icon.png

Meerkat Spy has no attack, but instead uses his super keen senses to spot Camo Bloons, granting Camo Detection to all towers within his radius 60
Beekeeper Icon.png

This special agent has a hive of angry bees that zip to their

targets and sting bloons until all layers are popped. Stingers can't get through lead or ice but regrower bloons beware.

Super Monkey Storm
Super Monkey Storm Icon.png

It's a bird, it's a plane. it's a squadron of flying super powered laser-beamin' monkeys who destroy every bloon on the screen and do big damage to MOAB class bloons 50
Angry Squirrel
Angry Squirell Icon.png

Armed with sharp acorns, this special agent goes berserk when bloons leak. For a few seconds, he attacks super fast, can spot camo, and pop lead 60
Bloonberry bush
Bloonberry Bush Icon.png

Place this fast-growing bloon killer right on the track. Loses a thorn for each bloon popped, but grows 5 thorns between rounds, up to 200. You protect it, it'll protect you. 50
Banana Farmer
Monkey Farmer Icon.png

Tired of picking up all those bananas yourself? So is this guy but at least he's paid to do it. Farmer will auto-gather all bananas in his radius so you don't have to. 40
Radadactyl (2).png

These slick prehistoric predators orbit their nest and pop any regular bloons they hit, but they can only pop so many before a new one has to hatch 100


As of April 2021, there are 84 maps in BTD5 Mobile. There are 25 beginner maps, 25 intermediate maps, 18 advanced maps, 12 expert maps, and 4 extreme maps. Extreme maps have special rules and rewards, for more details visit this page. The payout for completing a map depends on both the map's predetermined difficulty and the chosen game difficulty. After the first completion, the payout has a much smaller amount.


  • Monkey Lane: A nice track with flowers and dark green grass. This is the first track in the game. There is no water, meaning the Monkey Bucanneer and the Monkey Sub can't be placed without a Portable Lake Special Agent.
  • Bloom: A track released in the spring update in 2018. There are many flowers and a stream. There is very little water.
  • Present Delivery: Looks like a grayish-white track that holds presents.
  • Rabbit Holes: A track that was released on April 12th, 2017. It has no water at all.
  • Snowy Backyard: a very snowy track released on December 19, 2016. it has a small amount of water at the bottom
  • Sprint Track: A track on a sprint track. Water that appears to be a pond is to the left of the inside of the track.
  • Express Shipping: A track where is in the box stores, the bloons will go through the boxes and go around, there's no water. Also, it is available in the Co-op mode
  • Checkers: A track that resembles a checkers board with alternating stone and grass squares. Water at the very top and bottom of the track.
  • Skull Peak: A track that is featured on mountainous terrain with high cliffs and a nest, along with a skull rock with a pond and bridges in front of the skull.
  • Lobby: A polished, circular track with water in a lobby, hence the name.
  • 3 Times Around: A meadow beside a stream with a loop that bloons travel around three times, hence the name.
  • North Pole: A track covered in snow. It resembles a Christmas Tree. There are two small ponds of water that are formed from ice.
  • Patch: A track that goes through a pumpkin patch. A barrel-like container holding water is located near the center of the track.
  • Fireworks: A grassy plain that has a scorched mark in the shape of a firework, hence the name.
  • Brick Wall: A track where the bloons travel around a C-shaped wall. There are also two pools of water.
  • Park Path: A track taking place at a park. There are fall colored trees, and there is a stream in the middle of the track.
  • The Rink: An icy track. The track itself resembles the form of the Mac command key. There is water in the form of a fishing hole.
  • Roswell: A track on sandy terrain. There are 2 signs on the track. No water.
  • Space Truckin': A track in space. It features the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, and Mars. Towers can not be placed in space. There is water on earth.
  • Z Factor: A long track that looks like a Z made out of circles, hence the name. No water, but bloons will take a while to exit the track.
  • Maze: A track that proceeds through a hedge maze. Bloons will sometimes make a wrong turn and take a path to a dead end. A fountain is present at the center.
  • Oasis: Has Water that water towers can be put in. It looks like a circular path with a grassland background.
  • Snowman: Yet another winter theme map.
  • Parking Lot: A parking spot with a street on the side of it.
  • Daffodils: The bloons are attacking this springtime sanctuary and its up to you to stop them.


  • Six Feet: A coffin with almost no land except the coffin itself, like the rest of the track, is purely trees.
  • River Rapids: Lots of water with 2 direction passageways and rocks.
  • Workshop: A workshop with gears and widgets. This track has multiple pathways and no water.
  • Bloon of Clubs: This track is shaped like the "clubs" symbol on a playing card and is surrounded by clovers. No water.
  • Archipelago: A track full of water and some islands, hence the name. There is a wrecked ship in the top corner of the track.
  • Bloon Circles: A track in a hayfield. There are tracks in the hay that form the tracks that the bloons go on. No water here.
  • Slalom: A track shaped like a skiing slalom. There is a relatively big pond near the end of the track.
  • Snake River: A river that twists and curves in a serpentine pattern. There is not that much water, and there is quite a bit of land.
  • Dockside: A track based on a marina. There are tons of water, but less than Archipelago, and there are boats that towers can be placed on. Not much land is here.
  • Country Road: A countryside track. With 4 entrances and exits (one at a time), this may cause us confusion as the bloons go up in the circle and go into the exit. It loops around the circle only one time so be prepared. There is water in the form of a pond in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  • Jungle: A track with two separate, unconnected paths for bloons.
  • Ice Flow: A track that is obviously based on the Arctic Ocean. The only way to place land towers on this track is by placing them on the icebergs. The bloon path goes around the icebergs.
  • Wattle Trees: A track in the grassy path, There has four trees and you can see 2 boomerang huts in there, there's a little pond at the bottom right, the bloons will go around the trees.
  • Pyramids: A track the goes along the outside of two pyramids.
  • Dune Sea: A track with plenty of sand by the sea.
  • Lava Fields: A track featuring four lava pools.
  • Head In The Clouds: City with clouds blocking it.
  • Flooded Lane: Monkey Lane but a water track, with a few logs and a little bit of grass.
  • Walk in the Park: Looks similar to a pleasent picinic park
  • Ancient Tomb: Looks like a desert, the path is brick. Hearthside Presents everywhere like Christmas
  • Village Shore: Looks like a variety of plantions
  • Trick or Treat: Spooky Halloween map.
  • Hearthside: A holiday themed map. Bloons come from a campfire and go to the exit of the room. There are a lot of presents as decoration.
  • Forgotten Garden: And old and mysterious greenhouse has plenty of twists.
  • Autumn Leaves: Only one lane. There are 4 benches and a lot of leaves.


  • Phase Portals: A track set in what appears to be a research facility. There is no water here.
  • Lightning Scar: A track set in a barren setting. The track is shaped similar to a lightning bolt. There is no water here.
  • Switch: A track with a bunch of switches for the track. No water is here. This track differs from the original version of Bloons TD 5 as the pipes here are filled with a purple-colored liquid.
  • Mount Magma: A track that is on an erupting volcano. The track spirals out from the center and splits into four directions. No water. Lava cannot be used as water because it is the path the bloons travel.
  • The Eye: A track with an eye in the center, hence the name. The eye changes paths every time a round ends. No water.
  • U-Turn: A track set on a road. True to its name, the road is a u-turn.
  • The Great Divide: A track that is divided in half. It has two bending paths for the bloons on opposite sides of the screen. No water.
  • Water Hazard: A track with two paths set at a golf course.
  • Rink Revenge: A track that is similar to The Rink. There's another pond.
  • Challenger Deep: A track that has more water than the land itself. There are a few islands and a deep ocean covering almost the whole track except for the islands and the bloon path.
  • Long Range: A track with limited placement area for towers. It can be played in Co-op mode.
  • Battle Knot: A track with three knots where the bloons loop around once. It can be played in Co-op Mode.
  • Candyland: A track with four different paths on candy canes for bloons.
  • Crypt Keeper: A track with a path that separates quickly in a spooky area. It can be played in Co-Op mode.
  • Scorched Earth: A track where is in the earthquake ground, the bloons will start from a different path and connect at the center of the path. after that, the bloons will split again. in this path, the bloons will move 70 degrees.
  • Siege: A track with four different paths. Each leading to the castle you are trying to defend. Nearby the castle there is a small moat to place your water towers. The entrances consist of dead trees that you cannot place your towers on.
  • Igloos: A winter themed map with two lakes. It has two entrances and two exists.
  • Bigfoot: A giant footprint on the ground with a little lake inside of it.
  • Land's End: About half Water half rocks.
  • Tidal Pools: Obviously has water.
  • Igloos: Made to Look like the arctic some water.


  • Double Double Cross: This track is on a mystic landscape. The track crosses in the middle. There are 2 pools of green liquid (probably acid) that can be used as water.
  • Tunnels: A forest that has 8 tunnels. Bloons go through one tunnel then exit to another.
  • Castle: A track set in a castle. The track-only connects in the beginning and end for a bit. There is water in a form of a moat.
  • Clock: A track set on a clock. The hands of the clock changes where bloons go. There is no water on this track.
  • Drag Strip: A track on a racing course. There are two tracks that don't connect and are short. No water.
  • Death Valley: A track set in a barren canyon. The two tracks never connect and are short. No water here.
  • Down the Drain: A track in the sewers. There are 4 short tracks that don't connect. There is water in the center.
  • Treetop: A track on top of trees.
  • Runway: A track at the airport at night. The bloons will go around the path, there's no water.
  • Benguela: A track set at the southern sea of an island. Features 3 entrances and 2 exits.
  • Web: Looks like a spider web, but a bloons map instead.
  • Forest Path: Has a lake and a rich forest


  • Main Street: A track set on a city. The tracks are really short and only connect in the center. There is water in the top corner in the form of a pond.
  • Bloontonium Lab: A track set in a lab where Bloontonium is created. This track has three short tracks that do not connect.
  • Tar Pits: A track set in a mountain full of 5 tar pits with 5 entrances and exits. It has a pond in the middle to allow boats/submarines.
  • Toxic Waste: Four incredibly short paths, the bloons are exiting in the middle of the track.

Game modes[]

There are 7 game modes (excluding Mastery mode) and every game mode awards a different medal as well as a different amount of Monkey Money and Tokens. After the first completion of a game mode mode, the rewards on future completions have a much smaller amount and will not award another medal.

Apopalypse, Deflation and Sandbox mode cannot be beaten and will therefore not grand any rewards.

In addition, Easy, Medium, Hard and Impoppable can be played with two special modes: Fast Track and Reverse. Both need to be unlocked first and can be toggled on or off before starting the game. When completing a game in Reverse mode, an additional Reverse medal will be awarded. Fast Track does not grand any additional rewards.


  • On Easy towers cost less than normal, Bloons move a little slower and the player has 200 lives. Beating round 50 on Easy awards you a bronze medal for that track.


  • On Medium towers cost normal and the player has 150 lives. Beating round 65 on Medium awards the player a silver medal for that track.


  • On Hard towers cost more than normal, Bloons move faster and the player has only 100 lives. Beating round 85 on Hard awards the player a gold medal for that track.


  • On Impoppable towers cost even more than on hard, Bloons move faster, are stronger than ever and the player can't lose a single life. Beating round 85 on Hard awards the player an Impoppable medal for that track.
  • Impoppable unlocks at Rank 35.


  • "Once you start, you cannot stop. Bloons will keep coming until you lose. How far can you get?" (Official description)
  • There are no breaks between rounds. The cost of towers and upgrades are the same as in Medium. Income is not earned by progressing from one round to the next; only from popping Bloons and money-generating towers. The difficulty and number of Bloons in Apopalypse Mode also increases as the player progresses to higher rounds.
  • Apopalypse unlocks at Rank 31.


  • "Start with $50,000. No more money is earned during play. You start at round 30 and banana farms and other cash generating abilities are disabled. How far can you get?" (Official description)
  • The player starts out at round 30 with 50,000 cash, but every cash generating method is disabled. Upgrades that can modify the value of cash or give more cash, like Monkey Town, Bloon Trap and Support Chinook, will have their cash generating effect negated, although their other effects will still work (if they have any). Selling towers, however, will still refund cash. The Deflation mode shows the icon of a bloon deflating.


  • "Test out towers, strategies, tactics and anything you like. Have a play and have some fun" (Official description)
  • Sandbox Mode is a mode that allows players to send out specific bloons at any time and there is an infinite amount of cash and lives provided. All prices shown are from Medium Difficulty. At the bottom of the screen, there are boxes with the type of bloon in them and a hotkey. To spawn bloons, click on the box or press the hotkey and one of that bloon will spawn. Holding down the hotkey will create a line of that type of bloon.


  • "Masteries are only for the BTD5 Elite. Bigger Bloons, bigger rewards, and bigger challenges await this prestigious mode" (Official description)
  • This special game mode adds 5 new medals to every track. Monkey Money and token rewards are doubled. In this mode, all bloons except Z.O.M.Gs have their rank boosted by 1, but cash from popping bloons is halved, along with cash penalties happening sooner. Natural Z.O.M.Gs are unchanged.

Requirement for unlocking mastery mode are following:

Mastery unlocked Monkey Lab
slot unlocked
Requirements for unlocking
Master Mode &
Beginner Mastery
9th slot
Intermediate Mastery 10th slot
Advanced Mastery 11th slot
Expert Mastery 12th slot
Extreme Mastery 13th slot


Main articles: Co-Op Mode (BTD5), Co-op Mode (BTD5)

Co-op mode was released to BTD5 mobile several months after it was added to BTD5 Flash.

This mode is unlocked at Rank 10 and it involves two players cooperation. In BTD5, it is only available for up to two players per game. The player may choose a random game based on their preferred difficulty(s) (Easy, Medium, Hard, as well as Impoppable only on BTD5 Mobile) and map difficulty(s) (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, but not Extreme); afterwards, they will wait for another player that matches the selected criteria as the player. Soon, both players will be ready to play their Co-Op Mode game.

Players are limited to placing, controlling, upgrading and selling towers on their half of the map (the left and right halves). This can also provide some advantages, such as Dartling Gun control and banana collecting able to be separately performed by two players simultaneously.


In BTD5 Mobile, almost every day includes at least one running event. Below are a list of events in BTD5 Mobile.

Totem Event[]

Main article: Totem Event
  • Totem Event is an event where the player completes tracks to earn Totems. Earning 5 Totems will unlock a new reward.
  • Duration: 7 days

Preferred Monkey[]

Main article: Preferred Monkey
  • Preferred Monkey is an event where one must place specific numbers of specific towers to win double rewards.
  • Duration: Varies, usually 3 days.

Challenge Monkey[]

Main article: Challenge Monkey
  • Challenge Monkey is an event where one must use only certain types of tower to win quadruple reward. The challenge has also enforced only the selected towers, including no agents. Available towers and their upgrades are also 20% off, as compensation.
  • Duration: Varies, usually 3 days.

Boss Battle[]

Main article: Boss Bloon
  • Boss Bloons can appear on several maps during the event. Much like in Bloons Monkey City, they will slowly move along the track either until they are popped or until they exit. Rewards (such as Special Agents or a small amount of Monkey Money) are given when the Boss is defeated.

Golden Bloon[]

Main articles: Golden Bloon (BTD5 Mobile), Golden Bloon
  • It has the properties of a Ceramic, Camo, and Lead Bloon, moves as fast as a Pink Bloon, and has much more health. After many hits, the Bloon pops and releases a reward. The Golden Bloon's rewards are Monkey Money and an Agent, with more Monkey Money awarded on higher difficulties.


Main article: Bloonvasion
  • In Bloonvasion, the player is given a random set of 5 towers, and must defend against a set number of rounds. There are several "milestones" that give rewards upon being reached, with higher rounds giving more valuable rewards.

Odyssey mode[]

Main article: Odyssey Mode (BTD5)

Every week the developers at Ninja Kiwi choose a set of maps to challenge a player. In the beginning, you can choose your difficulty. Higher difficulties mean bigger and better rewards. The player must complete all the maps in the chosen difficulty in order with a single set of lives for all the maps to complete the Odyssey challenge.

In each difficulty, the maps are in order, with the easiest maps coming first and the hardest maps coming last. There are three maps in Easy Odyssey Mode, four in Medium, and five on Hard. The first map will guaranteed be a relatively easy Beginner Track. Maps in between may be of any Track Difficulty, with harder tracks being placed in harder difficulties. The final map will always be Intermediate on Easy, Advanced or Expert on Medium or Hard. Occasionally, Hard Difficulty Odyssey may have one Extreme Track as the final map.

If the player loses all lives at a point during any map in Odyssey Mode, the player will have to restart the entire Odyssey unless a Continue is bought (which costs 500, as with other games).

Monkey lab[]

Main article: Monkey Lab

The Monkey Lab allows permanent upgrades to be bought with Tokens () to enhance gameplay of each game. It is available in the main menu, accessible by scrolling though and found between the "Social" building and the "Settings" building.

Specialist Buildings[]

Main article: Specialty Buildings

Specialist Buildings are ways to specialise in any one tower type in Bloons TD 5. The buildings buff a tower in certain ways but it also increases the cost of another tower and it's upgrades by 5%. A plot of land must be purchased for Monkey Dollar.png250. Then, a Specialty Building can be build on top of it. After that, every Building can be upgraded up to 3 times. In BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Deluxe, it can only be upgraded 2 times.

While all Specialty Buildings can be bought, only one can be active at a time. Purchased Specialty Buildings can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the "Activate" or "Deactivate" button appearing over the Specialty Buildings "shop".

The first upgrade reduces the price by 5%, while the second one mostly increases the fire rate of the tower by 10% (second upgrade generally costs the same as the first). The third and fourth upgrade is special and different for each tower. It also costs more than the first two upgrades.

Specialty Buildings will also visually appear different when upgraded further. These visual changes to the Specialty Buildings have no impact on the gameplay though.

News and updates[]

  • On November 2nd, 2012, the official trailer for Bloons TD 5 iOS was released.
  • On November 15th, 2012, the game was released, but not optimized for the iPad.
  • On December 1st, 2012, the iPad version, Bloons TD 5 HD was released.
  • On December 15th, 2012, the game was released on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • On March 22, 2013, the Monkey Engineer, a tower from Bloons TD 5 Deluxe was added with Fast Track Mode from Bloons TD 5.
  • On April 18, 2013, the Double Monkey Money event began (it ended on April 22, 2013).
  • On May 14, 2013, The Great Divide and Reverse Mode was added along with social integration through Facebook. Connecting to Facebook rewards the player with Monkey Dollar.png100.
  • On May 31, 2013, the Special Agent Pros event began (it ended on June 3, 2013).
  • On June 11, 2013, a new intermediate track, Jungle, was added along with the Everplay video capture system, able to video the player's gameplay up to two minutes.
  • On June 13, 2013, items in the Store are on sale (it ended on June 17, 2013).
  • On June 28, 2013, two new tracks, Fireworks and Tunnels were added.
  • On August 21, 2013, the game gets a massive redesign, and also introducing Co-op Mode. Co-op mode in this version has 2 new and exclusive tracks: South Coast and Unfair Share.
  • On September 13, 2013, Country Road and an exclusive track, U-Turn, was added.
  • On September 20, 2013, the second Double Monkey Money event began (it ended on September 23, 2013).
  • On October 18, 2013, another BTD5 Deluxe exclusive tower was added: Bloonchipper. In addition, private matches can also be played via Game Center friends, along with 4 new tracks: Treetop, Maze, and 2 Halloween-themed tracks Patch and Scorched Earth. The main menu was also Halloween-themed. It also added a little red circle on the play button with a number on it (it tells how many new co-op tracks you have not played yet).
  • On November 21, 2013, the main menu became Christmas-themed along with a new track, North Pole (this track can be played on Co-op Mode). Also, a present was placed in the game containing a brand new tower known as the Monkey Sub and two new tracks specifically designed for players to test the new tower. But, to open the present and unlock the Monkey Sub, you need to pop at least 250,000 bloons(2,000,000 before the next update).
  • On December 20, 2013, 4 new tracks were introduced: 3 Times Around (Beginner), Lava Fields (Intermediate), Rink Revenge (Advanced) and Runway (Expert). However, only the latter 3 tracks are accessible in Co-op Mode.
  • On April 18, 2014, Impoppable Difficulty was introduced. In this difficulty level, towers and upgrades cost even more than in Hard Difficulty and the player must complete 85 rounds with only one life. Round 85 also contains five Z.O.M.G.s, as opposed to one.
  • On April 4, 2014, a map called Skull Peak was added. It was a fanmade track from Adriano Rossi who won Ninja Kiwi's 250k Facebook likes competition.
  • On July 11, 2014, a map called Long Range was added. It can be played in Co-op mode.
  • On March 26, 2015, Odyssey mode was added. Odyssey mode is a mode where the player plays multiple tracks with a single set of lives.
  • On August 7, 2015, an advanced track called Battle Knot was added.
  • On October 23, 2015, a new mode called Mastery Mode was added.
  • On March 11, 2016, Daily Quests were added.
  • On May 17, 2016, Boss Bloons from Monkey City was added.
  • On July 28, 2016, the Totem event was added. Also, the Daily Reward Chest now gives special rewards on each streak instead of always Monkey Money.
  • On September 16, 2016, the 3.4 update was released including a new map, River Rapids, and a new bloon type.
  • On October 21, 2016, the 3.5 update was released, bringing in a new Intermediate map Six Feet.
  • On November 4, 2016, the 3.5.1 update brings BTD5 Stickers are now available for iOS 10 (and later) users.
  • On December 14, 2016, the 3.6 update adds weekly leaderboards are released, alongside a new winter-themed map Snowy Backyard.
  • On February 25, 2017, the 3.7 update a new Expert map Benguela is released.
  • On April 13, 2017, a new spring-themed track Rabbit Holes is released in the 3.8 update.
  • On June 20, 2017, the 3.9 update adds a new event Bloonvasion.
  • On August 15, 2017, the 3.10 update added a new advanced track called Siege.
  • On October 23, 2017, a new Halloween-themed Expert track Web is released.
  • On March 2, 2018, a new special event Preferred Monkey is released in the 3.13 update to encourage new strategies to be explored while rewarding players for using such tower combinations in the required quantities.
  • On April 6, 2018, the 3.14 update brings a new spring-themed map Bloom.
  • On June 4, 2018, the 3.15 update added a Challenge Monkey event for a limited time.
  • On July 13, 2018, the 3.16 update bring an expert map, Forest Path, and an intermediate map called Village Shore.

For a full update list, see BTD 5 Mobile Version history.


"Track editor" sprites found in the game files

  • If a tower is granted the ability to pop Lead Bloons and/or frozen bloons (such as from the Monkey Intelligence Bureau), the sound of a sharp projectile hitting those will simultaneously make the sound and pop it (this happens in mobile versions of Bloons Tower Defense 4 also).
  • Daily Challenge mode in Bloons TD 5 Mobile has been replaced by random challenges, similarly to Bloons TD 5 Deluxe.
  • If the player plays this game on an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S, the fact that the player must tap the towers (bottom left), and agents and abilities (bottom right) icons for their menus to appear affects the difficulty of the game. However, while playing on an iPhone 5 (and later), towers and special agents/abilities can be found on the right side of the screen.
  • This version lacks some sound effects from other versions (i.e. On the intro sequence, also with Abilities).
  • Before the addition of the track Brick Wall (version 1.2), with full sacrifices, The Temple was less powerful and it also fired no ice balls (although it was still capable of freezing Bloons), in addition, it fired MOAB Maulers rather than golden missiles (hence the fact that it deals extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons). This was changed in version 1.2 so that the ice balls were visible, the MOAB Maulers were replaced with golden missiles, and it was buffed.
  • Sandbox Mode must be purchased with Monkey Dollar.png1,500 instead of being unlocked for free at Rank 25.
  • It is possible to replay a round that receives a game over by exiting and reopening the game while losing the towers and upgrades the player purchased during the round.
  • The Monkey Engineer has a glitch when upgraded to 1/4. It will show a 0/0 Engineer building Sentry Guns with a big attack range and maybe confusing why the Engineer changed his hat to his old one.
  • In July 2015, IGN made Bloons TD 5 as a free Game of The Month, with a free promotion code for iOS users only. This event is a limited time for a month.
  • Games can be saved even after entering Freeplay Mode.
  • Tracks in this game are thinner than flash's tracks.
  • The two 3-bloon packs that appear at the screen when finishing a track can be popped by tapping on them.
  • You can make close to the equivalent of a true sun god this can be done by getting all the max sacrifices adding a few sun gods inside the sides of the temple and surrounding it with a call to arms monkey villages (they can stack infinitely)
  • If you use the call to arms they can make a ray from the temple.
  • Most Upgrade Descriptions are shorter than on the Flash version.


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