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This article is about a group of games related to Bloons TD 4. For more information about BTD4 specifically see Bloons TD 4

Bloons TD 4 HD Icon

The Bloons TD 4 App Icon shows a Mortar Tower with smooth shading and a vibrant color scheme, highlighting the new visual direction of this generation.

The Bloons TD 4 Era or BTD4 Generation (sometimes shortened to BTD4) refers to games that use the same primary gameplay elements as Bloons Tower Defense 4. The main game in this period is Bloons TD 4 along with its expansion. Some include Bloons Super Monkey in the Bloons TD 4 generation. Even though it is not a tower defense game, many of the enemies, characters, projectiles and upgrades are directly based off of BTD4.

Compared to previous Bloons TD games, the jump from the last generation to BTD4 was far more drastic. This generation brought a vastly increased tower roster, linearized upgrade paths, and an attempt to imitate three-dimensionality in its smooth shaded graphics. Building on the success of previous generations, BTD4 helped bolster the popularity of the Bloons line by appearing on Flash websites like and Newgrounds.

The Bloonchipper. A fan-favorite tower unique to the BTD5 generation.

The Spike Factory, a tower that is introduced during the BTD4 generation. It has since appeared in all BTD games.

The Bloons TD 4 Era began in October 2009 with the release of BTD4 and lasted until the release of BTD5, where most of the player-base attention and Ninja Kiwi focus had transitioned. Though the game is no longer available online, many fans will frequently revisit the title on nostalgia Let's-Plays or for fun through the mobile app or flash archive.

To learn more about each game, their variants, as well as the major gameplay differences, click on the following links:

Main Tower Defense Line[]

Bloons TD 4
Bloons TD 4 Expansion
Bloons TD 4 HD Icon
Bloons TD 4 Mobile
Bloons TD 4 (DSi)

Related Titles[]

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