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Recommended progression order[]

To complete Bloons Supermonkey 2 as efficiently as possible, a recommended gameplay progression order could be:

  1. Get the Precision achievement on Level 1
  2. Get Breaking Wind, Can't Hide From Me, Sink the Sub, Skull-Diggery, Heavy Lifting, I'm So Dizzy, and Rise and Shine achievements
  3. Use the earned blops to get the Big Spender achievement by maxing one arm from the Bombs line (recommended to upgrade to Bloon Busters)
  4. (Can be done anytime) Get The Power of Money and Organized Chaos achievements
  5. Complete all 100 levels and buying weapons/epics/research upgrades as necessary; all non-Boss levels can be passed without difficulty if following this guide, but the player can always resort to the Blop Farming strategy or use Neva Miss if they are stuck on a Boss level (the player will get the Power Couple achievement if they use the Gold Rush/Hidden Treasure combo)
  6. Max out Super Monkey, Ice Monkey, Storm Monkey, and Doctor Monkey's weapons and epics (all 4 should have 5 diamond stars), and get research to 100%
  7. Get all Golden Bloons, three Crates, and all 3 Mystery Bloons on every levels if the player have not already
  8. Earn a Diamond medal, 100% Red Blops, a mixed weapon badge, and all X weapon only badges from all 100 levels, using powerups if needed
  9. Get all powerups to Rank 4 by running levels with them. A good way to do multiple things at once is to do X only badges while leveling powerups.
  10. By the time the player completes the steps above, they should have also earned all the associated achievements as well as Tagging Along, Epic Avenger, Symmetry, There Can Be Only One, Blop Around the Clock, Allies Assemble, Getting Crowded, and Look! No Hands! achievements along the way.

Loadout Recommendations[]

Core upgrades are widely imbalanced, as Solid Doom, the Energy upgrade, is the most powerful core upgrade in the game for a variety of reasons. It has significant damage per shot, a high fire rate, and shoots many spread out projectiles for coverage. Spikey Burst (Darts) is also decent and is the second best core, but requires more careful positioning and has trouble with lead bloons, but synergizes well with Bouncy Shots as it will help cover the entire screen. All of the other core upgrades are limited either in terms of range (e.g. Magic, Ice) or popping power (Rangs, Storm) or are simply inconsistent (Bombs). Crowd control cores can even result in more leaks happening because they alter the path of a bloon to fall off a screen prematurely after being blown above or freezing a bloon near the bottom of the screen that shortly falls down.

As for the arms, Spikey Shots (Darts) is very powerful and can clear out dense groups of bloons as well as ceramics, but lacks consistency because it lacks the tracking of rangs. Triple Snowflakes (Ice) is also very good for the same reasons and is a well-rounded arm, although it can't pop white or zebra bloons all the time, which are quite common. Radar Glaives (Rangs) are good to catch leaking bloons on early levels, and their weaker damage output can be compensated with powerups. Bloon Busters excels against large groups of bloons because of its infinite pierce and because of this, becomes very consistent against every bloon type as it can pop black bloons every 4th shot with max research, and for the same reasons is effective against large groups of shielded bloons that normally would consume pierce of other options, but its slow projectile speed must be accounted for. Double Doom (Energy) and Elemental Arc (Magic) has an extremely small range, although it compensates by making the first encounter with boss bloons easier because of their lethal damage output.

If a player is struggling with bosses, it is recommended to use Neva Miss and either Turbo Boost if playing cheap, or Explosive Shots for harder bosses. Neva Miss causes attacks to use up excess pierce on the same target, and the extra pierce and explosions from Explosive Shots can decimate bosses. Recommended weapons are Elemental Arc or Double Doom if not using neva-miss, or Bloon Busters with neva-miss and another dps powerup. For core weapons, Doom Burst is the best option for bosses.

Epic powerups, much like core upgrades, lack much in variety. For arm epics, Crouching Monkey is great for catching stray leaks far away from the super monkey, while Thunder Wings will disintegrate most standard bloons and is excellent for burning zebras and above that appear at the bottom of the screen, as normally their children would leak easily. Doom Gauntlets provides a strong burst of damage with near infinite pierce that excels against MOABs and bosses, while also covering mass quantities of bloons that spawn in a very tight spot. Core Epics will either be Lightning Trail for its general versatility and synergy with Hotter Cooldowns, with the other option being Spikey Chaos for Storm Monkey, as he cannot use lightning trail and spikey chaos is more spammable but less consistent.

Powerups will vary on the level and may not even be necessary for earlier or easier levels. Because of a bug, Neva Miss Targeting will let attacks use up their pierce multiple times on the same boss or moab if not many other bloons are around, making it an essential tool for many weapon only badges, and combined with its more consistent nature, is an excellent all round option for many levels. Bouncy Shots will let shots flood the screen and make it more likely that every bloon is popped. Turbo Boost will make weapons more consistent because of increased attack speed that not only results in more projectiles, but more projectiles that receive research benefits. Hotter Cooldowns is great when combined with Thunder Wings or Crouching Monkey, and Lightning Trail, as the cooldowns of these epic powerups are greatly reduced, making the arm epic powers more consistent in uptime, and making Lightning Trail a lethal damaging tool that also cleans up bloons effectively when constantly wrapped around the screen off cooldown. Absolute Zero likewise synergizes well by giving time to build up strategies with a ramp up, such as Bouncy Shots and Lightning Trail + Hotter Cooldowns, or for sections with fast moving bloons that only appear for a short amount of time. Explosive Shots synergizes well with Radar Glaives or any other weapon with Neva-Miss Targeting (BTD6), as homing weapons can consume pierce on the same target and will be more likely to activate the explosions.

Blop Magnet is primarily useful for farming blops on the cheap, or collecting 100% red blops on a level. Lucky Charm helps accelerate 3 star powerup farming, as it greatly increases the chances that a 3 star powerup can drop. The Gold Rush and Hidden Treasure combination produces large quantities of gold blops that greatly accelerates progress compared with farming without those two powerups.

Blop Farming[]

To collect the most amount of blops, combining the Gold Rush (unlocked at Level 25) and Hidden Treasure (unlocked at Level 50) powerups, which are both 3-Star powerups. Gold Rush turns all the blops in a level into Gold Blops, and at Ranks 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the powerup, each Gold Blop will count for 4, 4.4, 4.8, and 6 Blue Blops and Red Blops each. Hidden Treasure turns all bloons invisible, but also makes them drop 300%, 320%, 350%, and 400% more blops at Ranks 1–4 respectively. The combined effects of these powerups at various ranks can be shown in the following table:

Combined effect of Gold Rush and Hidden Treasure at different levels
Rank Gold Rush Rank 1 (4x) Level 2 (4.4x) Level 3 (4.8x) Level 4 (6x)
Hidden Treasure Rank 1 (3x) 12 13.2 14.4 18
Rank 2 (3.2x) 12.8 14.08 15.36 19.2
Rank 3 (3.5x) 14 15.4 16.8 21
Rank 4 (4x) 16 17.6 19.2 24

For example, Hidden Treasure Rank 4 combined with Gold Rush Rank 3 results in 19.2 Red Blops and 19.2 Blue Blops per original blop.

Combine these two powerups on a level with a large number of blops which are relatively easy to obtain. Currently, Level 80[1] has the most number of blops. But levels 9, 14, 22(?), 31, 39, 40, 47(?), 50, 61, and 74 can also work for players who have not unlocked level 80 yet.

For level 80, play through the level to learn the Bloon sequences, especially since all of the bloons will be invisible due to Hidden Treasure. Most of the blops are concentrated towards the end of the level, which has massive numbers of red and blue bloons along two columns. Bring enough popping power to fully clear these bloons for maximum blops and profit.

A good loadout to pop as many bloons as possible is the following:

Monkey 1 (Storm Monkey) - highly recommended

Position Weapon Epic
Left Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Thunder Wings (Storm)
Core Solid Doom (Energy) Spikey Chaos (Darts)
Right Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Thunder Wings (Storm)

Thunder Wings (the Storm epic) is especially useful for dealing with the large rolling wheels that pop up from the bottom of the screen. The wings last for about 10s and also take approximately 10s to recharge, so if timed well, thunder wings can alternate between left and right, or between doctor and storm monkey.

Monkey 2 (Doctor Monkey) - highly recommended

Position Weapon Epic
Left Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Thunder Wings (Storm)
Core Solid Doom (Energy) Lightning Trail (Magic)
Right Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Thunder Wings (Storm)

Before unlocking Doctor Monkey, either of the following can also work well:

Monkey 2 (Super Monkey or Ice Monkey)

Position Weapon Epic
Left Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) / Triple Snowflakes (Ice) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Crouching Monkey (Rangs) or Doom Gauntlets (Energy)
Core Solid Doom (Energy) Lightning Trail (Magic) or Spikey Chaos (Darts)
Right Arm Spikey Shots (Darts) / Triple Snowflakes (Ice) or Bloon Busters (Bomb) Crouching Monkey (Rangs) or Doom Gauntlets (Energy)

If the option for doubling blops with an ad appears and this does not conflict with any potential plans of farming 2 or 3 star powerups, using this ad boost, if applicable, will greatly boost the rewards.

Weapon Specific Medals[]

Weapon specific medals can be difficult to earn. However, as a general guideline, these powerup combinations will be great for earning specific weapon medals against bosses. Against normal levels all weapon types with a maxed out loadout can easily earn a bronze medal with no powerups.

Dart Only[]

Dart will start strong with Invisibility Cloak and Hotter Cooldowns while the supermonkey moves inside the boss's hitbox and spam Spikey Chaos as soon as it gets off cooldown, but it will not work against Level 94 (BSM2 Mobile) and Level 100 (BSM2 Mobile). Against Bloonarius and Blastapopoulos, using Turbo Boost with Neva-Miss Targeting while the suoermonkey focuses down the boss will result in a victory.

Boomerang Only[]

Boomerang Only can annihilate bosses with Invisibility Cloak and Turbo Boost by going inside the bosses' hitboxes, as Katana and Radar Glaives deals heavy damage in close range.

Bomb Only[]

Bomb Only struggles with bosses more than other types, but against most bosses Turbo Boost with Neva Miss Targeting will work well enough if the supermonkey is close enough to the boss. Against the Scrapyard ZOMG from level 82 instead sit on one of the boss' upper turbines so that the supermonkey attacks do not seek the magnets as much. Against Blastapopoulos replacing turbo boost with Explosive Shots helps for getting the clear.

Magic Only[]

Magic is one of the strongest boss damage dealers in the game and combining Turbo Boost with Hotter Cooldowns can not only easily destroy bosses, but also earn diamond rank with effective Lightning Trail usage for catching leaks and dealing damage.

Energy Only[]

Energy is the strongest boss damage dealer in the game and combining Turbo Boost with Invisibility Cloak will deal huge damage against bosses, although Invisibility cloak is unnecessary.

Ice Only[]

Ice can beat bosses with ease using Turbo Boost with Neva Miss Targeting. Against the Scrapyard ZOMG, using bouncy shots instead of turbo boost while staying above the boss will help let the projectiles damage the boss as much as possible.

Storm Only[]

Storm Only can beat bosses using Explosive Shots with Neva Miss Targeting, relying on a bug that causes Explosive Shots to activate multiple times on storm core when Neva Miss targeting is also used. The glitch involves first getting close to a dense pack of bloons or another blimp before going on the boss to cause multiple explosions per shot, and should work on all bosses.

Endless Mine[]

Endless mine strategies will vary widely based on the modifiers. Generally, for low tier modifiers, using explosive shots with either turbo boost or bouncy shots will capitalize on the low pierce of most low tier weapons with projectiles. On the other hand, bouncy shots combined with either explosive shots or turbo boost will help secure much of the screen if tier 6 weapons are allowed.