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Bloons Super Monkey 2 is a game released by Ninja Kiwi on mobile devices in a completely new form than the flash versions, with improved 3D graphics, boost crates, tons of levels, new characters, new bosses, and more. The game was released on November 1, 2016 (postponed from the original date of release: October 19). It's free to get the game. It is available to iOS 8+ players and Android devices (and any other operating systems?).


Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile has very similar gameplay to Bloons Super Monkey 2. The player controls a monkey by holding a finger on their screen. With each bloon popped, Blops are earned, which is currency used to unlock various upgrades and abilities. Players can be rewarded with different medals based on the amount of bloons they have popped in a level: "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", and "Diamond". "Diamond" is the hardest to achieve, as it requires every bloon in a level to be popped.

New Features[]

  • The addition of the Lab, where players can access their upgrades, powerups, research, and view their monkey before battle.
  • New characters that the player can use in battle, including the "Ice Monkey", "Storm Monkey", and a secret monkey
  • Experiments that generate Blops for the player.
  • The addition of Blue Blops, which are used to spend on research.
  • The addition of Golden Blops, which count for both Blue Blops and Red Blops, and are 4x more valuable.
  • In-game Store, which gives the option of buying Blops and Power-Ups for real world money.
  • 100 total levels, including new bosses.
  • Epic weapons and upgrades, which are unlocked when all upgrades in a weapon path are purchased.
  • The ability to sync save files into your Ninja Kiwi account, backup progress and choose languages.

Boss stats[]

  • Mini MOAB: ~360 HP
  • Level 13 Eagle Bloon: ~4,000 HP
  • Level 20 Rock Snake Bloon: ~1,500 HP per segment
  • Level 25 MOAB: ~7,500 HP
  • Level 32 Yeti Bloon: ~5,200 HP
  • Level 40 UFO Bloon: ~10,000 HP
  • Level 45 Mecha Jellyfish: ~14,000 HP
  • Level 50 Golem body: ~18,000 HP
    • Arms: ~4,000 HP
    • Legs: ~2,000 HP
    • Rainbow Bloon containers: ~7,000 HP
  • Level 55 BFB: ~12,000 HP
  • Level 60 Ghost Bloon: ~22,000 HP
  • Level 68 Radadactyl: ~80,000 HP
  • Level 75 Dreadbloon: ~29,000 HP
    • Armored Dreadbloon: ~14,000 HP
  • Level 82 ZOMG: ~100,000 HP
  • Level 88 Tutankhabloon: ~65,000 HP
  • Level 94 Bloonarius: ~78,000 HP
  • Level 100 Blastapopoulos: ~105,000 HP



Powerups are found by collecting crates that appear when certain bloons are popped in each level. There are three crates per level and each contains a random powerup.

At the beginning of every level, a maximum of two powerups may be equipped to use during that level. Most are constantly active, but some are activated abilities that can be used only once. Since two powerups can be used simultaneously, try to select powerups that complement each others' effects. For example, combine Gold Rush and Hidden Treasure to farm blops quickly.

There are three tiers of powerups represented by 1, 2, or 3 stars, respectively. 1-star powerups are the most common and tend to be the least powerful, but options like Turbo Boost and Hotter Cooldowns can be extremely useful. 2-star powerups are uncommon and have many powerful options, like Neva-miss Targeting. 3-star powerups are very rare but have some of the most powerful effects, including Hidden Treasure, Gold Rush, and Explosive Shots.

Powerups can be sold for red blops in the Lab. Regardless of rank, 1-star powerups may be sold for 100 red blops, 2-stars for 300 red blops, and 3-stars for 500 red blops each.

Powerup Rank Progression[]

Upon successfully completing a level, powerups equipped at the start of the level gain 1 use toward ranking up. Each powerup begins at Rank 1 and can progress up to Rank 4, becoming more effective with each rank.

  • Rank 1: 0 uses (Starting rank)
  • Rank 2: 10 uses
  • Rank 3: 15 more uses; 25 total
  • Rank 4: 25 more uses; 50 total

1-Star Powerups[]

  • Blop Magnet (Constant):
    1. Blops are drawn to you from twice as far away.
    2. Range increased by 25%
    3. Range increased by 50%
    4. Range is infinite
  • Blow Back (Activated):
    1. A mighty wind blows all bloons backwards and leaves them stunned.
    2. Pops 1 layer off all bloons affected
    3. Stun duration increased by 5 seconds
    4. Pops 2 layers off all bloons affected
  • Hotter Cooldowns (Constant):
    1. Epic powers recharge 50% faster and can be used more often.
    2. Epics recharge 55% faster
    3. Epics recharge 65% faster
    4. Epics recharge 80% faster
  • Invisibility Cloak (Constant):
    1. Powerful stealth magic lets you fly straight through shielded bloons.
    2. 10% chance to destroy shields
    3. 20% chance to destroy shields
    4. 40% chance to destroy shields
  • Phase Scanner (Constant):
    1. Advanced scanners prevent bloons from phasing when they are near you.
    2. 10% chance to remove phasing
    3. 20% chance to remove phasing
    4. 40% chance to remove phasing
  • Red Rush (Constant):
    1. Transforms all blue blops in a level into red blops.
    2. Red blops are worth 10% more
    3. Red blops are worth 20% more
    4. Red blops are worth 50% more
  • Sideswipe (Activated):
    1. Fires waves of energy horizontally that damage any bloon they touch.
    2. Waves are 50% larger
    3. Waves are 100% larger
    4. Waves are 200% larger
  • Storm Shots (Constant):
    1. All projectiles have a 10% chance to shock bloons and leave them stunned.
    2. Stun chance increased to 25%
    3. 10% chance to virally stun bloons
    4. 20% chance to virally stun bloons
  • Super Shots (Constant):
    1. Projectiles fired from your weapons are 100% larger.
    2. Projectiles are 120% larger
    3. Projectiles are 150% larger
    4. Projectiles are 200% larger
  • Thin Layers (Constant):
    1. Weakens 10% of bloons so they can be completely destroyed in one hit.
    2. Weakens 15% of bloons
    3. Weakens 20% of bloons
    4. Weakens 40% of bloons
  • Turbo Boost (Constant):
    1. Your weapons become super charged and fire twice as fast.
    2. Weapons fire 125% faster
    3. Weapons fire 150% faster
    4. Weapons fire 200% faster
  • Wired Funds (Constant):
    1. Automatically collect extra blops regularly throughout a level.
    2. Blop amount increased by 100%
    3. Blop amount increased by 200%
    4. Blop amount increased by 300%

2-Star Powerups[]

  • Absolute Zero (Activated):
    1. A freezing blizzard makes all bloons much slower for 20 seconds. *Also slows dropped powerups, crates, and blops*
    2. Effect lasts for 30 seconds
    3. Effect lasts for 40 seconds
    4. Effect lasts for 60 seconds
  • Blizzard Boots (Constant):
    1. Your boots leave a trail of cold that freezes any bloon it touches.
    2. Trail size increased by 50%
    3. Freeze duration increased by 1 second. Freezes shields.
    4. Trail duration increased by 1 second
  • Bouncy Shots (Constant):
    1. Your weapon's projectiles will bounce back when they fly out of view.
    2. Projectiles bounce 1 more time
    3. Projectiles bounce 2 more times
    4. Projectiles bounce 3 more times
  • Burny Boots (Constant):
    1. Your boots emit a jet of flames that set fire to any bloon they touch.
    2. Increases flame size by 60%
    3. Burning bloons take 2 damage/second
    4. +1 second duration. +1 damage/second
  • Neva-miss Targeting (Constant):
    1. Your weapon's projectiles target and home in on bloons once fired.
    2. Projectile accuracy increased by 25%
    3. Projectile accuracy increased by 50%
    4. Projectile accuracy increased by 100%
  • Red Hot Aura (Constant):
    1. You radiate a fiery aura that damages all bloons it touches.
    2. Damage rate increased by 20%
    3. Damage range increased by 20%
    4. Damage rate increased by 40%
  • Singeing Shots (Constant):
    1. Bloons hit by your weapons are set on fire and take 1 damage/second
    2. Burning bloons take 2 damage/second
    3. Burning bloons take 3 damage/second
    4. Burning bloons take 5 damage/second
  • Snap Freeze (Activated):
    1. A blast of cold snaps one layer off all bloons and leaves them frozen.
    2. Snaps 2 layers
    3. Freeze duration increased by 4 seconds
    4. Snaps 3 layers
  • Sticky Boots (Constant):
    1. Your boots leave a trail of glue that sticks to any bloon it touches.
    2. Splatter size increased by 50%
    3. Trail duration increased by 1 second
    4. Glue is corrosive
  • Sticky Shots (Constant):
    1. Any bloon hit by your weapons is covered in glue and moves slower.
    2. Adds splatter radius
    3. Increases splatter radius by 60%
    4. Glue is corrosive
  • Blizzard Shots (Constant):
    1. Any bloon hit by your weapons is instantly frozen solid.
    2. Freeze duration increased by 3 seconds
    3. Freezes shield bloons
    4. 10% chance of viral frost
  • Sun Blast (Activated):
    1. A wave of red hot energy slowly damages all bloons over time.
    2. Damage rate increased by 50%
    3. Damage rate increased by 100%
    4. Duration increased by 3 seconds
  • Tag Team (Constant):
    1. Your partner will fly beside you for 5 seconds when switching.
    2. Partners fly beside you for 6 seconds
    3. Partners fly beside you for 7.5 seconds
    4. Partners fly beside you for 10 seconds

3-Star Powerups[]

  • Explosive Shots (Constant):
    1. All projectiles fired from your weapons explode when destroyed.
    2. Benefits from Bomb research
    3. Damage increased by 20%
    4. Blast radius increased by 50%
  • Gold Rush (Constant):
    1. Transforms all blops in a level into gold blops!
    2. Gold blops are worth 10% more
    3. Gold blops are worth 20% more
    4. Gold blops are worth 50% more
  • Hidden Treasure (Constant):
    1. All bloons are invisible but drop 300% more blops than usual.
    2. Bloons drop 320% more blops
    3. Bloons drop 350% more blops
    4. Bloons drop 400% more blops
  • Lucky Charm (Constant):
    1. Increases the chance of finding rare powerups in crates.
    2. Increases chance by 20%
    3. Increases chance by 30%
    4. Guaranteed 3-star powerup
  • Parallel Universe (Constant):
    1. A clone from a parallel dimension joins you and mirrors your movement.
    2. Clone uses equipped powerups
    3. Clone can collect blops
    4. Clone equips additional powerup
  • Supermonkey Fan Club (Activated):
    1. The Supermonkey Fan Club soars past, popping all bloons they touch.
    2. Monkeys fly 100% faster
    3. Adds additional fly by
    4. Adds additional fly by
  • Vortex Trap (Activated):
    1. Summons swirling vortexes that drag in nearby bloons and damage them.
    2. Damage rate increased by 100%
    3. Duration increased by 5 seconds
    4. Damage rate increased by 400%


Certain bloons hidden throughout each level contain useful instant-use powerups and crates. When the bloon is popped, the item flies upward on the screen and gradually falls to the bottom. Items must be collected by touching them before they fall off the bottom of the screen.



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