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Bloons Super Monkey 2
Super Monkey rockets out on a brand new mind-bendingly over the top scrolling shooter! Suit up a Super Monkey of your own invention by outfitting his three weapon slots with 60 amazing upgrades, and then fly like mad to give the bloons what they deserve – a volley of darts, boomerangs, bombs, magic, and tech right in the knots. Super simple controls mean anyone can play, but it'll take skill and smarts to win the prestigious bronze, silver, and gold trophies by defeating enough of the outlandish bloon formations and the powerful bosses. Top-tier epic powers, weapon-juicing research, powerups, and Ultimate Monkeys that channel destruction incarnate are all yours to discover and unleash. Challenge yourself to earn all 18 achievements and heaps of Awesome that go with them, including the incredibly tricky Diamond Trophy achievements. Now get out there and pop bloons for the good of all monkeydom – go, Super Monkey, go!
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Bloons Super Monkey 2 is among Ninja Kiwi's past released games, post 2012, and thus, also utilises Awesome Points. It is the latest release of the original Bloons Super Monkey. The game has been classified into the "arcade" genre by Ninja Kiwi[1] and was released on May 13, 2013. It also adds five new bloons types from its predecessor Bloons Super Monkey: the Mini MOAB, Shielded Bloon, Glass Bloon, UFO Bloons and Golden Bloons. It also has 5 upgrade paths on each of the Super Monkey's 3 parts, as compared with only 3 paths in the first game. It also allows replaying levels, another feature that did not exist in the original Bloons Super Monkey. Similarly to BTD5, Bloons Super Monkey 2 also incorporates activated abilities, or Epic Powers.


Bloons Super Monkey 2 gameplay is very similar to Bloons Super Monkey. The player controls a monkey with their cursor, allowing it to fly around, popping Bloons to earn precious Blop Cash, the game currency. Once the player has finished a level, they can purchase new upgrades, restart the level, or try another level. The completion of each level rewards variable amounts of blop cash, depending on the percentage of bloons popped, thus rewarding the player with a "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold" or "Diamond" trophy.

New FeaturesEdit

  • New Bloons, including some bloons from BTD5 and new ones like Glass Bloon, UFO Bloon, Golden Bloon and Mini MOAB.
  • New "Boss Blimps", including the "Calamari Blimp" and "Heavy Metal Bloon".
  • New Bloon category, namely the Shielded Bloon.
  • New Bloon category, namely the Phasing Bloon.
  • Abilities for each upgrade path.
  • The option for replaying levels.
  • Research that the player can upgrade to make weapons stronger.
  • Powerups for only 1 stage, that can be bought with Blop Cash.
  • Blop Cash, which the player will get it for collecting a certain small amount of Blops; Red Blops are worth 3x more than Blue Blops.
  • Store for buying Blop Cash.
  • The new Diamond trophy.
  • New Epic Powers, that are similar to the Activated Abilities in BTD5.
  • Hardware and Software mode. Hardware has a higher quality, researched weapons will be visible (indicated by a projectile being red), and the scenery will become 3D, but gives a slower performance. Requires a supported graphics card for full experience on this option. Software has a lower quality, projectiles look the same (though, researched ones are still there), and scenery is mostly the same as the first stage of a zone, and gives a faster performance. Many "objects" will be in .jpg format. Does not require a good graphics card.
  • Powerset Badges, minor rewards for using certain combos of attack powers


  • 1.1.2 - Friend Leaderboards were added. Their main purpose is to show the top three scores among your friends, though it will instead be a top two if your score is not at least in 3rd in the friend leaderboard. It also shows what trophies your friends have earned.
  • 1.1.3 - New bug: black screen. Added Bloons TD Battles iOS advertisement on the title screen, but Daily Blop Cash rewards were removed, and free blops via watching a video didn't work (this is unknown if this is intentional).
  • 1.1.6 - The black screen bug still exists, but daily blop cash rewards were brought back into the game, and free blops via watching a video started working again.
  • 1.1.7 - Daily Blop Cash rewards. Just like in Bloons Tower Defense 5's Treasure Chest; the streak resets if the reward is not earned on a consecutive day.
  • 1.1.8 - Bloon Busters shoot a MOAB Mauler Missile every 5th shot because it was impossible to earn the Bomb Powerset on Boss Stages (BFB, Calamari Blimp, and Final Boss), not even with Max Big Bloon Sabotage, Parallel Monkey and Sidewinder Ace. Ironically, now the Bombs (not pineapples) are the strongest weapon against MOAB Class Bloons. Daily Blop Cash rewards are removed.



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Golden Bloon Powerups ArtworkEdit


  • This is the first Ninja Kiwi game that can require graphics cards support because of the use of semi-realistic imagery and physics.

  1. This is shown by the game URL.

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