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Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck!
~ Official description
For the character of the same name, see Super Monkey.

Bloons Super Monkey is an arcade Bloons game and the first game in the Bloons Super Monkey series. It is a top-down vertically scrolling shooter in which players take control of the titular Super Monkey as they pop waves of Bloons with a wide arsenal of weapons, unlocking upgrades along the way.

An iOS version was released on August 19, 2010, which is largely the same game barring a few mechanical changes. A sequel, Bloons Super Monkey 2, was released in 2013.


Screenshot from 2019-04-17 14-03-28

Gameplay of wave 2 of stage 2

Bloons Super Monkey is a top-down vertically scrolling shooter. In each level (or "wave"), the player controls Super Monkey's movement using the cursor to aim at the oncoming Bloons, as Super Monkey shoots forward automatically. The objective is to pop enough Bloons to reach the minimum target pops in order to move on to the next wave; failing to pop enough Bloons to reach said target or letting certain Bloons escape results in a game over.

Target pops[]

Stage Wave Bronze Silver Gold
1 1 150 200 240
2 500 670 750
3 800 1000 1150
2 1 1000 1500 1600
2 1300 1600 1680
3 2000 2500 2850
3 1 2500 3500 4200
2 3000 3800 4400
3 3000 4000 4600
4 1 1500 2800 3200
2 3000 3800 4500
3 4000 5500 6500
5 1 3500 5500 6150
2 11000 12500 14000
3 14000 18000 23000

Bloons Super Monkey has five stages, each with three waves, for a total of fifteen waves. Waves consist of Bloons entering the screen in various formations, often in the form of abstract lines or shapes, then leaving the screen if Super Monkey fails to pop them in time. Each wave has multiple score targets, or "target pops", for a bronze, silver, and gold trophy, with the bronze trophy being required to move on to the next wave. At the end of the wave, the trophy the player earns adds a 10%, 20%, or 50% bonus to the player's score, respectively. Later waves have more Bloons and higher-ranked Bloons than earlier waves, with the number of target pops increasing to match.


BSM Upgrades

Upgrades menu

Popped Red Bloons drop Power Blops, which can be collected by Super Monkey and spent to unlock various upgrades. By default, Super Monkey shoots two darts straight forward with a moderate rate of fire, but upgrades can improve this attack and allow Super Monkey to use other weapons, such as boomerangs, missiles, and lasers.


Bloons Super Monkey retains the Bloon layer mechanic from the Bloons TD series, with some changes. In order from lowest to highest, the ranks are: Red Bloons, Blue Bloons, Green Bloons, Yellow Bloons, Pink Bloons, Rainbow Bloons, and Ceramic Bloons; each Bloon contains one of the previous Bloon. Notably, Black Bloons, White Bloons, and Zebra Bloons have been omitted, presumably due to the lack of damage types and immunities. Aside from layers, these Bloons have no distinguishing properties, with the exception of Ceramic Bloons, which take ten hits to pop instead of just one. Finally, MOABs have much higher health than other Bloons and spawn Red Bloons with each hit, while the BFB, which appears at the end of the final wave as the game's "final boss", has a very high amount of health and spawns more types of Bloons when hit. Unlike in the Bloons TD series, these Bloons do not incorporate the layer mechanic. Both of these Bloons take additional damage from MOAB Maulers and Quad MOAB.


  • Super Bomb: Pops all Bloons on screen, excluding MOABs and BFBs.
  • Freeze Out: Freezes all Bloons, including MOAB-Class Bloons, for a few seconds. On the Flash version, this also freezes Blops.
  • Sun God: Transforms the player into the Sun God for a few seconds, shooting 15 projectiles (5 on iOS) every 0.1s with 10? pierce. All the player's weapons are disabled while transformed.


Super Monkey - Game won

The winning screen

If the player gets a game over, the screen shows an animation of a ripped cape hanging from a tree branch, with a purple-colored Bloon and some sheep appearing in the background. If the player wins, Super Monkey is seen flying into space, accompanied by fireworks.


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  • Bloons Super Monkey was heavily inspired by Raiden, a vertically scrolling shooter arcade game that released in the 1990s.[1]
    • According to Ninja Kiwi co-founder Chris Harris, a major challenge in creating this game was designing it to have no violence, as arcade shooter games usually involve enemies directly attacking the player.[1]
  • This game marks the first appearance of purple-colored Bloons in the series, with one appearing on the title screen and another appearing on the game over screen. Purple Bloons would later debut in Bloons TD 6, though an image of a purple Bloon was also used in this game's sequel, Bloons Super Monkey 2, as part of the purple UFO Bloon.
  • It appears to be based on the BTD4 generation.
  • Often, the pop-up showing the number of pops required for the next medal says the player needs 1–2 less pops than is actually required to reach that medal. This is because by the time the pop-up appears, the player often has already popped another bloon or two.