Play the third player pack of our favourite user made levels from Also, be on the look out for a new bloons version coming soon with new bloons and block types!
~ Offical Description

Bloons Player Pack 3 is the third Bloons Player Pack game. They are made by Ninjakiwi but the levels are made by the players so the player can still play them on Bloonsworld. Some levels are easy but some levels are challenging.


Below are listed the levels. Note that the in-game name isn't available: it just says the user who created the level. Note that the level names are spelt in the way the creator of each level is written.

  1. Rain or Erase (Bloonmonk)
  2. Your a big A (Explosion713)
  3. FALLING BOMBS (Tijs7991)
  4. IceBounce (Lacouna)
  5. Point and Klick (Bloonmonk)
  6. Bloody Diamond (Captain Caveman)
  7. Bouncy (Bennylapoopoo)
  8. a lil skill (Jev3slage)
  9. darts (Alma)
  10. Unknown (Mattia Holm)
  11. Unknown (Bomberino85)
  12. /preview/53058 (AdamP)