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Bloons Festive Fun was a Christmas-themed version of Bloons (iPhone/iPod Touch Game). The game would unlock 3 levels everyday until Christmas, similar to an advent calendar, although there were 31 days instead of just 25. Every set of three levels beaten would unlock a trophy. These trophies could be used to decorate the house.[1] If all trophies were collected within the 31 days of levels, an in-game Christmas scene would have been unlocked.[2]

The game was pulled off the iOS App Store on January 1st, 2010.[1] However, the game was re-released on December 1, 2010 and updated to 1.1 before being taken down again. [3] It never rereleased after that, likely due to the success of Bloons TD 4 and subsequent entries providing little incentive to rerelease Festive Fun.

While promotional material displays Seven Squared and Shapes as a level, Seven Squared is actually the first and fifth level of Pack 2 in Bloons iOS, respectively, and do not show up in this game at all.[4] Level 1 is Reindeer, and Level 5 is Axe The Tree.

On 4/15/2023, the game was uploaded to


WARNING - Bloons Festive Fun is available for a limited period only. The game is on sale from December 1st 2009 and will be removed from the App Store January 1st 2010.

Don't delay, get it now! If you buy Bloons Festive Fun any time after 1st of December, don't worry all previous days will be unlocked and you will have the opportunity to play those levels and earn the trophies. The monkey is back in time for the holiday season as everyones favorite bloon popping puzzler returns to the App Store. Bloons Festive Fun is the ultimate Christmas Countdown Companion this winter. Who needs chocolate? Bloons Festive Fun features an in game advent calendar which opens up daily to reveal 3 brand new bloons levels for you to tackle, taking you right through from 1st December until New Year's Eve. Complete the daily levels to earn trophies, which are then added to the in game Christmas scene, complete with a roaring log fire. Bloons Festive Fun takes all the fun of the original game and wraps it in some holiday cheer, which is sure to appeal to players of all ages. Featuring :

  • All of the original Bloons favorites including ice bloons, bomb bloons and tack bloons each with a unique festive twist.
  • Festive Fun advent calendar, which opens up to reveal new levels every day in the countdown to Christmas and the New Year.
  • Christmas scene trophy room with 31 unique unlockable items.
  • All new Reindeer Bloon!
  • Listen to you own music in game.
~ App Store description
Hey guys – Digital Goldfish our iPhone partner has released a really fun Christmas themed Bloons game for iPhone and ipod Touch called Festive Fun. It contains 81 brand new original levels, fun versions of all your favourite special bloon types including the return of the pacman bloon in the form of a reindeer that you guide around to pop Bloons.

Every day of December the app will unlock another 3 levels to play until Christmas day – like a really awesome fun advent calendar! Each set of levels passed unlocks a special item in your Bloons Festive Fun trophy room.

~ Chris's description of the game.

Differences Between Bloons iOS and Festive Fun[]

  • Several special Bloons from the main game were given festive reskins:
  • Introduction of the the Pacman Bloon as the Reindeer Bloon. The player controls the reindeer by swiping the screen, which lasts 6 seconds, and can also pop frozen bloons.
  • The in-game music is a rendition of Jingle Bells instead of "Tater Tots".
  • There is a "go inside" button leading to the Christmas Scene, showcasing trophies earned by beating levels.
  • Different set of levels. Despite what the app store screenshots imply, there are no levels equivalent between Festive Fun and Bloons iOS.
  • Levels originally required the player to wait for the matching December day to arrive before levels would unlock. This does not apply if the time is set to the year 2010 or higher.
  • Using Unlimited Darts does not have a visual indicator on beaten levels that indicate they beat it with Unlimited Darts.
  • Level Editor and Golden Bloon are not included.
  • Lack of separate save slots or delete save file options.

List of Levels[]

  • Reindeer (Level 1)
  • Snowflakes (Level 2)
  • Candy Canes (Level 3)
  • Candlestick (Level 4)
  • Axe The Tree (Level 5)
  • Snow Angel (Level 6)
  • Icy Helium (Level 7)
  • Milk and Cookies (Level 8)
  • Ornaments (Level 9)
  • Deadly Mission (Level 10)
  • Reindeer Ride (Level 11)
  • Big Snowflake (Level 12)
  • Present Time (Level 13)
  • Stocking Detour (Level 14)
  • Frosty (Level 15)
  • Wreath Pop (Level 16)
  • Xmas Light(Level 17)
  • Snow Day (Level 18)
  • Floaters (Level 19)
  • Prism (Level 20)
  • Flower Bloom (Level 21)
  • Efficiency (Level 22)
  • Baby Sniper (Level 23)
  • Assembly Line (Level 24)
  • Takedown (Level 25)
  • Four Corners (Level 26)
  • Funnel Factory (Level 27)
  • Ball Pit (Level 28)
  • Race (Level 29)
  • Careful Throw (Level 30)
  • Bumpy Ride (Level 31)
  • Snow Plow (Level 32)
  • Clear the Way (Level 33)
  • Two Ignitions (Level 34)
  • Snowball Fight (Level 35)
  • Tree Topper (Level 36)
  • Frozen Ground (Level 37)
  • Upwards (Level 38)
  • Operational (Level 39)
  • Robotic (Level 40)
  • Ornaments 2 (Level 41)
  • Linear (Level 42)
  • Icy Walls (Level 43)
  • Digger (Level 44)
  • Under Over (Level 45)
  • Escape Artist (Level 46)
  • Icicles (Level 47)
  • Crux (Level 48)
  • Sliding Rush (Level 67)[5]
  • Icy Decoration (Level 84) .[5]


Decorations are earned from completing all three levels from a certain day.

  • Day 7 adds red candles?
  • Day 8 adds garlands around the tree.
  • Day 9 adds ornaments on the tree.
  • Day 10 adds ribbons on the tree.
  • Day 11?
  • Day 12 adds a gold trim around the photograph of the Monkey Princess and Dart Monkey.


Jingle Bells Loop (Bloons Festive Fun)

Bloons Festive Fun has a rendition of Jingle Bells done by Felipe Vassão play as a looping theme tune throughout the game. This is the only music track that plays in the game, and can also overridden by the player's own music.[6]


Bloons Festive Fun was announced on 9th of November 2009 on the Ninja Kiwi blog, and on December 1, 2009, Bloons Festive Fun was released. [5] It was planned from the start to be a limited time release, and was removed on 1st of January 2010. According to a forum post by Digital Goldfish, there was an exploit that opened all days of levels on 29th of December, 2009. Bloons Festive Fun was rereleased on 1st of December, 2010, and the exploit was reportedly fixed. [7] In that thread, a forum user claims Chris from Ninja Kiwi said in an email that the game was "flawed in design and execution". Bloons Festive Fun would be removed from the app store on 1st of January, 2011, and would never be rereleased.

On 15th of April, 2023, the game was uploaded onto, letting people that never played the game originally play Bloons Festive Fun, provided that the user has an iOS 10 or below device.



Christmas Scene Trophy Room[]


App Store Promotional Material[]



Community Achievements[]

  • As of April 15, 2023, Bloons Festive Fun was uploaded to the internet, thus there is now no more offline lost media within the Bloons series, excluding updates of said games, or online features/titles such as Bloons World and Bloons Blast.


  • The large colored image in the house scene is promotional material for Bloons TD iOS/DSi/PSN. The small, black and white photo appears to be the black and white photograph of the wedding scene in Hot Air Bloon iOS.
    • This technically makes this the first appearance of the Damsel Monkey. She also appears as the level select icon for selecting the 12th day on the Advent Calendar.