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Bloons DSi is a Bloons Game for the Nintendo DSi. It is a port of the original Bloons and can be purchased from the Nintendo DSi shop for 500 points, the equivalent of $5 USD and is published by Ninja Kiwi and Hands-On Mobile. It was first released on May 3, 2010. it was discontinued on 27 March 2023 due to the 3DS EShop closing.


"Bloons is based on the very simple fact that popping balloons is fun. Pop your way through a variety of puzzling levels. Each level will have a different arrangement of balloons, so try and pop as many as you can with the darts you are given. Look out for special balloons, blocks and darts, and have fun discovering what each item does."


Although the game shares several commonalities with the Wii edition of the game, it is generally still regarded as being better than its counterpart but is still rated higher due to its slight improvement in designs as well as the gameplay in general. Nevertheless, it still unfavored by critics, attaining a score of 4/10 from IGN . Thus, the game still turned out unsuccessful overall, similarly to its Wii variant.


Upper Screen[]

Dart Number, Score, Bloons required/popped, Level No.

Lower Screen[]

Gameplay, Reset


Directional Pad ↑↔↓- Dart Direction

A button - Force and fire

Stylus - Option control

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