Spring is here! Bloons is back with a basket full of brand new Spring themed levels. Help Monkey find his lounge chair on the beach by getting through all 48 levels - and can you find the 2 secret levels?
~ Official description

Bloons 2 Spring Fling logo

Bloons 2 Spring Fling is a Bloons 2 Expansion Pack for the northern hemisphere marking the start of spring. There are 50 levels (48 ordinary, 2 secret) each having to do with spring and having a spring background. The monkey has bunny ears. Some of the levels have to do with holidays in the spring.

On all Bloons 2 games, the Bloons on the main screen are poppable when the player places the mouse over a Bloon.

Bloons 2 Spring Fling win screen

The winning screen.



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  1. Sunrise
  2. Wave of Spring
  3. Snake in the Grass
  4. First Flight
  5. Asterisk
  6. Burrs and the Bees
  7. Egg Basket
  8. Tire Swing
  9. Early Frost
  10. Beeline
  11. Blossoms
  12. Colorful Caterpillar
  13. Seedlings
  14. Rainbow
  15. Max Fling
  16. Avoid Tackiness
  17. Egg Hunt
  18. Woodpecker
  19. Egg Drop
  20. Heavy Rain
  21. Easter Eggs
  22. Daisy Cutters
  23. Chipping In
  24. Spring Freeze
  25. Angry Monkeys
  26. Upside Down Pilots
  27. Below Ground
  28. Drop Time
  29. One of Each
  30. Tulips
  31. Broken Flower Pot
  32. Bobbing Carrots
  33. Breakthrough
  34. Flower March
  35. We Three Eggies
  36. Sproing
  37. Wallflowers
  38. Bunch o Bees
  39. Overdone
  40. Eye of Spring
  41. Sergeant Rabbit
  42. Invasion
  43. Spring TD
  44. Prizes Inside
  45. Get Those Flowers
  46. Flower Buster
  47. April Showers
  48. Unwrap the Egg

​​Secret LevelsEdit

Secret Level #1: Click on the three eggs near the tree on the main menu. Level: Beelay Race

Secret Level #2: Click on the bird on the tree at the main menu. Level: Bloomin Bloomin


  • The winning screen is also shown when the player completes a secret level.