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Bloons 2 Mobile is the mobile version of Bloons 2. It is named "Bloons 2" in the App Store and Google Play. It contains various unique levels not appearing in the original Flash version. Originally released on December 15, 2011, Bloons 2 had a cost of $0.99.[1] To celebrate the release of Bloons TD 5 Mobile it is now downloadable for free, but it does not work on devices with iOS 11 or later due to being a 32-bit app. There are also optional in-app purchases.

On 23 Nov 2012, Bloons 2 Mobile was published by Miniclip for Android 2.3 and above. The app soon ran into compatibility issues with newer Android versions, and was delisted at an unknown date.


Just like Bloons 2 Flash, gameplay involves controling a monkey that must solve puzzles by throwing darts at bloons. Some bloons contain powerups that supply the monkey with different projectiles, while other bloons produce miscellaneous effects, including but not limited to freezing other nearby bloons or creating an explosion. While largely the same as the flash version, there are minor differences between both versions.


There are a total of 9 worlds/planets consisting of 12 levels each, for a total of 108 levels. List of all planets are below:

Differences between Flash and Mobile[]

  • Lack of Unlimited Darts from the flash version. Despite its noninclusion, there is a sprite for the button.
  • Each planet (zone) lacks unique music present in the flash version.
  • Overworld is replaced with a menu that lets you select the desired zone by scrolling left or right.
  • Many levels are changed between the Flash and Mobile versions, sometimes replaced entirely with new but similar levels.
  • Different control scheme - instead of the strength of a throw being determined by the length of time a shot is held, it is determined by how far a touch is from its initial point.
    • This, combined with the different levels overall being easier than the flash levels they replace, make the overall difficulty of Bloons 2 Mobile easier.
  • Game Center Achievements and leaderboards (based on the total high score across all levels).
  • Some mechanics are now introduced with popups, rather than requiring the player figure them out on their own.
  • Help tab that explains every object in the game.
  • New Pirate Cove zone, resembling Secret Zone from the flash version, but with 12 levels instead of 4.
  • Skips and Solutions can be bought with real money - unlike the flash version, you start with one of each and do not gain more from completing each world. More specifics listed below.

Differences between iOS and Android[]

  • iOS has Achievements and leaderboards, Android does not.
  • Leaderboards button is replaced with Rate Game on Android.
  • There is no promotional link for BTD5 on Android.
  • There is an additional loading screen when booting up the game for Miniclip, and likewise, the More Games button leads to Miniclip instead of Digital Goldfish.

Store Items[]

  • 1 solution - $0.99 USD
  • Hourly solutions - $1.99 USD
  • Unlimited solutions - $3.99 USD
  • 1 skip - $0.99 USD
  • Hourly skips - $2.99 USD
  • Unlimited skips - $5.99 USD
  • 1 solution & skip - $1.99 USD
  • Hourly solutions & skips - $3.99 USD
  • Unlimited solutions & skips - $7.99 USD


Help Button[]


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Android (Google Play Store)[]


  • The level "Crush Castle" is likely a reference to the game series Crush the Castle, where the objective of the games is crushing castles by throwing various objects. The similarities can be seen, as the level in Bloons 2 also involve bomb bloons that can explode the castle's structure.
  • Despite Unlimited Darts being in the original flash version, it is not present in the mobile version. Despite its absence, there are sprites for an Unlimited Dart button, with a toggle for both on and off. Similarly, there are also files indicating that there were originally plans to incorporate a level editor to the game, similar to Bloons World, Bloons 2 Level Editor, and Bloons (iPhone/iPod Touch), but were presumably left out due to time constraints or low demand.

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