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After more than a BILLION plays of the original Bloons we're proud to bring you the true sequel, the rightful heir, Bloons 2! This time, guide your monkey through a world of 8 unique zones totaling of Bloons-popping beauty! Prepare yourself for hours of dart-happy play with Bloons 2, the awesomized and updated sequel to one of the most popular web games EVAR!
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NEW BLOONS GAME (2010)! - Bloons 2 - Walkthrough Part 1 of 3 (So far)

NEW BLOONS GAME (2010)! - Bloons 2 - Walkthrough Part 1 of 3 (So far)

Bloons 2 is a game developed by Ninja Kiwi, which is a sequel to the original Bloons. It was first announced on September 2, 2010 via Ninja Kiwi's blog, Ninja Blog on their official website. It was later released on September 24, 2010. The announcement and eventual release of the game was to celebrate 1 billion plays of the original Bloons.

Bloons 2 currently has a low amount of reviews. However they are all highly positive reviews from various gaming sites (listed below).

Bloons 2 Trailer

Bloons 2 Trailer


Bloons 2's graphics are heavily improved, however
  • Pre-release World Map, with the monkey at Frosty Fun
  • The Setting at the end
  • The World Map at the start of the game
the gameplay remains almost the same. The game features 96 levels, plus 4 secret levels. There are a few new gameplay additions which will be covered below.

New Bloon TypesEdit

Bee BloonEdit

When popped, releases a swarm of bees that follow the player's cursor, popping all bloons in their path. However, if they hit a wall of any sort they will die, and will despawn eventually.​​

Bee bloon

Blooming BloonEdit

Spawn 7 bloons for each Blooming Bloon popped.


Camouflage BloonEdit

Disappears and reappears, pulsing in and out slowly. Can only be popped when visible.

Camouflage bloons

Reverse Gravity BloonEdit

When popped, the gravity of the thrown dart and all other darts thrown and all spikeballs is reversed/upside down. If popped while gravity is reversed, it will turn normal again. Also, for purely cosmetic effect, Super Monkey's cape will go up and the monkey will float up and grab the ground with his tail.

Reverse Gravity

Monkey Ace BloonEdit

A bloon that allows the monkey to summon a Monkey Ace in any place and direction the user wishes via flags. Before summoning, an arrow will be moving up and down, and either facing the left or the right, depending on where the cursor is. If the cursor is at the left of the monkey, the Monkey Ace will be moving from right to left; the opposite applies to when the cursor is at the right of the monkey.

Monkey Ace Bloon

3 Monkey Ace Bloons

Spawning BloonEdit

When popped, releases one of its different kinds. It orders Green-Purple-Yellow. The only bloon that takes more than 1 hit to pop.

Green Pink Gold


There are 96 levels in Bloons 2, as well as secret levels. For the complete list, see the Bloons 2 Map page and click on each zone to see the levels in that zone. The first 8 levels are shown below.


The monkey at the end of the game.

When all levels are completed (including all 4 secret levels) the monkey will show up on Mount Magma Dancing of his Victory.


Level Skip (Super Monkey)Edit


Can destroy anything it shoots its laser beam at (including solid walls). The player has 5 to start with, and you obtain 1 upon completing each zone. Also, strangely, if you press the button that says [MAX POWER], Super Monkey will keep repeatedly firing lasers for the rest of the level.

Level SolutionEdit

Shows you how to complete the level. The player has 3 of these to start with, and get 1 more for completing a zone.

Solution Credit

Level Solution


  • It is possible to not pass a round with a Super Monkey by using Bomb Bloons to pop all layers of Blooming Bloons. This will cause the game to register it as 1 pop.
  • The Pacman Bloon has been removed in Bloons 2, along with the Light Sabre Bloon, as they are copyrighted by other companies. Still, also the Helium Bloon was removed, for unknown reasons.
  • On all Bloons 2 games, the bloons on the main screen are poppable when the cursor is hovering on a Bloon.
  • There is a free premium to show where the dart will go to.
  • In Bloons 2 onwards, the special bloons will stack in stock, meaning that by popping more than one special bloons in a shot, these power ups will queue up for next shots.
  • Triangle blocks can appear in bloons 2 games.
    Ceramic triangle


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