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Bloons DSi Level editor[]

The DSi version of Bloons features a level editor that has all the bloon and object types that were also present inside the Myninjakiwi bloons level editor. Minus the Pac-man bloon.

The grid size is 13x8 and the level data is very similar to Myninjakiwi's level editor

Just like Bloons insanity pack. This game stores level data the same way. only the first few variable names are a bit different. It goes as following:


This is an example line taken from the editable levels. A 104-character long string is appended to the line after the data=. As opposed to the 288-characters that the newer bloons games use.


Furthermore. Level 53 seems to be impossible to beat. Until there is proof that it's possible.

Also, there isn't any legal way of obtaining this game by it's self anymore other than buying a DSi or 3DS that already has the game installed. This game was available from the DSi shop which went down in 2017. It was possible to transfer this game from your DSi to your 3DS at the time but that feature has vanished as well. You can still get the level editor in the Nintendo E Shop version of Bloons. (Because it is a seperate mode)

Level names from .XML file[]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<texts lang="en_US">
<textgroup id="3" count="71">
<text id="0">Pop Me</text>
<text id="1">Pop Me 2</text>
<text id="2">Surprise</text>
<text id="3">Starburst</text>
<text id="4">Holy Moley!</text>
<text id="5">Chain Reaction</text>
<text id="6">Triangles</text>
<text id="7">Wrong side</text>
<text id="8">Laser Wars</text>
<text id="9">Heliarous</text>
<text id="10">Loopy</text>
<text id="11">Ats First</text>
<text id="12">The Cell</text>
<text id="13">Throwback</text>
<text id="14">Ouchie</text>
<text id="15">Demolition</text>
<text id="16">Chalice</text>
<text id="17">Air Raid</text>
<text id="18">The Matrix</text>
<text id="19">Tree</text>
<text id="20">Bounce</text>
<text id="21">Myriad</text>
<text id="22">The Iron Curtain</text>
<text id="23">Dart from above</text>
<text id="24">Boing</text>
<text id="25">Sitting Pretty</text>
<text id="26">Three Shots</text>
<text id="27">Reload</text>
<text id="28">Aim n drop</text>
<text id="29">Bloons in a jar</text>
<text id="30">Simple</text>
<text id="31">Temple</text>
<text id="32">Parallel</text>
<text id="33">Getting the hang</text>
<text id="34">Ricochet</text>
<text id="35">Wrong shot</text>
<text id="36">Dance with bloon</text>
<text id="37">Tack-tile</text>
<text id="38">Arc</text>
<text id="39">Maze</text>
<text id="40">One in a houndred</text>
<text id="41">Boomer</text>
<text id="42">Round-a-bout</text>
<text id="43">Reservoir</text>
<text id="44">Angles II</text>
<text id="45">Champagne</text>
<text id="46">Revolver</text>
<text id="47">Frooty</text>
<text id="48">Monsta</text>
<text id="49">Big Ball</text>
<text id="50">Bouncy</text>
<text id="51">Shapes</text>
<text id="52">Ice Bounce</text>
<text id="53">X</text>
<text id="54">Danger!</text>
<text id="55">Igloos</text>
<text id="56">X marks the spot</text>
<text id="57">Bouncebomb</text>
<text id="58">Lockdown</text>
<text id="59">Ice Cave</text>
<text id="60">Scooper</text>
<text id="61">Chilly Chips</text>
<text id="62">D in the D</text>
<text id="63">Showertime</text>
<text id="64">Not so hot</text>
<text id="65">Ears</text>
<text id="66">Fuggetabodit</text>
<text id="67">Angyoolah</text>
<text id="68">Two Paths</text>
<text id="69">The End</text>
<text id="70">Editable level</text>