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For the game, see Bloons.
A sinister force has arrived in Ooo and is headed towards the Tree Fort.
~ Adventure description (readable after finishing the game's tutorial)

Treefort Exterior track

Bloons! is the first Adventure to be played in Bloons Adventure Time TD, as part of the first tutorial. It has only one track, Treefort Exterior, with only one difficulty, Normal, and the one difficulty has only 5 rounds. The highest bloon type is Green. Completing this adventure unlocks Jake and Max, but Max becomes usable starting with during Round 3 of Treefort Exterior.


The player is directed to the adventure after the cutscene when the bloons enter a portal from a void of space and swirling in to the Land of Ooo.

Intro transcript[]

[Finn (left) enters]

Finn: [smiling] Jake. Lots of colorful things, headed this way.

Finn: Hold up. They're Bloons!

Finn: [anxious looking around as bloons surround him] Wow so many of them and they just keep coming.

Finn: Um Jake...

Jake (right): [in Treefort handling a controller with joystick, playing a video game] Not now, dude.

Finn: [more bloons follow] JAKE!

Jake: [sticks out tongue] I'm in the zone, dude.

Finn: [even more bloons, panic] JAAAAKKKEE!

Jake: [angrily waves controller around] The zone, Finn. THE ZONE!

[They exit. After intro finishes for the first time, Treefort Exterior loads.]

Outro transcript[]

[Finn (left) enters]

(Jake's voice from right): Hey what's going on?

[Jake (right) appears floating in the shape of a balloon with rope]

Finn: [alarm-clocking, shrieks] AAAAAAHHHHH!

Jake: Whoa calm down homie, it's just me. I'm practicing my Bloon shape for BMO's birthday party.

[Max (bottom left) enters]

Finn: [frowns] Jake we were just attacked by Bloons! Max helped me hold them off.

Jake: [reappears with a piece of bread in his hands, eating it] Sorry, what?

Finn: [facepalms] Let's just go.

[Jake and Max unlocked; player goes to overworld]

Transition to Candy Cornered transcript[]

[Finn (left, holding sword, anguished) and Max (right) enter]

Max: [unhappy] This isn't good. The Bloons have spread throughout Ooo.

Finn: It looks like something's going down in the Candy Kingdom. We better hurry!

[moving on to Candy Cornered]


  • Finn somehow recognizes these "colorful things" as Bloons, rather than Balloons.