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Superhot burny stuff melts through 5 layers of bloon each shot, burns MOAB class bloons for extra damage, and strips DDT camo.
~ In-game description

Blooncineration (also known as Blooncin or Cin) is the final upgrade of Path 3 for the Mortar Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Mortar Monkey to burn MOAB-class bloons, dealing 100 damage to all affected MOAB-class bloons as well as 5 to normal bloons per 0.75s for 3.75s. In addition, each explosion creates a Wall of Blooncineration, a blaze similar to Wall of Fire, at impact location, causing further damage to any bloon except Purple Bloons. Along with incinerating napalm and blazes, Blooncineration can now strip all bloon properties from bloons up to BFBs and DDTs (but not ZOMGs or BADs).

It costs $34,000 on Easy, $40,000 on Medium, $43,200 on Hard, and $48,000 on Impoppable.



Updated as of Version 29.4
Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-x-5) $34,000 $40,000 $43,200 $48,000
Total Cost (0-0-5) $45,180 $53,150 $57,400 $63,780
Total Cost (1-0-5) $45,605 $53,650 $57,940 $64,380
Total Cost (2-0-5) $46,030 $54,300 $58,480 $64,980
Total Cost (0-1-5) $45,505 $53,450 $57,725 $64,140
Total Cost (0-2-5) $45,860 $53,950 $58,265 $64,740


Blooncineration, although stated to deal extra damage versus normal bloons, it is in fact the best at demolishing MOAB-class bloons into weaker bloons. Combined with the added blaze attacks that spawn where each explosion lands on, significantly increased damage to MOAB-class from the improved explosive napalm will easily create masses of weaker layers. Fortunately, like all Mortar Monkeys, Blooncineration can be controlled easily by targeting specific groups of blimps, staggering the groups by popping certain blimp groups one by one, so as not to overwhelm backup defenses.

It can deal decent cleanup versus Super Ceramics through its generated blazes, but fully popping bloons remains its major weakness. As such, Blooncineration fits more under a major DPS role who depends much on backup defense, similarly to MOAB Domination but at a relatively lower price and without the knockback effects. The best towers to pair with Blooncineration are the ones that excel versus Super Ceramics, such as 3-2-0 Spiked Balls or 0-2-5 Perma-Spike. Prince of Darkness also works well, which helps save till Blooncineration decently and synergize fairly well by cleaning up blimps and Super Ceramics left over from Blooncineration.

One notable hot point about Blooncineration is its potency against both Round 98 and Round 99. The built-in Shattering Shells helps weaken Fortified BFBs on Round 98 in addition to its blazes and incineration largely reducing total RBE of the round, but at the risk of doing too much damage such that the defense will struggle against the remaining bloons. As for Round 99, Fortified DDTs will be defortified and decamoed by Blooncineration, making it significantly easier for defenses that typically struggle against DDTs. Support against high-HP blimps and Super Ceramics is likely the only really necessary addition to a Blooncineration.


  • This upgrade is significantly stronger at burning down MOAB-class bloons when paired with the Monkey Knowledge "Extra Burny Stuff", since it will begin dealing 100 damage every 0.5s instead of 0.75s.
  • Starting from Version 9.0, Blooncineration can now burn DDTs without MIB. This change has made Blooncineration a more viable choice for burning any type of MOAB-class bloon.
  • Version 11.0's addition of being able to defortify and decamo DDTs makes this tower very useful against DDTs of any type.
  • In most cases, a 0-2-5 Blooncineration is superior to a 2-0-5 Blooncineration. While the explosions and the Blooncineration blazes (i.e. the large circular flames that resemble Walls of Fire) both receive the +5 pierce and +1 damage-per-0.1s from the Bigger Blast and Bloon Buster upgrades respectively, a 0-2-5 Bloonceration is stronger overall. This is because upgrading Blooncineration's attack speed allows the Blooncineration Mortar Monkey to create more "Walls of Blooncineration", in addition to dispensing napalm explosions at a quicker rate.
  • Blooncineration is virtually the only Mortar Monkey that will help complete the "Crash of the Titans" achievement, as it is the only one that can defortify DDTs.

Version History[]

Blooncineration has been buffed greatly to become a stronger offensive-based upgrade, contrasting the typically supporting role that preceding upgrades Signal Flare and Shattering Shells would fulfill.

  • Buff Cost of Blooncineration decreased ($55,000 → $50,000).
  • Buff Bloonceration now creates a "Wall of Blooncineration" at impact point, creating a blaze similar to Wall of Fire.
  • Buff Blooncineration now can damage all bloon types (new "Wall of Blooncineration" only).
  • Buff Napalm does damage 0.5 seconds faster. (Both MK and without).
  • Buff Blooncineration can now apply burn effect to D.D.Ts.
  • Buff Blooncineration blazes now benefit from 1-0-5 & 2-0-5 buffs.
  • Buff Blooncineration can now remove camo from DDTs without knowledge being required.
  • Buff Blooncineration now can remove fortified from DDTs.
  • Buff Blooncineration price reduced ($50,000 → $45,000).
  • Change Description changed from "Superhot burny stuff burns through 5 layers of Bloon each time, and can also burn up MOAB-Class Bloons." to "Superhot burny stuff melts through 5 layers of bloon each shot, burns MOAB class bloons for extra damage, and strips DDT camo."
  • Buff Blooncineration blazes now directly pop camos.
Mortar's Faster Reload feels like a 'required' as a crosspath with Burny Stuff never scaling well on any path but its own. We like choices not requirements so to counter this we have made Burny Stuff scale with top-path damage & shifted a small amount of the speed from Faster Reload onto the base mortar [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Mortar's base attack speed versus Path 2 crosspathing
  • Buff Attack speed without Path 2 upgrades increased (2.2s → 2.0s).
  • Buff Attack speed with Faster Reload increased (1.54s → 1.5s).
  • Nerf Attack speed with Rapid Reload decreased (1.07s → 1.08s).
As an expensive high-layer T5 DPS tower lurking behind a mainly support path on path 3 Mortar it's not easy to save for, so Blooncineration has had a fair price reduction.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Blooncineration costs less ($45,000 → $40,000).
  • Nerf [Undocumented] Blooncineration's blazes now no longer pop Purples and will disintegrate upon touching them.
Bottom path Mortar burns have been reworked to burn faster and last longer at all upgrades; the Extra Burny Stuff MK has been tweaked in order to keep it's [sic] benefit the same comparatively to the new & improved base values.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Blooncineration DoT duration increased from 3s -> 3.75s
  • Buff Blooncineration DoT tic interval reduced from 1s -> 0.75s
  • Nerf MK: Extra Burny Stuff buff amount reduced 0.5s -> 0.25s
  • Nerf [Undocumented bug] Blooncineration no longer strips camo off of DDTs without Paint Stripper.
  • Buff Mortar Monkey xx5 Blooncineration DoT should correctly tic each 0.75s
    • Blooncineration was presumably left at 1.0s.
  • Buff [Bug fix] Blooncineration now decamos DDTs without requiring Paint Stripper.
    • Ninja Kiwi states that Blooncineration was fixed to decamo DDTs, but never mentioned about prior requiring Paint Stripper, which indeed was the case before this bug fix.
  • Buff Affected by 1-0-3 Signal Flare gaining bigger decamo blast


Official artwork[]


  • The napalm attack was similar to other upgrades after Burny Stuff (others being Signal Flare and Shattering Shells), whereby without MIB napalm-based effects could not affect Black Bloons. This was changed in Version 9.0; it now can burn DDTs.
  • When bought with the most expensive crosspaths, a 2/0/5 Blooncineration (Blooncineration with Bloon Buster) is by far the most expensive way to decamo DDTs with a single tower, even more expensive than a 0-2-5 Master Bomber, 5-0-2 Energizer, 5-2-0 Archmage, or a 0-2-5 Prince of Darkness.
  • In Version 11.0, the description was changed from "Superhot burny stuff burns through 5 layers of Bloon each time, and can also burn up MOAB-Class Bloons." to "Superhot burny stuff melts through 5 layers of bloon each shot, burns MOAB class bloons for extra damage, and strips DDT camo.", though technically Blooncineration strips Fortified DDT properties too.
    • This may be because the fortified stripping abilities could be inferred from its previous upgrade, Shattering Shells, even though only Blooncineration can defortify DDTs.
  • Blooncineration is one of three towers referenced by a hero, with Gwendolin saying "Blooncinerated!" The other two are Spirit of the Forest mentioned by Obyn Greenfoot and the Sun God mentioned by Captain Churchill.
  • Blooncineration is a pun on words "Bloon" and "incineration".