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Sludge-dwelling Bloonarius spews Bloons as it takes damage then disgorges massive Bloon clusters when each skull on the health bar is reached. Bloonarius' sludge infused husk makes it slow but extremely tough.
~ BTD6 Description

Bloonarius the Inflator is a Boss Bloon introduced to Bloons TD 6 in the 27.0 update. It retains its name and role from Bloons Monkey City, with significant gameplay additions. Bloonarius is a swamp-dwelling MOAB-class bloon with massive health, slow speed, and the ability to spawn clusters of sludgy Bloonarius Minions. Upon reaching 1% damage, Bloonarius will bleed out minions between 1% to 75% along the same lane as itself. Triggering skull health causes Bloonarius to spew out a massive bloon rush of minions onto its current location.

Bloonarius has a Normal and Elite version which are playable in their respective modes during the same Boss Bloon Event. The Normal and Elite versions each have five tiers which appear on rounds 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120, with increasing health, and more difficult minion spawns. Bloonarius' health bar is divided into skulls. When a skull is reached, a large surge of Bloons will be spawned across the track. Multiple skulls can be triggered at once, causing Bloonarius to spew out multiple waves of strong bloons.

Destroying Bloonarius will award a number of trophies, insta-monkeys, and powers, and medals based on the version and tier defeated.

Visual Description[]

Bloonarius big damage front

Tier 1 Normal Bloonarius pictured with Minions and Spawn Region.

Bloonarius is a large MOAB-class bloon with light green and orange bands encircling its hull. The most prominent feature of Bloonarius is its large propeller and vortex nosecone placed over a cavity in the body. Later tiers include barnacles on top, and gooey algae at bottom.


Elite Bloonarius has darker and more predatory appearance with green and red bands, most notably a large jagged sides resembling a mouth. Later tiers include side purple fins, 4-bladed propeller and Tier 5 showing a menacing orange and red eyes with target pattern.

Bloonarius' presence in a Boss Event is signified by a rainstorm that covers the entire map.

Playing Bloonarius[]


Bloonarius' description on the Boss Bloon Event menu

Bloonarius can be found in Boss Bloon Events, which requires a minimum of Rank 20 to access events including Boss Events. If Bloonarius is the boss selected for that week, then from Saturday 8:00 PM NZT to the next Thursday 4:00 PM NZT, the Boss Bloon icon will appear on the main menu screen. Click the button to access the Boss Event page. At first the Normal Bloonarius will be unlocked. Defeating all five tiers of Normal Bloonarius will unlock the Elite Version. Check the ranked mode option in the bottom right corner to compete against other players.

Bloonarius shrooms

Bloonarius's spawning location

Bloonarius spawns in a swampy region of the map marked by clump of glowing green mushrooms, around 1/50 of the track length into the track. Likewise, the Bloonarius Minions are covered in a slimy substance. There is a HUD for how many rounds left Bloonarius is yet to come. Once ready, Bloonarius will flop down to the screen and start its tedious journey to the end of the map. Upon death, the Boss Bloon gives off a large green explosion.

Where there are multiple simultaneous lanes on a map (e.g. Encrypted, Sunken Columns, X Factor), Bloonarius chooses the first available path. For maps with alternating lanes (e.g. Bazaar, Chutes, X Factor), Bloonarius will still take the first available path instead of the round's corresponding first lane. If there is a blimp-only lane available (e.g. Quiet Street, Cargo, Workshop), Bloonarius will guarantee to spawn from that lane. On maps that have special lanes, such as Bloonarius Prime, Bloonarius will take a special path that integrates both lanes. In Balance map, Bloonarius takes different path in each tier and has the cycle of path taken by 4 tiers. (e.g. The tier 5 of both normal and elite ones will choose the same path as the tier 1 does.)


Special Properties[]

Bloonarius has extremely high HP, very slow speed, and the ability to spawn Bloons. It lacks any unique special properties aside from its extraordinary bulk of RBE. For every 1% health of damage that is incurred, Bloonarius will spawn out various Bloonarius Minions onto the track. Upon its health reaching a skull threshold, a rush of much stronger bloons will be sent. Multiple skulls can be triggered at once; dealing enough damage to Bloonarius in a single shot or at quick succession can cause Bloonarius to trigger multiple skull thresholds at once, sending multiple strong waves of bloons simultaneously.

Bloonarius Minions function identical to regular bloons, with the exception of not giving any money when popped or collected via a trap-based source such as Bloon Trap or Obyn's Wall of Trees. Bloonarius Minions are distinguished by a swampy/mouldy complexion on their rubbery surfaces. Bloonarius Minions have a brief immunity to damage as they come out of Bloonarius, preventing chained splash damage onto Bloonarius from incidentally popping them.

The normal bloon spawns on each Bloonarius spawn round are modified. Round 40 has 6 Ceramics (as opposed to 1 MOAB), round 60 has 6 MOABs, 80 has 6 BFBs and 100 has 18 DDTs and 12 ZOMGs.

Bloonarius moves at 5% the speed of a Red Bloon (or ~28% of a BAD) at Tiers 1-3, and 6% of a Red Bloon for Tiers 4 and 5. These speeds are not affected by Freeplay Speed Ramping, only by standard game modifiers (Easy = base speed, Medium = +10%, Hard = +25%) and the MOAB Speed modifier.

Bloonarius Speed Relative to a Red Bloon
Boss Tier Speed Relative to Red Bloon
Normal Bloonarius Elite Bloonarius
1 5% 5%
2 5% 5%
3 5% 5%
4 6% 6%
5 6% 6%


Bloonarius the inflator and his siblings has the same immunities shared by the rest of the Boss Bloons:


This applies for normal Bloonarius. For information about Elite Bloonarius, see #Elite Bloonarius below.

The formula for finding the RBE is as follows: Blimp Health + (RBE of Bloons sent on skull x3) + (RBE of Scattered bloons x100) = Total Theoretical RBE

Boss Tier Skull Count Health
1 player 2 players
3 players
4 players
1 3 20,000 24,000 28,000 32,000
2 3 75,000 90,000 105,000 120,000
3 3 350,000 420,000 490,000 560,000
4 3 750,000 900,000 1,050,000 1,200,000
5 3 3,000,000 3,600,000 4,200,000 4,800,000

Boss Health in co-op scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

Like all Boss Bloons, Bloonarius's total health can be adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode, the MOAB Health modifier, and the Boss Health modifier.

Bloon Swarms[]

Bleed Bloons (Scattered Bloons) trigger every 1% of HP lost, including during the Skull Wave, whereas the Skull Bloons are triggered every 25% HP lost.

This applies for normal Bloonarius. For information about Elite Bloonarius, see #Elite Bloonarius.

Boss Tier Bloons Scattered Extra Bloons Scattered on Skull Bigger Bloons Sent on Skull
1 8 Greens 30 Greens 30 Ceramics
2 15 Yellows 60 Yellows 60 Ceramics
3 25 Pinks 100 Pinks 6 MOABs
4 15 Zebras 60 Zebras 10 ZOMGs
5 25 Rainbows 100 Rainbows 1 BAD

Elite Bloonarius[]

Elite Bloonarius is a much stronger version of Normal Bloonarius. Most properties remain identical, save for the higher HP, stronger bloons spawns at both its normal sends and skull sends, and 7 skull divisions instead of 3.

Refer to the below tables for its health and summoned swarms.

Elite Health[]

Boss Tier Skull Count Health
1 player 2 players
3 players
4 players
1 7 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000
2 7 300,000 360,000 420,000 480,000
3 7 2,000,000 2,400,000 2,800,000 3,200,000
4 7 8,000,000 9,600,000 11,200,000 12,800,000
5 7 40,000,000 48,000,000 56,000,000 64,000,000

Boss Health scales with number of players. Each additional player increases the Boss health by 20%, up to 60%.

Like all Boss Bloons, Elite Bloonarius's total health can be adjusted with challenge modifiers that affect MOAB-class health, specifically the Double HP MOABs (2x health) submode, the MOAB Health modifier, and the Boss Health modifier.

Bloon Swarms (Elite)[]

Bleed Bloons (Scattered Bloons) trigger every 1% of HP lost, including during the Skull Wave, whereas the Skull Bloons are triggered every 12.5% HP lost.

Boss Tier Bloons Scattered (Elite) Extra Bloons Scattered on Skull (Elite) Bigger Bloons Sent on Skull (Elite)
1 10 Pinks 40 Pinks 70 Ceramics
2 10 Rainbows 40 Rainbows 16 BFBs
3 13 Ceramics 50 Ceramics 9 DDTs, 1 BAD
4 8 MOABs, 2 BFBs 100 Regrow Fortified Ceramics 20 Fortified DDTs, 2 Fortified BADs
5 6 Decamoed DDTs, 2 Fortified ZOMGs 30 MOABs 4 Fortified BADs



Badge for winning Normal Bloonarius

Bloonarius and its Elite variant have 5 tiers each. Beating the boss at each tier rewards Monkey Money, plus higher rewards upon beating higher tiers. Starting from Tier 3, Trophies can be earned. Beating the final tier automatically wins the game, provided the player finishes the current round, and rewards the highest tier prize plus a special badge. Beating normal Tier 5 Bloonarius during the current event rewards the standard Bloonarius badge, while beating Tier 5 Elite Bloonarius after beating the current standard Bloonarius will additionally reward an Elite Bloonarius badge.

Refer to Boss Bloon Event (BTD6) for further details.


See also: Bloonarius the Inflator (BTD6)/Strategies

Bloonarius is extremely slow, possesses extreme amounts of HP, and produces masses of bloons after getting substantially damaged. Compared to all other bosses, countermeasures against Bloonarius are by far the most straightforward, lacking any other properties aside from extreme HP and overall RBE.

Beating Bloonarius will require a combination of intense farming and avaricious buffing of high-damage towers. This generally entails dedicating resources to early game farming, while also balancing the high damage needs of Tier 1 Bloonarius. In the later tiers, towers like the Vengeful True Sun God, M.A.D and Paragons are necessary to meet the high damage per second needs. Though the slow speed of Boss Bloons work in favor of the player, the Bloon sends can quickly overwhelm a defense, especially when spawned close to the exit.

To beat Bloonarius effectively, apply a greedy income strategy very hard in the early-game, and build up early-game income as fast as possible while keeping up with the incoming strength of bloons. As Bloonarius becomes damaged, it will spawn bloons that do not give any extra income, which means balance between bloon rush defenses and intense income management will need to be incorporated into strategy. Bloonarius is super slow, and super big, which means traditional anti-BAD strategies become quite effective at dealing pure damage to Bloonarius. Beware of Bloonarius' skull sends, they can be overwhelming, and prepare them well before playing. Similarly, watch out for the continuous spewing of bloons every time it gets damaged.


  • Bloonarius itself and the bloons spawned out of Bloonarius do not give cash and thus won't count with Bonus Income Per Pop sources like Monkey Town. Use conventional farming sources instead.
  • To counter Bloonarius itself, use an appropriate anti-blimp strategy to crack open some more health.
    • For tier 1, Overdrives + debuffs or Sticky Bomb are great single-target choices.
    • For tier 2, Overdrives + all debuffs, M.A.D, or Avatar of Wrath are solid options.
    • Paragons can solo Tier 3 and 4 Bloonarius, but multiple paragons and/or a Support True Sun God with Sun Avatars + debuffs are recommended for Tier 5.
  • Bloonarius spews hordes of bloons, requiring grouped bloon popping is quite necessary for earlier tiers and big blimp damage for later tiers. Elite Bloonarius is especially dangerous in tier 5 due to its massive DDT sends.
    • 4-2-0 Ring of Fire is the most efficient option for popping bloons from Bloonarius in Tier 1, and is best on maps with loops.
    • Super Maelstrom + Glue Storm is a very efficient combo for Tier 2 minions.
    • Tier 3 and above will typically be handled by the defense for Bloonarius.
  • Bloon minions from Bloonarius are spewed out when Bloonarius loses health, so if they are too overwhelming, damaging Bloonarius slower can help deal with the swarms of bloons better.
  • Bloonarius Minions take time to land on the track and are immune during this period, meaning that First Strike Capability's ability cannot deal with Bloonarius' offspring as collateral. They also spawn ahead of Bloonarius, which also means that the bloons can bypass defenses that focus on one region of the bloon track.
  • Elite Tier 5 Bloonarius has 13.33x the health of Normal Tier 5, so make sure to have a good enough income flow to ensure that Elite is possible.
  • Spirit of the Forest can solo Tier 1, even Elite, as all its minions die upon contact with its thorns and Bloonarius itself will take heaps of damage the longer it stays in the blue thorns. The strategy does remain effective in Tier 2, but requiring pairing with other towers like M.A.D or Avatar of Wrath, the latter of which can receive buff from.


  • Regardless of Trophy Store skins for any bloon type, all bloons sent by Bloonarius will use a "slimy" visual skin on top of a normal visual appearance for both bloons and blimps.
  • As of v35.1, skull DDTs have camo properties, bleed DDTs do not.


  • [35.0] Elite T5 bleed DDTs spawn without Camo properties.
  • [28.3.4683] Leaving the game after some time of gameplay and then clicking on "Start Boss Event" will crash the game, so it's recommended to leave and re-enter an entire Boss Menu before re-entering the game. Possibly patched later on.

Version History[]

Bloonarius, as the first Boss in BTD6, initially felt difficult when first released until the majority of the BTD6 community learned about optimizing farming and single-target damage. Elite Bloonarius's minions have been made stronger in later tiers, to make it a more challenging boss.

Balance changes are shown in terms of player favorability.

  • Released, includes normal Bloonarius and Elite Bloonarius
Elite Bloonarius’ ‘bleed’ Bloons effect becomes heavily outscaled in the higher elite tiers, dissolving into the stratosphere before having any meaningful impact. To correct, we are improving the types of Bloons that come out at these points to maintain appropriate Bossness.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF T4 Elite Bloonarius 'bleed' scattering minions changed: 25 Fortified Regrow Ceramics → 12 MOABs
  • NERF T5 Elite Bloonarius 'bleed' scattering minions changed: 8 MOABs → 8 decamoed DDTs
This is really just for fun, bringing increased variety of Bleed Bloons from higher tier Bloonarius.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF T4 Elite Bloonarius 'bleed' scattering minions changed: 12 MOABs → 8 MOABs + 2 BFBs
  • NERF T5 Elite Bloonarius 'bleed' scattering minions changed: 8 decamoed DDTs → 6 decamoed DDTs + 2 Fortified ZOMGs


When switching between normal and Elite Bloonarius:

When Bloonarius spawns:

When Bloonarius spews out its Skull Health:

When Bloonarius is defeated:


New Boss Bloon Event! Face off against the mighty hulk known as Bloonarius the Inflator!
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 27.0 patch notes


See the Gallery Section!

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See Bloonarius the Inflator (BTD6)/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!

Basic Gallery[]

For a deeper overview of this gallery, see Bloonarius the Inflator (BTD6)/Gallery


  • By the use of Boss Challenge, it is possible to see Bloonarius interacting with Dark Castle and X Factor. It shrinks when entering the castle like other MOAB-class Bloons, or turns incredibly small on the other Map.
  • Bloonarius in BTD6 is the bloon with the most health in the entire BTD series. It can have up to 64 million HP, without any event-specific health modifiers (Tier 5 Elite, against 4 players). Bloonarius at this HP is over 6 times as tough as the Test Bloon (which has 10 million HP).
    • The Party Bloon, along with extremely deep Freeplay Bloons, can still surpass this number.
  • Tier 5 Bloonarius' death explosion animation appears to be a very large green explosion with a large shockwave and green splats of green liquid across many sides. Most of the explosion is fully green except for parts of the explosion cloud.
    • Beating Tier 1-4 on either Bloonarius event lead to a much smaller explosion, as if the game is suggesting the Boss isn't actually defeated.
  • Bloonarius is currently the only Boss from the returning line-up to not have his logo text changed, while Vortex and Dreadbloon got an entire overhaul compared to their BTD5 counterparts.
  • Bloonarius is the only Boss Bloon that only has 2 eyes when playing Elite Mode while other Bosses have 3 or more eyes.
  • On the Normal and Elite Bloonarius's Event page, The eyes are in different location, the Normal and Elite Bloonarius in-game eyes are in the front near propeller. But on the Badge and the Button of it, the eyes are in the center of the Blimp.

Cultural references[]

  • The design of Bloonarius takes inspiration from that of a Stipa-Caproni, an early Italian experimental aircraft. In particular, the aircraft's wide "mouth", front propeller, and thick body are similar to the physical features of Bloonarius.

Ninja Kiwi Blogs[]

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 30th July 2021 blog, Bloonarius can increase the population of the Bloons, although not substantially.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's September 2nd 2021 blog, Bloonarius has the power to create local rainstorm systems, hence the rainstorms in Boss Events with him in it. It is believed by Ninja Kiwi that Bloonarius uses this particular weather superpower for dramatic effect.
  • As featured on Ninja Kiwi's October 1st 2021 blog, some stats for Bloonarius were publicly released. While the win rate for Tier 1 Bloonarius vs Elite Bloonarius were fairly similar, Tier 3 had the biggest difference, and Tier 5 Elite Bloonarius had the worst win rate. As for total attempts, Elite Bloonarius went just over 4M attempts, while normal Bloonarius had over 11.3M attempts.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 22nd April 2022 blog, Bloonarius would be considered the leader of the current three Boss Bloons at the time (which included Lych and Vortex).