Bloonarius the Inflator is an event-only M.O.A.B. Class Bloon found in the Bloonarius event in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons Monkey City. Its health varies, though its relative health is shown by a health bar at the top of the screen. 1 cash is given per damage dealt, ensuring that the player will have enough money to construct defenses. No tile is awarded for completing the level in Bloons Monkey City. Upon popping Bloonarius, it states "I'll be back!" and the player receives the relative tier of CT Milestone worth in rewards.

Each time the player defeats Bloonarius, its health increases, and the bloons spawned during the level increase in difficulty. Defeating a Bloon Beacon is required to repeat the event.

Failing to pop Bloonarius, the message popup states "DEFEAT! ...But the Boss is damaged. Chase it down and try again!". The player is then sent back to their city with the option to continue the fight with Bloonarius at the same level and remaining health, but at the cost of city cash. Defeating another Bloon Beacon is not required to resume the level.

It also appears in BTD5 Mobile As an Event, and Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile as the seventh boss in Helium Heights.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health + RBE table below for the first 26 levels.

Boss Level Blimp Health Health Increment from previous level
1 2000 0
2 4000 2000
3 6000 2000
4 8000 2000
5 10000 2000
6 14000 4000
7 18000 4000
8 22000 4000
9 28000 6000
10 36000 8000
11 48000 12000
12 64000 16000
13 84000 20000
14 108000 24000
15 136000 28000
16 170000 34000
17 210000 40000
18 256000 46000


20 366000 58000
21 432000 66000
22 506000 74000
23 588000 82000
24 678000 90000
25 776000 98000
26 882000 106000

Bloonarius's health for any level past level 19 can be determined using the equation below, where "x" is the level to be accounted for:

or more simply

Speed[edit | edit source]

Bloonarius moves at a relative speed of 0.1 of the speed of a Red Bloon. As of September 2020, it is the slowest bloon in the Bloons franchise.

Properties and Immunities[edit | edit source]

  • Bloonarius doesn't have any special physical properties except those of a MOAB-Class Bloon, so it can be hit by any tower (except for the Ice Tower and Glue Gunner, though it is affected by Corrosive Glue's DoT).
  • MOAB Assassin's damage is reduced from 750 to 375.
  • It cannot be hooked by the MOAB Takedown Ability.
  • Even though Bloonarius is affected by Corrosive Glue's DoT, it is unaffected by Burny Stuff's DoT.
  • Bloonarius is immune to slowing and stunning, so the Sabotage Supply Lines, Absolute Zero , and Pop and Awe abilities will not work against the boss.
    • However, the Absolute Zero and Pop and Awe abilities slow it down on mobile and Steam versions of the games it appears in.
  • Boss Blast does 450 damage to Bloonarius instead of 500.
  • First Strike Capability does not completely destroy Bloonarius, but instead deals 3000 damage, regardless of how many other bloons are affected by the explosion.

Bloon Spawns[edit | edit source]

Every time the health bar drops to one of the skulls, a bloon comes out, depending on level. Note that they are different on mobile as the strongest bloon spawns occur later and there is a Zebra Bloon spawn that occurs before Rainbow on mobile. To make up for the easier bloon spawns on mobile, the natural bloon rushes are more harsh than on Flash.

Flash[edit | edit source]

Boss Levels Bloons Summoned
1-2 Lead Bloon
3 Rainbow Bloon
4 Ceramic Bloon
5 (Skull 1) Ceramic Bloon
5 (Skull 2-3) MOAB
7 (Skull 1-2) MOAB
7 (Skull 3) BFB
8 (Skull 1) MOAB
8 (Skull 2-3) BFB
9-16 BFB
17-20 ZOMG
20+ None

Mobile[edit | edit source]

Boss Levels Bloons Summoned
1-3 Lead Bloon
4 Zebra Bloon
5-6 Rainbow Bloon
7-8 Ceramic Bloon
9 (Skull 1-2) Ceramic Bloon
9 (Skull 3) MOAB
13 (Skull 1-2) MOAB
13 (Skull 3) BFB
14-15 (Skull 1) MOAB
14-15 (Skull 2-3) BFB
16-18 BFB
19-20 (Skull 1-2) BFB
19-20 (Skull 3) ZOMG
20+ ZOMG

Strategies[edit | edit source]

See also: Boss Bloon/Strategies #Bloonarius: The Inflator
  • On BMC Mobile you can do insane amounts of damage (up to ~10k) by placing many Spike Storms right next to it. Note that the spikes fired by the ability are not used up when damaging Bloonarius, only when they settle on the track.
  • Dartling Guns can take out Bloonarius fairly quickly in the early levels, but become less effective with each level.
  • Begin with mainly grape shot boats at entrance to maximize early damage and build maximum income. Sell all except for one and upgrade to an aircraft carrier. Save for overclock. Monkey boost the carrier and overclock at same time. Build as many carriers as you can constantly buying and selling the overclock ability.
    • Due to nerfed Aircraft Carrier on mobile, do not try this on mobile.
    • When using this strategy, it is recommended to place a 1/1 Sniper Monkey to deal with lead bloons. Set its attack target depending on where Bloonarius is. Early in the round, set it to "First" then later set it to "close".
  • "For the early rounds, I've found a 3/1 buccaneer tore Bloonarius apart well enough", ~ DuelMasterP.
  • Multiple 0/1 boats work better than a single 3/1 boat because of the bosses large size.
  • Glue does seem to hurt it (somewhat), but does not slow it down , ~ Rohan.
  • The battle does seem to consist of multiple continuous rounds, particular as evidenced by production from Banana Farms, as well as deployment of crates.
  • A Monkey Buccaneer with MOAB Takedown Ability can easily take down the BFBs and MOABs that come from it one higher levels.
  • Spamming and selling MOAB Assassins could be used. It becomes effective at the end to do some damage against it. With Monkey Tycoon lvl 13, you can spam them without money loss (dealing damage fills your bank again) and your damage is only depending on your speed.
    • On Mobile, First Strike Capabilities do a large amount of damage to Bloonarius, even more than MOAB Assassins. Each usage deals 3600 damage to Bloonarius and with selling and rebuy spam, First Strike Capabilities can easily wear down Bloonarius very quickly, especially on higher levels.
  • MOAB Maulers do deal more damage to it than Missile Launchers, so they can be of some use.
  • Tack Shooters work better than Boats with enough income from damage to Bloonarius on early levels.
    • However, Blade Maelstrom is usually required to survive the harsh rushes of natural bloons that comes, especially on mobile where on levels 15 and up, the naturals sent will usually be lots of Ceramic Bloons and MOABs.
  • Judging by the HP table, one can make an estimate for the HP Bloonarius for any level by adding 8,000 to the current Hp increment of the previous level boss then adding that value to the previous level's HP
    • E.G for level 26: 98,000 + 8,000 =106,000, Hp for level 25 Bloonarius is 776,000 so 776,000 + 106,000 = 882,000
  • It can be easily taken down by spamming Monkey Buccaneers with Grape Shot during the first few levels.

Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile[edit | edit source]

Bloonarius is the boss of level 94. He comes on screen twice before the level ends and spawns MOABs which you can't fly through.

HP - 78,000

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The message after you've defeated Bloonarius, "I'll be back!" might be a reference to the Terminator movie series.
  • The difficulty level for the battle with Bloonarius is set to Impoppable, regardless of city level.
  • Bloonarius is the third bloon to have eyes, the first two being the BFB and ZOMG bloon, the fourth being Vortex, the fifth being Dreadbloon, the sixth being Blastopopoulous, and the seventh being the BAD bloon.
  • Bloonarius and the B.A.D. are the only Bloons that spawn ZOMGs.
    • Bloonarius is also the only bloon that can spawn Lead Bloons.
  • According to the title message for the third Bloonarius event, Vortex is Bloonarius' little brother.
  • When the Bloon Beacon is captured during the Bloonarius event, Bloonarius will awaken.
  • Bloonarius is the only boss that is stained.
  • It was unintentionally soft released on Mobile together with the Bloon Beacon. Bloonarius was later removed. This was only shown on Android soft release, and fully released on the core release.
  • On the mobile version of Bloons Supermonkey 2, Bloonarius is the boss of level 94.
  • Bloonarius has 4 propellers, the largest amount of any Bloon.
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