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Bloonarius Prime is an Intermediate Map in Bloons TD 6 released in the Version 27.0 update on 26th July 2021, along with Bloonarius the Inflator and Paragons.


Set in a swamp, this map appears to be the home of Bloonarius. There are two lanes for bloons to go through. Bloons will usually take the longer lane encompassing the left side of the map. On prime-numbered rounds (e.g. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11), swamp holes open and Bloons take the alternative, shorter path traversing the right side of the map. Prime rounds are indicated by a sludgy vortex near the entrance of the starting lane.

During Boss Bloon Events or the Boss ruleset, Bosses and the Minions (e.g. Bloonarius and Bloonarius Minions) spawned from it take a special path, starting from the normal entrance, following the left-hand path, then crossing over the rocks and following the right-hand path to its exit. It is true for future Boss Bloons and their Boss Minions appearing on this map, too.

The two paths are separated by a tree and a column of rocks, which block towers' Line of Sight. However, left-side Monkey Subs shooting at the entrance due to Advanced Intel are able to curve around the rocks with their Moderate Seeking to reach the right path if set to First.

Tapping on the lake to the bottom-left of the top-right tree for approximately 25 times will summon a crocodile that does nothing to the bloons. It will simply unsubmerge, croak, and then submerge back into the swampy waters.

Prime Rounds[]

For a number to be considered prime, it must be a natural number greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers. Before Version 33.3, Round 2 was excluded from this mechanic; the first prime round that activated the portals was Round 3, but now it is Round 2.

  • Affected rounds from 1-140: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, and 139.
  • Affected rounds from 141-200: 149, 151, 157, 163, 167, 173, 179, 181, 191, 193, 197 and 199.
  • Affected rounds from 201-300: 211, 223, 227, 229, 233, 239, 241, 251, 257, 263, 269, 271, 277, 281, 283 and 293.

For prime rounds beyond Round 300, refer to this page for a list of primes up to 1 trillion (which is arbitrarily close to infinity for purposes of BTD6 Rounds).


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $150
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $165
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $247
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $275
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $412
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $440
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $990
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $660
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $990
Completed $30
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $33
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $49
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $55
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $82
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $88
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $132
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $132
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $198


Main article: Bloonarius Prime/Strategies


The main difficulty of Bloonarius Prime is adjusting to the conditions of the prime rounds. Assuming sufficient maths knowledge of prime numbers, the prime issue is adapting to the changes in lane formatting to the distant righthand lane. Defenses that usually can reach the first lane will not easily reach the second lane, and vice versa, unless it involves long-ranged attacks, although the very front of the track prior to converging into the currently available lane does help a limited amount. Line of Sight may be a problem in viewing both lanes, separately. In some cases, multiple defenses may be required to beat each of the lanes separately.

The bottom section of Bloonarius Prime often provides most of the clear vision for most types of towers. Around it is a rather generous amount of outer land for large-scale Banana Farm placements, plus plenty of water space to fit at least a maxed Trade Empire army in combo with the other T5 Buccaneers. However, for Monkeyopolis, high-Farm Monkeyopolis placements can be tricky, with much of that issue deriving from the lane coverage blocking neat sections of neighboring Farms.


  • There are no Purple rounds in standard rules before Round 101 that go to the prime lane. Round 101 is the first Purple round on the prime lane, and in entire game, the other rounds where spawn purple bloons from the prime lane are 103, 107, and 109. Also Round 107 is the only prime Camo Purple round.
  • There are no DDT rounds in standard set of rounds up to 140 that go to the prime lane, so you don't need any DDT countermeasures to the prime lane in normal gameplay. Also Round 97 is the only prime DDT round in Alternate Bloons Rounds.
  • Golden Eagle with multiple Gyrfalcons for range is a good option on this map, due to the alternating lane nature of this map.
  • Smart Spikes Spactories set on Smart are helpful, so as to concentrate on separate lanes.

Version History[]

  • Change [undocumented] Round 2 now spawns on the prime lane outside of Sandbox mode.


Bloonarius Prime suffered from a severe bug upon its release in Version 27.0.

  • [???] Smart Spikes cannot target correctly. Spikes on Smart targeting will only target the correct lane when the bloons are close.
  • [27.0] Reverse Mode on this map was bugged on its release. On the prime number rounds, the bloons erroneously spawned out of the puddle where the prime and non-prime paths split, instead of the right-hand exit as intended. This gave the prime-numbered rounds only 1.4 Red Bloon Seconds, the lowest in the entire Bloons TD series. Patch 27.1 a few days later corrected this bug.


When the prime number round swamp holes open:

When the crocodile appears:



  • The map's name, Bloonarius Prime, is a hint at its unique mechanic on prime-numbered rounds. According to Ninja Kiwi's 30th July 2021 blog, this was planned long before the creation of the map.
  • Despite 2 being a prime number, it used to not be affected by the map's mechanic. Spawning the round in Sandbox Mode would've sent it down the prime number path, regardless of version. As of version 33.3, round 2 now properly spawns on the prime lane.
  • When MOAB class Bloons enter the Swamp hole, they shrink down to nigh invisibility before coming out of the other Swamp hole.
    • This behavior is similar to Dark Castle, where Bloons enter the castle by shrinking, and X Factor, where MOAB-class bloons shrink when entering the center bunker.
    • This shrinking behavior is also found on some Bloons Adventure Time TD maps.
    • This behavior was added to Map Editor in the Version 43 update.
  • The two rocks above the log are treated as a path, with track-based items and attacks being placeable there. However, the only time Bloons ever go there is during a Boss Event, where the Boss and any Bloons spawned by the boss will go across the rocks to the right side instead of going down.
  • Bloonarius Prime is currently the only map with a boss-exclusive path. The path begins at the regular location, loops around the non-prime rounds loop, moves over the log, and travels the prime round path.
    • Demonstrated in Week 4 of Boss Bloon Event and later Week 132 of Boss Bloon Event.
  • Rounds 163 and 263, where spawns upgraded version of Round 63 bloon rushes both use the prime lane.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 3rd June 2022 blog, Lych and Vortex are not ruled out from potentially going to Bloonarius Prime, but stated that Bloonarius is "pretty territorial".
    • The first occurrances of Bosses other than Bloonarius appearing on Bloonarius Prime have occurred in Contested Territory on certain Boss tiles. However, they have yet to make an appearance on the standard Boss Bloon Event.