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Bloon trap captures Bloons until full. Select to empty full trap for cash.
~ In-game description

Bloon Trap is the 4th upgrade of Path 3 for the Engineer Monkey in Bloons TD 6. In addition to the Double Gun attack, the Engineer can now deploy a single Bloon Trap at a time, dropping them on nearby track defaulting to Close. Bloons entering the Bloon Trap are immediately trapped and instakilled. Each Bloon Trap holds up to 500 RBE of Bloons. If the last bloon reaches or surpasses the capacity of the Bloon Trap, the Bloon Trap is ready to be collected, manually or automatically. Once collected, or autocollected after 15 seconds, it generates the ordinary cash-per-pop amount plus another +100% income per pop. In Co-Op Mode, the bonus cash-per-pop fully transfers to the owner, but the normal cash-per-pop is split evenly among all players.

It takes 12 seconds (7.2 seconds with Faster Engineering) to prepare a new trap (does not require the current trap to expire), but it will only deploy at a minimum of 2.8s after the previous trap expires. Adding Larger Service Area allows manual location targeting for all newly deployed traps, and can be changed at any time, but still abides by the trap cooldown. If collected early by readjusting the trap before it actually becomes full, the trap still gives extra money as if normally collected. Newly spawned traps with Deconstruction crosspath now ignore the additional RBE of Fortified Bloons.

This upgrade costs $3,060 on Easy, $3,600 on Medium, $3,890 on Hard, and $4,320 on Impoppable.



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Bloon Trap Engineer with trap

The Engineer now wears blue overalls, carries a black radio backpack, wears golden-shaded sunglasses, replaces its red earmuffs with blue earmuffs, and replaces its black cap with a blue double-orange-striped hat. The portrait shows it appearing to be either leaning its right foot onto the trap or kicking the trap with its right foot, and appears to look angry.

Purchasing the Bloon Trap upgrade allows the Engineer to create Bloon Traps. Bloons that come over the Bloon Trap are trapped inside, though no money is awarded for individual bloon consumption. When the trap expires, the player gets +100% cash from the trapped bloons. MOAB-class bloons and Camo Bloons (unless granted camo detection prior to deploying) will simply pass right through the Bloon Trap. Each trap can hold up to 500 RBE worth of bloons (530 with BigTrapsIcon Big Traps MK). Once full, the Bloon Trap will shake to the left and right and emit an off-white colored aura. Bloon Traps deploy every 12 seconds (7.2 seconds with 2-0-4), and once deployed the timer for the trap cooldown begins, although once the trap is used up it will take a minimum of 2.8s to deploy a new trap.

Adding Larger Service Area allows adjustment of location for all newly deployed traps, and can be changed at any time, but still abiding by the trap cooldown. If collected early by readjusting the trap before it actually becomes full, the trap autocollects for the full profit amount. The former trap is technically counted as if it were autocollected, and the newly placed trap takes replacement. Traps with Deconstruction crosspath ignore the RBE of Fortified Bloons.

Targeting Priorities[]

Bloon Trap's main attack targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. Its main attack shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Deployed Bloon Traps are initially set on Close and placed on the track. Such traps can be adjusted to be placed anywhere within valid range of the Engineer by using Selectable Target, if and only if the Engineer has Larger Service Area. If the location becomes invalid and the trap becomes out of range, targeting of the trap is set again on Close on nearby track, the trap will disappear after the trap cooldown passes, autocollect itself, and another trap is produced on a new location based on the reticle of the manual deployment option.


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-X-4) $3,060 $3,600 $3,890 $4,320 -
Total (0-0-4) $4,300 $5,070 $5,475 $6,085 $3,010 $3,549 $3,833 $4,260
Crosspath (1-0-4) $4,725 $5,570 $6,015 $6,685 $3,308 $3,899 $4,211 $4,680
Crosspath (2-0-4) $5,065 $5,970 $6,445 $7,165 $3,546 $4,179 $4,512 $5,016
Crosspath (0-1-4) $4,510 $5,320 $5,745 $6,385 $3,157 $3,724 $4,022 $4,470
Crosspath (0-2-4) $4,805 $5,670 $6,125 $6,805 $3,364 $3,969 $4,288 $4,764

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Bloon Trap is a viable option for bloon-popping and income generation. Its production of Bloon Traps is consistent, and traps have a decent holding capacity. It can also be used to stop about-to-leak bloons, or simply to help get rid of bloons at any point. When it comes to income generation, Bloon Trap income is fairly consistent and still usable for income purposes, although somewhat worse at income than its BTD5 counterpart due to its slower trap regeneration and undesirable effects of the Pin upgrade. However, Bloon Traps are more versatile in this game, particularly when crosspathed for maximum efficiency of the traps.

Crosspaths can help optimize use of the traps; however, improper use of crosspathing worsens the money-generating functionality of Bloon Trap, as more bloons will simply be popped before the trap fills up. In order to obtain the maximum income from Bloon Traps, aim for as little bloon-popping from other sources as possible, unless on the occasion where hybridizing offense with income is necessary. Regular collection of the traps and proper positioning of the Bloon Traps and their Engineers are key in combination with proper crosspathing.


  • Placing Bloon Traps near entrances is a good way to generate money for a low cost.
    • When using the Alchemist's Rubber to Gold, make sure the bloons can be hit by the gold effect before reaching the Bloon Trap, especially Lead Bloons due to the $50 bonus from Lead to Gold.
  • The cooldown for Bloon Trap is 12 seconds, but if the old Bloon Trap expires after 12 seconds from deploying that Bloon Trap, a new Bloon Trap will immediately spawn at the minimum 2.8s deployment cooldown.
  • Bloon Traps can be saved in save files. Therefore, they will not disappear when the game has been exited and re-loaded again.
  • Banana Farmers can actually pick up full traps similar to how they pick up bananas from Banana Farms and crates from Supply Drops, like in BTD5 Deluxe.
  • In terms of crosspathing, the 0-0-4 Bloon Trap is usually best to start off, and crosspathing should be added afterwards to optimize use of the traps. Always keep in mind what the goal is for the Bloon Trap when thinking about crosspathing it. 0-1-4 is usually the best if bonus income is the primary goal, due to the capability to reposition traps.
    • The 0-0-4 Bloon Trap is sufficient to start off, though crosspaths do benefit the offensive attacks of the Bloon Trap Engineer.
    • 0-1-4 is generally better if going for pure Bloon Trap income, as 0-1-4 can be used to force traps into locations where they will spawncamp the bloons. 0-1-4 Bloon Trap in general can be used to adjust trap positions via the Manual Targeting targeting option (tap green button to reposition within range). Not only that, it can be used to manually refresh traps, minimizing wastage of not trapping bloons including between trap deployment cooldowns. A properly positioned trap can prevent the Engineer from "stealing" the income with the nailgun attack.
    • 0-2-4 isn't so necessary compared to 0-1-4 unless heavy amounts of Fortified Bloons are present, such as Dreadbloon's custom rounds, or just fulfilling max tiers for the Master Builder. The extra HP from Fortified fills traps sooner, which wastes precious RBE that could've filled bloons of monetary value.
    • Although 2-0-4 Bloon Trap decreases Bloon Trap cooldown from 12s to 7.2s, for the most part the income-generating portion of Bloon Trap worsens, due to the resulting sentries attacking bloons before they run into the trap. The only time it is worth using 2-0-4 for income generation is in circumstances where the majority of the DPS and the income both come from Bloon Trap Engineers.
  • Selling an Engineer does not remove its deployed trap, so selling and rebuying an Engineer with the Bloon Trap upgrade can spawn lots of Bloon Traps on the track. This can be taken advantage of to ensure bloons do not progress easily.
  • Note that Bloon Trap will not give any money in Deflation, but it can be still serve as a not-so-expensive safeguard for an exit, even without the tower itself.
  • Bloon Trap works in C.H.I.M.P.S., but will only give the normal amount of money when full and no bonus money.
  • In Co-Op, Bloon Trap is generally a net positive. Bloon Trap will still grant normal cash-per-pop money to teammates, although the bonus income will only be given to the collector, and the trap must be collected to redistribute the trapped cash. However, the instant trapping of bloons can sometimes be a nuisance for Corvus strategies that rely largely on incoming bloons to boost Corvus's mana.
  • Try to collect full traps as soon as they are flashing, as this helps refresh the newest one sooner and thus continue the cycle of syphoning up income from trapped bloons.
  • When using the 0-1-4 crosspath in combination with external camo detection (e.g. Radar Scanner, Etienne Level 8+, Geraldo's See Invisibility Potion), make use of repositioning of traps, which will refresh the trap such that it can detect camo.
  • Don't worry about losing money from repositioning traps when using 0-1-4; it will still reward the profiting amount. The only consideration is the cooldown between newly stockpiled traps.
  • To maximize income with Bloon Trap, the 0-1-4 Bloon Trap without Auto Start enabled can be used to refill traps between rounds. If the trap looks like it is approaching full amount, do refresh it by repositioning the trap in one location and back to the old location; this will autocollect the trap while still allowing the trap to retain its old location. Otherwise, keep playing the rounds.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Bloon Traps were initially weaker compared to their BTD5 counterparts at generating income due to their trap production limitations, but was compensated by having overall greater trap capacity and a predictable trap placement. Initially, only one Bloon Trap could be used per round alongside any stored traps accumulated over previous rounds. However, the Bloon Trap upgrade had been changed in Version 22.0 by adding a secondary trap production that can allow multiple traps to be set in a single round at the cost of a much slower production rate. Both 2-0-4 and 0-1-4 crosspaths received special interactions with the traps, and combined with the reduced cooldowns for all variants of Bloon Trap, Bloon Trap has revitalized as a popular bloon-farming option, particularly in Boss Events.

  • BUFF [Undocumented] Bloon Traps are no longer required to go through a number-of-traps-on-screen check, allowing all Bloon Trap Engineers to produce a Bloon Trap regardless of how many Bloon Traps there are on screen. Doesn't apply for XXXL Trap.
Bloon Trap can now be used more effectively
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF If all of an Engineer's stockpiled Bloon Traps are used up, Bloon Trap now has a cooldown of 20s instead of only capping at one new trap per round. Bloon Trap cooldown now starts upon once it spawns rather than once it is collected. Does not affect the existing 2.8s cooldown while refreshing a trap.
    • Note: Bloon Trap is still limited to 1 at a time per Engineer.
  • BUFF 2-0-4 Faster Engineering reduces the bonus Bloon Trap cooldown from 20s -> 16s. Does not affect the existing 2.8s cooldown per trap.
[...] Finally last update we allowed Bloontrap to be set multiple times per round, and we wanted to stay on the side of caution with a long cooldown, but after seeing it in the wild we are happy to make this cooldown faster.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Trap cooldowns reduced.
    • Base trap cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 15.
    • 2-0-4 Faster Engineering cooldown reduced from 16 seconds to 9 seconds.
[...] Bloon Trap redeployment rate has also been buffed a fair amount.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Trap redeployment cooldown reduced from 15s to 12s
    • BUFF 2-0-4 redeployment cooldown reduced from 9s to 7.2s.
[...] For the sake of further improved crosspath potential, we have also re-envisioned the 'Larger Service' crosspath as giving smarter service as well in the form for targeting for Bloontrap & Cleansing Foam
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Larger Service Area crosspathing
  • BUFF Bloon Trap with Larger Service Area now gains special targeting for the traps. Special targeting allows for placement anywhere within direct range.
  • BUFF [undocumented] Bloon Trap and XXXL Trap now ignore Line of Sight for trap placements.
To add a bit of quality of life solving problems with trap needing to fill once before moving to target location, Bloontraps placed off-track never being able to fill, and maybe even to just add some interesting micro, any Bloontraps will now become expired after a short delay when their Engineer has a new target set.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-1-4 Bloon Trap now refreshes upon pressing a new location; picking new target expires current trap and places new one. Still abides the cooldown rule for traps.
XXXL Trap 205 crosspath hasn’t actually ‘been working’ due to the base attack rate being faster than minimum deployment delay so we have slowed the base rate to make 205 crosspath actually matter. Along with this, since the fortification bonus aspect of x2x hasn’t ever done anything for Bloontraps, 024 will now ignore the fortification of Bloons that it eats
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-2-4 Bloon Trap RBE consumption now ignores Fortified properties.
  • Change Bloon Trap now only accounts income outside of Cash per pop.
    • NERF This reduces the higher degree potential for Master Builder
[...] Lastly Bloontrap was rather unfairly able to steal all cash in Co-op games; we want to avoid dividing one player's farm earnings between the group entirely, but decided on a compromise here to prevent it from stealing that base amount.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Bloon Trap now divides the base value of absorbed Bloons between all players when collected, any extra multiplied value is fully granted to the owner of the Bloon Trap. Also affects XXXL Trap.
While better than many options, base Engineer still takes a lot of available starting cash so the cost is reduced slightly and being moved back up into Cleansing Foam & Bloontrap; also with a reduction to Double Gun’s price to reflect the lower value of the base tower. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Bloon Trap cost increased from $3500 to $3600
    • Total price adjustment is $0 due to base Engineer Monkey (-$50) and Double Gun (-$50)

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Changed upgrade description to be more device-neutral

Extra Notes (Version History)[]

  • Version 43.0's price adjustments have also nerfed Bloon Trap's total cost when discounted, due to the lack of T4 discounts from Monkey Commerce, which mainly affects Miniopolis strategies that take advantage of the Bloon Trap to syphon the Monkey City benefit.


When a trap is placed:

When a trap opens up, trapping a bloon:

When a trap closes, upon not detecting more bloons:

When a trap is collected:


Official artwork[]



  • The appearance of the trap is likely a reference to the Ghostbusters' Ghost Trap.
  • Before update 12.1, if a Bloon Trap Engineer was affected by Gwendolin's Heat it Up ability, the game would crash.
  • Similar to BTD Battles, if the tower is sold in BTD6 prior to Version 19.0, the trap would still remain on the ground and keep trapping bloons. But sometimes it would try to find a newly placed Bloon Trap Tower as if the trap was created by the tower. So the new Engineer could not generate a new trap unless the trap on the ground is filled, and the pops by the trap would be counted to the Engineer. This quirk was removed in Version 19.0, where already placed traps are independent from other Engineers.
  • The BigTrapsIcon Big Traps MK increases the RBE limit to 530, but it erroneously states it can hold 280 RBE.
    • This has been fixed in the 13.0 update.
  • As of Version 13.0, the description was changed from "... Tap to..." to "... Select to...", so as to provide a device-neutral description for the Bloon Trap upgrade.
  • On Version 19.0, all Bloon Trap Engineers always will produce a new trap every time they are upgraded to the Bloon Trap upgrade, rather than only placing a new trap if there are greater than the current numbers of Bloon Traps placed on the map. This does not occur for XXXL Trap.[1]
  • Unlike most on-track projectiles, the Bloon Trap projectile is actually a 3D model. The same applies to its upgrade, XXXL Trap.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 16th September 2022 blog, Bloon Traps make money by an economy that popularizes recycling.