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  • You can turn Bloon Traps into a viable and very profitable weapon using a Monkey Farmer.
  • Building one 4/0 Engineer in BTD5 Mobile and BMC Mobile costs $5650 and sells for $4520. This doesn't take into account other factors such as different difficulty or additional discount.
    • In BTD5 Mobile, the Engineer Specialty will decrease the price by 5%, making it cost $5370 and sell for $4295 instead. The sell bonuses from Monkey Lab may also increase the refund for the Engineer, for up to 99% of the total cost when sell bonuses are maxed out.
    • In BMC Mobile, Monkey Knowledge Pack ranks in the Monkey Engineer and Monkey Tycoon books may also decrease the total costs of buying and selling 4/0 Engineers.
  • Build your 4/0 (or 4/1) Engineers with their range just touching a small portion of road so that you can control exactly where the trap goes.
    • You preferably don't want to use Larger Service Area because it will probably force your Engineer's range to touch different portions of the road
  • Put the Monkey Farmer in range of the portion of road the traps will be placed on
  • You now have a near constant defense for that strip of the road that will also give extra money
    • This will also give you a lot of Cleansing Foam on that spot which is a nice bonus to overall damage including the ability for Engineers to take out Camo Bloons on low levels without the need for Camo detection.
  • It is best advised not to use the Engineer's special building because the turrets will kill a lot of Bloons before they can even get trapped.
  • The Bloon Traps can be used to get extra money during Regen Farming.
  • You can use Monkey Town to increase base Bloon Trap value from 500 to 800 (confirmed only in BMCM)
  • If you have the money to afford it (level 30+ city), try spamming as many traps as you can BEFORE starting the (first) round: build a 4/0 one at the beginning of the track, best around a 0/0 Monkey Village, wait for the trap to appear, sell & repeat until you run out of money - the traps remain there and WILL work as expected! This will give you a good money boost and a time buffer to concentrate on your defences further along the track (i.e. selling the last Engineer and the Village you can start building a Village and Spike Factory combo...) - Especially useful with Bosses at later stages, at level 35 city i could build 7 traps :-)