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A bloon containment device created by top Monkey Engineers. Throws out a bloon trap as an additional attack.
~ BATTD description
Bloon Trap BATTD

Description before collecting

Bloon Trap is a Super Rare Trinket. It allows the equipped character to produce a Bloon Trap that can consume bloons. They work just like the original Bloon Trap, though in the Version 1.0.4 update they now consume up to less bloons than the original. In Bloons Adventure Time TD, Bloon Traps have a limit of 50 RBE (though they can be overflown past that limit) and have a long cooldown of 60 seconds between each Bloon Trap sent. Also unlike their original counterparts, the Bloon Traps in BATTD can detect Camo Bloons.



Bloon Trap serves as a universal source of extra income, especially early rounds, as well as limited camo detection in the early rounds. Note that the Bloon Trap works like the BTD5 counterpart, meaning it tosses traps randomly within the equipped character's range.


  • In order to maximize Bloon Trap income, the Bloon Trap is best equipped to low-attack, low-range characters such as Warrior Bubblegum.
  • The Bloon Trap is not affected by any attack speed from the equipped character and will always refill at the same rate.
  • Bloon Traps can overflow past the RBE limit of 50 RBE, allowing one Ceramic to fully overflow the limit.
  • Bloon Trap is a pretty good trinket for higher level characters, as the amount of cash earned is dependent on level. (3+(user's level/4 rounded down))*(RBE) = cash.
  • Bloon Traps are effective against all special bloon types (camo, lead, ghost, and purple)
    • Because Bloon Traps can detect camo in Bloons Adventure Time TD, they can be used as early camo detection before obtaining more reliable upgrades designed for Camo Bloon countermeasures.


Version History[]

  • NERF Bloon Trap now consumes less bloons (TBA --> 50 RBE) and refreshes much slower (TBA seconds --> 60 seconds).