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Bloon Sprint Track

The Bloon Sprint Track with the bloons.


The bloons swifting to the end, while the Pink bloon finishes first.

Bloon Sprint Track is a building in Bloons Monkey City Mobile. Upon building, it allows the player to research Yellow and Pink Bloons. The building takes up a 2x1 space of tiles, horizontally, aka 7x3=21 small spaces. The leftover space can be used for roads that surround 2 sides of the building. (Each tile is 4x4=16 small spaces)

Appearance and Animation[]


The Bloon Sprint Track looks like sprint track with 3 rows. On the top and bottom rows are Yellow Bloons, and on the middle one is a Pink Bloon.


The animation includes the 3 Bloons inflating on the left side of the track, floating to the right, the Pink Bloon reaches first and the bloons get popped.