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Bloon Sabotage is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Ninja Monkey in BTD6. It adds an ability that instantly slows down all bloons on screen (except B.A.D.s) by 50% for 15 seconds, similar to the earlier Sabotage Supply Lines upgrade in Bloons Tower Defense 5. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. The only differences though are that Bloon Sabotage's sabotage effect cannot affect children bloons popped from MOAB-class after the start of a recent Bloon Sabotage activation but the sabotage effect can carry over rounds while duration has not yet expired.


  • Bloon Sabotage is useful for slowing down Rounds 90, 93, 95, and 99, where hordes of DDTs may appear. It is very useful for when MOAB Glue cannot glue every blimp.
  • One 0-4-0 Ninja costs $7830 on Hard Difficulty.

Update History (BTD6)Edit


Nerf Bloon Sabotage price increased ($4000 → $5000).


Buff Bloons Sabotage effect can carry over rounds.



  • The Bloon Sabotage upgrade is more similar to Bloons TD Battles Mobile's version of the upgrade, due to how all bloons (including those already on the track) are slowed, unlike other versions, where the only bloons that are slowed are those that recently spawned.
  • Aside from the unupgraded Ninja, the Bloon Sabotage upgrade is the only Ninja Monkey upgrade whose artwork matches the same pose as the corresponding BTD5 upgrade.
  • From Version 10.0 to Version 10.1/10.2, there was a bug where the Bloon Sabotage ability (but surprisingly not the Grand Saboteur ability) could slow down BADs. This was fixed in Version 11.0.
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