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For the Monkey Knowledge Pack group, see Monkey Knowledge Packs#Bloon Sabotage.
Sabotage ability: Lasts 15 seconds. During the sabotage, all Bloons move at half speed.
~ BTD6 description

Bloon Sabotage (often referred to as Sabotage or Sabo) is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Ninja Monkey in BTD6. It adds an ability that instantly slows down all bloons on-screen (except BADs) by 50% for 15 seconds, similar to the earlier Sabotage Supply Lines upgrade in Bloons TD 5. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. The only difference besides the additional immediate slowdown is that the Bloon Sabotage's sabotage effect cannot affect children bloons popped from MOAB-class after the start of a recent Bloon Sabotage activation, but the sabotage effect can carry over rounds while duration has not yet expired.

It costs $4,420 on Easy, $5,200 on Medium, $5,615 on Hard, and $6,240 on Impoppable.



Bloon Sabotage is a powerful option to slow all bloons on screen by 50% for 15 seconds, regardless of where the Ninja Monkey is on screen. This makes its ability one of the only options at immediately slowing infinite bloons currently present on screen for the duration, especially against DDTs. It is mostly seen in the late-game where blimp speed ramping increases, although it is sometimes used in the mid-game in some scenarios. The Bloon Sabotage upgrade is either bought as a separate tower or as an upgrade to an existing Shinobi Tactics army.


  • Bloon Sabotage is very useful for slowing down Rounds 90, 93, 95, and 99, where hordes of DDTs may appear. It is very useful for when MOAB Glue cannot glue every blimp.
  • One 0-4-0 Ninja costs $8045 on Hard Difficulty.
  • Be aware that Bloon Sabotage does not soak through MOAB-class layers, making it less useful on big blimp rush rounds, although it is still not a bad slowdown option for the blimp innards.
  • It is worth complementing Bloon Sabotage with MOAB Glue for a more consistent blimp slowdown, especially while the ability is on cooldown.
  • The ability can also be used to intentionally slow down all bloons on screen to give more time for Rubber to Gold to apply goldify potions to bloons without "stealing" pops.
  • As Bloon Sabotage has the Shinobi Tactics upgrade, it can be paired with many high-level Ninjas to accrue the massive sacrifice costs required for a high-level Ascended Shadow. While less expensive than Sticky Bomb, Bloon Sabotages serve more overall value in the save-up for Ascended Shadow.

Version History[]

Bloon Sabotage received price nerfs and a carry-over effect buff. In addition, the ability itself works somewhat differently compared to its BTD5 counterpart.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Bloon Sabotage ability now instantly slows down all bloons on screen as well as any incoming bloons.
  • Nerf Bloon Sabotage effect can no longer soak through MOAB-class bloons.
  • Nerf Bloon Sabotage price increased ($4,000 → $5,000).
  • Buff Bloon Sabotage effect can carry over rounds.
Ninja's Bloon Sabotage is often used in tricky rounds as a powerful slow with a long duration, so we have made a gentle price increase here to reflect that support strength.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Bloon Sabotage cost increased ($5000 → $5200).
As ninja is the 'Camo Specialist' and has been since inception, it is the only tower that will unlock Camo Prioritization on the base tower. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Affected by Distraction alternate attacks buff


When activating Bloon Sabotage Ability:


Official artwork[]



  • The Bloon Sabotage upgrade is more similar to Bloons TD Battles Mobile's version of the upgrade, due to how all bloons (including those already on the track) are slowed, unlike other versions, where the only bloons that are slowed are those that recently spawned.
  • Unlike in earlier games, Bloon Sabotage now produces visual and audio sound effects when activating the ability. The ability visuals and audio are cherry blossom petals blowing in the wind and a slowdown whoosh effect, respectively.
  • Aside from the unupgraded Ninja, the Bloon Sabotage upgrade is the only Ninja Monkey upgrade whose artwork matches the same pose as the corresponding BTD5 upgrade.
  • From Version 10.0 to Version 10.1/10.2, there was a bug where the Bloon Sabotage ability (but surprisingly not the Grand Saboteur ability) could slow down BADs. This was fixed in Version 11.0.
  • Interestingly, the original price for Bloon Sabotage was the same price as Sabotage Supply Lines in Bloons TD Battles Flash, while the Version 2.0 price of Bloon Sabotage was the same as the current price of Sabotage Supply Lines in Bloons TD Battles Mobile.