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An example of a severe Regrow Ceramic Bloon Rush, made by using the Sandbox.

Bloon Rush is the term given to a bloon formation that involves large masses of densely packed, strong, fast non-MOAB-class bloons, ranging from Yellow Bloons to Ceramic Bloons. They can appear either as all of one certain type, or appear with mixed variety of bloons. Such rushes can appear late in the game, and can gain a large amount of cash if prepared well early, however, if unprepared it would overwhelm the towers and lead to losing a large number of lives.


They often appear in the late parts of the game, or may be found more common in Assaults in Bloons Monkey City. Cluster Chaos, Round Ramp, Fast and Furious, Camo Regrow Pain, Camo Craziness, or Regrow Rush of Death may have more appearances of Bloon Rushes in BMC Mobile. Rushes can also appear from popping a large number of MOAB-class bloons, and may have mixed types of bloons in the rush. A common appearance of rushes may also appear from high-strength Regrow Bloons, and may be utilised for Regen Farming.

The deadliest rush is a rush of Camo Regrow Ceramics, although such rush can only be seen in Sandbox Mode/Daily Challenge or Round 82 in Mastery Mode. In many cases, most towers would be biting more than they can chew if facing such a swarm. In BTD5 / Mobile, Bloon rushes are encountered in rounds 36 (the harmless rush, 3 Pink swarms), 63 (the deadly rush, 3 Ceramic swarms), 76 (the deadliest rush, a swarm of Regrowth Ceramics), and 78 (the dangerous rush, 2 swarms of Ceramics: a normal and a Camo)


Main article: Bloon Rush/Strategies

There are many ways to counter Bloon Rushes. Usually, explosives, TOTMGs, and other towers capable of area damage or extremely high DPS (damage per second) are good for shutting down dense packs of bloons. For a list of strategies used for countering Bloon Rushes, click here.


  • The term "Bloon Rush" is an official term, seen in the My Monkeys inventory in Bloons Monkey City.
    • It officially says that Sniper Monkeys, Road Spikes and Monkey Apprentices have a weakness for Bloon Rushes.
  • The term for massed groups of MOAB-class bloons is called Packed MOAB-class.