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Research all the different and dangerous and deadly Bloon technologies in the Bloon Research Lab. If you do not have access to a certain Bloon type, you will need to research it here.
~ Description from Bloons Monkey City.
Bloon Research Lab

The Bloon Research Lab is a purchasable building in Bloons Monkey City that allows the player to research different bloons. Once a bloon has been researched, it can be used to attack other players with.

The Bloon Research Lab costs $700 to purchase, takes 15 minutes to build, and takes up one tile, and uses BMCF-Power-Icon20. When bought, it will start with Red Bloons, Blue Bloons, and Green Bloons. Level 8 is required to unlock this building (although Level 9 is required for Monkey vs Monkey).

Research Levels[]

Name Bloon Unlocked Time Cost Bloonstones Level Building Required to Research
Fast Bloons Yellow Bloons, Pink Bloons 30 min $1,000 0 - None (Bloon Sprint Track for mobile)
Thermal Bloons Black Bloons, White Bloons, Zebra Bloons 1h $2,000 0 8 None (Extreme Temperature Chamber for mobile)

Heavy Bloon Armour

Lead Bloons 4h $2,750 5 10 Lead Propulsion Lab
Rubber Repair Nano-tek Regenerating Bloons 6h $3,000 5 11 Rubber Repair Nano-Tek
Camo Modification Tech Camo Bloons 6h $3,200 5 12 Camo Modification Den
Multilayer Tech Rainbow Bloons 10h30 min $3,500 5 12 None (Bloon Compression Tank for mobile)
Ceramic Bloon Construction Ceramic Bloons 2h $5,000 10 13 Bloon Kiln
M.O.A.B.s M.O.A.B.s 8h (1d 8h on mobile) $20,000 20 (50 on mobile) 18 Blimp Construction Hangar
B.F.B.s B.F.B.s 64h $50,000 50 22 Oversize Airship Support Bay
Z.O.M.G.s Z.O.M.G.s 128h $150,000 20 (50 on mobile) 25 (27 on mobile)

Gargantuan Vessel Assembly Yard

D.D.T.s (not available for mobile) D.D.T.s 128h $150,000 50 28 Armored Stealth Silo



  • Other than Monkey Vs. Monkey, it is impossible to have a tile with Zebra Bloons as the highest-ranked Bloon in the browser Version.
  • For Heavy Bloon Armor and above, the animations in the lab probably are testing the abilities of the Bloons, as the lead Bloon getting hit by seeking darts is probably to test the strength of the lead layer.
  • When the player's highest bloon is an M.O.A.B, the MOAB is struck by lightning.
    • It displays the wrong number of ceramic bloons, in this case 7.