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Pops bloons once before glueing. Contains a super strong dissolving glue that pops bloons ten times every second!
~ BTD5 description

Bloon Liquefier is the final upgrade of Path 1 for the Glue Gunner in Bloons TD 5. It costs $10,625 on Easy Difficulty, $12,500 on Medium Difficulty, $13,500 on Hard Difficulty and $15,000 on Impoppable Difficulty. In BTDB Mobile, it costs $6,000. It is unlocked at Rank 27 in Bloons TD 5,or Rank 32 in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. It makes the corrosive glue damage apply every 0.1 seconds, in addition to 1 damage upon being glued.


  • This upgrade easily rendering some non-camo non-MOAB-Class bloons harmless. A 4/x, especially 4/2, with Glue Supply Depot, and other supports, can destroy huge amounts of bloons, especially as a means of bloon mitigation and control over tough Ceramic Bloons.
  • Despite this tower's strong popping power, it lacks Camo detection, can only glue a limited amount of bloons at a time and is very expensive. However, this can be paired with a Monkey Village with the Radar Scanner upgrade to effectively target all non-MOAB-Class Bloons. Though it can be used effectively by being placed at the beginning of tracks during the early rounds, during the mid to late-game where MOAB-Class Bloons appear, it will drastically lose its effectiveness. The Bloon Liquefier is usually used as a sacrifice for the Temple of the Monkey God rather than being a tower directly used in gameplay.
  • By some, this upgrade is considered non-viable in BTD5, (save for sacrificial purposes) due to the fact that the Bloon Dissolver can pop Ceramic Bloons already. Also, it's very expensive - by the time the player gets this upgrade, the player can get much better towers (like Spiked Mines, Robo-Monkey, etc.) which cost about the same price.
  • Bloon Liquefier's main power comes from gluing Ceramic Bloons.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]


BUFF Bloon Liquefier price decreased ($12500 → $6000).


BUFF Bloon Liquefier splat radius increased by 25% and splats more (6 → 10) when Glue Splatter is also bought.



  • In BTD5, the glue of the Bloon Liquefier takes only 1.7 seconds to destroy an entire Ceramic Bloon. It does not take 1.8 seconds to pop an entire Ceramic Bloon because it cracks the ceramic layer once instantly (or pops the first layer instantly for other non-MOAB-class bloons) upon gluing.
  • Its DPS Against Bloons is around 104 (94 + (10 Ceramic Layer) which is multiplied by 6 when Glue splatter is bought resulting in 624 Damage against Bloons per shot.
  • Bloon Liquefier pops bloons 5 times as fast as Bloon Dissolver and 30 times as fast as Corrosive Glue.
  • The Bloon Liquefier upgrade icon has yellow glue instead of green glue.
  • When used as a sacrifice, the Temple of the Monkey God actually doesn't use Bloon Liquefier's current corrosiveness to its arsenal, it still uses Bloon Dissolver corrosiveness. This can be evidenced in sandbox by "ice stalling" and hold down "U" for 10 seconds on non-fast forward mode, the ice towers should hold it there, then sacrifice 2-3 Bloon Liquefiers (Be sure not to sacrifice the Ice Towers!) After that, sell all the Ice Towers and after it used its glue projectile, sell it. Now you can see it only uses Bloon Dissolver's corrosiveness. (no longer true on flash.)
  • The artwork depicts the monkey saluting, the other upgrades that depict a monkey saluting in the artwork is the Faster Barrel Spin upgrade for the Dartling Gun, and the Epic Range upgrade for the Super Monkey.